Rachel Zoe’s Second Pregnancy Is ‘Way Different’ Than Her First

11/21/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Rachel Zoe Report Relaunch
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Rachel Zoe is preparing for baby No. 2, but in many ways it feels like a completely new experience.

“It’s way different. It’s all different,” the fashion stylist, 42, told PEOPLE of her second pregnancy at The Zoe Report relaunch dinner, hosted by Fiji Water, on Wednesday in Hollywood.

But at least among her friends, that’s the fashionable way to do it.

“I’ve heard that from everyone. I have a lot of pregnant friends right now, and all of their pregnancies are different — second, third whatever it is,” she says.

One thing is the same, though: Zoe — already mom to 2½-year-old son Skyler Morrison — has once again lost her taste for sweets, which is a mixed blessing.

“[I feel] lucky, but also I feel kind of gypped,” she jokes. “What happened? Same thing with Sky … what’s the deal?”

Speaking of Skyler, he’s doing fabulously. “I have to tell you, I think this whole terrible twos thing is nonsense. This is my favorite age so far, and to be honest, if I could freeze him at 2½, I would,” she says.

“He has this whole personality and a tremendous vocabulary. He says the most incredible things. We’re blown away by him every single day. He’s in preschool. It’s the cutest thing in the whole world.”

Also cute: husband Rodger Berman‘s bond with Skyler. “[He’s] very, very, very hands on,” says Zoe. “He loves being a daddy.”

Easing the balance of being pregnant and having a toddler is the couple’s almost completely stress-free marriage.

“Rodger’s the easiest thing in my life. He always has been,” she says. “We’ve been together for 22 years, been married for 15 … Everyone’s always like, ‘Isn’t marriage hard?’ And Rodger and I always laugh.”

She continues, “We don’t work at it. It just is. We’re best friends. We’re business partners. We’re madly in love with each other. We have an incredibly happy family, so I feel very blessed.”

–Tim Nudd with reporting by Mariah Haas

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essa on

she looks awful. wish someone would urge her to cut her hair and lose the 2nd grade bangs. she is trying way too hard. for a stylist, she has zero fashion sense unless you think the olsen sister style is acceptable.

Agape on

She is incredibly blessed that her marriage and child brings her so much satisfaction and happiness. Best of luck to her in the future!

Jen on

Essa- Considering her success in the fashion and styling world, I’d say your opinion on her taste is in the minority.

I wish her all of the best with her second pregnancy. 🙂

Jennifer on

2s were by far my favorite age as well. 3s not so much…

Niki on

Fake bump. She is a classic anorexic and u can tell just by looking at her and by watching her show, she displays all the characteristics. She prob hasn’t gotten her period on 20 yrs.

Niki on

Anorexic. She needs help.

myuntidydesk on

Now that she’s said 2 is fabulous, 3 will be Hellish. LOL.

Alexa Dianne on

Gypped? I hate when people say that!

Marky on

She is gorgeous pregnant! She looks great, she looks happy, and clothing styles are absolutely individual. My husband and I were best friends for several years before we married, and we are still in love years later. They seem to be a happy couple and it’s great that they treasure and enjoy their son so much. Hope everything goes just as well with the new baby as it has with Skyler!

Natasha on

I’m sure having a 2.5 year old is easier when you have a nanny to help you out. I’m wondering if she would be singing the same tune if she didn’t have the same support?

Cammy on

I wish her all the best, but please remind me why she’s a celebrity?

Sara on

Essa, There always has to be some negative Nancy on a post no matter how beautiful it is. You, dear, are today’s grump. I’d love to see your fashion sense, since you’re labeling a stylist/designer as having “zero fashion sense”!

ANYWAY, I hope Rachel is having a girl this time!!

Mazona on

She’s always been a nice and sweet person. There’s no need to be snarky about her.

Anonymous on

Wow really great. I saw how she fought being pregnant before on her reallity show yrs ago. Looks like she now has the swing of it. Good for you all. And skyler is an ADORABLE kid!

Bettie on

Love her, love Roger and her cutie Skyler. Mazel on number 2, she looks glowing. Hope it’s a little girl!

Aimee on

I agree with Niki. She is NOT pregnant.

klutzy_girl on

Oh Natasha give it a rest. Even if she does have a nanny would you ridicule “regular” moms who use babysitters, daycare, or even other family members for assistance?

Jeni on

She does look unhealthy to me. Even pregnant. I am not one to judge people by their weight but I just don’t see her as a healthy person. I feel the same about Angelina Jolie. Angelina looks deathly thin and I rarely hear people mentioning it. These women probably feel such pressure to be thin since they are in the limelight all the time. It’s so sad.

Marky on

Those saying Rachel and AJ are anorexic and “deathly thin” apparently have never really known a true anorexic. Many women are naturally thin and don’t blow up like an elephant when they get pregnant. They have healthy, happy babies, and slim right down because that is their body type. There is nothing to show anywhere that Rachel didn’t carry Skylar, or isn’t pregnant with their second child. Seriously, are you people sitting at your computer, throwing down another piece of pie and looking for someone to insult and ridicule? Wow…..

Niki on

Marky and there you go saying anyone calling Rachel anorexic is fat. You’re no better, perhaps it hits too close to home. Yes, I have known anorexics and to me Rachel is clearly anorexic, by how underweight she is and also by the behavior I have seen on her show.

Aimee on

Marky, do you happen to work for RZ? I am 5″2 105 lbs and have actually been pregnant and carried my own child. She is lying about carrying her own child, trying to deny a clear eating disorder, and I am seriously questioning the validity of her age. You are 100 percent right Niki!!!

Anonymous on


You don’t know Rachel, right? Then you don’t know if she is anorexic. You are making an assumption based on what you see on a TV show. You should never ASSume about people….gather facts. I have a friend who is skinner than her and has had two children and is NOT anorexic or bulimic. She gets called it all the time. It’s very hurtful. But, continue passing judgement and making ASSumptions…..but you know what they say about those that do.