Coby Archa Welcomes Son Tyler

12/13/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Survivor Coby Archa Welcomes Son Tyler
Courtesy Coby Archa

During the finale of Survivor: Palau, contestant Coby Archa surprised his castmates — and host Jeff Probst — by announcing that he had adopted a baby girl whom he had named Janu, after fellow contestant Janu Tornell.

But according to Archa, he always wanted another child. For the past three years, he has searched for the right agency to help him in the adoption.

After some false starts, Archa, 41, applied to Sans Pareil Center, one of the few adoption agencies that was willing to work with a single gay man. It finally worked out, and Archa recently got “the call” that changed his life.

“I was blessed with Tyler, a happy, bouncing 3-year-old boy,” Archa tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It is an open adoption and I have promised his birth mom to work on repairing their relationship for the love of my new son and the respect of his birth mother.”

Survivor Coby Archa Welcomes Son Tyler
Courtesy Coby Archa

So how does daughter Janu, now 8, feel about Tyler?

“She has begrudgingly admitted, ‘Daddy, you didn’t ruin my life’ more than once,” laughs Archa. “Everyone around her comments on her love for her new brother.”

And if Survivor comes calling again, Archa says he’ll jump at the chance — but for a different reason than before.

“I now have two mouths to feed with that million dollar prize!”

For now, Archa is settling in with his new family. “I still pinch myself,” he says. “Sometimes, lightning does strike twice.”

— Steve Helling

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guest on

Beautiful family! Congrats!!!

guest on

More people should adopt. Wish them well.

Crystle on

Those kids are adorable

Anonymous on

Those children look so happy, healthy and loved. He was given the opportunity to be a father, and they were given a family!

Sarah on


zoom on

Lucky kids to have a Dad who adores them ..

brady1987 on

I never liked him. He talked too much and also said the most unkind things to Tom Westman in the final council.

Gina-Nicole on

Coby looks very happy 🙂

Jay on

Kids are adorable and nice story but I have watched every Survivor and I don’t remember this guy. I guess I”m getting old lol.

Coby on

Thanks you guys 🙂 and that is okay you don’t remember me Jay there have been 28 seasons lol Survivor Palau was a long time ago

Krissa on

Beautiful family!
Lovely children with a doting Dad 🙂

canadasue on

They all look so happy! Congratulations! 🙂

Greetings on

That’s a cute son he has. I’m surprised. it’s rare to find a white kid to adopt, especially if your single. I’m sure Janu is happy to have a brother. I wish him and his beautiful family the best!

mamaofgirls on

I don’t watch reality television, so I don’t know who Coby is. However, I am an adoptive mama, and kudos to you!

When a child is separated from his birth family, there is usually much trauma that has happened in his background to cause that to happen. To agree to work on repairing that relationship is almost unheard of. What an unbelievable blessing to Tyler that he is in a family who respects that initial relationship and is willing to speak of his mother with respect and allow their relationship to continue! And, having adopted before, I know what a blessing he is to you as well! Congratulations!

Tori on

lovely family – the best to them all.

Phyllis Smith on

So happy for you. Kristi is adopted even though I had two boys I still wanted an adopted child. They are so precise.

Tyler is precious.

Becky on

What beautiful children! Wishing the new family every happiness in the world.

Coby on

Thanks everyone 🙂

kristen on

Beautiful children, beautiful family. It is sad to me that children are waiting in foster care because agencies refuse to work with people who are gay, single, or older. Children need loving homes, period. If a person is willing and able to adopt then sexuality, age, and marital status should not be an issue.

The decision to love your son enough to continue a relationship with his mother is amazing. I wish you the best, what a great way to end the year.

Mommytoane on

So swee that Cody actually reads these and replies! 🙂 TY Cody. Beautiful family. Adoption is such a beautiful thing. Janu and Tyler are so very blessed to have a daddy who loves them so much. My aunt adopted and she always said that while some babies grow in a mommy’s belly, others grow in a parents heart and those are the most blessed children.

ava on

Congratulations, Coby! Your children are beautiful!

Kat on

Normally when PEOPLE reports on people we don’t know, those reality shows nobodies, I roll my eyes, but I’m happy because this is an adoption story. I see the love in the photo, beautiful family.

lovely123 on

I don’t know who this guy is, but it seems like both parties are winners.

Brooke on

OMG….Look at Janu!!! I remember when he announced it on the show that he named her after his friend…..So happy for Coby!

Anonymous on

Who cares if you know who he is or if you don’t…the point is that he now has a beautiful family. I think Coby’s story is more news-worthy than Miley Cyrus twerking on a teddy bear.