Jaime King: How I Got My Body Back After Baby

12/11/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Jaime King Parker Holiday Party Stefanie Keenan/Wireimage

After giving birth to son James Knight in October, Jaime King made jaws drop just weeks later, showing off her svelte figure.

But it was a combination of genetics and hard work that helped her shed the baby weight.

“Honestly, it’s genetics and I worked every day of my pregnancy on the set of Hart of Dixie filming 16 hours a day until the day I went into labor,” the actress, 34, told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s Parker holiday party in Beverly Hills.

For King, it’s also important to watch how she eats (and make sure she eats!).

Two years ago — and well before starting a family — she discovered Paleta, an organic farm to table home delivery program which she stayed on throughout the pregnancy.

“They have a mommy version while breastfeeding. I’m obsessed with Paleta, it’s my thing,” she says.

Her favorite dishes? “It might be this smoothie that I really love of kale, pineapple, oranges, almonds, coconut and pea protein. They also have a bison burger that’s really awesome,” King adds.

The new mom mingled at the holiday soiree and shopped collections from Parker, James Jeans, Everlane, Dr. Lancer and Mara Hoffman while 9-week-old baby James was nearby with a girlfriend, sleeping soundly in a sling.

Seemingly having adjusted to motherhood seamlessly, King laughs off the assumption. “I’m not adjusted! It’s tough,” she admits.”It’s the greatest blessing I’ve ever had in life and also one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced.”

She continues, “Finding the balance between work and taking care of my child is tough. I’m from the mid-west so for me, it’s all about family and it’s always been about family. That’s my challenge. I don’t want to leave my child at all!”

— Jennifer Garcia

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K on

Okay, let’s lay it on the line here.

The best way to get back into shape after giving birth is to a. be in really good shape BEFORE you get pregnant and b. eat healthfully and maintain a safe workout regime throughout your pregnancy.

Want to have that cute, high little pregnant belly? It has nothing to do with whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Do some ab exercises everyday before you conceive. Crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches. Nice thing about the abdominal muscles is that they’re large enough and have enough support that you can work them everyday without exhausting them. During pregnancy, watch how you eat. The average woman needs only about 300 – 500 NUTRITIOUS calories above her personal daily caloric need while pregnant (obviously, if having multiples, this is higher.) During the first and second trimester, add an extra serving of fresh fruit or pasteurized yogurt. Toward the end, have these foods and an extra serving of protein like lean chicken or fish. You don’t need 3 hamburgers, a super-size french fry and an extra-large chocolate shake because you’re “eating for two.”

This message is NOT intended for those struggling with medical weight gain due to pregnancy. I watched my aunt go through gestational diabetes with both children and I would NEVER criticize anyone strong enough to endure something like that. I’m just sure this is going to have a lot of comments about, “of course she got back in shape, she had a nanny and a chef and blah blah blah…” and I wanted to head them off. No, she’s back in shape because she was never OUT of shape. You can’t be overweight when you get pregnant, eat whatever you want for 9 months, and then think once you give birth you’re going to be ready for a bikini.

That’s just the hard-and-fast truth. End of.

Anonymous on

I’m so sick of stories like this… Why do you have to focus on women with newborns, “getting their bodies back”?!

Toni Hocutt on

I adore the show. Please keep making episodes. You all rock!

Gia on

Ok, the main thing is not to over eat and you will be fine, that goes for every woman, before, after and during pregnancy…..

klutzy_girl on

Thank you, K!!!!!

cricket on

ok… wouldn’t it be lovely to afford something like paleta? to have your meals delivered daily… you can even get this for the entire family. there is absolutely no excuse not to have a svelte figure when you can afford to do this! jeeeez… if only we could all be so lucky.

Kelly on

I don’t understand why these actresses and models don’t just admit that the reason they lose the weight so fast is because they don’t gain that much in the first place. They gain the baby, that’s pretty much it.

nancy on

I love K’s post – perfectly stated

Mandy on

To all the negative people commenting, I lost all my baby weight in about 2 weeks & all I did was breastfeed. I was not exercising as I could barely walk. I didn’t gain a lot except for what the doctor recommended which was around 25-30 pounds. I had no meal deliveries or a nanny so people cannot use that as an excuse on why they can’t lose the baby weight. Now I have had problems losing weight after I quit nursing. I got used to consuming extra calories & not gaining anything, but even at that, I’m still at a healthy weight for my height.

mrsmass on

Losing the weight and having your body back are two different things.

Everly on

Dearest People Magazine, The next time you run a video all about how the media failed women in 2013, make sure to include articles like these that serve no other purpose than pitting women against one another.


K’s response seems spot on, especially if you add King’s point about genetics. In order of the impact for bouncing back: 1) Genetics 2) Being in great shape before 3) Staying healthy throughout pregnancy. Genetics makes things a MILLION times easier but even if it’s not in your genes to have an easy bounce back period, 2 & 3 will still make a big difference.

Jillian on

Thank you, K, for stating the obvious 🙂

Susan on

Amen Everly!!

Diane on

$57 a day! Only for rich people.

CG on


K on


It isn’t obvious for everyone, or we RDs would be our of a job.

Thank you to those who were supportive of my semi-rant. Articles like this frustrate me no end!