So Sad Yet So Funny – Shakira Copies a Very Fussy Milan

12/26/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Shakira Milan Christmas Gerard Piqué

Well, we can definitely see the family resemblance in this pic of Shakira and her son, Milan — same pouty mouth, same scrunched up face, same teary eyes…

The singer, 36, posed with her somewhat overwhelmed son on Christmas Day, and Milan’s dad, Gerard Piqué, posted the pic on Twitter, describing the 11-month-old as “mimosos,” which means “fussy” in English.

A little earlier in the day Milan has been in a better mood as his parents posed with him and a wooden toy, which is part of a Catalan Christmas tradition where children are tasked with looking after the toy, called Caga Tio, keeping it warm with a blanket and “feeding it” until Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Day, the kids hit Caga Tio with a stick to make it “poop” out presents, which are hidden under the blanket.

— K.C. Bloom

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Bree on

Too cute!! I have an almost identical picture of my husband and daughter.

Anonymous on


Ava Jones on

Such an adorable pic!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Ava on

“Mimoso” is not fussy; it means “snuggly” or “wanting to snuggle”.

Amber on

@ Ava: In some dialects, Mimoso can mean fussy or finicky, although it is more commonly used to mean affectionate or huggy. It’s also used to mean clingy in some phrases.

Terri on

Baby’s cute…but seems like a strange traditon to teach a child. Care for the little wooden animal, keep it warm…then beat it with a stick!?!?!? And we wonder why our kids resort to violence?

Jade on


guest on

The literal translation of “Caga Tio” is “uncle go shit!” Ha! That would TOTALLY sound like one of our Mexican family traditions : )

findingcyndi on

Here in Ecuador, “mimoso” means “spoiled”. And the children don’t go around beating toys with sticks. What an odd tradition.

Sandra on


Sadie G on

Oh Terri, calm down! Kids are not violent because of a long standing Christmas tradition.

Angela on

Terri, you don’t have kids, do you? Do you really think they’re teaching him to beat it with a stick? Or, perhaps, he’s just being a little boy and doing what ALL little boys do. Sheesh.

Hea on

Angela – Well, that’s what the description says..?

jessi on

Lol same concept as a piñata. Every culture has their thing, doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. Just accept that’s it’s different

Mel on

Such a good looking genuine family I ❤ love shakira

Angela on

Ahh okay…I didn’t actually read that part. So, I apologize…sort of. It’s just a tradition. They’re not suggesting that he should beat an actual animal with a stick.

sue's on

What else is young mother suppose to do? lol The baby is

Dorie on

So strange!!! Hit it with a stick to “POOP” out the presents…oh my God…

Nu on

Hi guys! I’m Catalan and I’d ask you to be more careful when some of you talk about someone else’s traditions that, btw, are older than your country.

‘Caga’ means ‘to poop’ and ‘Tió’ means ‘log’. It’s not an animal but a magic log that poops sweets when children beat them with a stick while singing the ‘caga tio’ song.

That’s not violent at all, in fact we teach children to be extra careful with the sticks and they only have the stick during the song.

I know it might sound odd seen from the outside but, along with the three kings, is the best tradition we have.

Put Caga tio on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of vídeos of how it works.

Anonymous on

There is another Catalan tradition involving poop that’s pretty funny. There are little figures called ‘caganer’ and it’s a little figurine that’s pooping. They can depict celebrities, and Shakira and Gerard’s figures are some of the more popular ones.

Noneya on

How cute! Funny how people can get all upset about things they don’t understand.

M on

For Pete’s sake, get that broom out of your ass.

Dina on

Enough with the blonde hair !!!!!
Why is that olive and dark skinned women prefer to be fake blondes??
Shakira used to look beautiful with black hair.

4mom on

I can sympathize. We had three days of Christmas and by the end of the second day my two and three year old looked like this! They had a lot of fun though and with a few (13) hours of sleep they were ready for Christmas day. What a precious little boy and I think it’s great they don’t take his fussiness too seriously.

eodldo on

That picture makes me laugh. So cute!

denise on

I am in total agreement with the woman who is Catalonian that what has been a tradition for their culture doesn’t give people who are not of that culture license to criticize and pass negative judgement. If anything the description of the tradition should prompt you to educate yourself and find out more about it. When I read it I thought simply how interesting and then when I saw the explanation from the reader I gained more understanding. Perhaps some of you out here that are close minded would like to remember that everyone in this world that doesn’t do things the way you do doesn’t make it strange. Respect people. Respect their cultures. We live in a melting pot society so open your mind and lessen judgement. Simply educate yourself.

Diana on

The cutest family ever!!! love them all

slim on

@Terrie you are an idiot!

Jazz on

@Dina, I know Shakira looks better with her natural black hair. Ever since she did the crossover to the english market she has had that look. I guess to become more appealing to the american audience.

Sarah on


Don’t Americans love football?! That’s a sport where you are SUPPOSED to knock people down! Our “friends” up north love that really calm sport of hockey. Nope NO violence there! What about hunting for sport? Could that be violent as well? Nope, killing animals for sport is super nice! I hope you really aren’t as dumb as you sound, Terri.

Stephanie on

i love how people are saying that the christmas tradition mentioned in the article is weird. it’s not weird that in america children are taught to believe that a morbidly obese man flies in a sleigh once a year to put presents in a stocking? now that’s a strange tradition!

Melanie M on

I wonder why he won’t marry her?

Victoria on

Cute little guy! @Melanie maybe she doesn’t want to marry him, its not always a given that its the guy who is reluctant to marry and if they’re happy then fair play to them. They’re obviously happy together and besotted with little Milan

Mommytoane on

Cute pics. Love the little tradition of caring for the log then getting it to give presents. Reminds me of a pinata. I’m sure that children are taught that its a special thing at the holidays and that beating eachother with sticks isn’t ok. But lets face it, we give kids nerf guns, swords, light sabers and the like…watch them wail on eachother and think its ok. Or send them to school where they play games in which they throw rubber balls at eachother and that’s ok. IMO this tradition won’t make kids resort to violence. Violence is taught, not picked up at a holiday tradition.

Ari on

What a beautiful family!!

Smithy on

I love Shakira. She’s super smart and funny.

sgtmian on

haha, it’s not any worse than lying to your children about a fat dude in a red suit, telling them to put out cookies and carrots and milk out for someone who doesn’t exist and then telling this lie for YEARS … and then disappointing them/letting them know their parent lied to them. disturbing.

Nancita on

Cuties! Hey guys of the previous comments, let your mind be open and enjoy learning about other cultures. Love!