Kelly Clarkson: Our Boy and Girl Baby Name Is the Same

12/06/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Time to start guessing Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock‘s baby name!

Boy or girl, the couple have settled on a sole moniker — and it’s not a completely off-the-wall choice.

Those are the hints the singer, 31, drops in an interview airing Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in which she discusses the ups and downs of her pregnancy.

“I just want to know [the baby’s sex],” she says. “And it doesn’t even matter because, honestly, the name we’ve picked, if it’s a boy or a girl, it’s the same name.”

DeGeneres jokingly guesses Chris and Pat, but Clarkson replies: “You won’t guess it. It’s a random name. But it’s not like … ‘Blue Jazz.’ It’s not going to be a weird name.”

Kelly Clarkson Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

Clarkson says she’s 11 weeks along, and should be able to find out the sex soon through a blood test. That’s something to look forward to, in what’s been a pretty rough first trimester.

“I vomit a good dozen times a day. It’s bad,” the singer, whose Christmas album Wrapped In Red is out now, says. “Everybody tells you you glow and your hair is pretty and your nails are pretty. That is total crap. My nails are short, my hair still falls out, it’s not all lush and beautiful, and I have no glow — unless it’s something left over from a bad throw-up. It’s horrible.”

“I’m so happy I’m pregnant,” she quickly insists. “I just wish he or she would stop trying to kill me!”

She also brightens when she thinks back on her wedding day, although that too, in some ways, was a challenging experience.

“I was like, ‘I’m not going to cry, I’m so good,'” she says. “And I bawled so hard — like not a pretty Rachel McAdams cry, like, really bad. It was so bad that my videographer hasn’t even shown it to me … I couldn’t get my vowels out. We wrote our own vows, and people tell you to do that, and it was the worst damn decision. It was so bad.”

— Tim Nudd

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Lady on

Kelly is so cute & while i’m very happy for her love, baby & happiness….if she’s only 3 months Lord help us. Hearing about every single thing for another 6 is annoying in itself….hopefully this is just a holiday promo tour & will die down come January.

Amanda on

Sam? Samantha/Samuel?

mhammett12 on

You cannot find out the gender through the blood test. You need a sonogram to view the baby’s private parts…if they oblige, that is.

kayla on

You can find out through blood tests that they run if you elect to test for early defects as well as amnio testing. I think she knows what is going on with the testing of her child and something like finding out gender.

mhart on

Yes you can tell by blood test. Its a genetic test. Im 12 weeks had the labs done 2 weeks ago and im waiting on my results.

Aeol on

Actually you can find out the gender in a blood test. New blood tests for genetic disorders, like the Panorama test or materniT21 test will also give you gender. Safer alternative to having an amnio done!

Lisa on

Presley!!! Love that name:)

Rayna on

She’s so annoying………….

Anonymous on

wow, just when i thought kelly clarkson couldn’t be more annoying and lame, she talks her mouth off again about her pregnancy. UGH. she is so not relevant, instead she is immature and a media whore. wish she would disappear into oblivion……

Angela on

You don’t glow in the first trimester! That’s for sure! But just wait, Kelley, the 2nd will be MUCH better! You (usually, I didn’t with my 3rd pregnancy) get over the morning sickness and you’re not quite uncomfortable yet so regaining your energy, and your stomach, makes things so much more peaceful and exciting!

adriver on

I hope it’s Sidney.

Sherae on

HAHA! I LOVE the shade she threw at Beyonce and Kim and all those other idiot celebs that took themselves so seriously that they gave their kids HORRIBLE “names”!

krissy on

im sorry but if she is 11 weeks along and she got married in OCT she was already pregnant on her wedding day? what gives?

Anonymous on

i am going with Riley

Anonymous on

Skyler, Taylor, Sloane, Chance, River, Tracy, ….??

Anonymous on

Sounds like a girl to me!

krissy on

im sorry but is she is 11 weeks along and she got married in OCTOBER then she was already pregnant on her wedding day..she should stop making it sound like she got pregnant after her wedding…duh…..

Rita on

@lady @Rayna @anon @NEXT @Wrong (clearly next and wrong are the same pathetic person) @jane your jealousy is shining through. Kelly is one of the most “normal” celebrities there is and she is doing something perfectly normal (talking about her pregnancy) and all you guys can do is bash her? If you don’t like her and don’t think this is news then why waste your time posting? Just click ahead to the next article and next celebrity to hate on. People is not going to delete the story just because a couple of dick heads don’t like it.
I think you all need a reality check. There is nothing wrong with her talking about her baby and getting married. It’s a totally normal thing to do and I bet you have family and friends and even you yourselves have done the same. So don’t sit here and talk trash about someone who has some good things going for her. It sounds like you’re all just jealous. She has money, a career, a husband, and soon a family. Maybe if you spent more time living your lives instead of talking trash about some else’s (someone you don’t even know btw) then you could have those things too.

Congrats Kelly. I wish you all the best!

Anonymous on

Blood tests can show the baby’s gender as early as 7 weeks. If you all hate her so much, then why click on this article? I am so happy for her and wish them all the best. She is in no way as annoying as Kim Kardashian, who is a true media whore.

Anonymous on

You can tell a baby’s gender with a blood test as early as 7 weeks. Also if you all do not like her then do not read the stories. I am happy for them and know the name will be a wonderful one. She is in no way as annoying as Kim Kardashian and a few others.

Shia on

Kelly is SO annoying! Sorry to all her fans – I don’t mind her as a singer/artist, but when she does 1000 interviews complaining or talking about every aspect of her life it gets really annoying to hear about.

Lori on

Okay. She’s officially adorable. You go, Kelly!
You deserve all the happiness in the world. So happy for her.
Haters should be ashamed of themselves. There is nothing but happiness that I wish on this young woman. And tons of it.

Me on

This is her first pregnancy. Of course she will have a lot to talk about. I am sure most of you gushed about your first pregnancy. For Kelly to be only 11 weeks she sure has gained a lot of weight. She better be careful.

Anonymous on

My son is named Jude which is originally a boy’s name and is now unisex. ehn. 😉

Charli on

I am happy for her but she is getting a little annoying.

Anonymous on

Jordan, Taylor?

Michelle on

mhammett12 – Please do not comment if you are not informed. Your statement is actually INCORRECT. You can in fact find out the baby’s gender through a blood test. I personally found out at 12 weeks that we are having a boy through such a blood test (and verified through sono). Please google Panorama, MaterniT21, and Harmony. ALL are blood tests that are used for down syndrome screening that also have the ability to determine gender.

And best wishes to Kelly and her Husband.

mikkie on


Amber on

She is very excited. I am happy for her. For the one that commented on not being able to find out your baby’s gender by a blood test, you are incorrect. New technology has allowed us to do that. At 10 weeks you can have a blood draw and a lab will sequence the DNA of the baby out of your blood. They test for chromosomal abnormalities and will tell you the gender too. It is the wave of the future and is 99.9% accurate. I had the test so I could find out the gender of my daughter so early.

jessica on

Yes you can find out the sex through blood test, its called Materni T21 and they have a few other similar ones. I’m guessing something like Ryan or Collins for the baby’s name.

wildcat on


Shia on


Anonymous on

mhammett12 – you can indeed have a blood test to find out the gender of your unborn baby 😉

And to those saying it’s gonna be a long pregnancy and blah blah… you know, pregnancy lasts 40 weeks (give or take) for every woman. Kelly is excited to be pregnant, where exactly is the issue here? If you don’t want to hear about her pregnancy or read about her pregnancy then don’t watch or read her interviews. It’s really that simple. Because if you think Kelly rambling on about her pregnancy is annoying you should try reading all the comments rambling on about how annoying it is to hear her rambling on about her pregnancy 😉

Personally I’m happy for anyone who is pregnant and excited about it. I work daily with kids whose parents never wanted them to begin with but had them anyway and now don’t take care of them the way they should. Seeing moms who truly WANT their children and are excited about their pregnancies is a thing of beauty in my eyes.
So congratulations to Kelly and I hope she continues to feel the blessing of her pregnancy.

wildcat on

How about Riley

renee1965 on

Yes, you CAN find out gender from a blood test. I had a chorionic blood sample done at about 8 weeks along & was told the sex of the baby when we got the results back.

dancer92136 on

Lots of negative Nellies on here today. The girl has an AMAZING voice and she is who she is. I find it refreshing. So she doesn’t have a filter…so what? Watched the tree lighting the other night and she was by far the best singer.

Kris on

I wish professional writers would proof their work. The plural of vow is not vowels (a,e,I,o,u) it is vows. Sorry just a pet peeve.

Anonymous on

my guess is Jamie

Leslie on

@mhammett12 – Actually, yes, you can find out the sex through blood tests that are also used to check for chromosomal abnormalities. My sister just had a baby four weeks ago, and when she was about 12 weeks along, the doctor did this very test. About a week later, she got the results back saying she was having a girl, which she did. So Kelly and Brandon should be able to find out the sex of the baby very soon if they so choose. My understanding is that the blood tests can be even more accurate than the 20-week sonogram.

Paula on

Love Kelly!!!
Congratulations on your happy news.

Leslie on

mhammett12: Actually, yes, you can find out the sex of the baby through blood tests used to detect chromosomal abnormalities. My sister just had a baby four weeks ago, and when she was about 12 weeks along, she had this very test. About a week later, she got the results which said she was having a girl and were correct. I have a beautiful little niece now. And my understanding is that the blood test can actually be more accurate that the 20-week sonogram. Less room for human error and misinterpretation, I suppose. So Kelly and Brandon should be able to find out the sex of the baby very soon if they wish.

Valerie on

Wow! I can’t believe how rude some of you are being if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Kelly is a down to earth girl that everyone can relate to she is just excited and nervous..She’s a great girl! Oh and did i mention she has an AWESOME voice..I am so happy for her! @ Lisa my grandaughters name is Presley I love the name.

Carrie on

Already annoyed by these stories.

Molly25 on

@mhammett12, actually you can find out the sex of the baby from a blood test. It’s called new cell DNA test. When you’re pregnant, the baby’s DNA runs through your blood. So through a pregnant woman’s blood draw, the baby can be tested for certain chromosomal issues. The sex of the baby is known at this time as well. I just had it done myself recently.

Robin Faught on

Well my name is Robin and it can go either way, so I think their naming the baby Robin

Robin Faught on

Well my name is Robin and it can go either way boy or girl. So I think their naming the baby Robin

Molly2593 on

@mhammett12, actually you can find out the sex of the baby from a blood test. It’s called new cell DNA test. When you’re pregnant, the baby’s DNA runs through your blood. So through a pregnant woman’s blood draw, the baby can be tested for certain chromosomal issues. The sex of the baby is known at this time as well. I just had it done myself recently.

Paige on

Mhammett12 – you actually can find out the baby’s sex through a blood test now. It’s fairly new, but it’s a test for Down Syndrome via blood that also reveals the gender, and it’s 99% accurate. Google it.

Jamie on

I bet she names that poor baby Jamie!

Anonymous on

actually you CAN find out through a blood test when you do genetic testing

Angela on

You can find out gender early (10 weeks +) through a blood test, one like Maternit21, Harmony, or Verifi. They also check for chromosomal abnormalities.


You can’t use YOUR own blood to find out the baby’s gender. You can do an amniocentesis to find out the gender though. Anyway, she’s not a scientist so I can’t gripe about it too much. I think she’s probably happy about this baby and doesn’t sit around complaining all the time, unlike this interview. There’s some pressure to be funny on a talk show so she probably talked about her issues to add some humor. Or at least I hope she’s not that miserable about it all in real life.

Lauren on

She’s only 11 weeks and I’m already sick of hearing about this. It’s going to feel like the longest pregnancy ever. Also I don’t think the 3rd trimester will be kind to her if you know what I’m saying.

Anonymous on


Amp88 on

So the name has to b something like ‘Jamie’. Either way, how can you not love Kelly? She’s definitely the “best friend” type of person. 🙂

Congrats Kelly!

Sara on

There is a blood test now that screens for trisomies that will also tell you the gender before 12 weeks. I just had my second baby, and we had it done. It was not available with my first, who’s 4, so it is a pretty new test.

Sarah on

Hair falling out and no glowing skin? SHE’S HAVING A G-I-R-L! Congrats, Kel & fam!

kara p. on

She’ll probably name her kid Kelly Jr. Annoying!

Anonymous on

I wonder if its going to be like, Kellon, hers and husbands name combined. Riley is a big unisex name.

1twinsfan on

Gee people, if you don’t want to know about someone then don’t click on a story about that someone. I don’t like a very famous celebrity chef so I don’t watch her show, buy her books or cookware. Kelly was on Ellen to promote her Christmas special and CD and to discuss what’s new in her life. That would mean she talks marriage, music and baby.

Sarah on

Haha looks like the same person using 18 different names on here to hate on Kelly. Get over yourself. She talked about the pregnancy because she was ASKED QUESTIONS BY ELLEN. It’s not really that hard guys.

Suzanne on

How about “Shelby” for a name???

Suzanne on

How about “Shelby” for a name??

Lisa on

I love Kelly Clarkson and I love hearing from excited new parents. It doesn’t matter who it is, when someone is pregnant and happy and joyous about it, I am excited for them. What a wonderful time in your life! Enjoy this time Kelly Blackstock!

Bri on

mhammett12, you actually can now find out gender through a blood test at 10 weeks. they are able to find particles of the baby’s DNA in the mother’s blood and screen for several of the more common chromosomal defects as well as gender. One of the tests is called materniT21 if you are interested.

Copy Editor on

“I couldn’t get my vowels out. We wrote our own vows, and people tell you to do that, and it was the worst damn decision. It was so bad.”

Vowels? She couldn’t get A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y out? Or is this another case of People not proofing their work? Maybe “vows out”?

Gwen Smallwood on

I wish Kelly all the best. I do hope her “morning sickness” goes away. She talked on Ellen about how she hasn’t met many women who even had morning sickness, but I literally had it the WHOLE 9 months. It was horrible and on top of it the delivery didn’t go any better – hence we only have one child. But what a great kid he is and I’m glad I did it because God gave me the best anniversary present ever!

Caitie on

There IS a blood test that can tell you the gender. It’s called chorionic villi (or villlus) sampling or a CVS test and the blood doesn’t come from the mother’s vein. It comes from the placenta. The test is done between 10 and 12 weeks and is preferable over the triple screening for accuracy and is just as accurate as an amnio without the risk of an amnio.

In short, no, an ultrasound is not the only way to tell the gender of a fetus.

Karen on

Wow! You people are wicked and apparently very sad in your own lives. I’m very happy for her.

Jen on

I had the same first name picked out for whether I had a boy or a girl, and it fits my beautiful little girl perfectly. 🙂

Junebug on

mhammett12, yes you can have blood work done to determine a baby’s sex. It’s usually done around week 12 along with some genetic testing. Couples who do in vitro can also determine the sex of the embryo they want implanted. Science has come a long way in just a few years.

kara p. on

The most fabulous name for her kid will be Kelly Jr.

Martina on

I am very happy for her. But I also feel she is giving a little too much information…. I think it’s because she’s promoting the new album, and has to make a million media appearances while not feeling (and probably looking) her best. So she’s preemptively talking about it. I wish she wouldn’t. Everyone knows she’s pregnant, and would understand if she comes out with that ‘pukie glow’ we all know and love (not).

sis on

Does anyone remember after the wedding they were actively trying to get pregnant and enjoying practing…Hmmm they were married oct 21 …she is 11 weeks along…she like she knew all along…why all the news about trying to get pregnant when she must have been.. why lie..its 2013 you don’t have to be married first anymore it seems

Rachel on


Molly on

@mhammett12, actually you can find out through a blood test. When you’re pregnant, the baby’s cells are in your blood. There is a test which looks at baby’s DNA, and you can find of the sex through the test. I had this test done recently,.

Wendy on

Rita, you are the bomb!! I love, love, love your post. These people need put in their place. I’m sure I’ll get lots of flack for this. But everything you said was spot on!! Kudos to you!!

Mike on

Maried 6 weeks, 11 weeks pregnant = Whore

Zippy on

My guess is Shelby

Anonymous on

I am so happy for her! Glad she is enjoying this special time in her life.

Chelsie on

She will be a great mother.

gadget on

Why does everyone insist on discussing morning sickness in detail?

stuckinsouthcarolina on

I’m so tired of this child already!

Ardyn on

“We are trying! Trying, Trying, Trying like rabbits!” – Kelly Clarkson the repulsive cow.

Anonymous on

L’il Whopper?

Juli on

When I first read this, I immediately thought of Riley for Kelly and Brandon’s baby’s name. I can’t wait to find out what she’s having.

JP on

My guess is Shelby.

lucy on

Personally, I love her and find her very funny and quick witted. But clearly there are people posting here that are haters and only clicked on the story so they could spread their hate. Probably way out there rabid fans of some other singer who can’t stand when their girl isn’t the one everyone is talking about. The solution to stop being annoyed by Kelly is to simply stop reading or listening to her…problem solved. It’s what I do (or should I say don’t do) when there’s a story about any of the Kardashian clan or Miley. Haters you shouldn’t work yourselves up into such a state…it’s not worth the stress you put upon yourselves…hating is hard work!

OpionatedAustinite on

It’s Pat!

Anonymous on

sis- She explains it in this interview:

BTW, I’m guessing she didn’t yet know she was pregnant when she got married.

Hea on

Is she the first woman ever to be pregnant..?

Cindy Halpern on

Please take good care of yourself.

Paula on

I have a friend that has 2 kids named Ryan and Tyler….they’re both girls.

Kimberly Mills on

Clarkson Blackstock will work for Girl or Boy!!! 🙂

Ursula on

Kelly is a mess! I laughed through the whole interview! I was sick for 9 months with both of my children so I totally understand what she is talking about!

Shellie on

Both of my girls have unisex names so I am a bit partial. Perhaps she will have a Jordan or an Avery 🙂

meghan on

Brandon has a brother named Shelby, so I doubt they will use that name. Also, thanks to the 90 nearly identical posts informing mhammett12 that you actually can determine sex through a blood test. Good grief.

Anonymous on


Elle on


Erica on

My guess is Cameron for a unisex name?!?!

Kar on

Try Clarkson …

K Marie on

How about Clarkson folks,,

Maggie on

Yes you can find out the baby’s sex through a blood test. It’s an early screening test they do. She knows what she’s talking about.

BarsofClay on

For those of you bemoaning the fact that she may have been pregnant when she got married, here’s some information on how due dates and the like get figured up. They don’t actually use the date you got pregnant; they use the last day of your last period. SO the fact that she’s 11 weeks along and got married 10 weeks ago could very well make this a honeymoon baby. Which would make sense considering how much they were trying to get pregnant (thanks for the over share on that one, Kelly). I certainly don’t care (or have a compulsive need to know) when conception happened, but thought I’d help out those of you who appear to be fascinated about the exact date she conceived.

LisaB on

How about Blake? Love it for a boy or a girl..and also love Blake Shelton 🙂

Bootziegurl on

Seeing that she is throwing up so much, and everything she has said about her pregnancy, I say she is having a BOY. Wishing her and Brandon all the joys of having a blessed child together and may he or she be healthy!!

Paige on

Funny how she said she wasn’t pregnant before the wedding, yet confirms what most already knew. She got pregnant September and got married October!