Sasha Obama Helps Sell Out ASOS Unicorn Sweater in Hours

11/22/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Sasha Obama ASOS Sweater
Mitch Stringer/Sipa

It looks like Scandal‘s Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington, that is) isn’t the only one making fashion waves in Washington, D.C.

On Sunday, President Obama, wife Michelle and their daughters Sasha, 12, and Malia, 15, were spotted sitting courtside, showing support for the First Lady’s brother who coached the Oregon State Beavers as they faced the Maryland Terrapins in a college basketball game.

But as the First Family was busy getting their game faces on, style mavens around the globe took special note of Sasha‘s whimsical knitwear.

Immediately, Twitter was abuzz with comments about the tween’s stylish topper and within hours her ASOS Unicorn Sweater ($19) was completely sold out.

Bummed about missing out on the latest Obama-inspired must-have? Well, make room in your closet because the company is restocking the sweater in early December.

“The Sasha Obama unicorn jumper WILL be restocked (party, party, partaaay!),” they Tweeted on Thursday.

— Anya Leon

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mb on

Mark Turgeon is Maryland’s bball coach, the First Lady’s brother coaches Oregon State

Sarah S. on

What a cute sweater–and so affordable!

Katie on

Hope they don’t grow up to be like their father!!! That would be a shame!!! Go back to Kenya, Mr. Pres!

ashi on

Seriously, grow up.

meghan on

Fuck you, Katie.

Meghan&Julie on

Every time I see them, they grow a little more.. How time flies. Very cute and age appropriate. Xo

Jen DC on

Both the girls are so pretty! And I’m so glad Sasha has hit her growth spurt, because I was afraid she was gonna get left behind by the seemingly super-tall Malia! (I remember when my younger sister outgrew me, though. Still stings LOL!)

HAHAHAHAHA @Katie. Gosh, it must be horrible to think they might grow up to be Ivy-league graduates, law review editors at prestigious law schools or thoughtful, service-minded, high-ranking elected officials.

I can’t even help you with the whole “go back to Kenya” thing. If his parentage and the Hawaiian state government can’t convince you… you’re just stupidly stubborn.

twingirlmomma on

and notice now the sweater has been marked up to $44.50

Lilli on

As much as I detest Barry and Moochelle, they do appear to be good parents. The sweater is adorable and the girls are cute.

Morning Coffee on

@ Katie, Yes because being a successful, intelligent person is a bad thing. The Obamas seem to be doing a wonderful job raising their children and I admire them. Sounds like you are the shameful one here.

sally on

no thanks! Everything they do is tacky!

oregonsophie on

@Jen DC – or Katie is stubbornly stupid…both would apply here. Some people just don’t want to change…

sally on

meghan grow up! These people are tacky as tacky can be! You proved just how pathetic you are by swearing!

Ayisha Carnival Queen on

They’re is nothing over the top cute about that sweater..people are just followers and want to feel important or apart of the “In” crowd. Sold out within Minutes, really?

Katie on

Meghan and Jen it’s sad people like you voted him in. You must hate America just like he does!!! You should leave as well. I’m tired of all the handouts to losers like you.

Karen on

Amazing, finally a success story for the name Obama. And it was because of a materialistic offspring. It’s wonderful how the media gets all teary eyed and lovey dovey over the worst presidency ever.

Marcia on

Sasha is adorable. My 14 year old is a big fan of both Sasha and Malia.

teddy on

Yeah – what meghan said! I don’t care what your stupid politics are, that FAMILY is adorable. Katie, you sound like an uneducated moron.

Guest on

Beautiful American girls. They are role models for all American children. Mylie C. (sp) should take notes on how to be classy and educated!

These girls won’t end up to be alcoholics, like the other girls who grew up in the WH. They will follow in the steps of decency, like Chelsea and Amy.

I am glad that President Obama banned them from watching the KK exhibition.

Sandra on

@Katie, “Go back to Kenya”, like the Kennedys should have gone back to Ireland, right?

Wow, jealously really is the most evil force in the world.

Shaneyney on

Yikes! That’s one fugly kiddo.

bebe on

To the moron Katie, the President’s mother is American. Children tend to be born where their MOTHERS are, not their fathers. You know, because men don’t give birth.

There is absolutely no indication that these lovely, poised young ladies will grow up to be anything but wonderful. And while the Bush twins once seemed to be a little wild and rebellious, they grew up to be wonderful, too.

Sarah on

I love their little family! I want my Christmas card with Bo this year.

bevvie on

Cute young ladies.

Jen DC, you said it best in your response to the clueless Katie!

Anonymous on

hey katie where are your papers

Tang on

She’s the black Amy Carter.

Aud on

@JenDC I agree!!

Lilyflower on

@Katie- go back to Kenya? You are aware he was born in Hawaii, right?

Sheena B on

No JEN DC, you are stupidly stubborn. We have a fraud in the White House who should be underneath a federal prison and then deported out of the United States. This CIA baby who was groomed from birth to be the President of the United States has along with his New World Order thugs perpetrated the largest fraud in American history.

JEN, you did not elect him into the Presidency, he was selected a long time ago.

JEN, please educate yourself. America, please educate yourself. Don’t believe the HYPE. Don’t believe the COVER STORY. There are many pages in the middle that indicates we have a very troubled person in the White House. Unfortunately, the main stream media which includes PEOPLE Magazine refuses to tell the American public the truth.

Debby on

the stupid comment Katie made is dumb…old saying: people don’t know how ignorant you are until you open your mouth!! sad that people can’t say anything nice:(


Katie, he IS the president of the United States, whether you like or not. And I’d guess that his daughters are extremely proud of him, as they should be. WINNING!

Zeze on

Katie you are an idiot.

bevvie on

@ Sheena B: Girl, take your medicine! You are clearly MENTAL!

mummyriot on

I really wish the haters would get out of their recliners and actually do something besides try to tear down a sitting President and his family because, hello, they’d never make it outside the trailer park.

sarah on

Nasty katie why don’t u go take ur meds, who on earth unchained u? U are a depressed soul that needs help those Obama’s kids are cute and good kids. And Obama is ur president wither u like it or not, so I suggest u keep ur fustrated bitter comment to urself. Unbelieveable.

Edie on

MEGHAN’s Comment should be flagged and TAKEN OFF this site! Get it together, PEOPLE MAG. What is wrong with you and more importantly, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEGHAN?

ABSOLUTELY NO CLASS and quite the intelligent comeback!!! Geeez, It figures…

anonymous on

So so so so so tired of the questions still surrounding the birth of our President. He is an American. He was born in Kapiolani Hospital in HNL HI. He attended Punahou school, founded by children of missionaries from Massachusetts. Her mother and grandmother are residents of Hawaii and white. His mom attended the University of Hawaii where she met his father from Kenya. UH is a diverse school that welcomes people from many countries. They married and Barack was born. They later divorced and his mom married a man from Indonesia where Barack lived for a while and where his sister was born. He applied as a foreign student from INDONESIA and was denied.

People from Hawaii do have these kinds of problems.

Selena on

Cute girls and a cute sweater! Kudos to their parents for the way these girls are always dressed appropriately!! Not easy to do with girls in that age group! And to top it off….they appear to be happy!

Anonymous on

Thank you Meghan for telling the ass Katie off. You sound like a complete IDIOT Kaite!!

discoveringvegan on

Comments on an article about a unicorn sweater degenerate into racist idiocy in less than 0.13 seconds, wonderful.

Cats on

lmao, I come to people for the comments which never cease to entertain.. This one even brought out the conspiracy theorists.. Thanks for the laughs. 😀

SuzyQ on

SheenaB, honey, are you for real? Did you forget to take your meds AGAIN?

Angela on

I’m sure Sasha wouldn’t appreciate this being filed under “Babies”. lol My 12yr old daughter would love that sweater too. 🙂

RNW on

You’re a real bunch of winners talking crap about a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD that you don’t even know. How disgusting….

Lauren on

I have the sinking suspicion that I may be too old for a unicorn sweater. Darn.

Anonymous on

I think that People should remove the whole comment section as the WHOLE thing has went from a child’s sweater to fighting. Personally, I don’t think it’s cute . It’s going to sell because she wore it and everyone wants their children to fit in. Everyone has their own thoughts on Obama being president. The article is about a sweater not his policies etc… I think People wants to see the fights.. Shame on People!!!

thenitenurse on

Katie news flash! Hawaii is NOT located in the country of Kenya.

Lyn S on

I usually don’t post. But Katie not a nice comment. I may not agree with Mr. Obama’s positions but he is an intelligent, caring father and husband. He is also the President of OUR UNITED STATES. Maybe you should remember that!

Bree on

Sasha is really maturing into a beautiful young lady! Gorgeous.

thenitenurse on

I have to applaud the parenting abilities of the last 3 first ladies. All their daughters have so far turned out to be lovely young ladies.

Cammy on

I guarantee you that these sweaters will be sold out!

Paula White on

Wow! Reading some of the comments have solidified my feelings – WHITE PEOPLE IN THE USA ARE THE PROBLEMS IN THIS COUNTRY. SOME OF US ARE SO FKD UP, racist and shameless. I hope my kids turn out to be like the Obamas: Decent, loyal, good character, successful, educated and a great President and a lovely First Lady!

SAR on

@ Katie….President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. His father, Barack Obama Sr., was from Kenya. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (her father wanted a boy) was from Kansas, in the USA. She gave birth to him in Hawaii because it was more accepting of mixed-race babies than Kansas. There was a birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper. I somehow doubt there was a conspiracy to put out a fake birth announcement JUST IN CASE this newborn would run for President 40-odd years later. And the President has released his Certificate of Live Birth and his long-form birth certificate. He was born an American citizen.

Summer on

Anonymous, I disagree. I don’t think people are buying it simply to fit in. I think it’s really cute and would buy it for my daughter. I think people just saw it on her and liked it. It’s not like they think they’re going to be friends with the Obamas because they bought a sweater.

AJ on

I just threw up in my mouth…….People in our country now have no taste as well as no brains.

josette on

I’m sorry,but that sweater is hideous! A unicorn? That’s something for 7-year-olds. This is just a publicity stunt by this company you’ve never heard of. I don’t know anyone that would
buy that . Hope these kids don’t grow up to be like Dad the clown screwing people out of their healthcare.

Karen on

Does nothing for me….And the people in that house does nothing for me

Carrie M on

How is this classified under “babies”? The girl is 12 years old – she’s hardly a “baby”. Just wondering….
BTW – my daughter would love that sweater!


Great use of the English language Karen. It’s funny how the uneducated Americans are the ones that disapprove of our President.

J on

People please stop fighting. Obama loves this chaos and bickering.

vacagran on

We could only hope that all young women dress and act as ladylike as these girls. I’m proud to claim them as my “First Daughters”!

Trish on

I can’t believe there are still people out there that believe President Obama was born in Kenya. It’s been proven over and over. But then again, these people will NEVER be convinced and will always continue to have the same opinion. It’s a waste of energy to try and reason with these people. We just have to accept that these ignorant people will continue to exist in our society, and not to let it bother the rest of us (educated, well-informed). They are always going to have something negative to say. OK, I’m done.

Bob on

@ mb – huh? The article states that Michelle’s brother coaches Oregon State, and no names are given for the coaches.

L on

Cute girls, detest their parents. And yes, that’s my opinion. SUE ME!!!

Anonymous on

katie you got some issues, you racist person. come on now. if you really didnt care, you wouldnt have commented on it, how do you even know where he is from. were you there when the umbilical cord was cut? were you?

Terri on

Love our First Family!

Anonymous on

Jen DC, right on!