Kelly Clarkson: I Have Morning Sickness ‘All Day and All Night’

11/26/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant Today Show Morning Sickness
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For expectant Kelly Clarkson, morning sickness is a cruel term.

“I don’t know why they call it morning sickness, that’s my big joke right now,” she tells Savannah Guthrie on Today Tuesday. “It’s like all day and all night.”

Clarkson, who was on the show promoting her new Christmas album, Wrapped in Red, couldn’t bother pretending when Guthrie asked the singer if she’s feeling well.

“Nope,” she said with a laugh.

“But I am super-excited about being pregnant,” she added a few moments later. “I’m just looking forward to the second trimester.”

The American Idol winner shared her pregnancy news last Tuesday on Twitter, just a month after she tied the knot with Brandon Blackstock.

Clarkson, 31, admitted she made the announcement before she might have been ready, but the morning sickness motivated her to move up the big reveal.

“We were trying to wait until the end of my first trimester … but everybody kept talking about it and I had to cancel something because I’ve been so ill. I didn’t want people to think I was canceling and I’m lazy or something, so we just told people,” she said.

The “Because of You” singer has been very open about their desire to have a baby, and on Tuesday she made it clear that this pregnancy was no accident. She’s apparently educated herself so much on baby-making that she has a scientifically-based hunch that this baby-to-be is a girl.

“Scientifically, they say if [you get pregnant] after you ovulate, girl sperm lasts longer than boy sperm, at least that’s what my doctor told me, and I guess mine was late.”

“It’s a gut feeling, too,” she added. “Because she’s killing me, and of course it’s a girl causing the trouble.”

Even if she is wrong, she and Blackstock are covered in one area: baby names.

“We already have a name for girl or boy,” she said. “We’re not saying because I don’t want anybody stealing my baby name.”

“We named our kid before we were even pregnant!” she added.

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— Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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Mel J on

This is gonna be a looonnnng, long pregnancy, with Kelly being only 4 weeks along and telling us about every vomit session and every hemorrhoid she has for the next 9 months.

carol on

Good luck ,seems like a sweet girl .

jmquinnn on

Something tells me it’s gong to be a long 8 months…

I wish her well but she did such a wonderful job with her low-key wedding it was a breath of fresh air. She might want to save most of the pregnancy details for close friends and family.

Mel on

This is gonna be a loooong pregnancy if she’s announcing it this early.

Mommy on

Ugh…I remember those days…. I was sick until my 5th month, on FMLA, with an at home IV and a Zofran pump.

…Hyperemesis Gravidarum …

Dawn on

Hopefully the second trimester will be better. I worked with a woman who was 7 months along before she started feeling better. Good Luck to her!

Anna on

My bf of two years and I have already picked out names for a girl and a boy and we aren’t married or anywhere near planning for parenthood yet. It’s just one of those cute things you do as a couple, I suppose. Congrats to Kelly and her man. She seems so happy, just as I am with mine.

Melissa on

She’s promoting a Christmas album, so of course she’s everywhere right now. She was right to just announce it and get it out of the way. I’m sure the attention will die down once the holidays are over.

Carrie on

Well hopefully she’s right. We tried timing it around ovulation to get a girl the second time around based on the female chromosome sperm living longer and we got a girl. Whether or not that was true or chance, who knows. With my son I was nauseated a lot in the beginning, vomited twice. With my daughter I was nauseated the day before I even got a positive test & was taking Zofan & vomiting up until 2 days before I had her. Good luck!

lottevlootman on

Oh come on people, lighten up! Kelly’s touring all these radio shows and tv shows right now to promote her Christmas album, it’s obvious all these interviewers are going to ask about her pregnancy. What would you have her do, bite their heads off and refuse to comment? It’s an exciting time in her life, and as Melissa says once the holidays are over and she’s further along in her pregnancy, the buzz will die down.

If you’re already sick of reading, simply turn off your computer or read about someone else. I personally prefer this amazing couple’s wedding bliss over some (no, I’m not going to mention THEM by name again) so called celebs and their narcissist ways…

Mari on

I’ve never understood why women want to roll out of bed and announce they’re pregnant. Sure makes for a looooong wait. But, I feel her pain and wish her well.

Melisa on

Maybe because they are excited and waited their whole lives to be parents??? Why poop on their parade?

KC on

I love me some Kelly Clarkson, I really do – but I have cringed more than once at her willingness to blab since she announced her marriage plans. It’s just too much. I love her, I love how open she is, but lordy girl, learn to zip it a little. Im already over it and shes less than 3 months preggo!

Julie on

I had morning sickness morning , day, and night for 9 months with both of my girls. It’s the only time I can lose weight without trying.

Tanya on

You know what I love about all the pregnancy stories… its not me or either of my daughters. I threw up everytime I brushed my teeth. So counter productive.

Just My Opinion on

@ Mel J, I agree. Enough already.

dancer92136 on

Congrats…I had the all day sick thing too. Also the get sick if someone was smoking within a 5 mile radius thing. It is all worth it in the end.

Mickey on

Wow, Ms. Clarkson. First we had to hear about how lonely and desperate you’ve been since you didn’t have a man. Then it was the desperate engagement ring hint that you were dropping to your boyfriend. Then we had to hear about how you were screwing like rabbits. Now we have to hear about every second of your nauseating pregnancy. Some things are better left unsaid. No. Really.

diana on

In my experience I only had severe morning sickness like this with both my girls, my son not too bad. So maybe it will be a girl! 🙂 Either way congrats to the future parents! She is a gem!

devon on

Definitely early to be spilling the beans, but congratulations to Kelly and her husband! She shouldn’t be too sure that the all day sickness is a sign of a girl though! I’m nearly 8 months pregnant with a girl and haven’t been sick at all. Sure, I was nauseous but didn’t end up getting sick. My girlfriend was as sick as a dog with her first and she had a boy!

heather on

people were only talking about because SHE kept talking about it! also, welcome to pregnancy – you get sick, it happens, a lot. and that whole morning sickness joke is old.

junebug on

Rather hear about her then Kim K being pregnant.

Gag on

‘We’re not saying because I don’t want anybody stealing my baby name’.

Huh? No one can name their child the same name as Kelly’s or else its considered stealing?

Buffettgirl on

Everyone I’ve ever know that has had all day “morning sickness” has had a boy. She’d better dial back the “it’s a girl, I just know it” stuff, just in case…

ELC on

Is she going to give her fans a blow by blow of her pregnancy…please. I read enough. I wish her well, but she’s not the only pregnant person whose been sick. Lets stop blowing it out of proportion already. If she’s like this now…what will she be like at the end of her pregnancy?

Becky on

Ditto every word that Mickey said.

Dahlia10 on

Kelly, you gut feeling is that you are having a girl because…” she is killing me and of course it’s a girl causing the problem”…You are already placing a gender guilt and burden on her before she is born. What if it is a boy, will you say the same thing about your son? You chose and planned to get pregnant! The British Royal family recently had a baby boy, and it is well known that his mother suffered a great deal of nausea and misery. I don’t recall reading that she blamed her son. Even if it is meant in humor, Kelly, please think before speaking! Young girls and daughters worldwide, are considered a burden and undesired pregnancy. Let’s not add to this injustice. Regardless, Congratulations and feel better soon!

norma on

do we need to know how you are feeling it is your privite life

Lori on

OMG, Shut up!!!

Talea on

Red Raspberry Leaves in capsules… takes away about 80% of morning sickness. Been there, done that!

Jo on

I would have to say she is having a girl too. Had the same morning, noon and nighttime sickness with my girl. Seems girls cause it worse then boys. Guess it’s the mother/daughter thing getting started from the womb !

chelle on

I think it’s going to be a boy. I am only basing it on all my friends who had really bad morning sickness and all their kids turned out to be boys and a lot of my friends who had girls didn’t have really bad morning sickness. But, good luck to Kelly and her hubby wish them all the best and a happy healthy baby


Sorry you feel so sick. This is actually good, your hormones are high, which is good.

Chicky dee on


Just Me on

I don’t understand why all of these bloggers are already tired of hearing about Kelly Clarkson’s pregnancy. She hasn’t been pregnant that long. As Ms. Clarkson pointed out, it’s for the best to announce the reason behind her cancellations rather than having the media speculate and assume other reasons. I’ve been a big fan of Kelly Clarkson ever since her American Idol days. It’s nice to know that there are celebrities out there who are still down to earth and unaffected by their celebrity status. Kelly C. has always seemed like the girl next door to me, and I’m glad she’s still grounded. I’d much rather read and hear about her morning sickness than read about how other celebrities have run-ins with the law, or read about how another female ” reality star” photographed selfies of her butt, etc… At least the average non-celebrity female can relate to Kelly Clarkson; I can’t say that about many other famous people.

dancer92136 on

Here is the funny thing people that don’t want to read about her pregnancy…clearly others do. See the votes 23 vocal people do are not even representing 10% of the votes that liked this article. Add to that the MOST READ status and plan on seeing a lot more.

Sk on


Just Me on

Congrats to Kelly and Brandon!

Anonymous on

Congrats to Kelly and her husband, but I realllllly hope she doesn’t turn into one of those girls who is completely non-stop about her pregnancy/baby. I get that it’s an exciting time for them, but the world doesn’t revolve around one woman’s pregnancy. I had friends who thought that, and I quickly learned to stay away from them – or at least keep contact to a minimum – during those long 9 months!

ava on


Amanda on

I really hope if I have a kid someday it’ll be a boy, since morning sickness with boys is usually not as bad.

t on

I remember suffering from morning sickness terribly in my pregnacies- so I told people early too (of course I am not a celebrity) but I do get where she is coming from

Hopper on

That’s what I had . And I had boys .

sachanikoll on

She always kept her life private, which is her prerogative. Now all of a sudden she can’t tell enough.

kate on

“…but everyone kept talking about it…” UH–Kelly, you are the only one that won’t be quiet about it..what is everyone else to do?

Rss on

I have two daughters. Sick with #2 and felt great with #1. So I don’t think that is a very good way to guess at the gender.

Just saying…. Best of luck.

Rachel on

Okay seriously, I have a feeling that a good portion of the negative “this is gonna be a long pregnancy”, “she’s annoying”, “stop talking about your morning sickness already” comments are all the same poster. You can figure it out just by reading them. Get a life.

She’s done one interview where she discussed morning sickness and suddenly she’s doling out every detail of her pregnancy? And here’s a thing… if you’re not interested – don’t read it. Simple as all that.

Jeni on

The whole morning sickness is worse with girls thing is SUCH a crock of bull. I know WAY too many people, including myself, who have had both girls and boys and the experiences vary far too much to judge it like that. Plus, look at Duchess Kate! She had severe sickness that led to her being hospitalized and BAM! She had a boy. It makes no difference what gender the baby is. It’s about the woman carrying the baby and how her body handles the change in hormones coursing through her body. That’s it!

Anonymous on

Okay, these comments make me laugh. Kelly, as others have mentioned, is promoting her Christmas Album. Since she just announced her pregnancy, interviewers are naturally going to ask about it. But apparently people expect her to refuse to answer those questions? Oookay!

Anonymous on

On a more positive note, considering that Kelly said she’s still in her first trimester, it would appear that this might be a honeymoon baby after all. 😉

melissa on

Why all the haters? She’s one of the most ‘real’ celebrities out there. She’s funny, she’s kind, nothing is off limits with her. I love that about her. She tells it like it is and that’s just how it is. Plus with her new cd coming, you honestly think no one is going to ask her about her pregnancy? Get real… of course she’s going to say something.

Renee on

I’ve had the all day, all pregnancy long sickness with both mine. A daughter and a son. The only cure was giving birth! We had to make the earlly announcements too as it’s rather obvious when you start vomiting on multiple occasions in front of all your friends and family. Of course we all know the downside of announcing early so I do hope her baby is a sticky one. Congratulations

Andi on

Dahlia10…. do shut up.

Paula on

She’s going to be VERY disappointed when her baby is born with a penis.

Dorothy on

I thought for sure I was having a girl bc of all the morning sickness….nope not so – it’s called an Old Wive’s Tale for a reason!

Melissa on

4 weeks along? I didn’t even find out I was pregnant until I was 7 weeks along and I only told those who I felt close to and could trust to keep it quiet. I didn’t announce it until my 17th week after I finally got to hear my baby’s heartbeat.

As for her morning sickness, I’ve been lucky where I tend to only get it when I rush myself out of bed in the morning, which unfortunately happens to be the weekends when I work early.

Good luck to her!

Dian on

Hope the kid gets a normal name and not one of those made-up Gollywood types. The names that come out of Gollywood are ridiculous!

Amber on

She’s so genuine and real. Sickness is sign of a healthy pregnancy, so good for her!

Anonymous on

Melissa- She never said she was four weeks along (or that it’s a honeymoon baby, which would make her about four weeks along). I don’t know where the OP got that. All she said was that she was still in her first trimester, which means she could be as far as eleven weeks.

Jessy on

@Mel J
who said that she’s only 4 weeks along??? She announced it only 4 weeks after she got married.

Cindy Halpern on

I was only sick if I ate the wrong thing.

Anonymous on

I feel her pain. With my son, 11 years ago, I felt wonderful during my pregnancy!! So when I found out I was pregnant again I thought the same….not so! The sickness hit….and lasted! All day, all night, every single day for weeks. It was miserable. I was puking 6 times a day, every single day. Sometimes it was just stomach acid/bile that burned! I was bed ridden most of the time. I didn’t cook at all. My mother cooked and my mother in law did my dishes and took my son to school. I only got up to do laundry and go to work. Even showering was hard! I was weak and starving. It does get better tho!! Second trimester!! Btw I don’t know what I’m having yet, 3 more weeks!

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