Blue Ivy Celebrates Dad Jay-Z’s Birthday In Style

12/05/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

When you’re Blue Ivy Carter, you don’t just wear a regular jacket. You wear one embellished with gold studs spelling out “Miss Blue Carter” on the back. On Wednesday, mom Beyoncé posted an adorable photo of her 22-month-old girl walking hand-in-hand with the family’s birthday boy — dad Jay-Z — on Instagram.

Along with her blinged-out outerwear, Blue Ivy also wore the Brooklee B (how apropos!) floral booties, $65, by Dr. Martens. So now she has her own crowndirector’s chair and personalized clothing. We wish we had as much swag as Bey and Jay’s daughter. No, really.

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sky on

That is one ‘blinged’ out girl. Hopefully she is not spoiled given the ridiculous swag she wears.

Smom for short on

Just what you want as a parent for everyone, including complete strangers, pedophiles, sex offenders, etc., to know your child’s name. Just because they walk around with an entourage of security guards, does not mean she will always be protected from these types. Keep her out of the limelight for goodness sake!

mia.paloma on

Tacky. Parents who use their kids as accessories.

Anonymous on

Stupid jacket!

RIP Mandela on

I’m sorry but Blue needs a stylist. I have yet to see this child wear anything stylish or appropriate. Her clothes are either thuggish, garish (like this) or just plain street urchin. Her hair is never combed. Yes, afros need to be conditioned, hydrated and groomed, too. Natural doesn’t mean wild and unkempt. She is a beautiful child but her parents could benefit from someone with some style making better clothing choices for her age and sex.

Tracy Spell on

I’m sorry but Blue Ivy or her parents don’t have to answer to any of you people who feel the need to comment on a child’s attire. Perhaps if you spent more time studying instead of studying the rich and famous you wouldn’t have time to comment. The more mean stuff you comment about rich and famous people just makes your environment dark they could care less about how you feel.

Fart on

they can dress that thing in all the leather and doc martens they want to..its still an ugly kid.

Fart on

ugly kid

fatusankoh on

You go blue I love your out fit you are lovely beautiful girl just like your mum bey and your daddy jay may god bless you all for life hatters have noting on you all

Anonymous on

a girl full with cuteness and a jacket with bling

sky on

Hey Tracy,
The more time you spend on the ‘rich and famous’ websites writing about other opinions that you do not share, will free you too from that dark environment. By the way, did you study the right to freedom of expression?

Anonymous on


Martina on

This is so tacky. And looks uncomfortable. No way I am stuffing my two year old in a studded leather jacket. Yikes.

ATan on

Everytime I read such news…I felt the rich are so rich that they have so much time to be so “creative” and spend money like the whole world are full of rich people..

guest on

They also spent $3500 on a lucite crib for Blue Ivy. These two know nothing about being low key.

Anonymous on

sky- I get what you’re saying, but there’s a big difference between stating an opinion and picking on an innocent child. Most of the commenters here have been doing the latter!

Johanna on

I find it a waste of money to spend so much on clothes for children. But I have to confess, I really love this outfit!

Bella on

Beyonce makes me SICK!!!!

susipeach on

Gee Tracy, are you related? Do you realize that the article IS addressing this child’s style? Oh, and please, please, when you give someone a finger-waving, do it right. I think you mean, “They COULDN’T care less”, think about it. The misuse of this phrase gets under my skin – just can’t help it! 🙂

Lady on

I really don’t understand the complete hatred & rudeness towards this family…..seriously. They are never in the media for negativity yet they get all the negative comments.

For all you preachers who want people to “do it the right way” why don’t get they get more credit? Dated for 10 years, married for a few, had a baby…you know…the perfect picture. Dont understant it. Regardless, beautiful famil;y.

Anonymous on

For her safety,her name shouldn’t be on the outside of her clothes.Just hope she doesn’t grow up to be spoiled.

Allie P on

You people are ridiculous! This is a wonderfully adorable jaket/outfit. And a wonderful moment shared with family. Shame on you for ranting about it being “expensive” or associating it with pedophiles knowing her name.

dwayne on

another ghetto ass baby

dwayne on

another ghetto baby

dwayne on

fuck people mag

bklynflo on

Can somebody comb that kid’s hair. Geesh! Instead of looking stylishly au natural, it looks dirty and unkempt.

Mommytoane on

I am not a fan of cothing with names on then, toddlers and young children in partcular. I find that little kids tend to be too social and will talk to anyone. Having their name on their clothes is a good way for them to disappear.
Blue’s Jacket is semi adorable, but not in my taste.

carla on

You people are RIDICULOUS in your ridicule of a one year-old child. For your information, the jacket was a gift from a fan that was given to Beyonce at one of her concerts. Furthermore, Blue’s hair is in its NATURAL, curly state. Just because her curls are small and more kinky does not mean her mother needs to spend hours combing them out to please others who are used to a more straightened style of hair.

Gail on

Shouldn’t she be wearing “walking shoes”?…just saying.

cb on

Looks like a bunch of nasty bigoted devils posting on here about a 22 month old baby, not too mention jealous,,you need to look into your own hateful lives and get your act together..if she were white you would all be saying how cute she is!

Michael on

I am sorry but to name a child “Blue Ivy” or “Carter” or Kush is to name your child after a strain of marijuana. Tacky, Trashy, and just a little bit Ghetto, all be it creative. Maybe the next child will be “Tina Crystal Meth”

suzy hager on

As a fabric designer and clothing manufacturer I love celebrities who spend to dress. Creates jobs.

zoom on

She is just their little doll they like to dress in the most pricey items they can find .. I just hope they shower with as much love an attention

carla on

Michael, Carter is Jay-Z’s last name. What other name was his daughter supposed to have? I guess Jimmy Carter is ghetto too. SMH.

ramona p. on

I find it funny , when someone from the Hollywood crowd dresses there child up and hooks up the baby’s bedroom , their great parents . The same can not be said when Bey and Jay do it . I think society has not got past the fact , or hates the fact that They are RICH .They were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth ( Blue was ) they worked there butts off for it .Rich white collar families pass there money down to there children everyday . We now have a blue collar black family , who made it to the white collar ranks and for some people , that’s a hard pill to swallow .

Juli on

Adorable picture! I love this family!

atlgirl on

This baby is beautiful.she reminds me of my little girl when she was a baby. i think shes just adorable. people mag needs to filter and violate certain persons comments

sky on

This family is ridiculous. We are vegan, let me wear fur to the restaurant. Such display of wealth, when Prince Harry is trecking the south pole “walking with the wounded.” Now that is something to be proud of not this!

Emily on

The jacket looks like it says Miss Blue Farts, lol