Kim Fields: Sebastian Is ‘Excited’ About Being a Big Brother

12/22/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kim Fields Welcomes Son Quincy Courtesy Kim Fields

There’s no sense of jealousy in Kim Fields‘ new four-person household.

The actress, 44, who gave birth to son Quincy Xavier on Dec. 3, says her older child, 6½-year-old Sebastian Alexander, has welcomed the new addition with open arms.

“He’s so excited and overjoyed about being a big brother,” Fields told PEOPLE on Wednesday.

“Sebastian really has the heart of God. He loves to love and help. One day he told us, ‘Mommy, you and Daddy can sleep in. I’ll get Quincy’s beverages.’ He was very excited to be able to teach Quincy the things that he knows.”

Adds the former Facts of Life star: “Sebastian has been honest with himself to us a few times and said, ‘Wow, I feel like the world hasn’t given me enough time to learn what I need to learn to be a big brother.'”

However, according to Fields, she and her husband Christopher Morgan spent the pregnancy preparing Sebastian for his sibling.

“We did a lot of prepping with him early on to let him know it’s not a competition — the baby does not decrease him in any way. We were clear in that and let him know there’s no difference,” she shares.

There’s no slowing down for Fields, whose fourth installment of Holiday Love airs on on Sunday.

“Like one of my producing partners said, I’m a crazy woman,” she says with a laugh. “At the end of the day, it can be exhausting. Not just having a newborn, but a newborn and a 6-year-old. As independent as Sebastian is, you still have two children. You get really comfortable in your routines and way of thinking once you get used to having one child.”

Of her festive show, she explains, “It’s a nod to the Christmas special we grew up with in the ’70s and ’80s. I’m tapping into my inner Dick Clark. He was such a mentor to me when I was at Pepperdine. He always shared his take with me on producing and creating content. These specials were full of great music and they made you laugh.”

— Dahvi Shira

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June on

as long as there is 5 years between sibling ( in this case 6.5 ) there should be NO rivalry.


There’s no jealously….yet.

Sacré on

The baby is 19 days old. How much jealousy could there be at this point?!?

valeskas on

The baby is way to young to be jealous and the rivalry will start when the little one, is able to walk around and is taking his brothers toys.

jewels1972 on

 ‘Wow, I feel like the world hasn’t given me enough time to learn what I need to learn to be a big brother.’……Really?? A six-year-old said this????

Donna on

She’s beautiful….

neereta on

Just in case you think I am one of the “haters” or grinches who gets on this site making negative comments about children, I’m not. Quite the contrary. I am usually the one who responds to the negative people in this site. Saying something negative surrounding a sweet child? How dare you!!! This one has me scratching my head. Every child is different but……….‘Mommy, you and Daddy can sleep in. I’ll get Quincy’s beverages.’ or my favorite..‘Wow, I feel like the world hasn’t given me enough time to learn what I need to learn to be a big brother.’”. This does not detract from the fact that she is beautiful and has a beautiful family but I am just scratching my head a bot.

Meena on

@jewels1972, I believe her son said that. I have a 16 year old only child. He has been making deep thinking, mature comments since he was two. Sometimes I have to ask myself who the parent is and who the child is.

Anonymous on

Aw, Sebastian sounds just like my brother (who, btw, never once had any jealousy issues!). 🙂

sue's on

Of course there’s no Jealously. Sebastian is six year older than his baby brother, what’s there really to be jealous about? Over the years that quality may change, if parents favor one child over the other.. However in this case, I doubt it will happen. Kim and hubby seem very loving and mature parents, that put the needs of their children above themselves….

evie on

Glad to see I’m not the only one who know Einstein didn’t say things like ‘Wow, I feel like the world hasn’t given me enough time to learn what I need to learn to be a big brother.’” at 6. Seriously, lady, tell us another one.

Anonymous on

evie- Actually you’re right, he didn’t…because he barely spoke until he was around nine or so (in fact, from what I’ve read, that and some other issues he had made his parents think he was actually mentally challenged)! 😉

Anonymous on

BTW, I believe Kim. First of all, six-year-olds are perfectly capable of expressing thoughts like that (if he were, say, two, then I would understand the eye-brow raising a bit more!). And second of all, that would be a pretty darn silly thing to lie about! 😉

Carolyn on

To Anonymous – I am pretty sure what evie said was a figure of speech, but let me break it down for people like you, who are unable to process things beyond the literal sense: Even 6.5 year old geniuses don’t speak in that manner. Ms. Fields is clearly attempting to make herself look important and smart. Just casually mentioning Pepperdine, name dropping Dick Clark, not to mention her child who speaks like a 40 year old Brittish man. Ms. Fields clearly needs to work on her self-esteem and you, Ms. Anonymous, as well. We needn’t one up people to feel better about ourselves.

Laura on

‘Mommy, you and Daddy can sleep in. I’ll get Quincy’s beverages.’…Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I know every one thinks their kid is the smartest, funniest, cutest being to have ever walked the earth, but this woman is taking it a step beyond the usual bragging. But hey, what is acting, really? Getting up in front of people and pretending what you’re saying and doing is real and true. I guess some have more difficulty than others separating the two!