Father of Evelyn Lozada’s Baby Is Carl Crawford

12/06/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Evelyn Lozada Pregnant Baby's Father Carl Crawford

The father of Evelyn Lozada‘s baby is Carl Crawford of the Los Angeles Dodgers, PEOPLE has learned.

The identity was revealed during an interview with omg! Insider, although the Basketball Wives reality star’s rep tells PEOPLE, “she did not verbally confirm that he is the father.”

Lozada says she is due in late March.

Although she didn’t directly confirm that she’s dating Crawford, an outfielder for the team, Lozada, 37, is looking forward to a fresh start.

“I definitely would get married again. I still believe in love,” she says.

“I’m not one of those people that’s like, ‘We need to get engaged, we need to get married.’ No, absolutely not.”

According to the mom-to-be, time will tell. “I feel like that’s going to come, just like with the baby — let it come. I’m not forcing anything so if it happens, it happens.”

Lozada, who is already mom to Shaniece, 20, confirmed her pregnancy to PEOPLE in November.

“I’m excited about being a mommy all over again,” she said. “This is something I’ve been wanting for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Lee Hernandez

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Beetch needs a paycheck! Shame how some women have no self-respect, they need to depend on a man for a plate of food and shelter.

lu lu on

“she did not verbally confirm he is the father’ how stupid

Anonymous on

Gold digger.

Sacré on

She’s really into sports… basketball players, football players and now baseball. Wonder what sport is next?

VaBch77 on

She dated a basketball player, football player and now a baseball player. All she needs is a hockey player and she has “hit” every major league sport.

Amber on

He’s a pretty temperamental guy (did I spell that right?).

Shay on

A wealthy athlete…..what a surprise!


He already has two children from two other women. Keep it in your pants.

What on

Wait, she is on a show named Basketball wives, was married to a football player and is having a baseball player’s baby? If it looks like a sports groupie and sounds like a sports groupie…well you know the rest!

Cynthia on

She’s having a bastard!

?? on


Frances on

I got such a Maury Povich vibe reading this headline.

dudley doright on

well, we all knew the father would be an actor or an athlete…ha…classic.

blake on

is this chick serious??!!! Evelyn is so loose!!!! any man with a fat wallet will do for her. she hit the.jack pot this time. . . can we alllllllll say CHILD SUPPORT??? cha Ching!!!!!!

Kim on

Seriously? First basketball, then football & now a baseball player? Some people are addicted to being the victim.

Nancy on

Ugh. Please . . trying not to judge here. Seriously?? All I can think of when I see this woman is “I NEED ATTENTION”.

Marge on

It’s not a big surprise. Everyone already knew that.

nuffsaid on

She is such a gold digger. Gets rich athletes and dumps them once their careers stall. Antoine Walker, Chad Johnson (yes he had issues) but if he hadn’t lost a spot on the roster she would have stayed. Carl Crawford wisen up and get an iron clad pre-nup should you decide to marry her. You seem like a nice guy hopefully you just have fun and split.

Brandy on

No she isn’t forcing it but she is just throwing the idea out there if he’s listening (hint hint)…lol

Sandra on

Congrats on the baby…….March 26th is a good day for a birthday and I am willing to share my day with your son.

katrina on

she went from engaged to a Basketball player to married to a football player (for a month) now she’s knocked up by a baseball player. Hmmm ok…

FabChick on

Evelyn wanted to “fix her life” but still making dumb choices. I can’t with her. She’s typical. H-ish.

Martina on

Watch out, NHL! Evelyn has already gone through NFL, NBA and MLB. Maybe we’ll be reading about her having Alex Ovechkin’s twins next.

latiere on

She’s not forcing him to get married because he has a girlfriend that he just had a baby with smh. She has no education so the only thing she uses is her looks and her body to get what she want from these stupid men.

Allison on

All she needs to do now is hook up with a hockey player and she’ll have made her way through all of the major sports organizations.

joy on

Evelyn is not only just a beautiful woman, but a human being. She has the right to be in a relationship if she chooses to. She may be a wonderful mother. She deserves to live her life just like anyone else. Congratulations to her. I’m sure that God will bless her with a healthy and beautiful child.

clockworkcouturesux on

A 20 year old child and a new born. Someone’s not a big fan of family planning. You’d think having a child at 17, she’d know where babies come from by now.

Lady on

Didn’t he just have a child….? Poor babies. She’s a gold digger at its finest……good luck Carl, you’re going to need it!

debbie on

Some of the young ladies on the show, call you loose. and also Jennifer call good money on you. It seems like you where the hater.Where are the condoms,????? now,how long have you been with this man???and don’t care if he marry you???YOU NEED TO GO BACK ON FIT MY LIFE. AND BE REAL WITH YOUR SELF…….

Jamie T on

I think she looks great! Who cares who her baby daddy is, if she is happy then let her be and be happy for her. People need to stop being jealous and hatin’ on her just because she likes to date athletes, SO WHAT. #HATERS