Rachel Zoe Welcomes Son Kaius Jagger

12/23/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Update: The couple have named their son Kaius Jagger Berman and will call him Kai, Zoe announced on her website. “Rodger, Skyler and I are madly in love and will be happily hibernating for the next couple of weeks. Thank you for all of your kind words, as they mean so much to us,” she writes.

Originally posted Dec. 22: It’s a second son for Rachel Zoe!

The celebrity stylist turned designer and her husband Rodger Berman welcomed another boy on Sunday, Dec. 22, she announced via Twitter.

“So excited to welcome our baby boy into the world … he’s 7 lbs., 12 oz., beautiful, healthy and we couldn’t be happier,” Zoe, 42, writes.

Rachel Zoe Son Kaius Jagger First Photo
Courtesy Rachel Zoe

After weeks of speculation that she was expecting, Zoe confirmed the pregnancyΒ in September. Since then, she and Berman have been preparing big brother Skyler Morrison, 2Β½, for his latest role — one that, up until recently, he was still unsure about.

“It depends what day you ask him. Right now he just doesn’t want anyone near Mommy except him, so I don’t know when that should change,” she told PEOPLE this fall.

But shortly before baby’s birth, Zoe — who went bump to bump with Gwen Stefani in October — admitted her plan was to let love conquer all.

“I’m madly in love with [Skyler]. I don’t know if it works out the same way with the next one, [but] I just plan to fall in love all over again,” she told PEOPLE.

— Anya Leon

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Lisa on

That was one scary picture of her and Gwen Stefani in October–Zoe’s arms were absolutely skeletal. I’m glad to hear the baby arrived healthy.

Shell on

Rachel Zoe looks skeletal. Is she anorexic or what?

HW on

i dont believe this lady ever carried 2 babies and delivered them. She has never looked healthy enough to conceive or carry.

jennifer on

I dont know if she is really just older then 42 and she is lying about her age or the fact she is so skinny it makes her look older. Congrats to her but I hope she gets healthy

brandy on

What a wonderful Christmas present!! Congrats!

Not falling for it on

I was hoping that she would have a girl so she would quit dressing her boy like one.

Lisa54 on

Brandy- she’s very Jewish -so it’s like a late Hanukkah gift ! LOL

I was hoping for a girl now too. Soon they can cut the hair off the boy because I think when he hits 3 by tradition they can do it.

I agree on how positively skeletal she appeared pregnant.

Ann on

So happy for them!

Cam on

Congrats to them, they got the family they wanted!

Aimee on

Congrats! I am sure surrogate delivered both healthy babies but congrats!!

vadahoppus on

She’s def super thin from waist up. . more bottom heavy (big calves, ankles, etc).. but as long as the baby is healthy is all that matters. Tiny baby though. πŸ™‚

DKC on

I’m not sure where you get that this baby was born “tiny.” 7 lbs 12 oz isn’t tint, at least not for me. All three of mine were born well under 7 lbs and were all perfectly healthy. Congrats to them on their new addition!

LAcanyon on

Lisa54-only Orthodox Jews wait to cut boys hair, Rachel Zoe is not cutting her son’s hair b/c she thinks it’s super stylish!

Holiday on

You know she is devastated that she didnt get a girl! Boys are great and all but I am sure she wanted a girl like most moms do.

Liii on

Nearly 8 lbs is a HEALTHY baby weight. Congrats to them.

4tmama on


Kate on

So anorexic Rachel had a scheduled c- section at the five month mark or did a surrogate carry him? Surprised she didn’t toss him in the recycle bin seeing how all she discussed during her first pregnancy was her desire for a girl. Poor Skylar….cute as a button with a loon for a mother. After Nicole Ritchie got healthy, didn’t she describe Rachael as a too thin prune face who ordered three pieces of asparagus for dinner? Lady’s got some issues.

Tazla on

Stop spreading lies about surrogates and making unkind and dumb comments about her son’s hair and how skinny she is. Can’t you just be happy for her? Anyway the important thing is that Rachel and her family are thrilled with the new arrival! Congrats to them.

Tazla on

Kate – A loon for a mother? You sound like a jealous loser. You don’t sound like you like yourself very much.

Taylor Girl on

Each time I see a picture of her son, I think he is one of the prettiest little “girls” of any celebrity child. I’ve NEVER seen a boy child look so much like a girl before.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Wow — what’s up with the commenters here? Critiquing her weight, analyzing whether she’s healthy, expressing disbelief that she carried her own children, criticizing her son’s HAIRCUT. For goodness’ sake, LISTEN to yourselves. And then stop being unkind.

sam and freya's mum on

My first child was induced early due to fact I developed pre- eclampsia and he weighed only 1616 gms after emergency c-section 7 weeks early (or 3 pds 9 oz) – sorry, but that’s more like tiny to me!, not 7pds, like my daughter weighed when she arrived full term 3 years or so later! Congrats on the arrival. I would’ve been happy to have had another son, used to a boy from first child at that stage, and not a girlie person myself!, so was suprised to find expecting a daughter with 2nd/final child, was expecting to be told having another boy, but a bonus/icing on cake I guess for me personally. A healthy baby was, esp after having a premature bub 1st time! Still, if she’s into her fashion/dressing up her son, I could see her with a daughter amd may be a tad sad not to have a little girl to dress up, however she sounds happy enough to me. Probably glad to have a healthy child at 42! Look forward to hearing his name.

Kathryn_84 on

Happy to hear baby is healthy! As for the mom, she didn’t use a surrogate just donated eggs. Skylar looks like Zoe’s sister for a reason. And her age is her business…but if you’re gonna stretch the truth at least make it believable!

Cam on

What are you talking about? Skylar looks just like his dad. Rachel still has good eggs at 42, why are you spreading lies and saying she used her sisters eggs?

Anonymous on

Kathryn_84- “Skylar looks like Zoe’s sister for a reason” Right. Because she’s his aunt, and therefore they have some DNA in common!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Vanessa on

Why wait so long into the marriage to have kids? And I do not believe she’s carried two babies. No way.

Anonymous on

Also, so much for all the claims on the post about her and Gwen that she did IVF with PGD to guarantee a girl!

Anonymous on

Wonderful, he arrived just in time for Christmas! If their new baby looks anything like Skyler, he will be one beautiful little boy. Congrats to the three of them!

A Nonny Mouse on

Congrats Zoe. Many happy returns!

Elizabeth on

Someone complained that skylar is a girls name. Celebrities name their kids weird things all the time. Apparently Owen is a girls name now because I’ve been hearing that one for girls. Get a grip-they can choose whatever name they want.

Shelly on

Congratulations to them!! They have such a handsome little boy already what a blessing to have 2!!

Lala on

Wow! I cannot believe all these horrible, horrible comments! First off, how is anything she does in her life, or any of the choices she makes, any of your business?? If you’re all so perfect, go on with your perfect lives, and don’t judge someone else.

Congrats to her and her family! Her son will have a little brother to play, and pal around with!

For those saying she’s disappointed she didn’t have a girl, how do you know? Not all women have to have a girl. Just like not all dads have to have a boy. I never really desired a daughter. I always felt like I’d have boys. I had a boy first, and then when I was pregnant again, I thought it’d be another boy. Turns out it was a girl, and I’m SO beyond grateful and lucky to have my daughter. She is more than I could ever imagine, and such a blessing to our family.

Also, have you not noticed the new trend? Not even just among celebrities. So many people are letting their little boys’ hair grow long. Not my personal preference, but to each their own. Just because a boy has long hair, doesn’t mean mom wanted a girl. Had he worn bows in his hair, well that’d be another story.

And her baby is not tiny. He is a perfect weight. 6-8lbs is a good weight. Even 5 lb babies are healthy, and can be sent home. 9lbs are not the norm, and while still healthy, they’re not an average sized baby.

Jen on

Many Congratulations to her and her family! πŸ™‚ I’m sure Skyler will love having a little brother. πŸ™‚

Lisa54 on

AIMEE- love your comment 😹😹

LAcanyon- if she and Roger are Orthodox Jews then I’m a buddhist monk. She’s as reform as they come.

Diane on

@HW i dont believe this lady ever carried 2 babies and delivered them. She has never looked healthy enough to conceive or carry.

Totally agree! No way she was capable of producing healthy eggs given her weight, age, and lifestyle (little food, lots of cigarettes)!

hessin on

I was shocked to see her skeletal frame once again…glad to hear the baby was “healthy” but, she however does not look it at all. She needs to eat!!! Another visual example of proof that she is clearly afraid to have anything but skin on her bones.

Melissa on

Rachel doesn’t cut her son’s hair because it’s Jewish belief to not cut it before age 3. Kind of like Samson. πŸ™‚

hessin on

TO HOLIDAY- Most mothers anticipate HEALTHY babies, your comment that “most” mothers only want girls, is absurd! You sound very, very imature.

DA on

I am HORRIFIED at ALL THE NASTY remarks…OMG u r hating babies…AND its non of ur business as to her weight or age..No wonder our society is sinking…

sherry on

Rachel Zoe is way too old to be having babies right now. Even her face is terribly wrinkled up and she looks like she is 52 certainly not 42, she makes 42 yr olds look bad!

Ty's Mom on

Congratulations to Rachel and her family!

Marky on

Congratulations to this happy couple! Hope the boys are as close as many siblings I know. Can’t wait to hear his name; apparently some of you don’t get out much…Skylar has been used for girls, but is just as much a boy’s name. As far as cutting his hair; where were all of you when Kate Hudson’s son didn’t get a haircut until he was nearly 7? Hair is personal preference, not a hard and fast rule of some sort. It’s HAIR, not genitalia related at all!

As far as her being able to get pregnant and carry a baby when she’s thin…women do it all the time. I was 102 when I got pregnant the last time, and had a 7lb+ baby who was perfectly healthy! I only gained about 22 lbs, and lost it in 2 weeks. Get over the idea that all pg women have to be huge and never lose the weight, and if they aren’t enormous, it is okay to bash them! Surrogate? Not even beginning to be necessary for many women her age. Some of you at as if anyone having a baby after 35 has conceived against all odds. True for some, but most women can conceive just fine at her age….. And, really? You are insulting her, her husband, and her children? Can we spell, “Go to the corner and think about what you just said!”??

Rachel is just thin; I have a niece who is very thin like Rachel is and she always has been. She eats just fine, but she doesn’t overeat, nor does she have something in her mouth all the time. She isn’t thinking about her next meal while she’s eating the meal in front of her. Posters, you really need to realize that a size 12 borders on obesity for the average woman, and IS obese for a shorter small boned woman!

Anonymous on

some of the nastiest, cruelest comments i have ever heard directed towards someone who has just met her new CHILD-BRAVO-YOU people are now officially COOL…

Anonymous on

huh, thats weird…could’ve sworn i just posted something….guess this website is broke-NEXT…..

margie on

Whoever said that a 7lb 12oz baby is tiny is out of their mind.

Crystal on

Congratulations to Roger, Rachel and Skyler on the healthy birth of their new baby son/brother. While I know Rachel is happy to have a new baby, I’m sure she’s a tad disappointed she didn’t have a girl. Maybe they’ll try again or adopt? Or, just be thankful they have two wonderful healthy boys to watch grow and to love. Congrats again! πŸ™‚

fan on

That link is for everyone who thinks she’s lying about her age. Additionally, I know plenty of people who she grew up with and they have all confirmed her age.

jlduke55 on

What a cute name! Glad everyone is healthy and happy, can’t believe some of you are so negative, her son is adorable and just because she doesn’t dress him clothes with baseballs and trucks all over them doesn’t mean she dressss him like a girl, and the hair is a tradition. I think he looks precious, and I’m sure this one will be, too!

Rozzy on

Wow! I can’t believe all the negativity on this thread. If she was so anorexic and frail, she wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant to begin with let alone carry him to term. 7 lbs 12 oz. is perfect. Congrats to her and her family.

j on

Sky and Kai. Oh boy.

Carrow on

Healthy size baby boy! Congrats Rachel and Roger. I hope to God she doesn’t read these posts.

jill on

that’s a very nice family pic. She looks good in this one.

DJ on

Congrats to Rachel, Rodger & Skylar! No mean words when a baby is born..although (hahaha) why did Rachel have to put the makeup on, matching bedding, & nightgown just to take a picture of her newborn? It’s about the baby…not your line of clothing…but congrats πŸ™‚

Carrie on

I don’t comment a lot, but I just have to say, there are an astonishing amount of commenters who should be immensely ashamed of themselves!!!! I don’t have much opinion of her one way or the other, but I’m truly disgusted by some of the vile nasty things being spewed out by some of you from behind the anonymity of your computers. Plain and simple, you are bullies and cowards. Wow. Just wow.

Eye roll on

Can these people ever take a humble, unposed, unglammed up picture? Get over yourselves!

Mary on

Her next styling assignment: her husband’s hair!!

yahoo on

I looked at her photos online and she is definitely just a lettuce eater. I hope she feels healthy because she doesn’t look like it, when the chestbone sticks out. yikes…

genibre2013 on

Yet another idiotic name

genibre2013 on

Yet another idiotic celeb name. If only they could be sterile..

Sarah on

πŸ™‚ Love babies…Congrats to the fam!

Blessed Jewel on

Congratulations Rachel and Family !!
& Shut up, you Haters….she just delivered a VERY HEALTHY baby that’s almost 8lbs @ 42, She’s clearly doing something right. Leave her alone!

wizard on

Wow it is so shocking how judgemental people are. None of you know Rachel to know what she wanted and if she was pregnant or not. Bottom line is who the hell cares. They have two children who will be loved and taken care of, isn’t that what is most important???

Jessie McKEnna on

Wow! I wish I had a glam squad in my hospital room! Fake eyelashes and everything. I did not look so pretty after I had my kids…..jealous πŸ™‚

Annielle on

Marky – a size 12 DOES NOT border on obesity. From someone who is size 12, average bmi and recovered anorexic…. I can honestly say you are incredibly rude and dont know what you are talking about.

Mina on

Congratulations on a healthy baby!!! That’s wonderful news. It’s unfortunate that not everyone is capable in just being joyous over the birth of a baby. If she didn’t want people to talk about her life then she wouldn’t live it on Instagram. The flipside is that it shows the lack of decency in our society to point out the flaws in what should be a happy family time. I wish I looked that good right after giving birth.

And for that crude comment calling her a lettuce eater, how do you know she doesn’t have a medical reason that keeps her so thin? One of my close friends can not gain weight. She is skeletal and hates it.

Sunny on

Cute baby, but the name – YUCK! Congats anyhow.

Cassandra on

Love this family!!!!! Congratulations on your precious gift.

Hub on

She looks older than 42

lacanyonmom on

Lisa54, you’re not so bright, are you? i said they are NOT and she likes long hair on boys b/c it’s ‘cool’

Tamara on

Full heavy makeup, styled hair and loud prints in the hospital, even. Priorities.

Shanice on

Skyler is such a beautiful child and Kai is a beautiful baby.
Again, comments about a woman’s pregnant body should be off limits. Rachel has always been thin and has a high metabolism, stop judging her. Congrats to she and Rodger!

Tish on

Such rude comments! Everyone trying to be super critical to the point that they said the baby was tiny. My son was 7ibs 6oz which the doctor said was average birth weight so to say her baby was tiny is ridiculous. I know if you are a celebrity you sign up to be ridiculed for being in the spotlight but I can’t imagine giving birth & people just talk crap about you. Best wishes to Zoe & her family.

Mina on

@annielle- seems that you are a bit sensitive about weight and sizes but some people who are a size 12 are overweight to obese. That’s according to the standardized charts that medical personnel use.

guest on

The name is very popular in Lithuania. It may just be #1 in popularity. Congratulations

joanne1965 on

Why yes, all new mothers in the hospital, who have just had a baby, wear a full face of makeup.

Anonymous on

Kai and Sky? So rhyme-y!

Cam on

I love the babies name and I am a complete name snob and name nerd. The name is perfect, it has a nickname, it is memorable, and it’s on trend. As for the rude comments on here, I have no doubts that she had her baby, the photo is her in the hospital bed! She is only 42 people! 42 is not old! Heck maybe she will have another baby! And if she looks older then 42 then let’s understand that everyone ages differently and that she may have been a sun worshiper for years and she may have a very stressful life which leads to aging. Cut the women some slack, she is a beautiful women regardless of how old she looks, her facial features….are stunning. I think it’s really wrong for people to trash talk and pick apart a women who has done nothing to them, this women could have a heart of gold and she has feelings so be kind and be happy for this sweet family.

Brandywine on

Like everyone said – great job surrogate !

Soon since skyler (!) can get his hair cut maybe ROGER CAN FINALLY TOO

What a horrible name.

MsBee on

Congratulations to the Bermans on baby no.2!

For all the folks commenting on Rachel Zoe’s weight, yes, she is determined to stay underweight. However, she did manage to have 2 healthy babies even with her condition. For all the folks commenting on the possibility of a surrogate, Rachel Zoe has repeatedly mentioned her longing for a daughter. If you were going to use a surrogate to carry your baby, wouldn’t you also use sex selection to have a girl? Just saying….

cheryl on

this baby does not look right.

cheryl on

this child looks strange……she def…has issues….way toooooooooooo thin…….

Brenda on

Dear Rachel and Roger: I sure have missed your series on television. I enjoyed your series every week and looked forward to watching them. Congrats on the new baby boy and wish you a merry Christmas. I am a 61 year old Christian woman that is alone at Christmas but I still love to say it to every one else. God Bless!

Kate on

Congrats to them! I’m shocked by the comments about her weight and carrying/delivering babyies. I was super skinny before getting pregnant, gained only 25 pounds and didn’t appear pregnant to strangers until after 7 months along. My baby was over 8 pounds, healthy and so was I!

fiona on

what with the hair- doo on the husband. its looks like he has a helmet on his head.!

Anonymous on

Kai and Sky?

Shirley on

Why, oh why, don’t adult Americans know the difference between “then” and “than” is a mystery to me. I see this frequently in comments posted here, and while not a life changing matter, it is so annoying. There…got that off my chest!

Meredith on

Sky & Kai? These names rhyme.

heather on

That barely looks like her, did she have a face lift too?

Andrea on

OMG…love it so much cuz Kaius is my nephew’s name!!

CG on

For the love of God, People magazine, GET RID of the comments section!!!

Ginger on

I actually like the name. Baby looks sweet. Mom, too much eyelash.

jeni on

I don’t believe for one minute she is 42… get real she’s 48 with dried up eggs. “celebs” if you can call her that use surrogates and lie about it all the time. especially neurotic old women like her. she didn’t give birth to that baby. so stop defending her.

Chloe on

Damn her husband is hot :3

Both her kids have great names!

Mona on

Wow, there are a lot of nasty comments on here. It makes me sad when women are not supportive of another woman, especially concerning child birth. Women have enough to deal with on a daily basis, why are we tearing each other down?

Ruth on

Mazaltov on the birth of a second son. I wish them much happiness and joy.

Helen on

I’m so glad Rachel and Roger have better things to do than reading the comments below, because some of them are just quite sad. Why are people so quick to judge people they don’t know? I’m sure Rachel will have enjoyed above average medical care throughout her pregnancy, so surely it’s not up to us to decide whether or not she is fit enough to bring a healthy child into the world – obviously she is as it’s 7lbs! Congrats to all three of them and may they have a Merry Christmas.

Ann on

Happy for them…..lets hope they cut Skyler’s hair so he can be a big brother…..

That would be me on

For all those people saying Kaius is a made up, weird celebrity name – read a few history books. It’s a centuries old name dating back to the Romans and further. I think it’s a great name. I think they have great taste in names but my only concern is the fact Sky & Kai rhyme. Maybe they did it deliberately but it’s going to be an absolute pain in the neck for them – especially when calling out to them – the nicknames sound so similar. They’re better off calling the baby by his full name – Kaius.

Stop being ugly inside on

Far too many vile comments. What adult passes judgement on someone’s attractiveness and appearance? That’s so pathetically high school. I hope you all find happiness and peace within yourself in the new year. It’s got to blow being this angry/bitter/unhappy inside.

avch72 on

Is she seriously laying in a hospital bed in a couture outfit with full on hair and make up??? Must be nice to have a glam team to fix you up minutes after you just gave birth!!

valeskas on

Gorgeous little boy, congrats to the family.

valeskas on

So much hate in these comments, these are probably people who are not happy with themselves and also dummies. A child was born and that is always happy news. Haters give it a rest.

Sue on

Wow, people are critical. Her so called designer gown is a hospital gown. You can see the way the shoulders unsnap. I’m pretty sure she had her baby in a fancier hospital than most of us and they probably provide more fashionable gowns, too. For those that say she didn’t have her baby, you can see on the original photo that she has an IV in her arm. People cropped the photo. And those of you jealous of how nice she looks after birth must not know the trick that we all look better in black and white photos! I will never understand why people insist on saying such means things.

JustSayin on

Why is she all glammed up for a Twitter pic in her hospital bed? I think her priorities are a bit out of whack!

a. nonymous on

Sky and Kai. That will get very confusing haha!

Melissa on

Congrats! I actually like the name


Leave the woman alone and just be happy for her. She carried (2) healthy pregnancies and so what if she’s thin. People are always jealous and will knock anyone whose happy down because their not. Get a life people!

Amy on

Congratulations Rachel, Rodger & Skyler on the birth of baby Kaius!!

Emily H on

I love the name! Sky and Kai, how cute. Also, yes Rachel is skinny, but the woman JUST gave birth, too. Of course she’s not going to look *fabulous*. Kai is very, very cute. Congratulations to the Berman family, and I’m glad everyone is healthy.

Cory on

I love the name. My son’s name is Kai so I’m probably a little biased but I love Kaius, good strong Roman names are too often forgotten.

Nancy on

I wonder if she knows her husband is gay?

Kell on

Speaking as a formerly, naturally very thin woman, I think some of the comments are nasty. I heard horrible comments in my life, like ‘skeletor’ and ‘Miss Anorexia’ when I was thin. Luckily, age caught up with me, and I’m ‘normal’.

There are many body types. Obviously, she’s still healthy enough to have children. She’s beautiful. Thin, but beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes… and it’s not right to be able to mock one, but taboo to mock another.

How about just wishing her the best?

Edie on

SO happy for them…seems like they’ve never been happier since the birth of their children. Family is a blessing!

Jazz on

I’m sure the names were her idea, the husband just went along with it.

Darila3658 on


kat on

Beautiful family but it’s a shame she didn’t have a girl. Now she’s gonna torture her 2nd son with crazy outfits. She needed a girl to dress up. But as long as the boys are healthy & loved, nothing else matters.

Ashleigh on

7.12 isn’t tiny. At full term my daughter was born 5.10 and perfectly healthy. And I had a bump that made me look like I had two babies in there πŸ™‚
Congrats. I love the name KAIUS!

Anonymous on

this child looks odd…..like a medical issue

Sara on

A baby is a blessing. That said, I was hoping she’d have a girl this time around!

Cammy on

Wow. She looks completely different!!!! New facelift? New lip implants? Her eyelids perhaps have been lifted. Congrats, but I didn’t recognize her at all.

Jenn on

Sky and Kai?

Um, eww.

Cute babies, though.

Anonymous on

beautiful. Go Rachel!

aubrey on

Sky and Kai?

Tiff on

Congrats!!! I just had my 4th son on Aug 20th!

carol a. mcdonough on

Lovely Pic..Sooo, Happy For U..Nice Couple, Nice Kids..May God Bless, Your Family…Enjoy Your Blessings

Theda on

I cant believe that people make such cruel remarks as if there is noone on the other end of them. I hope that Rachel and Rodger ignore the comments at the end of all these articles on line and never read them. Are you bashers and negative nellies this nasty in your own world?

Anonymous on

enough with ms. Zoe. She is always whinning and complaning. I feel sorry for her spineless husband. I hope she and her family go move somewhere she signs with QVC and we don’t have to hear her whinning all the time. Every time she opens her mouth whine, whine. Who is she anyway?