Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Expecting First Child

12/25/2013 at 03:30 PM ET

Jenni Farley JWoww Pregnant Expecting First Child John Lamparski/Wireimage

Lorenzo is about to have a little playmate.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s BFF – and Snooki & JWoww costar – Jenni “JWoww” Farley and fiancé Roger Mathews are expecting their first child in July, the Jersey Shore alum, 27, announced on her blog Wednesday.

“Merry Christmas from within!” Farley wrote.

“Roger and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift this year! We wanted to share this exciting news with you all first because you have been a part of our lives these past few years and seen the love between Roger and me develop and blossom.”

Added the reality star, “We are so excited to share this new chapter of our lives with you as we become parents and create more memories with a new addition to our family! Thank you for all your love and support and for being there for us throughout the years! We are extremely happy and cannot wait for our bundle of joy to arrive!”

Farley accompanied the happy news with an online greeting card that featured a photo of the unborn child’s ultrasound, and a greeting that said, “Happy holidays from our growing family to yours.”

— K.C. Blumm
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peeto on

Congrats Guidette!!

Guest on

lol kid probably already has prenatal herpes and syphillis from that STD infested snatch of hers.

Anna on

Aww yay! She finally gave it up so she could get knocked up. This is not to be meant as mean…. if you have watched this show he talks that he never gets any. I’m so happy for them.

Just saying on

That baby is going to be half Italian and half plastic

mferda on

I think they will be great parents. So happy for them!! 🙂

Karen on

Had a feeling it would be soon! Awwww Cutest baby 2014 🙂

Di on

Sorry, don’t know who these people are ? Glad I don’t have cable

Alina on

Then why comment Di? Idiot

Tina Rivera on

Congrats!!! Yay Im soo happy for you both!!

Jimmy on

Congrats to them!!

shelly on

Congrats to both of you!
Hoping for a boy.. 🙂

Anonymous on

Wow I’m a big fan of you and I watch you on snook I and Jwwoww I just wanna congradulate this new adittion to your family tell snooki I said hi for me

Candy on

Who really cares!

Julie on

Hmmmmm…….a child’s mother is named JWoww… concerns there!

Brandi on

@ Guest you are absolutely disgusting. She’s been in a long-term relationship with her husband-to-be…while I’ll admit that her behavior in the past wasn’t always the best, people do change, grow up and settle down and she hasn’t been in the press for displaying her old Jersey Shore-type of behavior in years. It’s a sad day when you can’t just say congrats and move on.

Ali on

Congratulations! You make a great couple and will bring a lot of love to your baby. Take care and be healthy….you have been given the greatest gift!

mg on

Congrats we wish u the best and a healthy baby 🙂

Anonymous on

Is their 15 mins Over Yet!!! Please please let it be true!! They’re horrible! And so Fake! And what are their jobs!?? And don’t say acting!!

Aurora on

So happy that u guys goin b parents soon.. 😄 cant wait to seeeee your baby xoxoxoxo

Parents to be!!!

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

So happy for you both , babies are a true blessing! Congrats !!!!!

Heather on

Yay another child out of wedlock which we will all praise and glamorize, because it is mainstream and acceptable by society. Don’t bother waiting till marriage to start your family.

Big Fan on

Is there birth control anymore?

LSP on

She’s 27?
Well alrighty then.

M on

People have been having children out of wedlock for generations. If it happen in the past what makes you think it’s going to stop now?
Grow up.

Rachael on

Poor kid. Mom is a drunk skank.

Guest on

So all you people saying that they need to be married before have a child , are you saying that for religious reasons? What happens. If you accidentally get pregnant when you are engsged, you get an abortion. To me that sounds worse than coming into a home if love

Kiwii on

This was coming. Wh0re like her bff Snookie. Two tramps!

Anonymous on

Oh Wow!1 Git it girl!

Holly on

figures all the drunk loosy goosies always wind up married with kids.

Anonymous on

keeping it real- There is, but people who want to have children don’t typically use it (yes, some people actually plan their pregnancies. I know, shocking!). 😉

Anyway, congrats to them! It always makes me a little nervous when celebs announce pregnancies so early (it says on the Christmas card on her blog that the baby is due in July- odd that PEOPLE didn’t mention it- meaning she’s less than three months along), but hopefully everything will go okay. 🙂

Jocy on

Another baby out of ‘wedlock”???? Are you kidding me? Just the term WED LOCK makes me want to vomit . Get real. Most marriages end in divorce….

Lisa on

Awwww, that is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful news!I Congratulations to Jenni and Roger. I am overjoyed for them. A precious little baby, is the most amazing gift and blessing one can receive from God above. My heart smiled when I read the above article. I saw the way that both Jenni and Roger looks at Nicole’s son, Lorenzo. With such love, kindness, compassion and caring. Jenni and Roger are going to make wonderful parents. I am so very, very happy for the both of them. I know that Roger is on Cloud 9 right now. Personally, I think he has wanted a child of his own since the day he met Jenni. I wish them all the love and happiness their hearts and hands can hold. Congrats Jenni and Roger. God Bless.

Jazz on

Thank you for sharing. Keep on sharing.

melissa on

I think it is a bit rude to say how a mother will be based on what we see on a reality tv show. She may be a bad mother but she is just as likely to be a good mother. No one knows what it is like to be a mom unless they experience it so how can we judge her? I am not a mom and I don’t party but that doesn’t mean I think I am going to be a good mom in the future. Everyone learns as they grow older and experience life.

LKMainer on

I am so excited for them++ and I hope its a girl so she can have daddy’s wrapped around her finger. Good luck

Dannie on

Congratulations. I wonder why she chose to tell the world so early. She and I due around the same time, and only my hubby knows. I couldn’t imagine telling the world this early in pregnancy. But to each her own.

Niki on

Not sure why this is a top story. Who cares? Shes a hasbeen!

Ann on

Happy for them….

sally on

Oh my gosh!

Anonymous on

She’s actually not a “has been” she still had a show. It’s a guilty pleasure and I think it’s awfully rude and judgey for all you supposed “Christians” to be so negative and hate filled with your responses….

sami416 on

@Guest your disgusting, this is a baby, tv is ratings give me a break.

Congratulations, Jenni I hope all goes well, true family now.

How about a double wwedding?

sami416 on

Wow what a bunch of haters, do you know how many kids are born out of wedlock and thrown away by addict single moms prostitutes etc.

Give this self supporting couple a chance

Lona on

I think the two of them are so funny and seem down to earth. congratulations to them!!!

vickie on

So happy for the both of you. You are going to make great parents. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

karen on

you people think she is a whore and brad pitt and Angelina jolie can have three kids and aren’t married and probably never will and this is all right . you need to look at what is right and what is wrong and then you can cast judgement.

Valerie on

@heather I agree with you. They keep talking about wanting to get married. Why not do that first then? Why not be the exception to these jersey kids and do it in the right order.

Kim on

@Julie Yes dear, your name surely means you would be a lot better mother than someone named Jenni (Jwoww isnt her real name). I am sorry but saying that her Name would raise concerns when it comes to her being a good mom sounds unitelligent.

Lisa D'Ambrosio on

If you like it then you better put a ring on it, Roger!

TLBrad on

Congratulations!! Love you guys. I think you guys will make wonderful parents. So happy for you both. Take care and bless you all.

Jessica on

Don’t know why people are being so rude I guess you are just jealous I guess your girls snatch is infested I you even have a girl I think they are going to be awesome parents and the baby will be lucky to look like her so n-e ways congrads on the new baby forget all the haters good luck

Jim on

First Snookie and now J-Woww. OMG they are starting to procreate!

Anonymous on

Another bastard! Don’t people get married before having

Anonymous on

They are already engaged… why not just wait until you get married until getting pregnant? I don’t understand why we glamorize this. It’s like people get pregnant out of wedlock on purpose….

Gigi on

Brilliant move publicity wise – how long until the “Jenni’s Having A Baby” show starts (or something similar). Gotta keep milking the cash cow!

Anonymous on

You people have nothing nice to say. Unbelievable!

ssw on

This shall be interesting.. they are so not ready for this.

Nancy on

Barf! She’s a dopey bimbo and he’s a douche bad guido.

Amber on

Congratulations! They will be great parents : )
People who are negative need to get a life.

LetsTalkTRUTH on

smh so many Stones being thrown in glass houses right now it’s SAD! I see Ranting about who she was (cause none of YOU had a moment growing up RIGHT?), I see a lot of Judging based on pregnancy before marriage (cause none of YOU have had sex before marriage right) so we’re clear biblically speaking it’s not just having a “child out of wedlock” that is a “sin” but so is having premarital sex…but none of youuuu have ever done thhhaaaatt I’m sure cause that would just be a walking contrdiction wouldn’t it? 😉 . I also see a lot of talk about her being a hasbeen and negative remarks about her “growing family”…when did us as a society become so fixated on negative news that we forgot what it was like for a star to actually be forthcoming with something positive? I wished people would wake up. Nobody is perfect not even the ones talking “sins” and slander…I’m sure you have your own flaws (you don’t speak of, of course cause that would just be too honest for you but just try to keep an open mind and try to understand that not everyone is like you (perfect of course 😉 and show some respect. It’s not your life, your body, you family to judge and you would not like it if it were being aimed at you and all your flaws were being rounded up and thrown in your face. Peace & Love Y’all it’s the Holidays!

MJ on

Feel really sorry for thess kids coning into the world with these no tale t whores as mothers. Kid will prob get diseases from her. UGH..stop making these people famous for no reason at all!!!

Tia Alexandria Kosmachuk on

Congrats Jenni being a mom is the best feeling in the world there is nothing you love more than your child

Huh? on

When will people learn that you are not supposed to publicly announce your pregnancy until AT LEAST 3 months. Let alone put it on your Christmas card!?!?! DUMMIE

Anonymous on

He looks like a Jersey Shore version of Tim McGraw.

Jen on

Jen was the mellowest one !! She had a bf when the show started and I truly do not recall ANY HOOK UPS.. Then she met Roger… She rarely even got drunk either!!
Just sayin, even tho it’s none of our business 😉
Congrats!!! Hope u guys get hitched soon!
I think they make a great couple and will have a hot, buff baby 😉
(How does having JWoww for a nick name mean anything???)

Guest on

Wonder if the baby will be born with a fake tan?

Amanda on

Really Huh? I didn’t know there were set rules for when couples felt they wanted to announce their own pregnancies? I’ve been pregnant 4 times, I always announced before 3 months. Thankfully I never lost any of my babies but I feel it is selfish to tell family after the loss robbing them of the opportunity to celebrate the life while it is still there. I just don’t understand that train of thought, who is it helping or protecting unless you don’t plan to tell family about a miscarriage? If I had lost any of my babies I would have wanted the support of my family and I would have felt like a jerk telling them I was pregnant after I miscarried.

Maria on

Big shock!

Lorie on

Yaaaaaah I love ur shows andI love to watch u guys good luck im sure girl or boy it will be georgous. Lorie Surface