Baby Girl on the Way for Teresa Castillo

12/30/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Teresa Castillo Pregnant Expecting Daughter Veronica Puleo

Teresa Castillo is closing out the year on a high note: she’s pregnant!

The General Hospital star and her husband Shane Aaron are expecting their first child — a girl! — on May 24, Castillo confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“It feels wonderful. This is the most joyous time of my life,” the mom-to-be tells PEOPLE. “It feels great to finally be able to share it with the world.”

Castillo, 30, admits she didn’t need words to share the special news with her husband — she just let her squeals do all the talking.

“He knew I was taking a test and realized the outcome when he heard my screams from the bathroom,” she jokes.

Despite finding out the sex of their baby on the way so they could “get to know it already,” Castillo and Aaron — who wed in 2008 — have yet to decide on a name.

“[We’re] just going to let the right name come to us,” the expectant actress, whose pregnancy will be written into the show, says.

— Anya Leon

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Aubs on

yep, she is now also pregnant on General Hospital, Announced today. 🙂

Rebecca on

I hate they are writing this into her storyline. It better not be Patricks!

Kassie on

Congratulations!!! I love her on Gh!!

and she also doesn’t look anything like 30 ?? WOw 🙂

denise on


Emma on

YES! I love her on General Hospital and I am so happy they decided to write her pregnancy into the show (and the baby is Patrick’s!) Congratulations Teresa and Shane! ❤

Cali on

I’m so happy for her (in real life)! But, I’m so bummed for her character! I just wanted Robin and Patrick to have a little time to be happy before anything mucked it up. lol

P.S. I’m so shocked that she’s 30! She’s going to age well – she looks like a teenager still.

BeachMommy23 on

Wow! I’m so happy for her! She’s my favorite person on General Hospital! And I loved her on the iCarly episode, too, where she plays on of their interns. 😉 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

Lauren on

Congratulations! So happy for her.

Lauren on

P.S. Can’t wait for Robin to leave GH again. Patrick belongs with Sabrina.

Anonymous on


Sam on

Congratulations to her and her husband, but, frankly, I’m less than enthused about the storyline her pregnancy will turn into.

Anonymous on

Gianna novalee castillo sounds like a perfect little girl.

Shirley on

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE CHARACTER ON GH. Your number one fan……………keep up the awesome work

Carrow on

Aw that is great news! Congrats to Teresa and her husband.

Aah! I knew they were going to make her character Sabrina pregnant now that Robin was back! I’m looking forward to this storyline.

Ridiculous on

You’re beyond insane, Lauren. Patrick does not belong with Sabrina. Did you not watch their wedding? It took him FOREVER to finally say ‘I do’ and he wouldn’t look at Sabrina…couldn’t meet her eyes. Those two are incredibly boring together. Patrick belongs with his FAMILY.

maia on

Congratulations in real life, But…….On GH…..Hasn’t Patrick been through ENOUGH with the Britt~Robin~situation????

Tanya on

I agree with Lauren Patrick should be with Sabrina Robin is Boring

Aubs on

I think she will have the baby, die in child birth and Patrick and Robin will raise the child. Hope not, though.

lovesgh on

Patrick belongs with Sabrina, and their baby will be beautiful.
I hope this means Robin is LEAVING, finally.

lovesgh on

Sabrina is my favorite couple, and Patrina are my favorite couple!!

lovesgh on

Sabrina is my favorite actress and Patrina is my favorite couple.

Barb on

Congrats just don’t ruin the story line for robin and patrick

Denna on

I’m so happy for her congrats I love you as Sabrina u are beautiful n strong u don’t need Patrick u deserve so much better I love you ur the best thing that has happen to gh congrats I. Ur baby girl ur gnna have so much fun I have 4girls 2 r twins so double the fun congrats again

Dbjr8 on

Very happy for the actress. Very disappointed that GH is going to use this in a storyline…..rehashing the same old storylines is getting old.

hurleysview on

Reblogged this on A Hurley Point of View.

Jackie M Villio on

I’m so very happy for them.Congratulations!!I’m a fan and am happy to hear Teresa will be on the show a while!!

Maria on

Congrats to her in real life, but on GH, I want Robin and Patrick to stay together. She really doesn’t add too much dimension to they show.

Rosie on

love her! congrats!

Jessica on

Congrats to her, but I hate that they are writing this into the story on the show. Scrubs are such a better couple than Patrina and this is such a tired way to go about this story.

Marge on

So happy for her! I hope this means Patrick and Sabrina will finally be together. Robin’s a huge bitch.

Christina on

Eeeek! I’m very happy for Teresa and her husband, but yep, even MORE happy for Sabrina and Patrick!

Cathleen on

GH doesn’t need another baby storyline. So happy Kimberly McCullough returned to GH and Scrubs, Robin and Patrick are back together. With them together GH has not been better and the ratings prove that. Patrick loves only Robin and there was never a doubt. Hopefully the baby is someone else’s otherwise this is another stupid baby story with no drama on GH. We just had a baby story less than 6 months ago with Patrick and Britt. Patrick was going to share joint custody and he will ow if its his baby since no way he would leave Robin snce they are parents land share a daughter Emma. Besides henlicked Ribin not this nurse so no baby will matter. Robin is Patrick’s soulmate and love of his life.

Anonymous on

happy for her..but here is some food for thought..i bet you anything the baby is not patricks!…remember when she got drunk and woke up in Carlos’s bed and couldn’t remember…aaaahhh the baby will turn out to be carlos baby

Danielle on

Love her and the part she plays on GH! She is just beautiful and her husband is quite handsome too 😉 I wish them the best with their baby and I’m interested in how Patrick and Robin are gonna take the news on my soap!!

Mackenzie on

People is not the first site to break the news. they need to stop using the word exclusively because other source have also broke the news about Teresa’s pregnancy. I already knew she was pregnant even before the news articles ran. Congrats to Teresa Castillo and Shane Aaron Bunda!

Anonymous on

its calos baby

Anonymous on

Congrats but noooooo more baba mama drama on gh:(((((! Plzzzzz

Emily on

Looking at her, I would never have guessed she was 30….early 20s at the most. Anyway, congrats!

faithstars on

I am very happy for Teresa and her husband! Babies are blessings and they in for a wonderful(if sometimes stressful) journey. I hope she has a smooth pregnancy and Healthy Baby!

As for the character of Sabrina- HATE the fact that they are making her pregnant. The writers did not have to write the real-life pregnancy in. ROBIN, his WIFE should be having Patrick’s child. Scrubs need to be happy and left alone…

hey on

God bless you and your expanding family.

Cinnieroo on

The baby is going to be Carlos from her wedding night, I think he lied and they did sleep together.

sherry renee barnes on

Teresa, congrats on your pregnancy. Im one of your biggest fans and im so happy for you and your husband.your such an talented amazing. Beautiful actress.I have 3 beautiful children of my own.and its a beautiful thing.I I hope you stay on gh for a long time to last thing im a huge fan of of patrina.I want you to back together. Patrina is the most amazing beautiful couple ever on daytime.any way ter esa again congradulations on your your fan Shari barnes

sherry renee barnes on

I want to say in the gh storyline.this is Patrick and Sabrina’s baby. It is not carlos’ s baby.carlos wouldnt take advantage of Sabrina like that.and we all know its patricks baby .

sherry renee barnes on

Teresa i want to congratulate you on your pregnancy. But ive also been wanting to tell you that I was one of the fans that wrote in the tribute to u that Caitlyn sent to one of your biggest fans.I admire you so much as an actress.Im hoping so hard for patrina to get back together..I love them so much as a couple.but its so wonderful that your having a baby teresa.

Anonymous on

I hope the baby comes out to be Carlos on GH !!! I like him better for her and Patrick for Robin ! Pretty sure we will find out Carlos hit it when she was there On the wedding day !!!

Justine on

So happy for her! I too am a Patrick and Sabrina fan, I should also add that I’m a 15+ year GH fan and find Robin boring and whiny. I cried at the wedding when Sabrina ran out (could be my pregnancy hormones…) and I REALLY cried when Patrick broke things off with Sabrina. Here’s hoping this baby brings them back together…Robin no longer had the “family” card.

rlb237 on

Congrats to Teresa, BOO to Sabrina. She is boring and I’m so annoyed they’re writing her pregnancy into the show just to wring some more drama out of the Robin/Patrick/Sabrina triangle.

Jaylynn on

Totally saw this coming when Patrick chose Robin. Now Sabrina will have the baby boy he has always wanted and he will be conflicted as to who to be with again. I think it is irresponsible for a show that supposedly portrays medical professionals regularly writing accidental pregnancies into their story lines.

WCG on

Congratulations Teresa & Shane! God bless…love Sabrina!

WCG on

Congratulations Teresa & Shane! Love Sabrina on GH.
God bless…

Ally on

Congrats to her and her husband!! So nice to see a happy, smiling picture of her because I hate the pain they’re heaping on Sabrina.

Crystal on

This is the best news going into the new year. I love Teresa as an actress on GH. She seems so wholesome sweet. I can already see a little baby bump under her clothes. I’m THRILLED they are writing the pregnancy into her storyline. Patrick NEVER should have picked Robin. It will forever and always be Patrick and SABRINA!!!! Yay! Congratulations!!!!!! 🙂

Anonymous on

The writers shouldn’t do that on the show. Her personal life should be kept private and let them have their baby in peace. Teresa should take 9 months off and the producers should temporary replace her character for the time being.

Reed on

It’s not Patricks baby it’s Carlos’s baby she just blacked out and uh oh baby on the way but they won’t know till baby Carlos is born

Zoey on

So happy for Teresa & Shane, that baby is going to be gorgeous!! I love her as Sabrina!! That baby is definitely Parick’s! As much as I like Carlo’s I don’t think that he would lie to her about that night, I also think he is undercover WSB so he wouldn’t have taken advantage of a drunk and upset Sabrina!!

Mic on

Congrats to Teresa and her husband.

As for the one-dimensional character Sabrina and her “romance” (read: immature, Disney Channel cliche that I suspect only tweens and delayed adolescents could love) – BLECH. You say Patrina, I say Purina.

debra on

whoever said robin was boring. must have read the lisa niles version. kimberly can never be replace in my book. but i hope that patrick finds someone to live there life out together. not sabrina