Fourth Child on the Way for Michael Jordan

11/30/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Michael Jordan Yvette Prieto Pregnant Expecting Baby
Charley Gallay/Getty

Michael Jordan will soon be adding a new member to his home team.

The sports legend, 50, is expecting a baby with wife Yvette Prieto Jordan, 35, Jordan’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

After meeting at a Miami club in 2008, the two tied the knot last April at a ceremony in Palm Beach, Fla.

Later, 300 guests joined the couple at a lavish reception at a nearby golf-course community in Jupiter, where Jordan owns a 38,000-square-foot home. Robin Thicke and Usher were among the star-studded performers at the fête.

“They’ve been planning for months and months,” a source told PEOPLE of the couple’s all-out wedding. “He wanted to give Yvette everything she’s ever wanted.”

This will be Jordan’s fourth child. He has three grown children — sons Jeffrey, 25, and Marcus, 22, as well as daughter Jasmine, 20, with ex-wife Juanita Vanoy, whom he divorced in 2006 after 17 years of marriage.

— Alexis L. Loinaz

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Anonymous on

Another gold digger is set for life …

4tmama on

Congrats, they can afford to do what they want!!

heather on


Crystal on

Michael is wayyyyyyyy to old to be having another baby. His wife is no spring chicken either. His kids are grown. Having a baby at his age is gross.

Diane M on

Classy, waiting until they were married to get pregnant.

Rayna on

At first when I read that he was having his “first child with wife”, I didn’t think straight and thought he was going to be a dad for the first time. Silly me to think that lol. An older black man and an athlete? No chance in hell that would happen. I’m surprised he’s not on the 7th.

photographsprovedyfsfraudinnewjersey on

i m happy because i don’t think she has any at pushing forty in four congrats to her,not sure many men who want a fifth or any children or four,another one at fifty? either way happy for her.

Audrey on

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Michael and Yvette. CONGRATULATIONS TO all the new babies that were born, Jennifer L-H on daughter Autumn, Autumn R on son Dashiell, Paula G on her son Antonio, Chris and Heidi on daughter Ruby, and David and Majandra on their son Louis. Enjoy the Journey.

Rebecca jones on


Cameron on

Ok. Congrats.

Pia Razon on

No doubt this will be a gorgeous baby. Just please don’t name the child “River Jordan.” With all the play on names recently (Blue Ivy, North West, Kill Joy, Tool Shed, etc.) I don’t think I can take it!

photographsprovedyfsfraudinnewjersey on

I think it is nice she has gotten pregnant..but him at fifty i never thought will want anymore.but congrats to her.god bless her.

pixyprincess on

What’s with male celebrities marrying women with man faces!?!

Thira on

Good luck.

Muffy on

Way too old. You’re 50 years old with grown children. Grandchildren should be the only kids you look forward to. My mom is 51 years old and children is nowhere near her mind. Her and my stepdad have been married for over 18 years and the only kids they have are the ones who came with the marriage. People can do what they want, but I will never understand why folks have kids once their other children are grown up.

The Carolina Bee on

Is Michael Jordan having his first grandbaby? If so, how exciting. I know he is proud.

Anonymous on

Way to go Mike

Sun on

How old is his wife?? I remembered Michael Jordan being so popular when he played for the Chicago Bulls when I was growing up and I am 33. Surprised that he is only 50.

Big Fan on


Jen on

She is cementing her financial hooks by having a child.

Jay on

She looks really young??

t fitz on

Could Michael not have found someone of his own culture? It would have been a better match. Zebras are not good in this society./

Tamu on

Is anyone surprised?! He’s an old black fool and she’s just a gold digger trying to secure her financial future. Hope she takes him for all he’s worth!!

Anonymous on

Smart ladY!!

ken on

That was quick!

Bree on

I’m sure the last thing he wanted after marrying this younger woman was a baby on the way! Bet they won’t last.

Charli on

Not surprised at all. My dad’s old butt did the same thing. lol

Smithy on


Smithy on


Mike on

Congratulations kids! All the best!

Mike on


people 59 on

congratulation micheal

pete on

Keep this trashy news out of the news.

pete on

So unless you say something that you know would be a lie this site will not post it. Sorry I have nothing good to say about your up coming news

what an idiot on

Jordon you are F’d. She now has a you as a meal ticket to your millions for the next 18 yrs. Divorced in 3 yrs and will be paying at least 6 figures a year to this jersey chaser.

lysa yitzak on

he has children older than his trophy wife

lysa yitzak on

is that his wife or daughter..age wise

Anonymous on

This is actually his fifth or sixth child. Michael fathered a son before he had any kids with Juanita.

Anonymous on

He look like he could be her father…

Doc holiday on

Sorry, but Jordan is a dumb ass for getting married. She too will rip him off for millions later on. His wife did not deserve the huge sum she got. Take money out of divorce!

Hattie54 on


Anonymous on

I guess that prenup means nothing now!

dee on

Can we say Golddigger. Having a baby sealed the million dollar deal, Yes. That is one for you wifey.

Laughing_Boy48 on

Boy, does he have it made in the shade. A perfect career and a perfect life.

ed on

The world seems to have an endless supply of dumb white women

Bruan on

She seems like a trophy wife to him and nothing more.

baby lottery on

Baby jackpot, now that she’s pregnant he’ll start cheating like he cheated on his first wife.

guest on

Now that she’s hit the lottery, and pregnant he can move on to his next conquest.

Niki on

You have enough kids Grandpa. She is just ensuring her payday, you old gross man. Idiot.

mommymoon on

Doesn’t she get it???
Once she has a couple of kids he will dump her for younger
tighter skin??

latrayvon on

he got hisself a bimbo blonde!

sieben13 on

I hope he has a good pre-nup

sieben13 on

I hope he has a iron clad pre nup

Anonymous on

trophy wife….a dream come true…

Anonymous on

yeah gold digger.

Anonymous on

Trophy wife cementing her place in his life and his pocket.

TK on

In the article about their wedding, it states she is 35. So, give her a break!

Gina on

Anchor baby..

leshell71 on

Wonder how his other kids feel about that?

The Carolina Bee on

I thought that his first marriage was OK, since they stayed together for a long time. His first wife was very pretty and smart. They also had children. I heard that, even, while he was married to her, he said that he wanted a white wife if he was to ever get married a second time. I think that his son only dates white women and he does gets a lot of attention when he goes out, because he is usually out on a date with one on each arm. Would be nice if rich black athletes would invest into poor black communities, nationwide, help create more jobs for minorities, build new communities with homes for veterans and working minorities who needs assistance in purchasing affordable homes, help failing cities like Detroit, create and bring back jobs to poor inner cities that were once prosperous, and rural neighborhoods, set a fine example for young black boys, by showing them that they love and respect black women, think that they are beautiful, be at the forefront in the public helping minorities, set the example of letting old black women know that they appreciate all the floor scrubbing and, slave, like jobs they did, for so many years, to get black athetes to where they are today. Even, today black women takes the lesser jobs, are overlooked for promotions or first to be be demoted from supervisory positions, but keeps on working to help put her children through school and feed and care for them.These black athletes get crazy rich, forget where they came from, always trying to impress other black athletes, by wanting to be seen in public with a white female, especially a blonde, and last but not least, most of their money ends up going to a white wife or girlfriend and her family, with that black athlete never doing enough for his own family and the community or town where he came from. Is it possible that these guys still have that black slave man’s mentality when it comes to comparing white women to black women, so far, as to who deserves the best? I wonder. I will end this by saying, that God loves interracial marriages and I, truly, believe in interracial marriages, if they are in truly in love, and if she would have married this black man, even if he was not filthy rich, and it’s not all about his money, then, I say, “Go for it and I wish you well.” By the way, I’ve seen a few wealthy and famous white men marrying black women, but not at the rate and numbers super black athletes and other wealthy black men have married white women.

Brian on

She’s gross for sleeping with him period! What women won’t do for cash baby!! Yuk

Stating the Obvious on

Trophy Wife??? How about Trophy husband! She is not even attractive, what did she model again? Not to mention that White Cubans don’t even care for Black ppl AT ALL. Coming from a family of criminals, yes she has indeed secured her finances for life! Shame on MJ for being so stupid.