Kate Winslet ‘Baffled’ By Public’s Response to Her Pregnancy

01/02/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Kate Winslet‘s announcement that she was expecting a baby with husband Ned Rocknroll proposed a very popular question: would there be a new little rocknroller in the world?

But the actress, who welcomed son Bear on Dec. 7, tells Glamour U.K. that, despite the speculation, there was never a choice to be made when it came to her baby boy’s last name.

“We haven’t ever really had that conversation; it was always going to have my name,” Winslet, 38, says. “Of course we’re not going to call it Rocknroll. People might judge all they like, but I’m a f—— grown-up.”

Winslet adds that her children from previous relationships, Mia, 13, and Joe, 10, “have it as part of their name, so it would be weird if this baby didn’t.”

Kate Winslet Glamour UK
Chris Craymer

The mom-of-three is well-aware of the fact that her decision to wed for a third time and welcome a third baby did not sit well in the press. However, despite the criticism, Winslet refuses to defend her choices.

“No one has a right to comment on anyone’s life or the choices I do or don’t make. It’s very easy to be judgmental until you know someone’s truth. People have no idea at all,” she says. “It baffles me, truly, that you can publicly treat a person like that. It’s not very nice.”

Winslet adds, “I’m really sorry to the nation’s press that I fell in love and got pregnant; I do apologize if you deem that irresponsible.”

Calling her growing family her “core,” the actress credits her three children for providing her with the tools needed to star in her new movie, Labor Day.

“[It’s] a part I could not have played had I not been a parent. Ultimately, I was drawn to it because it’s a film about the desire for a family — and family has played such a role in my life,” she says.

And it’s a role Winslet is not willing to relinquish, preferring to juggle her responsibilities as a mother without much hired help. “The reality is I absolutely love my little life … I trundle along; we have friends over; I make dinner,” she says.

Kate Winslet Glamour UK Chris Craymer

“Sure, I could have lots of people who do the cooking, the driving, all that jazz — but I would be unhappy. I wouldn’t want my children raised that way.”

Reveling in her recent professional and personal successes leaves little time for Winslet to worry about her post-pregnancy assets.

“Having just had a baby, I’m not going to be thinking about my arse,” she explains.

Instead, she is focused on providing her children with a “childhood like I had, where you climb trees and graze your knee.”

She adds, “All our families are so excited [about Bear]. And it’s Ned’s first baby — I can’t wait for that bit, actually.”

— Anya Leon

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lola on

3 kids from 3 different men….classy!!

Dee on

And that is why I LOVE this woman!!! She just tells it like it is.

The media and everyone who judges her can take a flying leap….go judge your own pathetic lives.

I applaud her for saying what I would have said if I were in her shoe.

Susan on

Whatever. It’s amazing she’s so pre-occupied with what people think. She sounds and acts very selfishly. She’ll be on TV soon telling us her woes about her kids on drugs. Same old, same old.

shawna on

Forget what people say. Enjoy your children.

Julie on

Leave Kate alone! She is one of my favorite actresses and I love that she tells it like it is.

Mrs LH on

Hey, I’m on my 5th marriage (I have no children though) so who am I to judge? Nobody has the right to judge anyone else’s life. More power to her and her happiness!

S on

I’m cracking up that she’s worried about the last name Rocknroll but she named the child Bear.

spitfire on

My sister in law has 4 kids from 3 different men. Doesn’t seem to be uncommon in the town I live in. I dont judge and whos business is it really? Isnt it suppose to be “as long as they are happy & healthy. ” ??

Vanessa on

I had no issues with her pregnancy, but it’s the name she gave her poor son.

Liii on

I would expect the kid to have the dads last name – isn’t that how it usually works?

Anonymous on

Honestly, it’s no one’s business. People should really think about their own faults before nitpicking at someone they’ve never even met.

May on

I think people r more disappointed on the name bear than being her third marriage or her third child as ignorant as she can be she never thought once if the baby as it grows up would be laughed at for such horrible and tasteless name she could have done better tsk tsk

Donna on

If you look at all of the negative posts they’re from women! Come on girls pull yourselves together!! Your pettiness and catty comments make it worse for us confident chicks… grow up, respect others, and maybe someone will take you seriously someday!

Anonymous on

that’s pretty bad when a woman cannot raise a family without conflict from strangers. Its her rights as a woman to have as many children as she wants. she doesn’t live in in a country where you are limited on how many children you’re allowed to have, she is not living in China.

Jac on

She’s a great actress but it ends there. I do not like her at all. Her husband better spend as much time with Bear as much as possible because once that marriage ends he won’t see much of him! She’s already stated (you can look it up) that her two older kids are always with her PERIOD. She doesn’t let them vacation with their respective fathers nor does she let them have overnight visits with them. They are just sperm donors. I don’t like that one bit. Like I said – look it up – her own words. Wherever in the world she goes, her kids go. They have limited access to their biological fathers. She’s vile. I would never keep my child away from her father unless he was a murderer/child molester. Their fathers are neither. Also, let’s not forget she has THREE KIDS with THREE MEN. If she was a regular nobody like you or I you’d be calling her what? She’s trash.

Charli on

People can be really nasty. I love her and wish her nothing but happiness.

Nannyto1 on

Tell it like it is Kate. Love her honesty and love her.

Jae on

His real name is Abel Smith. Why would anyone expect them to name the baby Rocknroll?

Gigi on

She named the kid “Bear”, but is embarrassed by the name “Rocknroll”??? Is she high??? Seriously???

Jennifer Kleckner on

There is so much unhappiness in the world. People need to be celebrating the happy times even more. When someone is happy with their life it is a true gift from God. People have the right to do whatever it takes to find their happiness. Congrats on new baby and many blessings on your family.

Marcia on

I love her as an actress, but why does she care about this? Just shrug it off, don’t feel like you have to explain your life. Unfortunately it comes with the territory.

jskiss0055 on

I totally think it is a cute name, we nicknamed our son Bear

Winky on

Kate says she’s a grown up yet she has a baby with and married a man who changed his last name to RockNRoll. That’s why the public is perplexed.

Elle on

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kate but I think the problem people had was that she now has three children with three different men. It’s her decision to do that but she has to know how people will view that. Also, it seems a bit strange to give your child your last name simply because you don’t like your husband’s. What is that about?

Tamara on

I think it’s just unfortunate when kids don’t know what it’s like to have both of their parents present and lovingly raising a family together. All different fathers, all scattered all over the place….just sounds like a dysfunctional mess.

Giulia on

Since when is anyone’s choice to marry and have children open for anyone’s discussion? Until you walk in someone’s “mocassins” you do not have that right.

Linda on

@lola…Judgemental much? I’ll just bet you’re a real class act yourself!

Debby Garner on

Kate should read this Chick Lit book and think about playing one of the characters in it. My book club just finished Mobsters, Spies, Millionaires…and the girl next door. Move over 50 Shades!

Hey on

She’s such a contadiction. We’re all dumb if we didn’t assume the baby would have her last name. She does all these motherly things like cooking having friends over, yet she has hired help that does that. Be quiet! No wonder marriage #3. Pain in the arse.

Elle on

I saw another quote regarding her other children where she said, “None of this 50/50 time with the mums & dads-my children live with me; that is it.” That right there made me lose what respect I did have for her. Who does she think she is that she can keep her children from their fathers? Good luck to this new husband, wonder how long it will be until she tires of him, divorces him & he doesn’t get to see his son?

Tamara on

Well…if the person wasn’t famous, what would you say then? Exactly. The explanation for the name cracks me up too. “Seriously, why would you think his last name would be Rocknroll? We made his first name ridiculous, couldn’t very well make his last name ridiculous as well. Come on, people.” Please.

J.M.H on

If you make it public it’s every ones business!

amy on

I’m trying to figure out what the issue is. She’s a successful grown woman with three LEGITIMATE children. No baby daddies…no welfare…she and her family are no burden on the taxpayers….so what’s the big deal?

Tamara on

Perhaps at the root of all this is her taste in men. I know a number of people like this…suckers that keep falling for the same losers each time. There better be a darn good reason she doesn’t allow her exes to share custody.

Tamara on

P.S. Going by the name the current one is sporting, I’m in doubt as to the level of maturity this one has and how long it’s going to last as well….

Shell on

She rocks! I gave my son my last name instead of his dad’s, too. Never considered anything else and didn’t even realize I was going against protocol until I saw some people’s reactions. It seems we haven’t really come such a long way, after all.

Britt.W. on

Never been fan but I have nothing against this women’s choices in her personal life. My best friend’s mother was married 3 times and had six kids. They all amazing and fine and upstanding people thanks to there mama.

LMD on

With that mouth and that attitude no wonder she’s on her 3rd marriage.

TJ on

I have new found respect for this woman. She is right, nobody has business to judge. It’s her life and she is living it the way she wants. Kudos to her.

Jazz on

I’m more baffled by the fact that kid’s last name is Winslet, and not the father’s real last name which is Smith. She said the kid wouldnt have Rocknroll as last name and thats understandable but why not have the father bio name, Smith? Whats wrong with Smith?

Jay on

I think the only thing unsettling is that she got pregnant so quick after getting married. I mean it is her third marriage. Maybe she should have waited a bit to see if this marriage would last before bringing a child into it? But that is her decision and nobody else’s.

Sharon on

I agree that no one has the right to judge her, but being in the public eye she has to know that people are going to judge/criticize her every move, it sort of comes with the fame and fortune.

Jen on

So the other two also have winslet as part of their names, but it sounds like they also have their father’s last name as well, so to me, not having the father’s last name makes it look odd for the youngest. She knew what her husband’s name was when she married him, so why would people not think the child would have his father’s name? Her explanation seems defensive. And if the other children live with her, that is fine, but it almost sounds like the fathers are not involved, which is unfortunate. But, it is her family and her life, so it is her choice.

Zaria on

I’d rather have the first name Bear than the last name Rocknroll. Wise choice, Kate!

Duh on

I’m confused. The other kids have the dad’s last name. The new one has her last name. But the article says they all have her last name. Anyway, who really cares. I can’t believe people judge her for her decisions and those decisions, in no way affect your life. Maybe the people judging her need to get a life.

Shirley on

Those who think a child named Bear will be teased by others are living in the past. Children these days could care less about what classmates are named. There are so many unusual and “original” names that they don’t give it a second thought. I’m a teacher and see all kinds of names that may seem odd, but other children don’t notice. Besides, “Bear” is not so off the wall – I’ve known a few and they were very well liked.

Sian on

Whatever Kate Winslet does is her business. I don’t care of she has 5 different kids by 5 different men. It is her life, not mine or anyone else’s. If it bothers you, then don’t watch her movies. Just because she is an actress doesn’t mean her personal life is any of our business. Whatever she chooses to share about her life is great but it doesn’t affect me. She provides entertainment, she is not a role model for my life or my children. That is because I keep life in perspective!

Jazz on

Her husband’s real name is Abel Smith so I dont understand why “Bear” doesnt have his father’s real last name, Smith. Why is he Winslet instead of Smith? Whats wrong with Smith?

Anonymous on

Kate says she’s a f’ing grown up yet marries a man who changed his name to Ned Rocknroll……sooooooo sorry if people made assumptions on such ridiculousness!

Kate on

Boo-yah- you go girl. Kate is cool. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. Hate when people judge without having a clue about the real situation.

laura on

You are a beautiful, smart, talented and best of all wonderful mother. Let them gossip….people that do that aren’t ever happy in their own miserable lives and hate when others are happy, its called jealously and being a nurse I work with 30 women and I see it all the time. The unhappy ones are the gossipers and haters. Screw them and be happy. Congrats on your newest addition to your family Kate.

JessV on

I love how she speaks her mind and feel nobody has right to judge and say such nasty things about her. I suppose YOUR life choices have all been perfect?? Regarding the comment about her exes and that she has custody of her kids is also her business, none of us know exactly how things are done in her home so who are you to judge? All of the high an mighty folks out there judging should pay more attention to your own lives!

LM on

Jac – you are taking quotes out of context. She said her children are with her period, as in she has full custody. She did not want her children shipped around, because as much as split custody is fair to the parents, it’s really hard on children. Her other two kids do spend plenty of time with their fathers, and she’s quoted in articles saying that too. They love and spend time with their dads, but their life is with the core family.
I applaud her and think she’s marvelous. Go Kate!

Ridiculous on

For someone who claims to not care what others think, she sure is doing a lot of complaining. Why even address it if it isn’t an issue for you and you don’t care what others think?

Anonymous on

Kate, you are a wonderful actress and I adore you. You married a guy named Ned RockNroll and had a baby you named Bear. Seriously Kate??

guest on

Dear Kate – you are a fantastic actress and I adore you! You marry a guy by the name of RockNroll and have a baby you name Bear. Seriously, Kate?

Tammy on

Someone please explain to me what the problem is. She had a baby with her husband. Why would people complain about that?

Tiffany on

I don’t know. I don’t want to diss people that have multiple children with multiple men but I can’t help but think about the kids that are in that situation. I think people take things too lightly; marriage, having kids. I don’t think she is a bad person but maybe didn’t make some of the best choices. She is right though that it’s her life but it’s her kids lives too.

Big Fan on

No matter what, Bear for a name…..he’ll be relentlessly teased….imagine if is WAS BEAR ROCKNROLL. And she called the baby IT? HUH?

Niki on

As you get older, you’re supposed to learn from your mistakes, you’re not supposed to pop out kids with every dude you think you’re in love with. How embarrassing for her poor kids.

GBz on

I love Kate Winslet and the fact that she’s living her life by her terms and she’s happy. If you have a problem with it, I suggest you get a life.

Lala on

I dislike the first name Bear, a lot. However, I think the last name Rocknroll, is pretty fantastic! Haha I’d rather have that, than Bear!

Cd on

I find it so amusing that people are still coming her to bitch and moan about someone else’s life. Put that focus and energy in your own!!

TD on

She’s lovely and sensible!! God Bless!!

mom2ateam on

For all of you jumping on her for her previous comments about “My kids live with me, that’s it”…if you were a single parent like she was, you’d understand what she’s saying. I have three kids from my one marriage. I’m now divorced from their father. My kids live with me. There’s none of that 50/50 stuff here either. They *visit* their father. He gets them (mostly) every other weekend, a week at Christmas, 2 weeks during the summer, and every other Spring Break. That’s how it is and that’s how it will stay. Kids need stability. They need a permanent bedroom, a permanent parent. I am that parent for my kids. My home is their home. If I get married and move, we’ll work something out to keep the visitation consistent. But it’s called “visitation” for a reason. Kate’s exes are fine with the custody arrangement they have. They’ve said so. So it’s nobody else’s business.

Heidi on

She can say F as much as she likes, but there’s a big difference between being a grown up, as she puts it, and being mature. And she just has nit matured in the love department. Three husbands by 37 is crazy, and deep down she realizes that. Not to mention 3 kids 3 different men.

shut up on

@lola…. and she was married to all three of them… one died, and one she divorced… seriously? shut the hell up.

noelle on

really just leave her alone at least she is married to the father not like the Kartrashian sisters

Verb56 on

Still love Kate! She just makes me smile! 3 kids with 3 different men? Not my concern, I got my own problems in life!

Mimi on

I think it’s awesome that she and her ex-husbands decided to give their kids a stable childhood and not shuttle them between homes like miniature transients. Equal parenting time does not outweigh a kids need for ONE stable home. She didn’t say they don’t get to see their dads and the dad’s support the arrangements because they know kids don’t want to be traded back & forth.

guest on

beautiful actress. beautiful looking woman. wise words- ‘withhold judgment.. ! without knowing someone’s truth’.. blessings and good wishes for your family, Ms Winslet!

Janet on

Congratulations on your new son Kate and the heck with everybody it is your life and your family enjoy them all to the max.

Anonymous on

Good for Kate. I agree that no one has the right to judge her life choices, and we the public should butt the heck out and let her live her life!

Anonymous on

Really? You don’t think people would be interested if you were going to call your son Bear RocknRoll. Of course they are!

Irish on

My son has my last name. His father and I are still together 13 years later (unmarried) and have another baby boy on the way who will also get my last name. We have no intention of marrying, we are fine the way we are (obviously). I carried the children and sacrificed ALOT (horrible pregnancies), so I only found it fit I get the glory of the name. I’m obviously stable in my relationship but IF I EVER separated and got with another man I found to be not just a fling, and actually loved and had stability with, I wouldn’t hesitate to have a child with him. Multiple kids by multiple men doesn’t bother me unless there is bad blood between the parents. If not, who cares.

bec215 on

I think the public wants Kate to be like her character in Titanic, but you don’t become best friends with Leo if you’re that proper…kudos to Kate for always being true to herself -something that is much easier, it seems, if you are a Euopean celeb than an American based in H’wood.

bec215 on

@lola – three children from three long term relationships…three children she can financially support… Three planned planned pregnancies, all when she was an adult…. sooo? Judging her for being in love and marrying and having children? Not very Christian of you, assuming that’s your real complaint.

Marky on

mom2ateam, you are not your children’s only parent. If, after the divorce, your children had been placed with your ex, and you had them ” every other weekend, a week at Christmas, 2 weeks during the summer, and every other Spring Break”, and that’s how it’s going to be so they have stability, you would likely feel sick to your stomach and as if you had been dismissed from their lives. One of the most stable kids I know was raised with 50/50 custody, right down the middle, and he felt far more comfortable and loved than the kids whose mother thought she was the only important parent. When I see children who don’t get to spend much time with their non-custodial parent, they are usually sadder, less secure, and less confident than those whose parents work well together and realize they are BOTH important to the children involved!

JosieJ on

Just when I thought I couldn’t adore Kate Winslet more! So the woman had three children by three different men, is she asking for any of us to clothe or feed them? Trust me, there are many more children, in the world, who need your concern, before Kate’s.

Yoyo on

@shut up – she didn’t have a husband that died. She’s been married 3 times and divorced 2 times (so far).

Nele on

Well said. Exactly what I think is important in raising children.

Anonymous on

“I’m a f****** grown up “…. no ,your not you named your kid Bear

The Truth on

She’s happy and in love. She needs to stop worrying about everyone else and enjoy life. She seems angry and defensive here. You can’t live boldly and then get defensive when you get judged. Kate, have a sense of humor and hit the mute button on your haters.

4tmama on

You tell them girl!! I have 4 kids w 3 different men, that I WOULD NOT trade for the world. It was circumstances, I am not a s l # t, I have twins included, my husband has raised my children, get over it people..let her live HER LIFE. She’s not the 1st, she won’t be the last..because she’s a woman there’s the double standard.

Crystal on

I appreciate her honesty. I hope it makes people realize celebrities are people too and they do read the crap that’s written about them. We as a society should stop being so judgemental and start doing more celebrating and supporting.

Trix on

She’s not being thruthful, her other 2 kids have their fathers’ last name so why does this one have her last name? Why not Smith, the father’s real name? What about Bear Smith?

Lady on

She can do what she wants, she is a full adult, but she should be aware of her children and what effect her choices will have on them. Having three children by three different men is not a statement about her and how she is a so called “$lut”, but is a statement about her as a mother. I hope she can manage her family and allow her three kids to see their fathers and have a relationship with them. It’s not so much about her, but more about her kids – I’m not coming down on her nor do I think she deserves shame, but celebrities often treat marriage & kids with not much thought, because everything is so easily accessible to them. I know a lot of people who were scarred by divorce and their parents hating eachother or slinging insults at eachother – so hopefully she can manage her kids well enough.

Melody on

I truly cannot comprehend how vile some of you people are. You are actually the problem that makes our society so difficult for women. It’s no wonder we have such deep-seated social issues and attitudes when women are labelled so horridly for personal choices they make which have no actual impact whatsoever on you or anybody else!

Jac, WHY should she be called trash? Really? Because she doesn’t conform to your expectation of how a person should live their lives? How does her third marriage affect you, for example? How does it affect anybody else?

Elle, people CHOOSE to view it that way. Her choices are not some terrible thing imposed on other people.

American Mom on

People are very critical of the name Bear- have you all ever seen Bear Grylls on Discovery Channel? Maybe it’s becoming a more common name, and besides, many celebs have come up with much odder names! Yes, her husband changed his name to Rocknroll from Smith in his twenties- stupid rich brat thing to do if you ask me, but why should I care? At least she didn’t saddle the child with it. And while I would personally not choose a life route that led me to have children by three different fathers (so far), it is her life. There are other celebs setting much worse examples these days of Hollywood as Sodom & Gomorrah.

jessie on

Christie Brinkley has three kids by three different dads. I have a friend who has the same.

Kate is sooo talented. All I care about is that she not smoke. Do I have the “right” to wish that? Yeah, I think I do. And she doesn’t have the right to tell me I don’t. 🙂

radio on

my partner and I had been together for 21 years when our son was born. He’s our only child. We didn’t marry because I didn’t want to. Monogamy and loyalty and sharing, yes; marriage, nah. Our son has a last name that is an amalgam of our two first names. He doesn’t have either of our surnames. He doesn’t care and no one else seems to. He’s his own person (he is sooo his own person).

Nikki on

I’m a tad bit confused….which name is she saying that she’s being a f— grown up about? Bear or RocknRoll?

And is she mad at the “nation’s press” or the public? Because the press is the media and the public are the people that buy the overpriced tickets to see her movies…..so who is she pissed off at?

radio on

animal names are fine for people. People name their daughters Jenny, and that’s an animal too. At least she didn’t do what Debra Winger did to her poor son Babe….anyway, yes, we have a right to express our opinions, Kate, and you have the right to ignore them. ;-)……

I like that all her kids have simple names, easy to spell and pronounce.

and who said one of her husbands died? Uh, no Threapleton and Mendes are very much alive.

Anonymous on

You go Kate!!!!

mary on

Who really cares what last name she gives her kid, there not married yet. And who cares if she’s been married before, it’s her own life she can do what she pleases. The only reason people start saying crap is out of jealously…

BamsyPop on

The “who are you to judge” is tired and played out, an excuse used by the most reckless people in town. Sorry, but when you’re a celebrity who willingly engages in shameless publicity (magazine covers, countless numbers of interviews, a million and one awards ceremonies, etc), you’re setting yourself up for public consumption. Deal with it.

J on

I think people were less worried about her naming the baby that or having kids by three different guys, but the fact that she insinuated in some interviews that she did not let the first two children see their fathers- NOT cool. I liked her before those comments but they changed my view of her.

Sarah on

Call me crazy, but I love the name.

veggiemama on

Speak your truth, Kate! We love you. I’m sure the kids know they are loved and listened to, cared for and adored. Bless this new one too! Keep on being yourself.

veronica on

Just be happy and really who cares what people say!!! It’s your life live it the way you want to.

Rae on

She’s right, it’s no one’s business whether we agree, or not. She does not need/deserve condemnation, nor defending. She is a grown woman who can, and does, support her children. As far as I can see, there’s no story here.

sapphire on

I like Kate as well, but I think the criticism is coming from the fact that she named her son Bear. I mean, really? I could care less that she’s been married three times but seriously, why would you name your child Bear? It truly baffles me the names that celebs give their children.

M on

How her family is happens a lot in every day life. But some people like to put on the “I’m holier than you” act.

M on

“No one has a right to comment on anyone’s life or the choices I do or don’t make”

Didn’t she make comments on Miley Cyrus’s lifestyke in a magazine called The Independent? Practice what you preach.

AJ on

She is my favorite actress. Why can’t media and public leave celebrities alone? And why so much hate for Kate – just because she is outspoken?

me on

I love Kate, it’s nobody’s business.

MrsMommaB on

Congrats. A baby is a blessing. Anyone who doesn’t understand that…..too damn bad 🙂

Anonymous on

Hey People Magazine – it’s not really the public’s response discussed in the article but rather the response from the press. Most of the public is too busy trying to get through their own lives.

Amber on

I didn’t realize anyone had chastised her for her marital and mothering choices. I wonder if she’s talking mainly about the U.K press. I haven’t seen anything in America’s press that talked poorly of her.

Crickets on

I don´t think people really care about what she does that much. She shouldn´t let it bother her. She says she doesn´t want ¨much hired help¨ with her children and that her ¨little life¨ includes cooking and having people over. What other kind of life is there? What kind of other people does she know that doesn´t do that and thinks it´s normal? She should realize people that make comments (like mine) don´t really care. They are just having something to do for a few seconds. The fact that she is even in the press makes her successful at her chosen profession. She says she is a ¨_____ grown-up¨ (nice language by the way) because she won´t use her husbands last name of Rocknroll? So what does that make her husband because he does use it? LOL.

KW on

Nice! A tramp with three baby daddies with a middle finger to the world. Lighten up, 99% of us really don’t give a rats @ss. Haven’t even seen any of her work since Titanic anyway.

Guest on

1. You’ve spent your entire career disrobing and faux f***ing on screen to prove your “vulnerability” and to better access your roles and transcend what was on the page. Right. You were, apparently, an overweight, not too popular young woman who took the easy road (getting naked) to fame instead of, well, I don’t know, ACTING.
2. You have 3 kids by 3 different men and you were pregnant, at least once, BEFORE you were married. Were you Black or Latina, you would be called everything but a child of God.
3. You’ve decided to comment on Miley Cyrus’ choices when pretty much every “lifestyle” choice you have made has been questionable.
4. Rocknrolla or whatever it is, is not a normal last name? But, Bear is a go or the kid’s first name.

If you are still baffled, it’s because you want to be.

carolmac on

None of the posts I’ve read said anything about how all these happy marriages affect the children. And no one will know that for sure but for years to come. It makes me ponder all of these people who love her — they love her public persona, her acting, or how they perceive her through interviews and know notta about her, the private person. Yes, she deserves happiness, but sounds as though she needs to take stock in why her happiness is short-lived or why she rushes into marriages and pregnancies like 16 & Pregnant. And then why does she alienate her children from their fathers. Entitlement? Narcism? Bad choice of partners? Very interesting when you really stop to think about it…makes you wonder what’s missing in her life.

Anonymous on

If people put the effort into their own lives as they do into the lives of people that they think that they know based on the fact that they are in the public eye, then the world would indeed be a better place. All the best to Kate and her family.

Kim on

Way more people need to keep this in mind; “No one has a right to comment on anyone’s life or the choices I do or don’t make. It’s very easy to be judgmental until you know someone’s truth. People have no idea at all,” she says. “It baffles me, truly, that you can publicly treat a person like that. It’s not very nice.”

M on

“why does she alienate her children from their fathers”

How do you know that?

Fred S. Rael on

Well their is just some woman they are going to find that first feeling , And think by dumping out children is the answer. And to get married for a third , And yes it will end in another devoice. She has no body but her self to look in the mirror ???

Nancy on

I’m sorry but having 3 children from 3 different men is odd. Anyone who disagrees . . I don’t care. You won’t give him the name rocknroll but you named him BEAR!!! LOL.

Anonymous on

Kate is a great actress. She is lovely to look at and I am sure is very entertaining in her simple life. I would think a child should have their fathers’ last name- which was legally changed to Rocknroll. Her daughter seems to only have her father’s name, while her old son does have a combo as she stated. I am not in a position to judge, but when someone lives a very public life, as celebrities do, they will be judged. Rocknroll is an awesome name….such a conversation starter!

Ginger on

So where are these people who care so much about this woman they are upset she married again? And who cares what name she gives her baby. This all sounds made up to me, just to get attention.

bkable on

For all you saying she was embarrassed by the name Rocknroll, I don’t think that’s the issue. I think the issue it is always assumed that the kid will get the dad’s last name and she is saying that, in her world, that’s not how it works. In the old days, when women weren’t considered people, children got their father’s last name because they belonged to him. If a mother divorced the father (virtually impossible) or if the father left her, she could realistically be left with little access to her kids. Kate is just saying that she is a grown up and she can decide which name her baby gets.
And while I personally don’t like the name Bear… who are we to judge?! Some of you probably have names I don’t care for either.

Gigi on

Leave her alone!!!!!

Carol on

Did she seriously call the baby “it”…? And I’m all for different names, but really, Bear??? Especially when your other children have such common, normal names.

rlb237 on

Would *I* want to have three babies with three different fathers and be married three times? No.

Do I think she’s a terrible person for having done it? Not at all. She’s a great mother, her kids’ lives are kept private, and she isn’t a bad person because of it. Whatever. I just care if I like her in a movie, and I almost always do. Keep being awesome Kate.

rlb237 on

Keri Russell named her son Bear. I don’t recall it being a big deal.

teresa on

She’s a “grown up” but names her kid Bear….whatever. Another irrelevant case of First World problems.

carolmac on


in Kate’s own words….her children live with her and that’s it. They do not get flown from pillar to post as she calls it.

carolmac on

Alicia Silverstone’s son name is Bear as well. At a future hollywood kid’s party…Bear, meet Moxie CrimeFighter, Pilot Inspektor, Kal-El, Apple, Jermajesy, and Tu Morrow…should be fun!

Tree on

Love Kate and agree with her about giving your kid the last name Rocknroll, though I have to admit it’s a harder argument to sell when you give the first name, Bear.

commenter on

Ok, so the women who commented about several kids, different fathers, nobody but the child support judges, lawyers and the fathers of these children judge you.But once you are an actress and in the media promoting yourself for your movies: if you make a six digit income and choose to be an actress, that is your price that you pay. Maybe use your acting skills and act out that you don’t care about being judged by that.Infact, if you did do that, maybe more people would respect you. Right now you are judging the people you say are judging you. Frankly, some of Kate’s quotes she said after the Titanic put a bad taste in my mouth about Kate so all around I have a lack of respect for her about reaming out the public for their judgements. Let’s face it, if she quit reaming those people out, she just might gain a fan or two.

Ivixen on

Wow. She comes off as pretty arrogant.

Leslee on

I’m not overly fond of the name Bear but it’s really not that big of a deal really. It’s memorable, not terribly pretentious or cute and not hard to spell.

Hyphenated last names are not uncommon in the UK, wondering why they didn’t call the child Bear Winslet-Smith, which actually has a very nice ring to it. It would seem less confusing than just Smith or Winslet or an adopted last name of Rocknroll.

Interesting how many complain that people don’t get married before having children but this woman does get married and people criticize her for it. Probably best to have intact happy family? Of course but life isn’t always an ideal and an imposed ideal doesn’t necessarily equal happy kids.

lalaland on

@ lola that’s not as bad as some people i know imagine 6 kids with 5 different fathers. But its really none of my business i’m sure being in a relationship with a actor or actress is difficult and they just couldn’t take it so they opted out, maybe she has bad taste in men. Any way hope she has a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby

boakyewaaglover on

I’m baffled when celebrities are baffled that we talk about them and judge them. Geez. That’s the side effect of fame and celebrity. It will never go away. That’s also the side effect of even doing interviews or being seen off the screen. The key thing for celebrities is for them to just ignore the comments. They can never stop us from commenting as long as they are celebrities. I get annoyed when they ask for privacy but when they have a movie to promote they make the rounds and discuss their love lives and other private matters on end. If you can’t stand scrutiny, don’t be a celeb. It’s like a doctor who can’t stand blood. Choose a different profession, or find a way to cope without blaming us for our natural reactions.

Tom on

I love Kate….I think she is so self assured and comfortable in her skin. She seems such such a great mom and is determined to raise her kids as normal as she can…despite all the crap from the public and media. SHe has every right to be the person she is and I’m just happy she continues to work…as every film she’s in is a pleasure to watch…she is an amazing talent.

vickynicole on

Lola – who cares? She’s a wonderful mom and that’s all that matters.
I LOVE her honesty. She is a very genuine person, doesn’t put up with any BS.

Marie on

Well said, mind your own business. Noone is taking care of her kids but her, your opinion is not needed.

Guest on

1. You’ve spent your entire career disrobing and faux f***ing on screen to prove your “vulnerability” and to better access your roles and transcend what was on the page. Right. You were, apparently, an overweight, not too popular young woman who took the easy road (getting naked) to fame instead of, well, I don’t know, ACTING.

2. You have 3 kids by 3 different men and you were pregnant, at least once, BEFORE you were married. Were you Black or Latina, you would be called everything but a child of God.

3. You’ve decided to comment on Miley Cyrus’ choices when pretty much every “lifestyle” choice you have made has been questionable.

4. Rocknrolla or whatever it is, is not a normal last name? But, Bear is a go or the kid’s first name.

If you are still baffled, it’s because you want to be.

purpose on

I really like Winslet’s movies. In general, she seems like a decent person in interviews. I do hope, however, that maybe the next time people meet people in their daily lives that have been married three times and have children from each husband, they won’t be so quick to judge. I always find it funny how we accept things from celebrities that we don’t with other people. I also find it funny that she thinks naming a kid Bear is okay but she has a problem with Rocknroll but whatever works for them. All the best to Kate, her family and her new man.

mamanas on

She is so right. It is nobody’s business. I have enough on my plate taking care of my family. I just think that anyone who has that much time to worry about other people or avoiding issues going on at home. I am sure we all have something in our lives that may draw criticism, let support the women’s professional life and leave the personal alone.

happy on

I think Kate that people think you are starting to set a trend and that this will not be the last one for you, thats all. It’s your life, your right…do as you wish.

happy on

She should have gone down with the ship!

Kathleen on

Oh, you’re an adult? Pretty sure you named your son Bear.

Renee on

Kudos to Kate to have the balls to stand up for her life and her life only. We the public need to stop judging others and to take care of our own. She has the right to be happy and do what makes her happy…don’t we all? So I applaud her for standing up and saying whats in her heart!

Anonymous on

Lola, why don’t you shut your ugly face and learn how to read! She has been married three times, but her two older children are from one man. Not that it matters or is any of your business you judgmental cow.

Sophia on

Some women really just hate the women whom they think are more successful and/or prettier. They don’t need a reason to bash a (female) celebrity, they will just find something. The child is her child, the body is her body, her morals are her morals. It’s not ANYBODY’s business to say anything, definitely not something insulting at least.

Vanessa on

“We haven’t ever really had that conversation; it was always going to have my name.” Translation: my husband had no say. What a bitch.

Miss Thing on

I think the multiple marriage part and three children with three dads begs the question- why even bother getting married again at all? After a marriage fails, go date and procreate but why declare “for better or worse, till death do us part?” Cuz you aint!

ceradwyn on

You can’t blame her for not having the third baby take his father’s last name. I mean, c’mon. Obviously Rocknroll was not Ned’s birth name. And, since it wasn’t his birth name, even if the kid was “Bear Rocknroll,” he wouldn’t really have his dad’s last name, anyway. So, what does it matter?

She could have named the kid after his dad, and named him “Ned.” Which, honestly, isn’t much of a better name than “Bear.” At least “Bear” provokes conversation.

@ Lola – children by different fathers is not the exception anymore. It’s the rule.

erin on

For all those criticizing her, it must be nice to be so perfect. Who cares how many children she has or the fact that they are with three different fathers? Those children are living a charmed life, I’m sure.

Nickj on

If the last name isn’t Rug or Hug , Bear is a cool name

Becky on

I’ve been pro-Kate since I first saw her in “Heavenly Creatures” 20 (OMG!) years ago. I think people need to stop harping on her for her weight or her children/husbands. It’s not like Kate is on Maury trying to find her baby daddy! I’m an elementary school teacher and “Bear” is hardly the most out-there moniker I’ve heard lately. Also, imo, the everyone-take-dad’s-name thing is dated. I chose to keep my maiden name and gave it to one of our kids, my husband passed his name on to the other. Why should that offend anyone? Winslet sounds MUCH better than Rocknroll, so good choice.

Frankly, even if I saw Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett eating Slim Jims, barefoot in a Circle K parking lot, I would still think they are terrific actresses and classy ladies.

Debbie on

It’s her journey! As long as she does right by her children, it’s none of our business.

BlueMoon on

The more she opens her mouth, the less I like her. Yes, I’m entitled to my opinion, and that’s it.

MollyF on

People need to leave her alone, but Kate also should stop worrying what people are thinking of her. It’s nobody’s business what she does.
I’m like Kate and worry what people think, because I have self esteem issues, but I’m getting better with it. I love Kate. 🙂

Hea on

I think she’s amazing and I’ve been a fan of hers ever since the beginning. I think I’m actually a bit in love with her and, me being a straight woman, I think that says a lot of how well I think of her.

She’s been through hurt a lot and she’s always risen above it to continue her life and pursue happiness and love. I applaud her for that. She doesn’t have random baby daddies, she’s had husbands who’ve let her down hard. When that happens, the best thing you can do is keep going.

nikki on

My mum has 3 kids to 3 different fathers she didnt plan it that way but thats how life turned out. You cant help who you fall in love with and sometimes life has other plans for you

Rose on

All you people making judgements kill me! One doesn’t like her another, thinks her kids will end up on drugs etc. The only thing you people know about her is what the media feeds you truth or not! All of you should get a life and stop passing judgement on someone you don’t even know! Bunch of “arses”!!!

Bridget on

She is absolutely right. It is no one’s business but her own. I’m very happy for her and it sounds like she is an excellent mother.

d on

I really don’t get it. Why isn’t the baby’s name Bear Winslet Smith that’s his father’s last name.

D9 on

I guess another way of putting it is who gives a damn about Kate Winslet and her baby? You don’t want people to judge, then quit announcing this junk likes it’s important!

Crystal on

@rlb237- Keri Russell’s son’s name is River. Alicia Silverstone’s son is named Bear.
Anonymous- Before you criticize Lola you should inform yourself of the actual facts. Kate Winslet has been married three times. She has had a child with each one of these men. Her children all have different fathers. However, it obviously works for her so who are we to judge?????

Lezbhonest on

I’m with you Frank!! Who cares how many baby daddies she has or a last name, I’m more concerned over the “IT” factor. I can’t believe she said “We haven’t ever really had that conversation; it was always going to have my name”… IT?!? Just wow

Natalia on

Three different baby daddies classless and money doesn’t buy class.

Myra on

It is nothing to do with anyone else, these children will want for nothing, and she did not choose to have. broken relationships.

silvereyes1945 on

Jac said: Her husband better spend as much time with Bear as much as possible because once that marriage ends he won’t see much of him! She’s already stated (you can look it up) that her two older kids are always with her PERIOD. She doesn’t let them vacation with their respective fathers nor does she let them have overnight visits with them. They are just sperm donors. I don’t like that one bit. Like I said – look it up – her own words”

You need to get your facts straight. Kate Winslet said she didn’t believe in 50/50 because she has primary placement She never said that her kids didn’t see their fathers or spend overnights with them. In fact, her ex-husband specifically said (Sam Mendez) about Fathers4 Justice: The film director told them: ‘It is inappropriate for this organisation to involve my family and I when they know nothing of our personal circumstances.
‘Whilst I fully support fathers’ rights, I can happily state this has never been a concern for me or my son.”
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2525743/Kate-Winslet-threatens-sue-Fathers4Justice-advertising-campaign-attacking-saying-children-live-me.html#ixzz3Hie3zK6g

I support father’s rights, but I don’t support father’s rights groups because they are usually made up of abusive, controlling, men, pedophiles, and deadbeat dads trying to get out of child support while promoting the views of a pedophile like Richard Gardner.