Rob and Amber Mariano Expecting Fourth Child

01/01/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Rob Mariano Amber Mariano Expecting Fourth Child Scott Wintrow/Getty

If they ever do a reality series featuring the children of Survivor castmates, then Rob Mariano and his wife, Amber, will definitely have an advantage — the couple are expecting their fourth child.

Mariano, 38, announced the pregnancy on Twitter on Tuesday, sharing an ultrasound picture captioned, “My wife Amber is so hot, I can’t keep my hands off her… Here is to 2014!!! #4”

The couple, who competed on Survivor and The Amazing Race, wed in the Bahamas in 2005 and already have three daughters — Lucia Rose, 4½, Carina Rose, 3, and Isabetta Rose, 20 months.

“I’m definitely outnumbered now,” he said in 2010. “But at the end of the day, it’s exciting and fun.”

— K.C. Blumm


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carol on

Well I guess we will be seeing Rob on another season of Survivor since that’s the only show he’s won . Congrats .

Kathy Carpenter on

Congrats…..hope it’s a boy.

Jordan on

I love them. A down to earth couple. They’ll be married 10 years next year and still going strong. That’s awesome. I follow Rob on Twitter and he posts photos of his daughters a lot, they’re so cute and he is a devoted dad. Saw his tweet last night and it made me happy. Congrats Mariano family!

Sammie on

Congratulations!! Love Boston Rob and Amber…really would love to see them in their own reality show….or compete again in another show. Miss them!

denise on

God bless you guys all girls so far. Best of luck with baby # 4. Here’s to Happy and Healthy New Year 2014!!!

Diane H. on

Thought their 15 minutes was over.

Meg on

Nice — congrats to them!

Lucia rose on

All those girls = Rob has slow swimmers.

bevvie on

kudos to them!

Teri on

If ever there was a couple that would be good for a reality series it’s these two!

Amanda_M87 on

Not trying to be mean, but why do all three girls have the same middle name? Is there a significance behind the name Rose for them?

Ari on

I remember them on The Amazing Race together, they seemed so in love. Congrats to them! He seems like a good husband and dad and I bet she’s a great mom.

really on

Ever had of a condom?????

really on

congrats I guess. With epidurals its easy to keep having kids. You don’t have to feel the pain. Wimp. Leave child births to us real women who don’t scream for the epidural at the chance.

Kathy F on

Amber won Survivor $1,000,000.00!!!!! Good Luck to them!

Sam on

Big congratulations! Having 3 little girls is adorable!! I bet he is the best dad with all those little princesses. I enjoy this couple!!

@Really on

You may want to leave to speak proper english before criticizing others.

dd on

Hope they have a healthy baby- boy would be a nice change, though. Congrats!

talking on

they need to be killed, don’t you think? Is this Mennonite country?

Amanda on

really? I’ve had 4 kids without an epidural and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I wanted 5 kids. Labor and delivery is less than a day of a woman’s life, natural or not doesn’t make a mom or a woman.

Tlc on

Congrats to Rob and Amber. Never though any woman could put up with him for long, but I guess he’s not as douchy as he was on Survivor. They had to bring him back four times just so he could finally say he won….pathetic.

No reality tv for these two please….they’ve had their 15 minutes plus three extra seasons and and TWO amazing races..enough already!

Crystal on

People on this site are being incredibly rude and nasty. More so than usual. Seesh! Babies are a true blessing. It’s great he still finds his wife so irresistible after nearly 10 years of marriage. Lol! Congratulations! Praying for a happy, healthy remainder of Amber’s pregnancy and birth! 🙂

stacey on

Why do all of their daughters have the same middle name… stupid.

DD on

Woohoo!! Getting it ON!! Get it! 🙂

Anonymous on

Congrats Rob and Amber !! Saw ya at lowes the other day

Boo on

@really – you’re an idiot.

Your post gleefully criticizing another woman for her choices clearly shows you’re nowhere near a “real woman.”

Shut up, pull your head out of your butt and go find yourself a clue.

Holly on

bet its another girl.

sheesh what’s her hurry. 4 under 5 years old????

Shelley on

Awesome! They seem like a great couple and wish them the best. Maybe Rob will get a boy this time 🙂

Anonymous on


Lynn on

Loved Rob & Amber on Survivor All Stars. They certainly seem to have a solid marriage and three happy children so don’t understand the negativity.

jD on

I think it’s great that a married couple is creating a family. Anyone with something negative to say is just a naysayer.
They are able to support their kids and clearly are in love.

platinumblondefan on

Congratulations I guess. I hope they get the boy that they wanted.

Anonymous on

Lynn and JD- I agree. I think some people must have mis-read the headline and thought it was the Duggars (whom, btw, I have absolutely nothing against. I rather like them, actually!) announcing another pregnancy or something! 😉

Anyway, congrats to them!

K on

Nice to see a couple actually still together and making it work for once. Best wishes to them and their family.

mgawron on

congrat hope its a boy because thats whats they looking for

Dionna on

He is so annoying.

Boo on

At least the girls will agree on one thing when they watch all those taped reality shows……..daddy’s a douche.

Marie on

Wow, for a site that is about people having babies, there sure are a lot of negative comments about *not* having babies (you’re over-populating the earth, put a hat on it, use condoms, stop having kids, you can’t afford them, you’re the Duggars, etc.) and not just on this post. Look, I never watched Survivor. I have no idea who these people are, and I don’t know if Rob is a douche or not, but COME ON, people! Why are you on here if you really feel that way? If you don’t want kids, don’t have them. If you don’t like a certain celebrity, don’t read about them. I guess people feel better about themselves or superior to others by making those comments? I don’t get it. Maybe I should just take my own advice and stop reading the comments. 😉

brutony on

It seems like he forgot to put a stem on the apple! But seriouisly, God Bless and Good Luck to them-and as for Ambah’s “low hanging breasts”-WTF are you talking about? Shes a thin woman, who obviously keeps herself in great shape, esp havin babeis left and right! I think she’ll welcome Rob to go back on Survivor just so she can sleep nights!

Julie on

I really like them as a couple and Congratulations!! Hope it is a boy! Like to hear more about them!

salomey5 on

I’m not into kids myself, never wanted any, it’s just not for me. That said, I couldn’t agree more with Marie. If you ain’t got anything nice to say, just keep your mouth shut. I’m a huge Survivor fan, and while the big family lifestyle isn’t my thing, I say good for Rob and Amber. They’re clearly happy, and having won one million bucks each, they can afford having offsprings, so let them be.

As for the chick who’s SO concerned about Amber’s allegedly “low-hanging tatas”, you are what is wrong with the world. The influence of gravity on one’s boobies isn’t quite as essential as you clearly believe. I judge people on who they are, not what they look like. Your priorities are so out of whack, it’s almost funny.

deb on

Congratulations guys! I still love this couple! 🙂

beeswax on

So what is Survivor is the only show that Rob has won. He is an excellent husband and father. Watching that video of him saying he would keep his word with Amber, he really meant that and to this day, he still is by her side. Most “Hollywood” marriages do not work. Clearly they are not Hollywood and they do stay out of the spotlight. If Rob and Amber both get an offer to compete on Survivor again, I think they should do it. They are a winning couple!!!

stinkerbell on

To the haters: Get over your sorry selves.

I think it’s awesome that we have “celebrities” who are MARRIED, to EACH OTHER, and having children. I know, I know, it’s so cliche and out-of-style, but heck, let’s give them a chance. Rob and Amber ROCK! And still love each other like the first day.

Anonymous on

Why do others care about how many kids they have and when, what they name them, whether she has an epidural, etc? Also, hope and wish for a healthy baby! I had two friends in the last two weeks deliver at 40 weeks and both babies, who were expected to be delivered healthy….died. So who cares what someone else is having, really.

christina on

Congrats to u and Amber and the girls good luck with new baby in the future.

gail on

In a fake world… we love to see real enduring love. All the best.

Nicole on

At least they waited to start having these kids instead of having a bunch then splitting up… (Seal and Heidi klum) I like them and the comments on here are so cruel omg I couldn’t believe some of the things I read. I’m very happy for them hope it’s a boy!

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