Ty Murray: There’s Nothing Terrible About My Two-Year-Old

01/02/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Ty Murray Professional Bull Riders
Courtesy Ty Murray

Ty Murray and Jewel‘s son Kase Townes didn’t get the memo about the Terrible Twos.

“He’s a smart, fun kid who goes with the flow. There isn’t one thing about it that feels terrible to me,” Murray tells PEOPLE of his 2½-year-old son, who loves books, (“We can read the same one 50 times,” Dad jokes), Toy Story (“Every day he tells me he’s Woody and I’m Buzz”), and pretty much anything else that comes his way.

“Whatever suits him. It’s awesome,” says Murray. “He likes being with his mom and dad and he doesn’t care what we’re doing.”

True to form, last week at the family’s home in Telluride, Colo., Kase took his first ski lesson while his parents looked on.

“He did great, he had a really good time, and by the end of the lesson he was skiing on his own,” says Murray. “Jewel’s on about her fourth ski lesson. Them little guys just take to it. It’s funny how much quicker they learn.”

Another first? Kase made his TV debut back in the fall when he appeared in a promo for the Professional Bull Riders‘ World Finals. (Catch his adorable cameo at :21 and 2:22 in the video below!)

“He had no clue he was doing it,” jokes Murray. “We just went outside and we had some horses. I don’t even think he’s seen it — I have to show it to him.”

Kase hasn’t seen much of his dad’s work, either. Murray was a nine-time world champion and co-founded the PBR, but he’s understandably not eager for his son to follow in his (dangerous) footsteps.

“The last thing in the world you want to think about is him getting on a bull,” Murray told PEOPLE in 2011.

Ty Murray Professional Bull Riders
Courtesy Ty Murray

Still, it sounds like Kase is getting the message about his dad.

“A friend of mine was showing him a Youtube video of me riding the other day … he thinks it’s funny because he knows I’m not wild about [Kase] being a bull rider,” says the famous cowboy. “So I turn my back and when I turn around, he’s showing him a video and Kase said, ‘Daddy flew up in the air!’ ”

Now retired from riding, Murray provides color commentary on the PBR broadcasts, and is eagerly anticipating the new season, which kicks off Friday at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

“I just want people to see what a great sport it is,” he says, “and what tremendous athletes it takes to do it.”

The PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series season opener airs on CBS Sports Network Saturday at 10 p.m. ET and Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

— Rennie Dyball

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sapphire on

This is just an adorable little boy. I love this family; they seem to be so in love with their son. How lucky for Jewel that she is married to a real man in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with a cowboy!

Shell on

I always found that the twos were fine – it’s the threes that knock you on your butt!

Pat on

I saw them a few years ago on a show about celebrities decorating for Christmas, and he walked in their home that Jewel had decorated and was a complete jerk. He had nothing nice to say, and was very insulting.

Lauren on

In my experience, the terrible twos are actually the terrible threes. Good luck next year, Ty!! 😀

Angela on

I never understood why they say it’s “terrible twos”, with all 3 of my kids it never hit until they were 3. It was like a light switch went on on their 3rd birthday and they became independent and mouthy! lol Just wait another 6 months, Jewel. 🙂

Angela on

Haha..I see that I’m not the only one that thinks it should be terrible 3’s instead! I didn’t read the comments the first time.

possiblepipedreams on

I have three kids, the youngest is almost three, and we don’t do the “terrible” twos or “throat slitting” threes. They only exist if you allow it.

Karma on

I used to say the SAME things about my daughter. Well, my kid just turned 3 three weeks ago and it is on with the smart mouth and independence. uuuuggghhhhh.

Bette on

Cute family, adorable little boy!

Lucy on

Both my girls hit terrible two’s right before their first birthday. By the time they were two, they settled down quite a bit. I like to tell myself they were “advanced” in that respect. HaHa

Lynette on

I was thinking the same thing reading this. 🙂 My son was great at 2, just a few small 2 year old things. Then he turned 3 this summer! Yikes! I am counting the days until he turns 5 – that is when my daughter finally started to calm down and mature. It’s hard to be 3 and suddenly realize the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Mommytoane on

I never understood the expression “Terrible Two’s” since the terrible sets in at thee, when they become independant and learn they can use the word no.
Cute family. 🙂

M on

Not every kid goes through the same phases as other kids.

E on

Put a helmet on your kid’s head when skiing!

Vanessa on

2’s aren’t terrible, they’re actually kind of cute at 2. It’s when they turn 3 that they turn into a nightmare at times.

mandyt on

It was the traumatic threes for my daughter

Just Me on

I, personally was a Terrible Two Year Old, Terrible Three Year old, Terrible Teen, am now in my Terrible Twenties, and look forward to my Terrible Thirties 😂😂😂

Genevieve on

I agree with others. My daughter was an angel at two. We called it the “demon threes”. She was like a different kid overnight. But my son will be 4 next month and we have yet to experience it. He is still laid back and easy going. Every kid is different.

Gina on

Just wait until he turns thirteen!

Miss Ann on

Just wait until next year when he tells you what he really thinks about things.

Anonymous on

E- I’m thinking they maybe just removed it for the pictures.

Kayte on

I love watching Jewel’s extended family on ‘Alaska’ on Discovery. They are such hardworking, funny, down-to-earth people. What a wonderful way to grow up. I hope Kase gets to spend a lot of time up in Homer with his relatives.