Jaime King Wears Her Heart On Her… Sweatshirt?

12/04/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Jaime King Son James Knight Sweatshirtx17; Courtesy Jamie King

It’s been almost two months since Jaime King welcomed son James Knight. And like any new mom, the Heart of Dixie actress wants to keep her new bundle of joy as close to her as she can.

That’s why we loved seeing the fresh-faced King playing up her new parental status with a cheeky message sweatshirt from Bow & Drape that read, “James Knight All Night” last Saturday.

As every mama knows, humor is a great way to handle those sleepless nights. And King is known for taking a fun approach to all things baby — remember her Star Wars-themed shower?

We also admire how put-together she looks after staying up with little James. King paired her comfy gray top with a faux fur scarf and Bardot‘s leopard slouch pant for an easy yet chic ensemble.

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Mrs. Winkler on

She looks really rough…bags under eyes, wow!!!! She must not be getting ANY sleep at all. But I will say this, looks like this particular celebrity is finally taking parenthood seriously by being the mom nature intended as opposed to these other supposed “mothers” who have two or three nannies to get up 4 and 5 times a night…At least she appears to be taking the role of motherhood seriously.

megan on

“As everyone mama knows”

That sound you hear is one thousand English teachers banging their heads in frustration

Anonymous on

Mrs. Winkler- Just because other celebs look more pulled together than Jaime doesn’t mean they aren’t the ones getting up with their kids at night. They might just be using this little thing called make-up. 🙂

That being said, I completely agree with everything else you said, and the general point you made!

Anonymous on

BTW, I’m NOT trying to say that all celeb moms are hands-on (that would be ridiculous!), just that you can’t possibly tell something like that from one picture!

Mrs. Winkler on

In response to ANONYMOUS…I was making that statement based upon what is seen and what is said by other celebrity mothers and their nannies…Take Kim Kardashian, I hardly EVER see her with her daughter in the public (and it is true, that is where they WANT to be, in the limelight as celebrities that they are)….if they WANT to be thought of as taking care of their baby, then they will pose more w/their children as opposed to WITHOUT the children and discussing whatever their nannies do TO take care of THEIR children…Same thing with Beyoncé…It amazes me what they consider this “real world” and “real world celebrities taking care of their real world children with their real world nannies” In the real world, the majority of us humans cannot afford the nannies, I am just sayin….Thanks for your thoughts ANONYMOUS!

Mrs. Winkler on

BTW: I know you cannot take one photo and judge but what other photos do we HAVE to go by??? Again, I’m just sayin…

Lady on

Love her sweatshirt & I think she looks pretty. Who cares if she looks natural & a bit tired….pretty nonetheless.