It’ll Be a Girl for Kendra Wilkinson

12/12/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant Expecting Paul A. Hebert/Getty

Kendra Wilkinson is thinking pink!

The baby she’s expecting in the spring will be a girl, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“My life became full circle when we found out we were having a girl,” the reality star, who is in the process of writing a children’s book, tells PEOPLE. “My dream family has become a reality.”

This will be the second child for Wilkinson, 28, and husband Hank Baskett, who are already parents to son Hank IV, who turned 4 on Wednesday.

In November, she confessed to PEOPLE that she had no preference as to the baby’s sex and instead just wanted a healthy child.

“There’s nothing on our minds that makes us say, ‘I really want a girl or I really want a boy,'” Wilkinson, who recently debuted her baby belly, explained.

“I always said I will not have another baby until I’m in the happiest place I’ve been since the birth of Little Hank and this is it. It’s the four-year age difference — [our son] understands and he’s asking for [a sibling].”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Emily Strohm

Kendra Wilkinson: I Work Hard for My ‘Motherly Figure’

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Ris on

Worst mother. No longer a fan. Watch wifeswap

klutzy_girl on

Awesome news for them!

Jennifer on

Ris – I was thinking of that Wifeswap, too. It was definitely an eye opener. I would like to hope she has learned from it and become a better and more involved mom. I really hope so, because that was really horrible. She made Kate Gosselin look wonderful! And although I am no fan of Kate’s, she did bring out some very valid points to Kendra.

Margo on

Congrats. I’m sure their daughter will be beautiful

Trish on

Wonders if she will ever allow daughter to follow Mommy’s footsteps…

Shopgirl on

Wont it become a reality once the child has been born?

Karen on

Congrats! Hope she grows up to be just like Mom!!!

missjanenc on

Oh goodie? Maybe her daughter will grow up to become famous the way her mom did – having sex with an old man.

Amy on

Love love LOVE Kendra! So happy shes having a girl 🙂 I bet she will be beautiful just like her big brother. Congrats Kendra, Hank and Lil Hank xxx

patty on

So happy for you guys wish you the best..congrats on your baby happy for you!! 🙂

Kelly on

I watched Wife Swap. I thought she was sweet and endearing. I don’t understand what all the hate is about. If Hank wants to do all that he does, then let him. It’s no different than what wives use to do in the past. That aside, if people are happy….STOP hating!!!

patty on

And you no some of you people can be so told me if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say at all LEARN THAT PEOPLE!!!

Gag on

She’s lying and People bought into her nonsense. She very recently clearly stated that she wanted her next child to be a boy. Google it. Now that she’s having a girl she has to back track her previous comments.

kat on


Tamara on

I used to like her more but then recently I saw that she refused to tell her mom & brother she was pregnant and they found out last through social media. Then there was some altercation where she said she wished her mother would die. I don’t exactly know what’s going on there, but that’s a terrible thing to say whatever the circumstances. And the reality shows in the beginning were ok…but once it got into that diving show, dwts, wife swap, etc. it has just gone way overboard. They need to tone down their lifestyle a lot (they live like A list celebrities) and settle on a more quiet, modest career path/lifestyle.

stacey on

Hope the little girl doesn’t grow up to be a lazy, low-class loser like her mother.

Jazz on

She has no morals whatsoever so what she gonna teach her daughter?

Anonymous on

I hope she doesn’t call it little Kendra. ☺️

JulieB on

good. now maybe lil hank can get his hair cut?

Linda on

Ummm. Will Hank Sr. be raising the baby girl?

Linda on

Will Hank Sr. be Mr. Mom to this child too?

Linda on

Women can be mothers, but few can be Moms!

alicia on

its amazing you can be a whore and get everything you want. unreal

Mommytoane on

Maybe since it will be a girl, she will actually pay more attention to this one. Wifeswap was a horror story. Tho it did make Kate Gosslin seem sane!

kayte on

I have an older boy and younger girl, 4 yrs, 3 mo apart. It’s a great age differnce and I will always cherish those years alone with my son, it worked out perfect he was in preschool PT which allowed my daughter and I alone time and lots of time with all of us. wish them all the happiness with their newest edition to the family. (Nothing melted my heart more than seeing my husband with our daughter, I always thought he was great with our son but this is a totally different level!)

zab on

I hate the bashing that goes on here. It’s a celebraty site. If you don’t like a person either don’t write about it or go elsewhere but go spew your venom someplace else. Now. Congrats! A perfect family for lovely people and I’m convinced Hank Jr will be an incredible Big brother!! xxx

Sara on

How cool! She’ll definitely be a gorgeous little girl.

Kathy on

Took her 4 years to get happy? Wow

Tori on

Wonder how she’ll feel when her daughter takes up with some 80+ yr old man! Its called karma.

mom on

She is not a wife or a mother. The maid takes care of her kid. Hank takes care of her and the kid. Kendra is always out partying and not being a good wife or mother. I feel bad for her kids.

valeskas on

Love that family.

Anonymous on

Congratulations! I’m sure little hank thinks you’re the most awesome mum and this little one will too!
Enjoy them!
Hangin there and ignore the haters!!!

Amanda on

Why do so many women have such a strong need to have a daughter?. Seriously, it’s like their family isn’t complete until they have at least one

Lacey on

Worst mother, not. She is a young mother, with an adoring husband and the resources to be able to enjoy life. Would some of us do it a little different? Of course, but she took into consideration everything she saw and implemented some of what she thought was good. I think that shows she is open to learning. When all is over I wonder who’s kids will grow up happier?

Jen on

I am soooo excited that they are having a girl this time around! A boy and a girl is an awesome experience. They are such a cute family. Kendra is a good mom.

Christine on

I really used to like Kendra, but I’ve lost all respect for her. I’m glad that she’s doing well, and living the life of her dreams. But those things she said about her mother were inexcusable. Saying her mother can “go and die”? How heartless can you be? Does she even realize how many people don’t even have parents? Or have lost a parent or both and would do anything to have them back? So disrespectful. Almost like she has no morals. I hope she raises her children to be a better person than she is. Because the example she’s given as an adult has been extremely disrespectful and immature. Her kids deserve a better example and better morals taught to them.

M2 Cents on

I would think that Kendra would teach little Hank to speak properly before spitting out another kid. My gosh he’s 4 years old, and you can hardly understand what he’s saying whenever he speaks. Sad IMHO.

Anonymous on

So happy for you both your a beautiful family God Bless love u guys

Ruth on

So happy for you both your a beautiful family God Bless love u guys

Sarah MC on

I kind of liked her until I saw wife swap. Oh my God, how over indulged is she ? All that time, help, money and she decides to put her 2 year old in pre-school ? I can safely say I was impressed with Kate Gosselin, she seems to have her head screwed on when it comes to parenting, her children are a credit to her. Kendra, on the other hand, has yet to show her maternal side. As much as I like going out, I always have that guilty feeling that I am excluding our daughter is we leave her at home to go out … So we keep it to a minimun and I like it that way. Strikes me as though Kendra would be the type to go out, get herself blind drunk and be unable to take care of her child because she is hungover and/ or needs to sleep in. So sad for Hank, and so sad that she is bringing a little girl into this. Sad example to show your kids too.

Anonymous on

she is so unattractive but hey, everybody is a star these days!

Anonymous on

Wow, what a bunch of jerks on here.

Christine on

Hopefully, the two of them will bow out of their show. Can’t be good for their marriage and children. The show portrays her as a stupid, immature, and self absorbed woman who Isn’t ready to be a mom. Who knows what she’s like behind the cameras. Sad products of our entertainment industry. Watching this woman is entertaining, is that we the industry has resorted to?

pamela pogue on

Congrats to the Baskett’s. Hank Jr. Is sooo adorable…I can’t wait to see their new baby girl. I’m sure she will be gorgeous!!

Danielle on

So you all are aware of the fact that wifeswap is just a tv show right? A reality tv show , at that and most of those shows are fake and scripted. They were playing it up for the camera and her job was to play the part of a lazy diva wife who wasn’t the most attentive mother so that’s what she did, I’m sure. I highly doubt that’s how she behaves in their home. She is crazy about her son and I know she will be crazy about her daughter too. To call her the worst mother seems unfair because it’s based in one episode of a show…

Sherry on

Why are they putting old news from several years ago. She had that little girl when her husband cheated on her with a transgender woman. So is People magazine running out of stories to fill there pages up with? OLD NEWS!!!!!!

georgina notis on

this is not true