David Beckham: My Sons Are Sweet-Talking Their Way Into Tattoos

12/16/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

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David Beckham‘s latest goal: trying to convince his sons to forgo any future visits to the tattoo parlor.

However, despite his attempts, Brooklyn Joseph, 14, Romeo James, 11, and Cruz David, 8½, are already scoring major points with their planned tributes.

“[The boys] have already said they’re having tattoos done. And I said, ‘Well, be different, don’t have any tattoos,'” Beckham, 38, says during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show airing Saturday.

“They said, ‘No, we’re going to have one. We’re going to have, “Mum and Dad.”‘ So I can’t really say no to that.”

But Beckham’s leniency only goes so far. While refereeing Romeo’s soccer game, the former sports star was forced to rule in the other team’s favor — a call his middle son took to heart.

“Romeo went to make a tackle in the penalty area, missed the ball and took the young kid down and I had to give a penalty,” he explains. “As we were running back … Romeo was jogging behind and he turned around to me and said, ‘I can’t believe you did that to me, Dad.’ He was crying — it was a lesson for him.”

Although the boys are serious about game time, in the end it’s all for fun, insists Beckham — despite the persistent rumors claiming they have already been signed.

“The unfortunate thing for the boys is, any time they go and have a kick about with the youth team at Chelsea or at Fulham — or even their Sunday league teams — people say … they’re going to be playing for them,” Beckham says.

“That’s quite a lot of pressure on them as young kids. They’re just training at the moment. They’re enjoying themselves!”

When it comes to little sister Harper Seven, however, Beckham admits the boys may be enjoying themselves a little too much. “She went into one of the rooms the other day and they’re all giggling and whispering and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And they said, ‘We’re teaching Harper a joke,'” he says.

“I’ve heard some of the boys’ jokes over the last few months and it’s not something I really want them teaching Harper. I said, ‘What joke is it?’ And they said, ‘It’s the elephant joke.'”

He adds, “I said, ‘You cannot teach your 2½-year-old little sister a joke like that! Thankfully, she doesn’t know the whole joke.”

Fortunately, the cheeky jokes go right over Harper’s head. However, the same can’t be said about her budding sense of style.

“[Harper] gets her outfit ready the night before and then she gets up in the morning, we go down to get her ready and she changes her mind,” the doting dad says. “Then I’m in the room with Harper trying to pick out outfits and anything which I pick out, which I think looks great, she puts back in. She’s 2½!”

But while life with four kids can quickly get hectic, Beckham — who officially retired from soccer in May — is more than happy to be a “house husband” while wife Victoria continues to build her fashion empire.

“I’ve been lucky. I’ve always been able to take the boys to school in the mornings and pick them up and make them dinner. So I do even more of that. I’m kind of like a driver at the moment, I’m always in the car,” he explains.

“Victoria’s success has been really incredible … She’s a great mother, of course, and she looks after the boys and Harper and that’s our priority … but she works really hard.”

— Anya Leon

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Tina on

That couple sure made gorgeous kids.

Brittany on

They seem like really good parents, in any interview they’ve had that discusses their children, they always come across so hands-on and sincere. I’m really rooting for them as a family.

E. N. on

Has Mr. Beckham ever considered saying ‘NO’ to his sons getting tats!!!

annie on

theyre incredibly busy parents, im sure they have help. but they always seem involved. not parents who show up occasionally to events for their children, but parents who are there everytime.

Nannyto1 on

I love this family. They always look so happy together 🙂

GammieJo on

EN, by the time the kids are old enough to get them, the parents have no say. Granted it’ll vary by location, but generally speaking they have to be 18 to even go in a tattoo shop. It’s not like he’s talking about them saying they’re getting them now.

Easyup on

When it comes to the tattoos, its do as I say, not as I do — good luck!. I’m sure they are interested in them because of their father having them.

rosa on

will he let his daughter get 10,000 tattoos also? I would think the kids would be “sweet talking” him into removing 2/3 of his ugly tats.

Marky on

I don’t like tattoos myself, but this couple seems so committed to each other and to their children, his tattoos are not really all that important. They appear to be very hands-on and their children are well-mannered and very well-groomed, & seem to get along with each other I never see pictures of them looking inappropriately dressed, or hear an unkind thing about them. Maybe if they do get a tattoo, it will be some small, innocuous tat no one can see when the boys are dressed!

Em13 on

A mum and dad tattoo! That is so cute!

thenitenurse on

I think a parent who is COVERED in tattoos can only expect one or more of their kids to end up with one or more. As a nurse I see a LOT of tattoo regret as a person gets older. Many tattoos are blurry and unrecognizable as a person ages. Many simply no longer represent their lives as they were and are unpleasant memories.

Mommytoane on

As far as tattoos go with my daughter, I’ve simply informed her that when she’s 21, she can do what she wants with her body. At 11 she isn’t aware 18 is the legal age. lol.
Cute sense of style Harper has. My mom and dad tell stories of how I would spend hours coordinating oufits before I was 3, and it continues to this day.

Anonymous on

rosa- As another poster said, it isn’t about “letting” them. You have to be 18 to even visit a tattoo parlor (let alone actually get a tattoo!). As that’s also the age of majority, the decision about whether or not the boys or Harper can get tattoos won’t be David’s (or Victoria’s) to make. All they can do is try to talk them out of it- which is what David just said they are doing.

Carolina Maria on

It is a pleasure to see the Beckham family together. Mr. Beckham seems to be such a wonderful dad. His three sons are beautiful. Harper is such an adorable child; she is so cute!. I love the outfits she wears. A little princess!. Hope Mr. David Beckham, Mrs. Victoria B., and their four children have a very happy New Year. Many blessing for this loving family.