Blue Ivy Makes a Special Appearance on Beyoncé’s New Album

12/13/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

She was only days old when she first debuted her vocals alongside dad Jay Z, but a slightly older Blue Ivy is now collaborating with her mom. While Beyoncé is taking the industry by storm with the surprise release of her album, her 23-month-old daughter is creating her own buzz as a featured artist on the singer’s aptly-titled track, “Blue.”

During the sweet song, the songstress croons, “It could last forever, come on baby, won’t you hold on to me.” And at the end, you hear Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s toddler adorably talking and giggling. Talk about music to her mama’s ears!

The pint-size hip hop princess even makes an appearance in the tropical-themed music video, which was said to be shot in Rio de Janeiro.

Beyonce Daughter Blue Ivy Blue Video
Courtesy Beyoncé; Inset: Courtesy Columbia Records

In the short preview, the mother-daughter duo don white dresses as they stroll along a sandy walkway toward the beach.

It looks like Blue has given her parents plenty of musical inspiration: Beyoncé’s “God Made You Beautiful” is also a touching tribute to her little girl.

— Anya Leon

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Ellen Smith on

Every pic of the child is either a camouflaged shot or a shot of her back. Guess they have to hide her beauty – it must be blinding.

Mrs. Winkler on

WHO CARES?!?!?!? I CANNOT STAND THIS GIRL…We know you had a surrogate (her eggs and his swimmers) but that baby DOES look like them. I just really hope the baby doesn’t grow up to be self-centered, money hungry, narcissistic, only care about oneself mentality…Because we all know how stuck up BOTH of the parents are. Good luck Blue! Not sure how that name will look on a resume’ but I guess it won’t matter…I would hope that if she didn’t get into fame like them, that she can be self-sufficient and not rely on maids, chauffeurs and private chefs.

Maddie on

@Ellen – I assume they do that to protect Blue’s privacy….I think it’s a good thing. Beyonce and Jay-Z are photographed due to them being in the public eye, and they accept that as part of their job. Their daughter has no choice in the matter, so they are keeping her out of it.
Saw Beyonce in concert a few months ago, she is stunning. Can’t wait to get this album

Vanessa on

I’d cover my face too if I looked as ugly as Jay Z. Poor daughter…

janette on


Snowflake on

Too many country singers having babies!

Mommytoane on

I agree with Maddie, Ellen Smith. Blue isn’t photographed because she’s a baby, and they are protecting her privacy and by some rights her. Beyonce and Jay Z chose to be famous, they chose to be in the media. Blue hasn’t made that choice for herself and so does not require being in the spotlight. But think of it this way. How would you feel if someone was following you around photographing your kids 24/7? I know I sure as heck wouldn’t like it, and would feel very inclined to protect my child.
Either way, cute pic!

Amg on

I’m laughing at all the people who are so upset that Beyonce is commanding all this attention…who cares huh? Apparentl everyone cares you clowns. Beyonce is a world famous music icon. She proved it by dropping this album literally out of nowhere (without any lead single, radio airplay, TV performances, the usual gimmicks, promotions or tacky Walmart and Target commercials that others do cough Katy Perry and Taylor Swift cough). She didn’t even release it on a Monday or Tuesday to get a full week of sales to count. And still Billboard is saying she will sell about 600k+ albums in 3 days. That is amazing, SHE is amazing. The haters are going into overdrive with their comments on every article. But it doesn’t upset me anymore. If anything, this week proved how insignificant they are in the real world. Because Beyonce just had the biggest opening week of her career and was unanimously praised EVERYWHERE on social media, on websites, on TV, everywhere. So she just got bigger than she already was. Haha.

lol on

OMG show a full picture already, why is this a big deal. even the royals have shown their kid.

s. on

Why bother with the back of her head, then just her eyes, then her feet, then her hands. Spare me. Totally ridiculous. Baby looks like her father. Beyonce, you get on my last nerve.

tabularasalocke on

Wow at these people mad that they’re not showing a picture of their kid. That’s their choice. Why does it matter??

cbaker on

i cant decide if they are shielding her from the public or hiding her because they are embarrassed.

they are not royalty, give it up, show her or not, but stop with the stupid half shots.

Victoria on

Damned if you do, damned if you dont! I don’t particularly like Beyonce or Jay Z, I don’t like Kim Kardashian or Kanye either but I’d sooner see pictures that are more natural, that don’t appear to be photoshopped! If Beyonce is protective of her daughter then fairplay to her!

ashi on

Wow I can’t believe the hateful comments posted about this little girl. Do you guys get pleasure out of bullying a toddler? Hm?

Grow up.

T. on

You guys never let me down with your ignorant comments!!
1. That’s HER baby!
2. She’s a kid, calm the *beep* down.
3. YES, she’s going to look like Jay-Z…he’s her father.
4. See #1

l on

Cute babe. Mom should start showing more class now that she’s got a little girl to teach. End the half naked rolling around the floor sh*t.