Meet Mario Lopez’s Son Dominic

11/22/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

It was a family affair as Mario Lopez introduced Ellen DeGeneres to his 10-week-old son, Dominic, on her show Friday.

The Extra and X Factor host, 40, brought along 3-year-old daughter Gia Francesca and wife Courtney, and says having the whole gang around is par for the course — everyone came to town in September to welcome their little boy into the world.

“I had my sister and her four kids, my mom, [Courtney’s] mom, my dad and my 90-year-old grandmother … I like the chaos and everybody at the house,” he explains.

“We didn’t know what we were having, we waited to find out. Once the baby’s here, people come and they sip on whatever they want to sip on and they see the baby. A sip and see is a party and the baby is the focus — a much cooler deal than a baby shower.”

Mario Lopez Son Dominic First Photo
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Bringing little Nico, as the couple call the baby, out onto the stage alongside his wife and daughter, Lopez’s excitement was contagious as he held his son with both hands.

“I have to do the official, like The Lion King,'” he joked as he showed the baby off by holding him in the air, Mufasa and Simba-style.

As for the newly minted big sister, Lopez admitted that Gia wasn’t sure about her baby brother at first.

“Initially she had an attitude, like, ‘How long is this kid going to stick around?’ She even said one time in the car, ‘Daddy, is Dominic going to be there when we get home?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, he’s gonna be there. You better get used to him,'” Lopez said. “But now she’s very protective, and it’s like, ‘You better be careful with my baby. Isn’t he cute?'”

Mario Lopez Son Dominic First Photo
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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Lala on

I’m sorry, and I know it’s none of my business – but both their kids have horrible names. The name Dominic makes me cringe.

fyagyag on

that is too bad Lala

look the name up on Wikipedia and you might respect name a bit more

furthermore, variations of this name are used all over the world

WCG on

Beautiful family! God bless :)…

Anonymous on

It’s better than Apple, North, Rainbow, Willow……..

Dawn on

Beautiful family. And, I do like the names, I think they are nice, normal, unlike many actors that have named their children unusual names.

Romy on

I think their names are very cute, and Nico fits as a nickname. I just don’t care for Mario as a person.

Jen on

Ugh, he just rubs me the wrong way. Seems so in love with himself and the spotlight. Bleh.

(his wife and children are beautiful, too bad they aren’t related to a better man. :/ )

Anonymous on

This from someone named Lala.

reactionary on

His wife is sooo plastic! I can just feel and smell all the hair product and waxing and sheen and paint and cologne and gloss and glitz. ICK! And look at Mario’s hair! Those poor children, exposed to all those chemicals! What if they had only natural materials (cotton, no dyes, no polyester and crinkle or fake tan crap) and natural …. oh never mind.

Forgetyou on

The name Lala makes me cringe..who are you to tell someone how to name their kid

Julie on

Dominic is gorgeous!

nozona on

What’s wrong with these names? Although I chuckle at what I associate as Italian names on these cute little Hispanics.

Anonymous on

Mario seems to have grown personally. His family is beautiful. And with nice normal names.

jojo on

Cute kids, but Mario’s big ego and his greasy hair is a turn off.His sip & see was probably a freebee some coffee co. sponsored it. Think he was jealous Simon got a toy car for his son,noticed how he mentioned it. He is just too into himself, looks won’t last, hopefully he has other talent, oh yeah the next seacrest lol. U knew court had to lose all that wt, sure Mario prob told her, she would be an embarrassment to him

Damn Gina on

Man, his wife and family is so beautiful. It’s a shame that he is such a douche! He has rubbed me the wrong way ever since it came out that he cheated on Ali Landry before their wedding. Once a cheater always a cheater!

Marge on

They are all beautiful! Congratulations! And the names are lovely!!!!

Marizona on

Cut the guy some slack. He’s obviously grown up and I wouldn’t doubt his partying days are behind him. He’s a family man now and seems to be doing well at it. And who doesn’t use hair products….you people are really weird…are you jealous?

carla on

Nozona, Courtney Mazza is Italian. So these kids are as much Italian (if not more considering Mario is half Filipino and Mexican) as they are anything else.

Lilli on

Detest Mario but the kids are adorable. Love their names !!!!!

Ashley on

Not a fan of Mario, but his kids are adorable. Little Nico is a big boy, quite strapping for only 2-and-a-half months old!

Final Opinion on

Lala, is your last name by any chance “Land”?

lolz on

Ah they name their kids the coolest things! Love it.

Gemimi on

Cute kids! But… one of my biggest pet peeves, is when people are “dressed to the nines” and their infants have on no socks, or sleeves, in this case. Infants run a few degrees colder/warmer than adults. Just because they’re not walking yet, does not mean they’re okay to be barefoot. It’s NOVEMBER! -Career Nanny (had to vent a little, sorry 😉

LuvLeeRita on

LOL @ Lala… you asked for it !

kate on

look at mario flexing his muscle to hold up that “huge” baby

Ginger on

What a cutie. And my dad’s middle name was Dominic. I love it.

Cami on

Looks like he is trying to show off his muscles rather than the baby. This picture is so staged. cute kids.

London Bridge on

In the very first picture of Dominic, he looks quite uncomfortable. Perhaps the lights, sound & chaos of being on a TV show is overwhelming for a newborn. He just looks miserable. You would think that after the second child, Mario Lopez would know to support the head & neck of his son–and though we don’t know the temperature of Ellen’s studio, socks would do well to warm his feet–although maybe it was hot that day. To keep your ego inflated at the well-being & expense of your children is a warped virtue to trumpet.

Anonymous on

Marizona- Right on! I guess some people just don’t like the idea of celebs actually changing for the better! Anyway, Dominic is adorable!

Starr on

wow you guys with all the negative comments! watching that video made me smile 🙂 you can see what a loving family they are. stop with the criticizing, k? their little girl would not be so precious and smiling if she had parents who truly did not care for her >.>

librababe on

Hahahaha @ nozona, the wife is of Italian descent. And even if she wasn’t, so?

lola on

Little Hispanics nozona?!! Racist much? I mean really, who says things like that? And by the way, his wife is italian! They are a beautiful family and it’s good to see Mario as a family man. He waited until he was a lot more mature to have kids and it seems as though at 40 he loves being a husband and Daddy.

Silversurfer on

Why do people just come onto these comments to be mean and nasty. I love Mario, he has an awesome family and I love the children’s names.

Gina on

Such a happy family. Love the little girl. She looks more like the father I guess. Can’t figure out who is more like the son!!!!!!

vinn on

Who cares what there names are, there beautiful and healthy.

Amanda on

The little girl looks a lot like Mario.

Hattie54 on

Amanda,the little girl does look like her Daddy.Both kids are so cute!!!

Melane on

what a fabulous family

ash on

ugh I don’t like him…he is too much of a pretty boy, have never been a fan, sorry

Isabel on

I can’t stand him but their children are cute.

Anonymous on

Silver surfer, I wonder the same thing. I took a looooong break from here because I can’t stand all the mean comments. It amazes me how ignorant people are, especially fellow moms about other moms and children!