Sixth Child on the Way for Kevin Federline

12/12/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Kevin Federline wasn’t a very successful rap artist, but there’s one thing he is good at – making babies.

He and wife Victoria Prince are expecting their second child together — his sixth! — this spring, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Prince, who is six months pregnant, and Federline are already parents to daughter, Jordan Kay, 2.

The newlyweds were married in Las Vegas this past August.

The former dancer, 35, also has two children with his ex-wife, Britney SpearsSean Preston, 8, and Jayden Jaymes, 7 — and two with his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson — Kori, 13, and Kaleb, 9.

Kevin Federline Expecting Sixth Child X17online

Federline, who previously tried to lose weight on Celebrity Fit Club, revealed in July that he had lost 30 lbs., but with six kids to run around after, staying in shape shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

— K.C Blumm

Video Flashback: Six Questions with Kevin Federline

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Mrs. P. on

Can someone get this guy a vasectomy?

Kelli on


Gina-Nicole on

THAT is ENOUGH, Kev! Time to close the shop!

Crystal on

Well second kids is almost here….he should be moving on to the next wife soon

Anonymous on


Gigi on

Does he or his wife have a job or are they both living on the child support he receives from Britney??

IRM on

How long is Britney’s money going to last?

Anonymous on

Why is this news worthy? Six children and three different momma….. What the big news? That he needs to get a vesectomy and a real job… And support his children

tarasmom on

Wow this guy is prolific. Time for a snip.

Mary Ann on

What does this guy do for a living? Maybe a vasectomy would help.

anonymous on

His wife graduated from the University of Hawaii and played college volleyball. She is a grounded person with good morals. Maybe he took a while to settle down. She is presently a special education teacher. She loves children. While he has made mistakes, it seems he is on good terms with his exes and that everyone gets along so that is good. He stepped up with the kids when Britteny had her breakdown. Remember, Spears also had a short termed marriage. They were young and made mistakes. Better to move along in a friendly manner than to stay in a marriage and make the children miserable.

Amaryllis on

@IRM Britney Spears is worth over $200 million and kicking off a Las Vegas show. Her father is still her conservator. I’m thinking her money will last a long time. However, I agree with Mrs. P, Federline should definitely get snipped. Someone needs to stop the people pollution.


Learn to keep it in your pants. Trailer trash.

Anonymous on

loose or wht

Paolina on

If you have seen the movie Idiocracy, you will get an explanation for this…

anonymous on

howww looosee!!!!!!!!!!

maryhelenc on

Who are we to decide how many kids a person has? The Jolie-Pitts are praised for their big family. Mrs. Federline is a special education teacher and I’m not sure what Kevin does, but it might be hard for him to find work seeing as the public sees him as some kind of a villain. He stepped up to the plate and takes care of Britney’s boys because she can’t. He’s shielded them from the public eye and done well by them. He also spends time with his elder children regularly and is a hands on dad with his youngest daughter. I wouldn’t want 6 kids, but to each their own.

Margo on

Well seeing as he’s had two kids which each significant other so far, I’m not all that surprised.

Anonymous on

Good thing he got enough money from Britney to have all these kids.

Lisa on

Wow. And she is 6 months pregnant already?

Trish on


Anonymous on

I hate to be snarky, but I’m also curious. How in the world does he support all of these children?

Rachel on

I will say this for Federline, every interview his ex-wife (Shar Jackson) has ever given where she spoke of him, she has stated that he is a wonderful father. Kevin won FULL custody of the children when the big debacle was going on with Britney years ago and it takes a lot for court to take all custody away from one parent and give it to another, so clearly they thought him the better parent.

All that said, despite his poor choices in life, perhaps Federline is taking care of his kids better than any of us could know and who are we to say that if he and his now wife are happy they shouldn’t have another child. Frankly, if this were a woman not working (which we don’t know if Federline works or not, he’s had DJ jobs before) while the man was out making millions and paying child support to his ex and kids no one would say a thing because that’s what’s expected. Should it really be any different when it’s the woman out working and the man has the bulk custody?

If Britney wants her boys raised in a home comparative to her own with the same luxuries she gives them herself when they’re with their father, then I see nothing wrong with any of it.

vadahoppus on

ummmm. wow is all i can say. probably the most pathetic story i’ve read all year. smdh

Kathie on

omg dude is it that hard to wear a condom??

Kerri on

Six kids with three different moms? OMG! WOW!

lisa on


ricardo on

Kevin have you heard of condoms. go get snipped now.

sarah on

Ok time to clip the hose .

Karen on

That’s quick! Congrats to them

Kellie on


Jenny! on

Can he go and get them “boys” taken care of if ya know what I mean 😉

Taylor on

Can we PLEASE sterilize this man already?! I mean, not because children aren’t precious, but HOW is he PROVIDING for them?!?!?!?! UGH.

Brit on

Geeeeezzz…a lot of hate here! Congrats to Kevin and Victoria!!! Heres to a healthy baby. I could care less who does what or makes how much, even though she was a pro volleyball player, if the kids are well taken care of and happy then great for them!!!! How can anyone tell someone, “enough children already, time to get a snip?!”

Chris on

Does he even have a job to support all these kids? I bet he rely’s on Britney to support him, his current wife and kids with his ex-girlfriend. What the heck do women see in this guy? They should run the other way.

Tiffany on


michelle F on

why is HE in the news???? he’s not famous for anything other than royally screwing over Britney Spears……… other than that, why should we read about this classless piece of trash!!!

Cest La Vie on

Please, Kevin, get a vasectomy. Hopefully the kids will not be as trashy and irresponsible as him.

Niki on

6 by 3 ….. Classy. Why can’t we fix people like dogs?

lifereadings on

well as long as Brittany Spears is Paying why not have as many as he’d like ?

what of it? on

There is no reason why Victoria Prince should be denied having children because her husband has children from other relationships. I am sure she is a wonderful step-mother but it’s not the same thing. People just have an irrational hatred for Kevin Federline. I wish them joy.

Anonymous on

Dude. Wrap it up!

Miss Kiki on

Talk about someone who desperately needs a vasectomy

Debra on

he’s no different than a polygamist. spreading his seed to different women. those poor kids.

Marky on

Michelle, how did he “royally screw over Brittany Spears? He stepped up for the children, he was there for her when she flipped out, He has made certain she had regular contact though he has total custody, so frankly…I’ve seen guys do waaaaay worse than he ever did. His real reputation has been to care for, and about, his children and his exes, and I think he is no different that any woman who is divorced by a spouse, and is paid child support.

Our daughter is the primary wage earner in her family; if they had split with young children, he would have had the children and she would have been paying child support because her job is very demanding, she’s not the one who is the most “maternal” for lack of a better way to say it. There is nothing to criticize about it; what’s important is to do what is best for the children, without making it worse for them…..What did women fight for equality for if, when the situation calls for it, child support can’t be paid to guys, and used just the way women do…to furnish a home, food, clothes, and other necessities for children belonging to both of them. He didn’t steal her children; she has been incapable of caring for them, and may not be in time to really do so…you do also realize the children’s opinion begins to count by age 12-14, depending on the state…. At least he hasn’t tried to keep them from spending time with her, or maintaining the relationship with their sons.

Eva on

People, leave KF alone. I just dont understand why people are so jealous, yes, jealous. It’s his and only his life. Right???

Jazz on

I feel sorryfor her, he’s not a catch.

Mommytoane on

Uhh Eva, no one is jealous trust me. In awe. Yes. Ashamed this kind of person walks our earth. Sure. But jealous? Heck no.
ITA Kfed needs to see a doctor about getting a vasectomy. 6 kids with three baby momma’s isn’t something to be proud of.

Anonymous on

lol @ all the women throwing a fit on here because the guy gets child support from his ex-wife for their children. As if you’re not the same folks also getting child support from your ex or taking him to court for it. You’re no different than Kevin. No, wait, I take that back. You are different. From all accounts, including his ex-wife herself, Kevin is a great father to all of his children. Going by the b!tching going on here because a MAN dare gets child support, I doubt your exes would say the same about most of you.

Pam on

Seriously?? He should stop having children now! And how does he afford all of these children?

Anonymous on

What does he do for a living? And how does or will he be able to support 6 kids, discluding Britney’s , of course!

Maire on

This is just sad. This man do not work to support his kids. My guess this is the only way these two losers can get media attention. What are they going to do when Britney’s child support money run out. How are they going to feed this little baby.

Em Lorenze on

We can just call him the spermenator

Bella T on

Is Britney supporting all of his kids now?

Holly on

lmao yet another kid britney will be paying for.

valeskas on

If it was not for Britney’s money, he gets every month, all of them would be starving. Because he has not worked , since he got a divorce from Britney. To me he is a lazy a$$.

Jen on

Can anyone tell me what this guy does for a living?

Chelle on

What does he “do” to support his wife and now 6 kids? Does he work and has he ever had a job? He has to pay Shar child does he still have custody of the boys? He does nothing…gets paid for knocking up women. Oh..And he sat around and got horribly obese while cashing Britney’s checks. Wow…condoms man…say it with me…C-O-N-D-O-M-S.

maggie on

Where does he get his money??

Diane on

Time to snip it, Kev.

El; Dee Bee on

Wow, what a talent !

Lon on

Hey BOY!! you better tie a know in that THANG

Anonymous on

a loser is someone who does not take care of his kids. He takes care of all kids. I always see him with his kids. There are dead beat deads but I think he is fine.

gail on

he doesn’t work , how does he support these children ?

fll on

The funny part is it’s Britt Spears who is supporting all of his kids not him

bjaneyre on

Are all of them, living off Britney Spears, money? Does he have a job. Six children? I guess Britney is the only one, making money? Interesting…

Shelley on

UGH….a troll who is living off Britney’s money! WHAT is wrong with these women? he’s not even good looking…he’s a thug wannab

guest on

He just needs to get fixed and fast!

bearjolly on

If it weren’t for Britney’s money, he wouldn’t be able to afford one child, let alone six.

Asia on

Welp, on to the next one to make two more!

Straight Up on

You have no idea what goes on within this family dynamic.

This is probably their last one-maybe. But it is NOT our business–capeesh?

Kristin on

Wow. I find the opening line of this article to be incredibly rude and unprofessional. Do you plan on mocking every other celebrity’s career failures when it’s announced that they’re expecting? I didn’t see Glitter brought up when Mariah Carey was pregnant. Or From Justin to Kelly in the announcement about Kelly Clarkson.

Anyway, congrats to him and his wife.

Jay on

How does he support all these kids? Well obviously he doesn’t need to support the ones with Britney what about about the other 3 almost 4???

stephanie on

I mean this man cant financially support an ant farm. Why he keeps making people I dont know

Kate on

Guess he can’t figure out what’s causing them? How does he support 6 children?

kris on

What does Kevin Federline do for a living?

Jazz on

Britney Spears finanially supports all those kids and their baby mammas.

~H~ on

Why is it offensive to a lot of you that he has 6 children? Sure there are 3 different mothers, but I doubt any of them are taking government hand outs. So why all the hate? He’s blessed to have a big family. Congrats to them.

klondyke84 on

why are we being so pc? He needs a vasectomy??? NO, he needs spaying end of X(

Kevin's Wake Up Call on

I’ma need him to start dressing like an adult though for real. It’s getting annoying now. A pair of nice fitting slacks will not kill you.

Stephanie on

I don’t see anything wrong with this, I’m sorry. I have 2 children by the same man I have been with for 16 years who is also my husband, but who am I to judge someone else’s marriage or how many children one has by how many different people? If the kids are taken care of, there are no reports of abuse, the exes get along and no money is being taken out of my paychecks to support them via the welfare system, then why should you all care?

Oh yeah, because it’s Kevin Federline. How did he screw Britney Spears over, which one of you said? She married him, knowing he was a nobody, and how many guys out there would turn down an opportunity like that? Plus, when she suffered her melt down, he stepped up and got full custody of both boys, because she was an unfit mother at the time.

Marriage is about procreation, in my opinion, and if his new wife wanted children from him, why is it so disgusting? Maybe some of you making the nasty comments can’t get a man, let alone a husband…..sorry.

Would negative comments be made if it were a woman in this situation? Would it bother you if the woman had 3 father’s for her 6 kids? If this were Beyonce or Kim Kardashian or someone famous, I guarantee no one would say anything but congrats to them.

People making the negative comments should take a good look at their own lives and ask yourselves, “Am I really stable enough or have a good enough relationship for me to comment on here?”

Think about it!!

Emma on

Good Lord! And people give Britney a hard time for just having a life, for dating.

Dizzy on

I know this article is old but, I was reading about Kevin and it come up! I just can’t believe how vicious people are about this man! Yes, I agree that he needs a snip & cut because in this day and age no one needs that many kids. Kevin deserves the child support he gets because he has raised the boys since Britney’s mental problems or drug abuse cleared up & when they did why must Kevin give his sons back he raised them! I just wonder if he financially supports his two with shar Jackson! I wish the guy luck though it. Will be hard to lose the support when the boys grow up!