Gold Crew: The Knowles-Carters Step Out in Miami

01/04/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Beyoncé may be too embarrassed to share some of her new songs with her mom, but she has no problem showing off some skin (and getting her bling on!) while visiting the Sunshine State.

After celebrating the new year together, the singer and husband Jay-Z stepped out for some fun in the sun Thursday with daughter Blue Ivy — she turns 2 next week — in coordinated gold-accented outfits in Miami.

Beyonce gold sneakers Miami Blue Ivy gold vestSplash News Online(2)

Beyoncé paired sky blue cat-eye sunglasses with a cut-off white tee, stonewashed denim shorts, DSquared2‘s Bauletto black handbag ($1,295) and Nike Air Max 1 Liquid Metal sneakers ($140), while the rapper wore a long custom chain with a baseball cap, white T-shirt, jeans and white hi-tops.

But it was baby Blue’s sequin vest and matching bloomers that really upped the cute factor.

TELL US: Does your family dress alike for outings? If so, share descriptions of your fave outfits.

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annie on

blue ivy is so cute! i she always looks so angry like her dad.

Lilli on

OMG..Blue Ivy looks just like Jay Z…bless her heart….

Dobz on

That baby is cute but when she gets older those eyebrows gotta get reshaped! Now I understand why most of beyonce’s photos she posts of Blue hides her little mad face.

Michelle on

I like how they are always with there baby .Unlike most celebrities. I just think they should do something with her hair unless Beyoncé doesn’t know how to fix it since she doesn’t do her own hair. It is easy to put on different wigs all the time. I seen her with her real hair not cute at all. I’m just saying the baby doesn’t look like a kid from parents who have money.

Burell on

baby is ugly

jonah on

has anyone EVER asked Jay-Z why he wears chains around his neck?

Nike is an evil evil company. Boycott.

A handbag that costs $1200+? I don’t own any handbags but if I did I’d pay $20 or less. Not a problem.

CF on

That has got to be the ugliest baby!!!

coryn on

Michelle, They should do what exactly with her hair? She’s TWO and her hair is growing out in its natural state, the norm for many AA children at that age including myself. By the time I was 4 I had pig tails down my back, but at 2 I had an afro. Still, they could be grooming her for locks, twists or simply letting her sport an afro until it gets longer. I fail to understand why so many people have a problem with Blue’s hair.

Chelle on

Blue is adorable!! Maybe they want her hair to be natural, I don’t see a thing wrong with it. I love this family and Bey’s new CD.

Marcella on

Why adult calling this baby ugly god create this baby.. Blue ivy u r beautiful

hannah on

Blue Ivy is adorable! I don’t understand how people can be so mean, especially to a baby! Nobody chooses their genes or the looks they have; in this case Blue hasn’t even chosen the public life to earn all these criticisms. People love advertisements like the Dove commercials emphasizing natural beauty, and then go right around and trash a CHILD for her looks. The hypocrisy! Leave Blue Ivy in all her chubby-cheeked glory alone, she’s cute!

lucy on

I bet Blue Ivy loves how her dad stinks of cigars and how his stupid jewelry is always clanking around when he moves. Mom must smell of peroxide.

Babara Hawkins on

I see she never had nose surgery! good for her! she is beautiful……………..

treetop123 on

Love that family. So happy Blue Ivy’s hair is natural. She is simply adorable. Looks like her dad but oh, so cute.

Melody on

Just goes to show you that all the money in the world can’t buy a pretty baby.

Stacey on

She always looks like she’s frowning because of all the paparazzi’s. Must be so many and I can just imagine them calling out at the same time.. She looks so precious!!

amanda f on

Jay Z look so thin

sable senegal on

Don’t think her fashion style is so cool.jay z isn’t that much better.

dudley doright on

cute kid and JayZ looks like he’s lost alot of weight. People r bagging on the kids hair, but I like it.

EVA on

I love the family When the kids were little we did coordinate. The parents are in control God Bless them

Karen on

Wow Blue is rather… well I hope she grows out of this very early awkward stage..

Kathie on

Beyonce – you are black, you do not / could not have long Barbie hair, get over it and let you’re real dark curly hair flow!

Guest on

Doing a lot for her people again. Useless people, being useless!

Jemma on

Doing a lot for her people again. Useless people, being useless!

beybey800 on

Jay-z you can’t be vegan AND not work out. Lift some weights!

Diamondgirl on

Her hair needs to be done over all she is cute😊

Mommytoane on

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All of you might think your precious little darlings are the cutest things out there, and others might disagree. Either way, its not nice to pick on an infant. Pick on someone your own size.
Cute pic of Blue either way. I wish Beyonce would dress her age, but thats not up for me to decide.

Diamondgirl on

What I meant to say was she could have put some colorful barrettes in her hair.

Nancy on

UGH! “Let’s make sure we coordinate our outfits so we can continue to live our NARCISSISTIC lives. K?”

Diamondgirl on

“Not in a narcissistic way”. Gee whiz.

guest on

She married a drug dealer that happened to live in a time where true talent isn’t important.

Nikki on

The negative comments here about this child are sickening. What makes it worse is that when you look at the article about Jessica Simpson’s baby, all are complementary. I wonder how much race plays in this. Hmmmm.

diamondntharough on

Has anyone noticed how much Blue looks like Beyonce when she was a child from the footage in “Grown Woman” video? That’s her twin! Such a cute baby none the less, and no child deserves to be criticized like they are on the internet. People behind keyboards can be such bullies.

Angela on

Blue is so so so adorable. I love Beyonce more and more by the day I swear.

Ann on

Baby looks just like Dadda……please fix that child’s hair and tell mama she is getting to old to wear belly tops…….

Bets on

No lover of wither one these two scammers but Leave that child alone. She is beautiful, with NATURAL hair and a face full of expressions (sign of intelligence). She reacts to the paps, lights, loud voices etc.. God help her! I would be crying with all that commotion but she’s just trying to figure it out.

Rotate on

Kousz I gotta smiiiilll on my face, um worth a zillion dollars! Everbody luv me cuz I got pretty baby and niz legs, dats why I cun drink frum tartaneum strawz and rent hoospittals to have my kidzin.

Guest on

gosh they are perfect ❤
and dobz, how dare you? blue is perfect!

Miss Ann on

I bet y’all forgot that not to long ago Grandma Knowles had a beauty shop in H-Town she owned. It is tooo many ladies in that family for no one to comb that baby girls’ hair. Also, y’all It is rude to call a child ugly. However, Jay-Z need not call ANYONE out of their name from here on out regardless if he is rapping or if it is just general conversations.

A bunny on

Little miss blue is so adorbzies, she luks more like daddy but she’s gonna have mommy’s fashion sense

Katey on

I think Blue Ivy is adorable! And while I think Blue looks more like her dad, I see a lot of Beyonce in her as well. Blue has a lot of great bone structure in her cheeks, like Beyonce. She’ll be a looker when she’s grown up. Jay Z will have his hands full fending off the boys! 🙂

Kristina on

I kind of feel badly writing this…But Blue Ivy is not cute at all.

She looks just like Jay z, and she does look angry all the time…Beyonce is not pretty either, but would’ve been better for Blue to look like her.

Anonymous on

Adorable baby:)

Rachel on

Nikki – I don’t think it has anything to do with race honestly if you’re saying that white people are calling this baby ugly because I work with both a lot of white women and a lot of black women and I can tell you right now that black women will talk some straight shit about each other’s children. Especially their hair.

That said, there’s no excuse at all for calling a child ugly. Children aren’t ugly and you certainly cannot tell anything about how this child actually looks from this photo.

Mrs. Winkler on

That child must be absolutely MISERABLE!!! That child has NEVER been photographed w/a smile on her face. EVER…I guess if I had stuck up parents such as those two as a proclaimed “power couple” I probably wouldn’t want to smile either. Whoever was the surrogate for these two must have been sad and miserable the whole time carrying that baby. Things that make you go hmmm!!!!

myla cree on

When u have a child with Jay-Z, that is what you get. I’d hide her for a year like Beyonce did..