Kate Winslet Welcomes Son Bear

12/10/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kate Winslet Welcomes Son Bear Rex/USA

Just call him a little Rocknroller.

Kate Winslet welcomed her third child, a son named Bear, on Saturday, Dec. 7 at an NHS hospital in Sussex County, U.K, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Mother and baby are doing great,” the rep says.

This is the actress’s first child with husband Ned Rocknroll , whom she wed last December. The couple announced that they were expecting in June.

Winslet, 38, who has two children — Mia, 13, and Joe, 10 this month — from previous marriages to Jim Threapleton and Sam Mendes, admitted that she wanted to expand her family, telling InStyle in 2006, “I’m hoping to have more kids. I don’t know whether one or two. Oh, God, I would love to have more.”

The Oscar winner, who admits she’s “not strict” but also not a pushover as a mom, told Good Housekeeping the following year that she enjoyed her hectic mornings with her children.

“I love the routine. I love getting up in the morning and getting breakfast and packing lunches and doing the school run. Those things are really important to me,” she said. “My kids are my whole world.”

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Regina on

Three children by three different men? Kate Winslet is like the female Diddy.

wizard on

Every time she marries she has a child. Perhaps if she divorces and marries someone else she should wait some time to make sure it lasts

Holly on

congrats to her! i really wanted her to marry leo dicaprio!

beth ann on

Congrats! December 7, 2013 is a great day. We also welcomed my first grandchild Alanna Rae. Best wishes to you and your family!

Callie on

Hey Regina-I was about to say the same thing! How does one keep track of all the baby daddy’s?

Eleonor on

Very practical for birthdays, family reunions, Christmas and other stuff… No need to question why todays kids spend so much time in therapy… Yes its clear that she loves routine..that’s why she can’t afford her kids to have one… Sad that today people are unable to try their best to make their family life work… today divocing is just like bying a new book… Sad.

Congrats on the kid anyway, hope its a 3 letters name.

Sun on

Wow.. Three children by three different fathers. Image their family trees!

genibre2013 on

Definitely have no respect for her. @Regina- I agree! and same thing wizard- what a poor role model for her kids on commitment.

Great Additions on

You know, I get that having children with different men may raise a few eyebrows and elicit sighs as a whole, but in instances like this, I think it’s contingent on the quality of parenting. In other words, why be upset when children are coming into the world by loving, supportive and not to mention financially sound human beings. If they had a history of violence, drugs, taking advantage of the system, etc. — then yeah, let’s cue the fists in the air. In this case however, congrats Kate on your growing family!

Emily Hahn on

I’m so tired of everyone being judgmental of complete STRANGERS. Just because you see her on the big screen and magazines does not mean you know her, her partners, or her children. She could be, and sounds like, a great mother. No one is perfect. Get off your high horse.

More to the point, congrats to Kate on the new baby!

Oh hush on

You know, I bet if all the judgemental twits dig back far enough, they might find that their own lineage began with the child of someone’s third wife or husband. What you’re saying is that because her previous relationships failed, she should not find happiness with anyone and that her newest child should not exist. Because of a narrow-minded idea of what is and is not proper,her little one should never have been born. Do people really feel that way?

Emma on

Perfectly said and the words were taken right out of my mouth.

That being said, congrats Kate

anna on

you know what, who are we to judge? The kids are well provided for and if she teaches them to love one another, the fater thing is less important. Back off!

Ra Mcc on

You did good girl! Happy for you, your husband and new little boy baby. Boys are such fun. Mine is now 44 and he is/has been the delight of my life!

klutzy_girl on

Wow, the judgmental people are out in full force again. SHE HAS BEEN MARRIED TO THESE MEN. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS SITUATION. Shut up and stop judging everything. No one cares.

Congratulations to Kate and can’t wait to find out the name!

Rachel on

Three kids from 3 different men? Classy.

Rachel on

Mind your business people~ if you’re offended that she has 3 kids with 3 different daddy’s then don’t read the article. Have you ever heard the saying “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”? make sure your house is clean before criticizing another’s house. Really people~ get a life!

Kim on

Reading all the posts by those who judge her for having children with multiple fathers..so glad you are perfect! I know someone who has been married 3 times and has children by all 3. ALL the kids are perfectly happy, well adjusted, and well cared for..as I’m sure Kate’s kids are. Congratulations to her and Ned!

Selena on

I have to laugh at the announcement including that she gave birth at an “NHS” hospital, yeah, like she was with homeless, housecleaners and chimney sweeps! Please! They have a two tier system. Although she was in an NHS hospital, I’m sure she was in a great suite with plenty of medical and other staff. do they think we’re THAT stupid??

David on

Those of you who are judging those who are being judgemental are just as bad, if not worse. This is still a free country and people are entitled to their opinions, one way or the other. Bottom line – a new healthy child is born, and that’s a wonderful gift.

Barbara Goode on

I don’t know Kate, but like Halle Berry, she somehow strikes me as not the easiest woman to live with. Don’t know why I think that, it’s just a feeling.

essie on

i agree with those who are saying she is a disgrace. she might be a great mom, i am not doubting that but her mating choices are a free for all. i have a hard time with 3 kids by 3 different men and if it was the opposite situation i’d be saying the same thing. trashy! poor kids. and this guy- honestly “rocknroll”. how immature and childish. feel bad for their kid. ned and kate need to grow up. she is a great actress but in her “real” life she lacks maturity.

NoAdditives on

Who cares if each child has a different father? Does it affect you personally? How about you do you and don’t worry about what other people are doing. Her kids are loved and well cared for. Isn’t that the important thing?

Andrea on

So she has three kids from three different fathers? Those of you being so judgmental seem to be overlooking the fact that she was married to each kids father when they were born. I guess since you can’t complain about her marriage status, you have to judge her multiple baby daddies. All of her kids are loved and well taken care of. Plus, she has a good relationship with both her ex-husbands. At least she’s setting a good example in that aspect. Nobody’s perfect. Not me and certainly not you for being judgmental.

Bec on

Hope his name is Jack 😉

Edie on

We always welcome a new baby into the world. But to those who ask why we might be a wee bit judgmental on 3 kids with 3 different fathers?…3 words: stability, Stability, STABILITY!!!

Sally on

Congratulations. Hope their Family will be a happy one.
RE, having several babies with different men, she certainly seems a fit and capable mother, who will be able to provide for her children i every way…..and its nok like its the first time a celebrity has had several chilren by several ppl: Kevin Costner, Jack Nicholson, Eddie Murphy, Madonna etc.

Sally on

I hope he will be named Leo

Janet on

Kate & Ned congratulations on you new son may you all have a healthy and happy long life together.

Neville on

Fine looking & handsome great female but WHAT a disasrous ‘way to be’ ….. a classic product of the awful Branson stabloodline………..Ned Rocknroll, son of someone OR NR/whats’is real name………SAD SOD but has pots’o ££….. there once was NOBLESSE OBLIGE………
but MOST 2day will be unaware of that & quite unable to grasp its medieval tenets anyway, so WHY bother for F’s sake?
“We’re DOOMED Mr. Mainwaring!! DOOMED I say…..”

JulieB on

It is potentially an awkward minefield situation there. Does each dad take just his kid out for a day together? Does he include the other two? Do the other two feel left out if they arent’ included?

Karen on

This is all i say, SHOULD’VE BEEN WITH LEO!
until then, her relationships wont work.

Tiffany Schiff on


Diana Fetterman on

Three children, three different fathers. I would like to be there when they all get together for birthdays and Christmas. Must be pretty crowded and strange.

carla on

Her first two husbands CHEATED on her. Sam Mendes is still with Rebecca Hall, the actress he had an affair with while he was married to Kate. What was she supposed to do? Sit back and never try love again? Good grief, you people need to get a grip.

guest on

3 children by 3 different men!? How horrible! I can’t believe this! Boy am I glad I logged onto people.com so I could make fun of a celebrity for doing something that offends my personal morals and pretend like that makes me better than everyone else. Welp, got to go take some pics of my TV dinner to post on Instagram now.

Mojogirl on

At least she had them with a HUSBAND and she isn’t on WELFARE….

Jules on

Father’s Day must be confusing in her house 😉

P. Patrick on

Actually, it’s just Sussex, the county bit is a given and is superfluous.

EB on

I do hope that poor child’s last name isn’t Rocknroll.

4tmama on

Start w
“The Gospel according to
St. Matthew

1  Judge not, that ye be not judged.
2  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again…”
seriously, whether you are religious or not, go to basic fundamentals, peeps, she has been married to all 3 of her children’s fathers, but even if she wasn’t, she has decent relationships w them, she has to deal w them, YOU don’t, & I AM SURE you all are not perfect, none of us all..these children are blessings..no child is a sin, or wrong..children are innocent..so congrats!!

Marcia on

She is married to “Ned Rocknroll”?? Are you joking?

guest on

this girl gets around. geez.

Govind Bharad on

Conggratulations. Best Wishes for two more kids.

april boudreau on

Congrats to you Kate. I have loved all your movies. I think you are a beautiful woman.

monica on

Congrats .Happy for you.

chermoe on

Have you people all been growing up in a church or something, the way you criticize other people?? More than half the population of the U.S. has had multiple marriages and children from other relationships. It may not be the best “trend” going on but for pete’s sake, can’t you just hold your tongues and your judgment and just wish them well??? It’s not like they’ve got 25 kids or something or trying for such a goal in life. Seriously!

Anonymous on

Quiet a few male celebrities have fathered children with three or more women. Robert DeNiro or Marc Anthony anyone? Yet the need to point it out show nothing but sexism. She was a married woman each time and I see no problem with it.

Jazz on

What freak would change his last name to Rocknroll? I question her sanity.

Francesca on

Congrats to Kate Winslet on her new baby. She is one of my favorite actresses. Although I am also somewhat taken aback that each child has a different father, we have no right to judge. Don’t judge people until walk a mile in their shoes. We don’t have any idea what happened to the first two marriages. She seems as though she is a terrific mother and her children are well cared for and without want for anything, so stop judging and start loving. As Mother Teresa said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

nmlitz on

I would hate to have to juggle visitation/custody/holiday schedules with the fathers. Can you imagine how hard it would be to arrange to have all of your kids with you at the same time on a holiday? You’d just about need a personal secretary to schedule your calendar!

vadahoppus on

3 baby daddy? Thats pretty classy

Alissa on

Congrats on the new baby.

Victoria on


Carrie M on

Congrats to the lovely Kate W. Enjoy that little guy!!

samanthafaller on

Congratulations Kate & family, enjoy your new baby bliss ! Have a great holiday.

Mary on

Ned Rocknroll? I’ll bet just about everything I own that his birth certificate says something totally different.

Mary Ann Hoogeveen on

What a shock she has been married a year before the baby was born that doesn’t happen often here in the US.

Mina on

Oh the hand slapping is getting old. Why so indignant and judge mental of those that judge? She had a healthy baby. She is lucky! People should be more in a twist about this baby’s last name being Rocknroll. That is a stupid name.

Hattie54 on

The hubby’s last name isn’t his real name,LOL.

Emma on

Get off your high horses and just be happy that she welcomed a healthy baby boy.

Who cares that her children are from three different men. We don’t know her and she doesn’t know us and so therefore she could careless what we think; hence we shouldn’t care how many men she has reproduced with.

That being said, congratulations Kate

JC on

I am curious what they are going to name him with a last name like that.

Mel From STL on

It’s one thing to be a loose woman. It’s another to bring helpless children into your continuous mess. And to those saying others have no right to judge her. A. She CHOSE to be in the public eye and therefore subject to scrutiny. and B. Learn how to spell “daddies”.

Hazel on

I believe next time she gets divorced and remarried, she’ll be too old to get pregnant!

dudley doright on

luv this woman

Jazz on

@Hattie54: His birth name is another(Abel Smith) but I read that he legally changed his last name to Ned Rocknroll in 2008.

ash on

I lost respect for Kate this go round…how long will this one last? I can only imagine holidays with all of the Dads…LOL

Crystal on

CONGRATULATIONS to Kate, Ned, Mia and Joe on their sweet new addition.
To address commenters regarding Ned’s last name: Kate said in a recent interview, her child was never going to have “Rocknroll” as his last name. I’m guessing he will have his father’s given last name. I do agree with the majority on here; three babies and three baby daddies are a bit ridiculous. That being said, each man she has married hasn’t had children of their own. So she gave each of them a child of their own. I think it’s wonderful she is able to do that. Some people can’t get pregnant at all. She is truly blessed in many ways. Congrats again!

Simona on


Alea on

To the (at the time of my post) 48 people angry about this, two words: GROW UP.

Her life, her business. At least she’s not raising her children in a home filled with bitterness and strife (of which I’m sure the same could NOT be said about YOU, given your hatefulness online to someone who is a stranger to you).

Congrats to Kate, Ned and family. Any time a wanted child comes into a loving family is a wonderful thing!

Stephanie on

I have been married to the same man for 20 yrs and have two children by the same man. I think it is sad in today’s society we accept and are criticized for having an opinion when it comes to someone having this many marriages and children by different fathers.

Charlie on

Live and Let Live.

Arlene Paige on

Congratulations to Kate! I’ll be flying on Virgin Air on Monday and will think of it as an addition to the party! 🙂

Jenna on

Yay! Love you Kate and congrats on your new baby…such a blessing!

katie on

I really enjoy her- as an actress as as a person from what I always see in interviews. She seems like she is very grounded- depsite what some say about her having 3 children from 3 different men- she was married and in committed relationships and yes, they didn’t work out, but she has never NOT been accountable as a parent to her children and always seems to put them first before herself. At least she isn’t flaunting herself in “selfies” and parading around at every public event like some….ehem, Kardashians anyone? Congrats on her new little bundle! Can’t wait to hear the name!!

Jen on

You people make me laugh. You act like she’s had three children with three men and she’s 18 years old. She’s 38! Plenty of time to have had relationships that didn’t work out for different reasons, and move on. She’s entitled to live her life in any matter she sees fit. I mean, good grief, she was even married to all three of her children’s fathers, isn’t that what you people typicall rag on? Having children out of ‘wedlock’ and all? Who the hell cares? She is quite capable of caring and providing for her children and it’s HER life.

Congratulations to Kate! 🙂 I wish her and her family all of the best!

Renee on

Thank-you Anna for your comment…we are not to judge anyone. You would think due to the Christmas season that awaits us that we can at least retain our horrible comments and save them for next year…because I’m sure there will always be haters that can never say anything nice. Congrats to Kate and family, she sounds like a wonderful Mother!

Joy on

Au that’s so nice.

me on

I love Kate! Very happy for you. Enjoy baby 🙂

Kristin on

Wow, some of you are amazing. Let me see if I have the rules of having children down. So, if she had her children out of wedlock, that would have been bad. But having 3 children with 3 men, all to whom she was married, is also bad. So, basically, despite the fact that she is married and more than capable of taking care of her children, she should have just not had anymore. Or maybe she should have joined a convent or become celibate after her last marriage.

Many people marry one person and stay married to them the rest of their lives. That’s great. But many others go through the pain of divorce. Do you think that this is a decision people take lightly? We have no idea what happened in her previous marriages. What I can say, coming from a family who tried the “stay together for the kids” thing far too long and caused added pain because of it, is that sometimes divorce is best. No one goes into a marriage thinking it’s not going to last. And I think it’s wholly unfair to judge someone for moving on. This is a woman who has more than enough money to take care of her kids, whose ex-husbands are involved with their children, and who, by all accounts, appears to be a great mom. So, I say congrats to her, and wish her continued happiness.

Lyl on

I don´t understand all the hate, why can´t people just be happy for others? Do you know her? Do you know what kind of a mother she is? Only her children can judge that and they are not reading your comments, I hope. When she married her first husband she was young, she said so herself and it was a short marriage but they stayed in good relationship even after divorce. She was married to her second for quite a long time but as we all know there were some problems. Just wish her all the best, to her and her children. I´m sure they all are doing the best to give them love and support

Elara on

There are plenty of men out there who have been married three or more times, and have children with all of them…why is it socially acceptable for a man to marry and have children with their second or third spouse, but not for a woman? People are throwing around clearly sarcastic terms like “classy”. I don’t think you know what the word means. How is it classy to insult a married woman who just gave birth?

Women shaming and hating on other women HAS GOT TO STOP. It doesn’t accomplish anything and just makes you look insecure and petty. Grow up people.

gift bags on

Those of you who are analyzing those who are being judgmental are just as bad, if not more extreme. This is still a 100 % 100 free country and people are qualified to their opinions, one way or the other. Primary factor here – a new more healthy kid is designed, and that is a awesome existing.

LSP on

Ned Rocknroll? Lol. Just lol.

saimcheeda on

At least all her children were born legitimately!

JPM on

Why are people being so mean and judgmental? Get a hold of yourselves, people. Geez.
She seems like a lovely, responsible woman who deeply loves her family. Good for you, Kate! Congrats on your new baby and all the love in your life. And you and Ned seem like such a great match. Many blessings to you and your family!!!