Evelyn Lozada Expecting Second Child

11/29/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Evelyn Lozada pregnant
Roger Wong/INF

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has a little bundle of joy on the way!

“I am so excited to announce a wonderful blessing — I’m pregnant!” the 37-year-old tells PEOPLE exclusively, confirming that she is six months along.

Lozada, who divorced Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson in 2012, after just two months of marriage, says she has been planning to have a baby for years and even talked about it on her reality show. So she was overjoyed when she took an at-home test and learned she was pregnant.

Lozada is keeping the identity of the baby’s father a secret at the moment.

“I’m excited about being a mommy all over again,” adds Lozada, who has a daughter, Shaniece, 20, from a previous relationship.

“This is something I’ve been wanting for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.”

The proud mom-to-be also took to Facebook, where she posted a photo of her cradling her precious baby bump, along with the caption: “New Beginnings.”

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Lee Hernandez

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Shiela kerr on

I pity the man who impregnated this woman! Of course she would mate with someone with wealth in order not to work! This woman is a bully and desperate for attention!

ellabeepr on

Breaking: Baby Daddy is Carl Crawford from the Dodgers.

Jay on

Does anyone know who she was married to or involved with that got her on Basketball Wives to begin with?

deb on

We all know it’s Carl Crawford..

dominique on

That’s sad u to old for that its time for your grand kids and who is the baby’s father

Anonymous on

Good for you Evelyn ..hope you be a GOOD MOTHER! to the child and also you need to work on how you treat other people watching you on basketball wives really disgusted me towards the type of person you are just letting you know but other than that goodluck on the baby

Anonymous on

Wish her all the happiness in the world. Good luck.

denise on

Wish her all the happiness in the world. Good luck.

Anonymous on

LA Doger – Carl Crawford MLB Player

black fri shopper on

Wow. She’s happy that she will now have a steady income (child support) for 18 yrs. Wouldn’t be surprised of the baby daddy is a married man….

Angie on

Congratulations Evelyn!

Anonymous on

That is beautiful. Congratulations.

Anonymous on

Good for her and best of luck. Nice to have that second chance and she’s brave to venture it alone.

Kachina on

Congrats. May God Bless you and your little bundle of joy.

kim burns smith on

I am very excited for you, in spite of what you have been through , god is giid and always on time… i am a divorced mom of 3 boys who has suffered abuse in my marraige of 13 years… abused cheated on, now divorced for 10 years, has made ne stronger, build my self esteem , accomplish my goals and maintain my career… i am free , i so love the basketball

wives , my favorite, and i am so happy for

you… godbless you ms lady .. your the best in my book . Stay beautiful and blessed remember god first……

Anonymous on

congrats evelyn

Neka on

How you get a divorce and later on you pregnant all I can say is whore unless you and chad was cheating on each other.

Lydia P. on

Im so very happy for Ev, she deserves to be happy, as so many of us women do. Congrats girl on your lil bundle of joy. I wish you all the best, and continue to strive for sure happiness.

Kita on


Monica08 on

Congrats to her! If this is what they wanted that’s great! She wasn’t married to Chad when she got pregnant by her current baby daddy so that’s a plus.

Monica08 on

Also – how is this a PEOPLE exclusive? TMZ posted this story earlier today with an updated picture of her & her baby bump.

deb on

Carl Crawford MAY BE THE FATHER so why cover it up People Mag you started it!

Sonja on

That was quick.

glenda sarran on

I am very excited for Evalyn!!! She is a beautiful woman with a great heart.. That baby will be very lucky to have her as a mom.. Evalyn deserves to be happy and i can really see she is glowing..

Piper on

This baby ain’t about that life!

nizzy on

I’m so happy for you Evelyn, you have been through a lot congratulation, I know would be the best mum to this child love you mwahh


Oh great. Another black chick getting knocked up for attention and or $&$. Exactly what our society needs.

Monica08 on

@SHAWTAY – actually she’s Puerto Rican so get it right before you start spewing racist garbage!

Lisa54 on

News flash: there are these people called Afro Latinos. Not all the people shipped in from west Africa went NORTH

Look at all the Dominicans for instance. Zoe Saldaña- example. Wiki it.

This chick is dark for Puerto Rican but there are black PR’s.

Robbin on

Congrats I hope it’s a boy just like u said u wanted.

Idell Tate on

Evelyn I am so happy for you. Do you!!! it’s funny how people always try to comment on other people life. When at the same time they stuff ain’t together….. Congrats and tell people don’t worry about who yo baby father is. It’s not like They gonna step up and give you nothing. So if it was me this will always be a mystery for society

anny brooks on

To each it’s own, I don’t understand why someone who already has a child 20 years old would want to be pregnant! Especially with the way people think, and the way this world is now? when I think about Evelyn the only memory I can see of her when she hopped across that table to fight her friend Jennifer, and for what? Jennifer warned her not to get married to Chad in the first place!!!!!!!

Sacmar on

SHAWTAY, Evelyn is not African-American. She is Puerto Rican. Why make this a racial issue? Deadbeats come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Tisha on

I can’t think of one nice thing to say about this woman so I won’t…but congratulations on your baby.

boesluv on

Congratulations!!! What a blessing.

Maria Ayala on

I am very happy for U! Enjoy life! 😉

Anonymous on

Gold Digger ain’t messin with no broke broke broke.

Susie on

This chick is just looking for $$$$, what a loose woman!!

Melissa Williams on


Lisa54 on




chops on

Thank god she got away from that wife beater!! you think she would be smiling and having a baby if she was with that CHAD dude .. I think not…

joey on

gorgeous latina

Anonymous on

Keeping the baby’s father secret?…or still trying to figure out who that guy ought to be?

1SoaringLady on

Evelyn is human + just as deserving of a New Beginning as the rest of us. Everyone exemplifies “pain” in some form/fashion in life, but the appropriate measure is if/how we transcend beyond it. For her part, I hope her experiences will make her much wiser & a better person/mom overall. Blessings Ev!

Maria Mitchell on

Hi honey , first of all I love the show ! Whether you let the father be known or not that is your business ! I support you ALL the Way ! Stay positive and give birth to that beautiful BABY ! (which we all know that the baby will be . )

Candace on

Now I aint sayin she a golddigger, but she aint messin with no broke……

Margo on

Congrats a blessing after a difficult time……..

BJ Richard on

Happy for you, Ev!

Hope on

This Chick is too much. Doing too much. It’s horrible how Chad can’t get a break but she’s all smiles. She is a victim of her own madness. Good luck poison.

James on

Carl Crawford must enjoy being with teams and woman he don’t like if he the dad…Chad time to get that tatt covered there’s no turning around if this baby is not yours, if it is you get JACKASS of the Century dealing with that Cancer of a woman…

Beth on

She was involved with Antoine Walker they dated along time she’s a gold digger he gave her alot of money to (hide) into her biz and he ended up broke filing bankruptcy no longer plays for the nba.

Beth on

Why is my comment not up smh

Beth on

I can’t stand this lady but the racist comments are below the belt!

deb a on

This is ur Top Store, really that’s pretty pathetic. She’s nothing but ghetto on TV

msliftbig on

An athlete of course.

enevola on

Wow. congrats I guess. strange she was on BBWives crying and sniffling about Chad, yet she claims to have started this NEW relationship about a year ago. This chick is a serious SportsGROUPIE… Engaged to Andre from NBA many years and left when his $$ dried up, then hooked Chad from NFL until that fiasco (still not believe HER version of events) and now finally got a big fish from the MLB not to mention the numerous “jump-off” situations in between those primetime dudes. Oh well, I’m sure this is the real thing for her now.

Jaimie on

Nobody cares, how is it possible that such a nasty person gets time and space on people.com, unbelievable!! She treated other people horrible and when she was not treated correctly, well, domestic violence was o so not ok, but Evelyn violence is ok I guess. Who would want such a mother for his child???

Terri on

Shawtay’s comment was ridiculous, but her never called her African-American. He called her black.

Anonymous on

Congrats to her! After what Chad did to her, she deserves all the happiness in the world!

heather on

who care

Tahnya on

Sacmar your absolutely right!!! Rotflmfao …frfr

The Truth on

@dominique what ghetto do you live where 37-year-olds have grand kids?!

Betty Bodie on

Leave her alone, she’s a grown woman who makes her own decisions. All of us have made mistakes but hey you get knocked down, but not knocked out.

Gia on

I never understand why people come online to post negative comments on others. Saying things they prob cudn’t say face to face. Who is the bully when u come online and post negatively about a pregnant lady you DO NOT KNOW??? Jus because you see her on tv don’t mean you know her. Have some respect. Evelyn congrats on your baby, babies are a true blessing and you deserve it 🙂

maria rios on

I,m happy for you take good care of yourself and the baby ok

beeswax on

I am usually on top of all of the celebrity news. I buy the hard copy of People, and I also visit people.com at least once a day, but most days multiple times. However, I do not know who this “Evelyn Lozada” is. Is she from reality TV? I will never forget the first time I saw “honey boo boo” and her over weight family on a magazine cover at the grocery store. I had never heard of them either. What on earth is our world coming to? I prefer to read about REAL celebrities. Not wanna be “celebrities”. Although, I do appreciate when People covers real life stories such as The McStay family tragedy, the tornado coverage..you get my drift? But please, People, stop putting those ridiculous reality wanna be somebodies in your magazine. I have an idea, why don’t you create “Reality People” and put all of the garbage in there. I will be sure and not read it online and I absolutely will not purchase the magazine.

Rosemary Duran on

I am so happy for you may God bless you and your bundle of joy. Always keep your head up high and never look back you ate going to be a great MOM

Alisa on

Happy for you Evelyn

mind ures on

she has her own money and a makeup line that’s doing great

Aliia on

She finally got what she wanted: Money without working for it!! She’ a hot freaking mess. Feel sorry for that kid.

gigi on

She may be part African even if she is Puerto Rican

Jamie on

Neka – do you not understand basic math? She got divorced in 2012 and now in December of 2013 is 6 months pregnant. That means she got pregnant likely in May of 2013, long after she was divorced. Think before you make judgements like that.

Charli on

So much judgment from so many. What happened to wishing people well?

sherrell on

Please! Evelyn needs to get her mind right. This is where the female makes the big mistakes. Not handleing the past , but yet she’s tryin to birth a baby into her madness. Please someone tell her not to hand down her hurt and pain to another one of our blessed children!!!!

Lyoness on

I bet Evelyn don’t give a d@mn if this guy cheats on her. As long as them Child Support Checks are Correct. I wonder if he put a ring on it with a prenup.

nickeia shante johnson on

Boy or girl Cogratulation

angel stroud on

I can’t get all warm& fuzzy for her. Granted ,its a blessing having
a baby.Hope all goes well. But she still comes off as fake,all bout the loot. Supp baby daddy is a baseball player,worth over 140mil. She wuz right to dump Chad. How she came off on BW wznt all acting. Whether she’s chgd or not, I still see her as a calculating, rude gold digger. Every dude she’s hooked up with ,gotta have loot. She does her research. U got it? U can hit it.

Ann on

Sure hope she has grown up since Basketball Wives…..

marilyn smith on

What the hell is she thinking her old azz has nothing better to do then bring a poor incidence baby here.her daughter. is 20 years old.anything to keep her in the show and keep money coming.SAD