Ivanka Trump’s Bright-Eyed Boy

12/03/2013 at 10:30 AM ET

Baby, you’re a star!

New mom Ivanka Trump took to Instagram on Sunday to share a new (and sweet!) snapshot of her 7-week-old son Joseph Frederick.

Sporting a star-printed sleeper, Trump’s baby boy has his sights set somewhere away from the camera — perhaps on big sister Arabella Rose, 2.

The real estate mogul — who recently showed off her svelte body after baby during a night out — has taken a strict stand on parenting.

“Growing up in the city, growing up being exposed to the privilege that will surround the baby makes me have to be much stricter as a parent and really make an effort to expose both of my children to the realities of the world around them,” Trump, 32, has said.

“It’s very easy to grow up in Trump Tower in New York City and be very much in a bubble, so I feel like it’s my obligation as a parent to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

— Anya Leon

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Marcia on

…and the baby’s father is….? (I know who it is). Seems like bad journalism not to mention him; Ivanka didn’t hatch the baby on her own.

Gemimi on

Pretty baby! ❤ Congrats to the whole family, they never mentioned the father's name, she didn't make him by herself. Weird.

Tess on

Adorable! I see The Donald in him…

Carolyn on

What a cutie, and he looks so serious!

Abbie Parker on

He is a cutie!!!!

Kate on

What a little darling- He’s breathtakingly beautiful!

Ruth on

Just to fill in a few facts – sweet little Joseph Fredrick is the son of Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka. A really gorgeous baby – Mazaltov to them all!


Cutie. Thanks for sharing. (I like that we get an occasional post from Ivanka. I know she has a boat load of money, but she comes across as very nice and down to earth.)

Carrie M on

Gorgeous! My heart is aflutter!!

Marky on

These two make such beautiful children! She seems so level-headed and well-grounded; her parents did a good job with their children, or got very lucky, and hopefully she will do a great job with hers. You don’t hear of the younger Trumps doing stupid things that make you cringe. Love her children’s names as well.

Beth on


Anonymous on

So serious! 🙂

Anonymous on

Marcia/Gemini (I’m pretty sure you’re the same person!)- I agree with you. I realize it’s a small thing and I’m probably just being nit-picky, but PEOPLE (and other sites, for that matter) not mentioning BOTH of a baby/child’s parents in a post (unless one parent is unknown and/or not in the child’s life for whatever reason) is a pet peeve of mine.

It takes two people to make a baby, and they should both be acknowledged, in my opinion!

Barbara on

Very handsome young fella there. I also see his Trump genes at work.

hotchoc on

I love Ivanka. Shes so grounded and real. I wish more celebrities were like her. And her kids are totally cute!!! 😀

Carrow on

I absolutely love her views on parenting unspoiled self-entitled, unpretentious children! I think nowadays whether you are rich or of moderate means parents over indulge their children. 5 year olds with iPhone and iPad’s We have a generation of kids who feel like their parents and the world should be at their beck and call and everything they see they should have.

Katey on

Marky, you don’t hear of Ivanka doing stupid things but depending on your feelings for species nearing endangered species status there was that one instance of her brothers big game hunting in Africa. While what they did was legal, it was unethical in many people’s minds. While not endangered, the species they hunted was nearing the designation and not something that proliferates like deer in the U.S.

lovely123 on

He looks like he is about to say, “Mom, you’re fired.”

Ashleigh on

Makes me want another baby.
He’s so beautiful.

Anonymous on

Katey- “While not endangered, the species they hunted was nearing the designation”. I have my doubts about that. If that species was even designated as “threatened” (one designation above endangered), I wouldn’t think killing them would be legal.

You’re right about the ethics issue, though. I can’t quite decide where I fall on that, actually!

Agape on

So cute … rocking that ‘mogul’ look from birth!