Kate Winslet Names Her Son Bear

12/23/2013 at 08:20 AM ET

Kate Winslet Names Son Bear Rex/USA

Talk about animal magnetism.

Kate Winslet and her husband of one year, Ned Rocknroll, have named their newborn son Bear Winslet, a spokesperson for Winslet confirms to PEOPLE.

The Oscar winner welcomed her third child on Dec. 7 at a National Health Service hospital near the West Sussex home she shares with her husband and children, Mia, 13 and Joe, 10.

In the weeks leading up to baby Bear’s arrival, Winslet, 38, had been seen relaxing, dining out and taking in a London theater show with friends.

Rocknroll, 35, who works on his uncle Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project, was previously called Abel Smith before officially changing his name.

Other famous Bears, aside from Paddington and Smokey, include the British adventurer Bear Grylls and Alicia Silverstone‘s son, Bear Blu.

— Monique Jessen

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tarasmom on

Bear….really??? I figured Kate Winslet wouldn’t go the weird name route since her first 2 have normal ones. But then again her husband uses the name Rocknroll. Crazy celebrities.

Jan on

What ever happened to normal names. what is with these people naming their kids weird names.

lr on

okay then

jskiss0055 on

Omg what a great name, I actually love it. Our son’s nickname is Bear. Actually he was born severely premature and was in NICU for a month. Nurses in NICU named him Bear because he was a spirited boy and used to fight them with the oxygen mask and such at merely 4 #. And he is still a bear….

guest on

I used to really admire her. But naming your child Bear is just stupid!

Jen on

Bear W. Rocknroll. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO K. Her kid, her choice.

klutzy_girl on

Kate, I love you, but really? How do you go from Mia and Joe to Bear? And once you go to Bear, why couldn’t you go all out and give him the Rocknroll last name (I heard his last name is Winslet)?

Lilly on

That’s a dog name!!! GROAN!!!!

F on

I was hoping for Leo

Anonymous on

All children by different fathers , CLASSIC ……….. probably why it is Bear Winslet and not Bear Rocknroll,

KC on

Wow and I though Apple was stupid for a first name…

LiseSH on

In Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Björn (the skandinavien word for bear) is a very common name. So I dont find the name weird 🙂

SM on

It’s a good thing that this kid is financially set for life. With a name like, “Bear”, he already has one-strike against him when navigating through life.

Lee on

OMG. It should be made illegal (espespecially in Hollywood) to give ur kid stupid names. Poor kid. They r asking for people to make fun of him. Oh well guess he will follow in his father’s footsteps. Once hes old enough he can finally give himself a decent name.
Sorry baby bear, ur parents r stupid

meg on

Ugh, really?? So disappointing.

d on

Seriously its only a $ 10 baby name book or free on the internet. Bear, he’s not a animal. Why have children and sattle them with names people like me will make fun of. Hope its a nick name and there is a nice name she picked out for him.

MS Nichols on

Her kid, her choice, but the poor child will probably be made fun of all his life. There are enough mean things said about people without him having to worry about people making fun of him because of his name.

EllenFD on

Didn’t Alicia Silverstone name her son Bear Blu? She, Beyonce (Blue Ivy) and WInslet should get their kids together for a playdate.

Jaci on

Apple, Zuma, North, Bear. A fruit, a jazz dance minus one letter, a direction on a map, and a large hairy animal. Are they trying to one up each other in the Wierd Kids Names category???? Nicknames are one thing….

JR on

Hope he doesn’t grow up to be like “Tiger” Woods…..really, with a legal first name of Bear, why not take the father’s crazy last name as well? Silly people – certainly not thinking about their kids and how tough things like this can make getting through childhood….

bob on

I named my daughter Hippopotamus.

anon on

The next hot celebrity names will be…… Donkey for a boy and Broccoli for a girl!

Chouchou on

Poor Kid !! You could tell she is an idiot when having 3 kids from 3 différent fathers but this name OMG

Marcia on

What is the matter with her? That is a terrible name.

Elisa on

Awful name. That’s the best they could do? Pathetic.

Anonymous on

give me a break

Anonymous on

i feel sorry for the kids that have to walk around with theses names. parents dont care if there child is going to be beat up and made fun of.

Sapphire on

Such horrid name to call a child! what’s wrong with normal names like George or Samuel. It just shows famous people cant name ids properly.

jsp81355 on

Of all the names in the entire world to choose for your newborn son – Bear? What the hell were they thinking?

Carrie on

Of course she does.

jaci on

Apple, Zuma, North, Bear….. a fruit, a jazz dance minus one letter, a direction on a map, and a large hairy animal…..are they trying to one up each other in the Weird Names category?? their graduating class will be…..interesting. i couldn’t call out those names with a straight face…. nicknames are one thing…….

Kelly on

Better than Bear Rocknroll, I guess. Alicia Silverstone’s son is also named Bear………sigh………

Ashley on

At least they chose Winslet for the last name. Bear Rocknroll would be a bit much lol

who knew? on

Wow thats my dog name, he’s a Chow Chow.

Anonymous on

LOL….this is like naming one of your kids “Jermajesty” and the other one “Tom”. To each their own….

Rozzy on

“Mia, Joe, Beeear!!!” WTF?

Guest on

Bear Roll.

gigi on

Really?? Bear??? That poor kid.

Presley Cash on

I think maybe Winslet is the middle name.

Catherine in Tulsa on

Is the child’s last name Winslet, or Rocknroll? What adult male changes his last name to that? You just have to wonder what other ideas they have.

Karen on

You know, I love Kate Winslet. Love love love her, but what is with these artists and their crazy baby names??? Ugh! Well, happy blessings to the family.

Melanie on

Gosh, with her other kids named Mia and Joe, I assumed she had better sense than to give her kid such a silly name. Bear is cute as a family nickname, but that’s about as far as it should go. At least they chose to go with Winslet as his last name – Bear Rocknroll would have been a bit too much to, well, bear.

Diane H. on

I have a dog named Bear.

Amaryllis on

Damn. Should have named the kid Bear Rocknroll and they it could have had two stupid names.

Izzie on

The sad thing is that in making some sort of anti-establishment statement, Ms. Winslet and her husband are punishing their son. Sure, naming a child is the parents choice, but how about parental responsibility to provide a name that won’t get the child taunted? As for evoking Bear Grylls as a famous Bear, that name is a nickname.

Sophia on

People say, “What happened to normal names?” Do you realize a LOT of today’s names were once not normal? And, actually, names like ‘Bear’ always existed too, maybe not in your culture but definitely in another culture.

genibre2013 on

How frickin’ stupid.

annie on


genibre2013 on

How frickin’ stupid. She has reached a new low.

genibre2013 on

How frickin’ stupid. A new low.

amber p. on

Next child i have i think I’m gonna go with either Tiger, Turkey, or Panda. or how about Polar or Turtle?? Or i can change it up and name the child Paper or Pencil. these so call celebrities seriously make me wonder what’s going on upstairs??

MissW on

Celebrities have been naming their kids weird stuff for a while now. Bear isn’t even the strangest name I’ve heard,actually pretty normal for a celebrity kid.

Anonymous on

Bear Winslet? Or Bear Rocknroll?

Anonymous on

it’s her child, she can name it anything she chooses . I guess it’s no different than naming the wolf or any other animal….Now she and Alicia Silverstone have something in common.

Guest on

Maybe he’ll go by Bearry? Sounds more normal.

Anonymous on

sounds better then north or jz baby name

Gigi on

Some people do not deserve children. There is no way I would do that to my child.

jessica on

I think its a cute name. In navajo his name is translated to “shush”. Or in kates baby boy “shush yazhi” .

Tom on

I used to know a guy that went by the name Bear. He worked the door at 117 South Main Street in Blacksburg, Virginia back in the 70’s and into the early 80’s.

Big Fan on

Bear? Do people think when their kids need to go to school?

kiwi765 on

Personally, I think bear is a cute name

JR on

I hope she allows her kids to have a father in their lives

eodldo on

Weird…poor kid.

Anonymous on

That’s our son’s nickname. It’s cute.

arhodo on

Her choice folks. Get over it.


So what’s the big deal? In Alabama, a lot of people still name their kids, dogs, cats, etc after legendary Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. They actually have a reunion once a year to celebrate all the people named after Coach Bryant (e.g. Paul, Bryant or Bear. To be called, named or nick-named Bear here is an honor. Welcome to the family “Bear” Winslet! RTR!

Summer on

My name is Summer … I love my name. I love it’s not boring like Emily or Sarah. Ugh. Bear is tough. It’s my son’s nickname. I would rather have a unique name than one that’s spelled odd and everyone misspells.

Hmmm on

Stupid. But with a husband who changed his name to Rocknroll, it’s not surprising.

niki on

Hope that “bear” does not claw her too badly as he gets large. He will hate that name. How ridiculous.

chi-girl on


Traci on

She is a total idiot.

Wouldn'tnamemykidNorth on

I’m so sick and tired naming their children these ridiculous names just to gain attention for themselves. That’s so insanely selfish! These children have to live with it for the rest of their lives!

Doron on

Bjorn, which means bear, has long been a name in Scandinavia, so she’s just importing the tradition into US.

krissy on

Huh. Do you think we will ever see a celebrity kids name as Whale or Dolphin? Just a suggestion.

Renee on

My sister named her son Dusty Bear which I thought was quite weird but it does grow on you…to each its own!

Tamara on

Folks. There is a huge difference between a NICKNAME and someone’s LEGAL NAME. This is the kid’s legal name. And that’s stupid. No exceptions.

Jessie McKEnna on

Oh my gosh, I think Katie Winslet is a great actress. I really like her. I know it is none of my business, but here I go! Why would you name your son Bear? There will always be people out there that are going to make fun of him now, throughout his whole life. Poor kid.

Dawn on

Nicknames like Bear are cute, names, not so much. But then again, her child, her choice.

chloe on

Bear really isn’t that weird of a name. I’ve known a couple of Bear’s and the name fit them perfectly. I think it’s a great name and more original than something like Michael or John. Try to untwist your panties people it’s only a name.

Congrats Kate and family on your new baby boy.

ME on


LR on

If that kid had to grow-up in the real world the name Bear could be a problem, BUT he doesn’t. In fact, he’ll fit right in in Hollyweird. It’s her other two, with the normal names, that might have issues in that world.

Kath on

cute name! I know several kids and one adult named Bear – all in the UK… and LOTS of Bjorns (which also means bear). maybe it depends where you live?

Kim on

That is really cute!

Red Sam Rackham on

So what? Wasn’t there a legandary football coach named Bear Bryant?

Donna on

Poor baby…. Dumb parents….

kimallman on

Which just goes to show you, if you live long enough, something will come back around and not be weird. There was a boy that grew up with us named Arley Price, but all the folks in town called him Bear. Well, Bear just happened to look like the old Western actor Clint Walker, and he was as good a boy as there was. I had no hesitation calling my grandson Bear, partly because of the pajamas my wife gave him to wear when we visited her sister in Tampa, but, maybe out of respect for Arley. Well, what do you know ? Now beloved actress’s are naming, not just calling, but naming, their children after animals. I like it. I named my dog Jerry Springer, because she’s a springer spaniel. Jerry. nice. If I had a new son, I’d name him Eagle. Unless my last name was Keagle.

Lisa D'Ambrosio on

WHY, OH WHY do celebrities give their kids such STUPID names????? “North” “Bear” “Apple” … I could go ON and ON and ON … think of the poor kid when s/he’s grown up! A nickname is one thing, but a given name? I feel sorry for the kid!

Brooklyn on

Why why why why?!?!

MrMonkee on

Bear Bryant was his nickname. His given name was Paul Bryant.

Julie on

Its kind of telling that she didnt give her child her husbands last name. I guess a women with 3 kids with 3 different men would do something like that lol.

Smiles on

BEAR?!? What’s up with moms naming their babies the most stupidest and craziest names ever???? I feel sorry for Bear and anyone out there who are named that’s give people a pause and make jokes of their names for the rest of their lives

Martina on

Makes Apple sound normal. Congratulations, Gwyneth Paltrow – you lived long enough to see someone give their child a dumber name then yours!

Lori on

If Bjorn means bear then too bad they didn’t go with that. I thought the older names were coming back which is good to hear but I don’t believe Bear is on that list.

Missy on

Thats my damn dogs name……horrible. Poor kid

Mary on

When this popped up, I cringed. I actually cringed. Not because of the poor name choice. No, my first thought was, “Girl, these vultures were already all over you for having three ‘baby daddies’ and now you want to go and name your son Bear? Good luck, dear!” Will be avoiding this thread for sure!

Janet on

Lmao. Money does not buy brains. Lmao

thomasdorst on

Oh mah lord, She named him Bear – how weird! Ah think ah’ve got the vapors! Seriously, people, get your undies out of a bunch. I went to high school in 88-92 with an ordinary guy named “Bear”. it’s not that strange. Also, she’s not forcing you to name YOUR child Bear.

Montie on

I can just hear this conversation: “Okay, I will give you Bear but his last name is NOT going to be Rocknroll!”

chi-girl on

what knuckle head parents. there are beautiful boys names out there and that’s the best you can do??? I feel sorry for that child….

Anonymous on

I can see him beaten up at the schoolyard already

bonnie on

I can see him beaten up at the schoolyard already. Poor kid,

Lisa on

I have a cat named Bear…….

MTer on

I had a dog named Bear one time.

Kerri on

I think its kinda cute.

PenGenSvc on

Bear is a known Yiddish/Hebrew name used in conjunction with Dov Ber (“Bear”).

Maybe someone in that family is Jewish?

John Gesselberty on

She and her hubby should be named the three letter word for donkey.

soph on

Sapphire: “Such horrid name to call a child! what’s wrong with normal names like George or Samuel. It just shows famous people cant name ids properly.”
Newsflash. Prince George. Samuel Affleck.

Gigi: “Some people do not deserve children. There is no way I would do that to my child.”
So what did you do, sweetie? Something horribly boring like Emily? Or stupid like Braylee? Because I’m sure it’s one of the two.

Julie: “Its kind of telling that she didnt give her child her husbands last name. I guess a women with 3 kids with 3 different men would do something like that lol.”
Or Winslet could be his middle name. But since you’re a moron you just assumed the former, right? “lol”

Too many idiotic comments to sift through, I’ll just stop there…

BelaBela222 on

There is NO consideration for the future of their of son.
What the kids will tease him about. It’s bad enough as a last name, but a first…he will have to fight his way through his
childhood. These are stupid, selfish, wanna be in style
parents. Shame on them for putting their child into this position.

Crystal on

Bear??????? Really????? What in the world Kate???? I agree with the other posters. How do you go from Mia and Joe to Bear???? On E Online it said “Kate gave the baby her surname” so his last name is Winslet. I’m sorry but it’s a stupid name. For the person who mentioned Paul “Bear” Bryant, PAUL is his first name. Bear is a cute NICKNAME! For a first name it’s silly. JMO.

Sandy on

And we are supposed to be surprised? Actors will do anything for publicity, even mess up their children’s psyche. It’s ridiculous.

telvis on

Apple,North,Mogley and Bean were already taken.

Sarah S. on

Bear Rocknroll? Weirdest name in 2013…sorry Kate, but your hormones are working against you this time.

Portsky on

She should have named him I-Love and used his father’s last name. It would be no less ridiculous sounding than Bear!

Janet on

What, was Banana already taken? Bear, really? With a great uncle as powerful as Sir Richard Branson, you would have thought this poor child would have a semi-normal name.

judykay on

I have no idea why these people dislike their children to give the stupid names like that. They will be tormented in school by other kids. “Hey Bear, does a Bear SH– in the woods”? This is the crap they will live with, I donnt find this cute ,I find it mean and selfish of a woman and man that would purpously do this. Demi moore and WIllis are othher parents who named their girls awful names. SO sad that people dont thinkn of their babies before doing this to them.

Julia Griggs on

What – do these mommies think “Bear” will make their sons more manly & powerful? More hipster/hippie silliness …

routine on

other famous Bears include many many many german shepherds, huskies, great pyrenees, etc. People love to name their dogs Bear. I hope the surname is Winslet and not Rocknroll. Her other kids have nice names. And Bear is much better than what Debra Winger saddled her poor son with, Babe!

ed on

What about lions and tigers. Wait a minute we already have a tiger

Anonymous on

So.. its not Bear Rocknroll? I like that better!

Mary on

A sissy name for a boy…..

Jen on

I think it’s a cute name. I actually used Bear and Baby Bear as a nickname for my daughter. 🙂 I’m sure he will grow to love his unique name. Trust me, much better than being one of 10 Jennifers in an elementary school class.

b on

I’m sorry but Bear is pretty TAME compared to some of the other crazy celebrity names. I’d be a horrible celebrity, all my favorite baby names are too normal 😆 The only issue is that I love a lot of J names: Jackson, Josephine, Juniper (ok that one could be construed as a little weird :hehe:).

And I’m so sick of the self-righteousness smugness of some people when they talk about the fact that she has 3 children with 3 different men. They were all her husbands. Two marriages didn’t work. Would it have been better to stay in a bad marriage and continue to have children? Get over it. Families and people are different around this entire world. As long as the children aren’t being abused, it shouldn’t matter how the families came about.

Jordan on

LOVE the name Bear.

Anonymous on

My theory is that if it sounds good as a PET’S name, you shouldn’t use it for a CHILD.

Karen Corey on

What kind of idiot does that to a child????

Unlisted on

Call Child Protective Services.

forcoors on

What a maroon !

Britt.S. on

Lamest name out there. Kate Winslet you aare an idiot. Your “Bear” wont be impress with you after the age of 7. Idiot.

forcoors on

She can name her baby girl Beaver.

mer on

You guys are unbelieveable!

I am fascinated by how much you care and by the amount of negativity here. I care as long as Kate has a healthy baby, as long as the baby is loved and taken care of which I have no doubt it will.

As for the name – I couldn’t care less, as it’s only hers and her husband’s business. “Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children” and “call child protective services”? Are you serious? Do you have any idea what terrible things people do to children in the world? And you get hysterical over a name? So it’s not traditional, it doesn’t fit into your notion of “normal”, so what. You are the supreme decider on what is normal or/and what are others allowed in their lives?

Can’t you just be happy about another happy, healthy, loved baby?

Lili on

Why? Omg I know it’s different but when you already have two kids with common names its silly

Jazz on

Why does the kid have her last name, Winslet? The kid should of had her husband’s real last name, Smith.

Liana on

My parents named me after a pidgeon, and sincerely, I hate it, all my life, I’ve hated it so much, that the most of my friends call me by my middle name.

Ginger on

Mia, check. Joe, check. Bear. Ummm ~ crickets chirping ~

rockybopper on

No comment.

Lassie on

It’s not terrible! Unusual, but not stupid, and not unknown. I have great admiration for Bear Grylls (who named his son Huckleberry!). The public doesn’t get a vote, but if it did, I would say ‘yes’.

Rose Caine on

Why do people give these innocent little children these weird names? Don’t they realize the child has to live with these dumb names for their lives? Think of the teasing they will get growing up. No wonder there are so many Hollywood kids need counseling and get into trouble.

Melody on

I’m a bit perturbed by all the insults about Kate having children by different fathers. Her personal choices (and also, the outcome of her relationships which, when entered, she likely believed would last!) have no bearing on her as a person or her worth.

Please don’t relationship-shame. It’s not kind nor classy.

shana on

I hope you and your family have much love and happiness with your Bear. Our Bear will be 19 this February. He has been pure joy to us.

Danielle on

Hey, guess what Kate? Your kid is going to HATE you! Oh, well, at least you have the money for Bear’s future therapy.

Jen on

Such judgment! Can’t believe all the mean comments. Makes me sad for those that get so nasty over such a joyous event. I think Kate seems like a kind and loving mom, not to mention a classy actress. Her vbac story with her first son is an inspiration. Hope she got another vbac with this little one. Congrats!

lyn on

The pain killers made her do it.

Groucho on

In 5 years the headline will be, ‘Son Names His Mom Stupid’.

Rachael on

WTF??? Are you kidding me??

Wayne on

Obviously, Kite Winslet is way out in space, somewhere on Planet Hollywood ! ! ! ! !

Lita on

Dear Kate:

Please keep him out of the woods.


Chris on

Wow! Cool. I actually have a friend with the name Bear. The first time I heard it I admit I thought it was strange but it quickly grew on me. I like it and it suits my friend and I assume it will suit Kate’s son too!

gloria on

Ask a teacher and they’ll tell you how tough it is on a kid with a weird name. And this is a weird name. Too bad.

Chris on

I think it’s a beautiful name…..the name of a beautiful woodland creature. I think she should be commended for naming the kid Bear. I love it.

Mary on

Three kids by three fathers. No comment.

Bear on

Life is too short to care what other people think about you. I love the name Bear. It’s super cute. I will always go with my heart when choosing a child’s name. I love the name River, leaf, and Tiger Lilly. I always have. I’m not sure if I’ll use those names but I’ll see what my heart tells me. Now naming your child something like tiolet. I could see a problem.

Anna on

Bear is actually cute name for a boy.

JackieRay on

rich people do not have problems with wierd names only in the real world would it be a problem and if he turns out to be a hairy gay guy the name will fit

Maddie on

I know people are going to disagree with me, but I don’t think Bear is that bad a name. I wouldn’t use it myself, but it could be a lot worse.

Stephanie on

Not to be mean but what are these famous people thinking? Certainly not about the child. I think they try to out do each other with bad names.

coco on

Awesome name. Why all the freak out? Y’all are too hung up on conformity.

skogkatt819 on

Kind of strange? Really? Perhaps some should consider the name Bjorn in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Greenland.. Bjorn means bear..

Abdullh on

Relaxed love nor learned. So I refuse to show you. Day delivered yesterday. Ashky is if you have the eyes show. Lightning flashed Ba to Chtvy sore eyes and my heart reach you. Perhaps you look in the eyes. How are you on shows like rain Ebent grass in the spring baby you

Anonymous on

What an idiot she is…

Denise on

What an idiot….

Anonymous on

Hello Bear Bryant! One of the most successful football coaches of all time!

solasduran on

In many cultures, including my own, Bear or the equivalent in the language is a fairly common boy’s name. I had an Uncle Beryl, which means little Bear, and friends of my children named Dov (which means Bear) or DovBear. We also have names meaning lion, tiger, etc.

stew on

Seriously? Is this a human son or a dog? Idiotic name. Poor kid.

Hea on

I’m quite used to male names being from the animal kingdom. In Sweden, most commonly we have Björn (bear) but also Ulf/Ulv (old word for wolf), Varg (Wolf), Are (Eagle) and so on. It does look a bit funny in English though but then again, I find common English names like for example Florence, Alistair and Jackson strange because I’m just not used to them.

Karleigh on

Wait, her husband’s name is Ned Rocknroll? What??!

Anonymous on

what on earth does naming your child an unusual name, gives people the right to slag you off for having 3 children to 3 different men (they were married after all)

L.F. on

I guess if your name is Ned Rocknroll then Bear is a normal name.

BlueMoon on

Bear? I was really counting on Oldtime or Itsstill Rocknroll.

sgtmian on

i think it’s cute. i like names that pay homage to the beautiful planet we live on. then again i’m used to animal names since they were common in old norse and still exist here.

joey from nsync and his wife kelly(?) named their baby kloey, and that is so much worse in my mind.