Family Photo: Hilary Duff and Her Boys Do Disney

12/28/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Hilary Duff and Luca Cruz sure know how to rock a pair of mouse ears!

The actress — who got her start as a Disney star on Lizzie McGuire — and husband Mike Comrie took their 21-month old little guy to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. for the first time on Friday, and the family posed for a sweet photo with mother and son wearing the iconic Mickey and Minnie hats.

“We braved Disneyland yesterday! Luca’s 1st time,” Duff, 26, wrote in the caption.

Hilary Duff Luca Disneyland
Courtesy Hilary Duff

Duff recently told PEOPLE that her feelings get hurt when her little one favors his dad.

“Luca could not get enough of Mike,” she said. “It was crazy, but it kind of goes along with who gets him up from his nap because he’s more obsessed with the person that wakes him up. But my feelings were so hurt!”

Duff has also said that she would like to expand her family and try for a girl, but she also wouldn’t mind a second son.

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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Jennifer on

Not to be mean, but I don’t understand why parents would take their children to a place like Disneyland for the first time when the kids are that age. My brother took my my niece there for the first time when she was a year and a half old, and it didn’t make much sense to me. It’s not like those kids are going to remember anything. An outing like that should be done when the kids are a little older, that way they remember more .

lola on

Some people go every year. We do and it’s great to revisit it with the kids they get something out of it every time. If you have the means or close proximity then why not?

D on

Please Jennifer like this is the first and last time he’ll ever go to Disneyland… They live in California and his mom is Hilary Duff. I’m sure they have more than enough money to take him a few more times when he’s older… Rolling my eyes…

Anonymous on

Jennifer – Ummm maybe because the parents are enjoying themselves too.

GammieJo on

Jennifer, children LOVE Disneyland at that age. In my experience anyway. We took all the kids at that age, and they all absolutely loved it. And the photos of it have always been among their favorites, not to mention it’s set a great tradition of going and remaking the photos as part of the fun. It’s not up to you to decide when it “should” be done.

Duhh! on

Jennifer – Ummm maybe because the parents are enjoying themselves too. Lots of adults go to Disneyland without any kids at all. It’s nice to see any Hollywood types doing things normal with their own kids instead of relying on nannies so why don’t you just back off.

vickynicole on

I think it’s hilarious that everyon’e commenting on Jennifer’s thread. I think Disneyland is MADE for kids of all ages. And the kid inside every adult. They have no shortage of money so could probably go to Disneyland whenever they please. Other people don’t have the money and might wait until the kids are older so they remember it, but if you have the money why not? I, myself, have never been and can’t wait to go whether I have kids or not.

Dawne on

Jennifer, I took my youngest (age 15 months) to Disney World with her 2 older sisters (8 and 11 at the time). While I knew she would most likely not remember the trip (but she would see the many pictures we took), she loved Minnie Mouse and bounced all excited when she saw her. So even though a young child most likely won’t remember the trip, she/he will most likely enjoy it and that is what should be most important.

raybo on

@ Jennifer………….I’m with you. Never, ever took my kids to that place. They are now in their 30s and it didn’t harm them at all and to this day have no interest in the Disney commercial enterprise

lester on

It’s hilarious to me that you’re jumping all over Jennifers opinion.

at 1.5 you can’t ride anything. The parents can’t’ ride anything because the children are with them. That’s a mighty steep ticket price for walking around someplace. They can afford it. Good for them.

missgal34 on

You mean they took themselves to Disney. Their child is way too young to remember it!!!!!!

BRod on

@Jennifer: it’s about the adult’s memories too!

Mehraj on

Jennifer – What planet do you live on where parents can’t take their kids to Disneyland, especially with the age Luca is at?

Sherron on

Geez why all the anger and vicious toward Jennifer?? I was thinking the same thing. This trip isn’t for the child but the parents. My granddaughter went for the first time last year she is seven. She had a ball and will remember that trip always..unknown I can see why you don’t put a name down you’re so angry it’s scary!!

Angela on

Wow, some of you are being really mean over a pretty innocent comment. Jennifer wasn’t insulting Hillary Duff, just doesn’t understand. I will say though that it isn’t just about memories, it’s about making the child happy NOW, regardless of whether they remember it or not. Besides, as a parent you’ll have those memories of your child getting super excited over Mickey Mouse, or laughing like crazy on the little airplane ride. When you have little ones you have to live in the moment, and enjoy each and every one of them. They grow up WAY too fast.

cj on

wow, some commenters are really ‘passionate’ about other people’s lives. as if it matters ..

GammieJo on

Guest, kids can go on plenty of rides at that age. They can’t go on the big coasters, but they can go on all kinds of other rides, including the rides around the castle that are made for little ones. And Jennifer didn’t give an opinion, she made a statement that parents shouldn’t take their kids at that age. Of course people are doing to disagree and voice it. It’s funny that people seem to think Jennifer would be allowed to say it but no one could disagree.

anan on

Whoa… UnKnown – what’s up with your response to Jennifer?? Not a problem at all that you don’t agree with her, but your response is so over the top angry. First you call her a loser, then you call her a B of a mother – seriously? Why don’t you just disagree and make your point without sounding so hostile. Seems like you need some therapy for your anger issues.

Hey on

To the average parents I agree with Jennifer. However, Lucas parents live locally and have a couple bucks. Chances are he’ll be back many more times. I have twins and we plan to take them to Disney World. It costs a lot more than a local trip to Disneyland. We will be taking them at 7, minimum.

Nikki on

Hilary sure did grow up to be a beautiful woman. I hope she and her beautiful family made many happy memories at Disneyland!

Carly on

I live in PA and visited Disney World twice, once when I was 10 and the other when I was 16. My parents weren’t loaded with money and we were a two hour plane ride away, so planning a trip like that was something they really needed at least a year to save up for. That being said, in our circumstances it would have been a waste to put up the money for us to go when my siblings and I were at an age when we wouldn’t remember any of it, so I can see why some might not see any sense in taking a 1-year-old. But as others have said, Hilary Duff and her family can easily reach Disney Land by car and money is not a problem. If I was in her place, I’d probably visit too with a child that young. Maybe they were bored and wanted something to do on a nice day. For any age Disney is a great place to walk around and look at the sites without going on rides. If I was fortunate enough to have the money and time to visit more I would!

LuvLeeRita on

@Jennifer, I totally understand what you mean about babies and Disneyland but Disneyland is for all ages even babies. Children that age can have fun, it’s a visual feast there. I think “UnKnown” is rather immature with his/her response to your post and that person is the one that needs to “grow up”. Pay no mind to that person. Sometimes I think people are rude just so they can get attention and responses like the one I’m posting. LOL.

LM on

I live near Disneyland and have taken my kids since they were little too…They have a bunch of rides for little kids, and also an entire “Toontown” with nothing but attractions for the little ones. Mine always loved watching the parades…their faces light up when they see Mickey Mouse and the other characters! We also get an annual pass which, although pricey, makes it easy to go all year-round without having to worry about “getting your money’s worth” and spending the whole day there, which can be exhausting! Good for her!

K on

She and her family are adorable! Besides kids under the age of 3 get in for free!

stacey on

LuvLeeRita, very well said!!

Elara on

I agree with Jennifer. There isn’t much point to taking babies to Disneyland. It’s more for the parents at that point. After all, Luca sure doesn’t seem happy in that picture. They went because they could, but I bet Luca will have more fun when he gets older.

Jennifer on

WOW, I didn’t think my comment would get such a reaction out of you people. I did mention a family member doing just the exact same thing Hilary and her husband did, and NO ONE in my family could understand why he did it!!! EVERYONE in my family said that my brother should have waited when my niece was at least a few years older to go!!!!

M on

Shut up Jennifer. If the kid had fun that’s the only thing that matters. Stop worrying about others and just worry about yourself.

Carmen on

Jennifer is right, have nothing better to do with your money than go to Disney with a kid who cannot go on rides?
The little one doesn*t look happy at all!

Valerie on

I thought it was interesting that she said they wake him up from naps. I think that would
be an interesting discussion. I don’t wake my two year old son up from naps. I think it’s better to let them wake up naturally. He’s never on an exact schedule but more or less he is on a nap schedule. The few times I have woken him if it is getting very late or we have to go somewhere, I always feel like he is out of synch because his body still needed sleep.

ava on

I’m LOL at these opinions about Jennifer’s comments. I wouldn’t take my kids to Disneyland until they were at least 3, but if I had Hilary’s money, I’d have a different opinion on the matter 😉

Hollywoodista on

I think people who don’t live in close proximity to Disneyland must think of this differently than those of us who DO. Sure, if I lived in Ohio, I wouldn’t see the point of making a trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld when my kid was only a toddler. But like the Comrie family, I live in Southern California and Disneyland is only a 30 minute car ride away. Most people I know have annual passes. And children up to the age of 3, I believe, get in for free. So why wouldn’t they bring him to Disneyland? My husband and I don’t have children and we still go at least once a year because we love the place.

Also, he absolutely CAN go on many rides there. A whole day could be spent just going on the kiddie rides and watching the parades and shows. He may not remember it in a few years, but the same goes for trips to the park and walks outside. Just because they won’t remember these things later in life doesn’t mean you should deprive your babies/toddlers of joyous experiences today.

Pepper on

I was 1 year and 4 months old when I first went to Disneyland.
I remember the fireworks aind I remember hugging Pinocchio and I remember It’s a Small World and I remember the electric parade. Kids don’t usually remember minute details, but they remember feelings and experiences. So, yeah.

sammy qureshi on

so sweet

sammy qureshi on

my sis was really young when she first went to Disneyland but its a amazing place