Autumn Reeser Is ‘So Excited’ to Deliver Second Son

11/22/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Autumn Reeser Pregnancy Photos
Caroline Lee/Woodnote Photography

It’s been a photo-filled pregnancy for Autumn Reeser.

Since revealing she was pregnant — and expecting a second son — the actress, 33, has been documenting the experience on her website, Move Lifestyle.

With the countdown on until the Reeser’s baby boy makes his big debut — she’s due Sunday — the mom-to-be and her husband Jesse Warren posed with 2½-year-old son Finneus James for one last photo session as a family of three.

In addition to sharing the snapshots, Reeser — who’s recently had roles on Last Resort, Necessary Roughness and Hawaii Five-0 — is opening up to PEOPLE about everything from her final days of pregnancy and baby’s name to her favorite products and whether or not Finn is ready to be a big brother.

PEOPLE: How are you feeling in these last few days? Still enjoying the pregnancy or ready to be done?

Autumn: My feet hurt, my belly is huge and I can’t sleep through the night — but I still love it. It’s such an incredible time and I feel so lucky to have experienced it not just once, but now twice. I feel powerful, feminine and joyful when I’m pregnant.

Autumn Reeser Pregnancy Photos
Caroline Lee/Woodnote Photography

PEOPLE: Is there a chance of a Thanksgiving Day baby or do you think he’ll come closer to his due date?

Autumn: Finn was two weeks early, so I was originally expecting an early delivery baby — I’d completely cleared my schedule for these last few weeks of November, expecting this little one to arrive around the 12th. He had other plans in mind, apparently!

The unexpected perk about him arriving closer to the due date is I’ve really been able to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy because I had already created more free time for myself.

Autumn Reeser Pregnancy Photos
Caroline Lee

PEOPLE: Do you have one special name ready or a few to try out once you meet him?

Autumn: We have a few names we love and will just wait to see which one is the best fit. I’ve been keeping a monthly pregnancy journal on my website and readers had all sorts of great suggestions!

PEOPLE: You’re trying a home birth this time – what resources have been especially helpful to you as you plan? Any hopes or fears heading into the experience? What role will Jesse play?

Autumn: I’m working with the midwives at Gracefull Birthing and I’m so excited to deliver at home. I was fortunate to have a very straight-forward, drug-free and wonderful birth with Finn in 2011 (with the midwives at UCLA) and am looking to have an equally beautiful experience in the calm of my own home.

This time I’ll also have the benefit of a birthing pool. Jess is a very hands-on dad and hands-on birth partner and he’s really looking forward to the experience (and meeting our son!) as well.

Autumn Reeser Pregnancy Photos
Caroline Lee

PEOPLE: Any favorite products/fashion/food you’ve really enjoyed this pregnancy?

Autumn: The arugula and steak at Little Doms!

Splendid is such a great line for comfy casual clothes midway through pregnancy. Hatch Collection makes fabulous maternity clothes for special occasion dressing.

I used coconut oil to keep stretch marks away (and to convince myself that I was really on a tropical vacation) and Bump Nest makes an amazing nest-like body pillow that has been an absolute lifesaver.

Instead of having a baby shower, I gave away over $1,000 worth of my favorite baby products on my website, Move LifeStyle, and I loved the chance to share all my favorites with our readers!

(Plus, this time we made sure to document the whole journey with the help of many talented photographer friends, including this shoot with our friends, husband and wife team Caroline and Jayden of Woodnote Photography.)

Autumn Reeser Pregnancy Photos
Caroline Lee

PEOPLE: What does Finn think of this whole thing? How do you think he’ll handle having a baby brother? Have you done anything special to prepare him?

Autumn: There are a couple of books we’ve been reading to him — Joanna Cole’s I’m a Big Brother and Amy MacLean’s Our Water Baby. We’ve also let him play in the birth tub, which he has informed me is there for trains and cars … so, nope, I’m not sure he really gets it.

PEOPLE: How are you feeling about making the leap to two kids?

Autumn: Very, very lucky and happy. We definitely wanted to expand our family and after traveling nonstop for work for the majority of the last two years, this pregnancy came at the perfect time for us.

I was ready to take a breather and step back to reassess my life and really spend quality time focusing on my family. It has been one of the best decisions of my life, because the rewards in my marriage and my family relationships have been huge.

Autumn Reeser Pregnancy Photos
Caroline Lee

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klutzy_girl on

Love Autumn and can’t wait to see what name they pick for the baby!

And Finn is adorable.

Arvada on

Really? An F-list level celebrity (being generous here) is having a baby and that is worthy of a long feature on What has happened to this magazine? It seems like the less famous someone is, the more they’re willing to spill about their personal/reproductive life and you guys eat it up. BILLIONS of women have had babies and I need to hear about a co-star from The OC having hers in a pool? Who cares?!

klutzy_girl on

Arvada, obviously you cared enough to comment. Don’t read it if you don’t want to. It’s that simple.

And she’s been getting steady work since The OC ended, by the way.

ST on

Arvada: no one forced you to read the article. Go somewhere else and spew your vitriol. You are a rude and angry person.

Arvada on

And you obviously cared enough about my comment to read it and respond to it! Sometimes people are allowed to have a negative opinion of something or be critical of something. You have a right to be critical of my comment and I have a right to be critical of People’s weird new obsession with catering to mommies online who will read about anyone who is pregnant no matter how un-famous they are. This is People magazine, not Parents magazine. Thanks for reading!

Melissa on

I’ve been reading CBB for almost 10 years, it’s not a “new obsession.” Seems like you’re just a negative person looking for something to complain about.

Love Autumn on Hawaii Five-0 and excited to hear about her son’s birth. Really like the photo of father and son.

Sam on

I don’t know who she is. The little boy is cute, like lots of other little boys. Why is she wearing that hat? Not a good look at all.

I agree, way too many stories lately about people I’ve never heard of, having a baby. Seems like it’s the 1960’s and everyone is having a baby. Population burst!

Nikki on

Wow, Autumn hardly looks pregnant at all! Hope the delivery goes smoothly.

Anonymous on

Melissa- As a fellow long time CBB reader, I couldn’t agree more. This blog has ALWAYS covered all different types and “levels” of celebrities, even before PEOPLE owned it (in fact, at least one type of “lesser” celeb was covered even MORE back then- athletes!)!

It’s definitely not a new thing, and I find it puzzling (to say the very least!) that people come on a blog devoted to celebrities and then complain that said blog posts about celebrities!

Anje on

Am I the only one to notice that really good-looking husband of hers?! 😀

lacanyonmom on

hey, Avrada….it’s under the BABY BLOG section. Learn to read before you get so worked up

Isabel on

Arvada, there are a number of celebrity-inspired sites on the internet. Feel free to visit one of them instead of wasting your time bitching about the content on this one.

Anonymous on

Arvada, there is such a thing as a negative comment and an over the top rude and unnecessary one, such as yours. You don’t “need to hear anything” which is why you have the option to choose what you read. Many of us enjoy reading about a variety of celebs, not just the same “A list celebs.” Sure hope you don’t teach your kids to speak of others who aren’t as successful that way. Happy early Thanksgiving!