Kelly Clarkson Predicts She’s ‘Totally’ Having a Girl

11/21/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant Parade Christopher Polk/Getty

Kelly Clarkson is hoping for her own little Miss Independent.

Before her Tuesday announcement that she is expecting her first child with husband Brandon Blackstock, the singer hinted — yet again! — in PARADE‘s weekend issue that the couple were trying to conceive.

“My eggs aren’t getting any younger so we’ve already started trying,” Clarkson, 31, who recently released her new Christmas album, Wrapped in Red, says.

“I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it! And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!’ ”

Clarkson is looking forward to the perks of pregnancy, especially when it comes to putting on a few extra pounds. “Everybody calls me fat all the time, so I can’t wait to have a reason, instead of everybody just being a jerk!” she shares.

As for her body after baby? She jokes she’s not known for her stunning shape, giving her plenty of time to bounce back.

“I’ve never been Gisele Bündchen, so ain’t nobody expectin’ that! I like to set a [low] standard so people don’t expect a lot,” she says.

Despite relishing in her role of stepmom to Blackstock’s children, Clarkson — whose parents split when she was 5 — admits she had her doubts when it came to her own parenting plans.

“I didn’t really grow up in a family environment,” she says. “So I didn’t understand it or know if I could do that properly.”

Fortunately, she didn’t have to look far for a role model. “[Watching Brandon with the kids] is the sexiest thing ever! He’s a great dad. It’s such a turn-on!” she says.

— Anya Leon

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MaryJane Cannabian on

Congratulations to Kelly and her Husband, from her previous interviews I know that becoming a Mother has been a dream of hers.

Good luck with that “having a girl” thing though, I’ve not completed that particular feat yet! lol Put my order in with the Hubby but apparently he is building his own baseball team!

Sincerely, Mom of 5 Awesome Boys 😀

Carolyn on

Her hormones must be in overdrive, cause she doesn’t know when to quit talking! Sounds like she’s already had an ultrasound too.

Nannyto1 on

Hahaha… she “thinks” so knows. Maybe she will but those feelings aren’t always accurate. My daughter was positive her second was a boy… wrong. It was a girl and lucky for her she found out before because she would have totally bought for a boy – she was that sure.

sky on

What happened to having a happy and healthy baby? She’s 31, I think her eggs are fine!

teenaday1 on

“I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it! And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!’ “

And when you have a boy, we’re gonna be like, ” that chick BLEW IT”. lol

Kim on

I love Kelly. She is so darn sweet and seems like a wonderful loving step-mom to Brandon’s kids. Those kids are lucky to have her and so will this little peanut.

kathryn on

this is why the rushed wedding?


MaryJane; congrats on your 5 boys, wow, what a household that is!!!! I have 2 girl’s and was told that they were both boys because of their heartbeats, never wanted to know, and surpirse I had 2 girls. LOL

Marie on

Don’t get your hopes up. It could be totally a boy!!!! didn’t they just get married like yesterday, did you have any husband and you time!!! gosh!

Tess on

She looked quite pregnant before her wedding. Guessing she already knows the sex.

jennifer on

I am really happy for her. In today’s society there is not a norm. So I am happy for her and her future family.

Leila on

I’m so happy for them! Let’s see if she does have a girl.

Juju on

Seriously….who cares? Are we really going to have to hear all about her for the next 9 months??

Kat on

We wish she’d shut up already, just because somebody sticks a mike in her face doesn’t mean she has to keep talking.

Halley on

Hope her future son never reads this article!

amandaashe on

I like Kelly but SUPER annoyed she is promoting the thinking that women in their 30’s better have babies NOW or forget it. It puts a lot of pressure on single women in their 30’s who on top of everything else in their lives, have to worry about whether they will eventually have babies or not. Personally, I was way too immature in my 20’s to have a child.

beachbum on

Yay can’t wait to see her have her own baby. I had one child and did NOT want a boy I wanted a girl so bad I couldn’t stand it. the dr told me for 8 months that every ultrasound showed a boy. My last ultrasound was 2 hours before I gave birth to my 4 week early DAUGHTER! LOL I told the Dr and family members that i was having a girl the entire time. I could just feel it. I hope shes right. There is nothing like a little girl.

karys on

Feel sorry for the kid if it is a boy. Usually people say they think its a girl because they want a girl.

rory on

she needs to start practicing now so her child will not hear her use the words “totally” and “awesome” and “like.” Set an example.

rory on

Why does no one ever say “I’m totally having a miscarriage!” It’s not an insignificant possibility. I certainly considered it until I got to month 6.

Carolina on

Katheryn, there wasn’t a rushed wedding. The wedding had been planned for months, then this summer she felt overwhelmed with all the planning and decided to ‘elope’ in October. JuJu, might I suggest that if you are tired of hearing about her, don’t read the articles. I’ll never understand why people want to click on an article, read it, and then complain when the subject is exactly what the headline basically previewed what the article would be about. Baffling! Anyway, I get it. I would be absolutely giddy if I married the man of my dreams and was having a baby. Congratulations to them!

janie on

Congrats to both!! So happy for them! Kelly is such a sweet gal!

shiloh13 on

I’m really happy for Kelly & Brandon! I wish her a healthy & happy pregnancy and a healthy happy baby. Girl or boy, it doesn’t matter as long as the baby is healthy!

Lilah on

Every woman wants a girl, but most are not brave enough to announce it. That being said I hope she has a boy

Marcia on

Oh, sure, I was POSITIVE my first was going to be a girl! He’s now 6′ 4″. I got a girl with my second child but it’s silly to make proclamations like Clarkson is–you get what you get and you love them.

Rayna on

I love her music. But sometimes, Kelly Clarkson should “totally” stop talking.

Sally on

Just like Kate Hudson!! She would not shut up about how she just KNEW she was having a girl, because everything about the pregnancy was different from her first pregnancy .with her son …. She had another boy! 😉
I wish Kelly would go away and nest for a while, all she does is talk about boning her husband and getting knocked up.

jenna on

jeeze. this is going to get really annoying REALLY fast.

LM on

I love the mostly negative comment that’s everyone leaves. There’s a lot of pissed off, unhappy people out there.

me on

shes obviously known she was pregnant before she got married and KNOWS its a girl. anyone who knows anythin about being pregnant is that you dont announce it til the 3rd month to make surethings are ok. Of course she could have told family, but she didnt need to announce it to the public yet. If she did get pregnant on her wedding night, thats only 4 weeks ago, so she had to have JUST found out she was pregnant.

Rosie on

I wish this broad would shut.up already. we get it, you’re finally not single. wahoo. goodie for you. see you when your’ ugly divorce kicks into gear. Cuz this ‘union’ has UGLY DIVORCE written all over it.

HB on

How do you know the sex when you only got married 4 weeks ago ????????

12know on

Can’t believe the negative comments. Okay, Kelly is running off at the mouth. So what? She’s happy and excited, practically jumping up and down. Why can’t you people be happy for her, instead of criticizing her? Maybe your own’s lives suck and you feel the need to tear someone apart. That’s no excuse.

Anonymous on

She is so silly. Not in a ha ha way either.

Jen on

Still can’t stand her. She is so super awesomely totally for sure ANNOYING. Self centered too. Completely couldn’t stand her when she announced it was the “best day of her life” and she had to announce it on the same day as the Sandy Hook killings. Sorry but she should have waited to announce her super happy news to give respect to the 20 slaughtered children that just happened the same day as her “best” day. I hope she has a boy!

Anais on

she thinks at 31 that her eggs are “old”? yeah right.. 31 is probably THE best age to conceive

Lola on

I guess all those lesbian rumors really drove her crazy because now she’s driving us crazy. We get it Kelly, you’re not gay, you love men, you have hetero sex and you can procreate. For the love of god, reel it in big girl.
PS, anyone who wants to rant about my rant should know that I have the right to click on this article and post what I want to say just like you do. I’m a fan of her music but this baby thing is so overwhelming. It’s really like she has something to prove.

RKF on

I’m sorry, but hearing her attempt to speak is like nails on a chalkboard. She is an illiterate airhead who cannot put a proper sentence together.

ava on

She is annoying as heck.

PJ Flynn on

Kelly already knows she is going to have a girl. Kelly is probably three months pregnant and the doctor has told her she is going to have a girl. Wake up people — this is the only way Kelly knows it is a girl. I have to agree — KELLY TALKS TOO MUCH — she got on my nerves on the Jay Leno Show. I do like her though, but I wish she didn’t talk so much!

PJ Flynn on

Why didn’t you post my comment? It was not a bad comment.

PJ Flynn on

Doctor has already told her she is going to have a girl. She is further along than people think. She got on my nerves when she was on the Jay Leno show — too much talking!!!!!!

Kelly on

@Sky, how do you know if her eggs are totally fine? Are you her obgyn? You don’t know, she could have health issues where it made her want to try to start having babies now because there could’ve been a chance she wouldn’t have been able to conceive 5 years down the road or even a year down the road. I’m 29 year’s old and I’m unable to have children biologically because of health reasons, I waited too long to try to have a child because I wanted to be married and financially stable, so I missed the chance to have a child biologically and I am Younger than Kelly Clarkson, but I have a beautiful 11 month old daughter whom me & my husband adopted when she was 5 months old and she’s our whole world. Just cause Kelly Clarkson is 31 doesn’t mean she was guaranteed to be able to get pregnant. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean we know everything about her, just sayin…

Jae on

To the person bringing sandy hook into this…first– she got engaged on Dec. 15 the day after and second just because something bad happened doesn’t mean the whole world has to stop being happy. I mean my birthday was that day..should I not be happy for my birthday? Of course I felt for those families but please for the love of God– won’t people let the families mourn in peace?! Its forever in the news (I’m from CT) or being brought up in irrelevant places (like this).

Happy for kelly. Shes been through a lot. everyone deserves to be happy.

shannon on

I totally agree with you! My birthday is on September 11th. Does that mean I never get to celebrate my birthday again?

Theresa on

She’ll totally have a boy for saying that.

Irena on

Some of you guys are just MEAN. I don’t know Kelly. You don’t know Kelly. She seems like a really sweet person. Yes, she talks a lot and can be a little TMI in her interviews but that is no reason to be rude about her.

She does NOT look more than 3 months pregnant (and I don’t know about most women but unless she has had blood work done or is more than 16 weeks pregnant she doesn’t know the gender.) and she was just on Jay Leno and her stomach looked flat. I don’t doubt that she didn’t know for SURE that she was pregnant. She might have had an inkling or a hoping but why would she lie?

Anyways, I think she will get a boy…it’s a case of the Kate Hudson’s. Announce what you THINK you are having and it’s the opposite. That has happened with like 5 of my female friends and I even thought I was having a boy with my first daughter that I kept saying it out loud and was flabbergasted that I was having a girl. It’s just the way it goes!

Trish on

She reminds me of those dwarves on Little People, Big World. She kind of has a squashed body and face and small arms. I wonder if she has a bit of dwarfism in her?

Anonymous on

Carolina- Exactly! I don’t get why so many people refuse to realize that they just changed the TYPE of wedding, not the date (it was, as people on the pregnancy announcement thread pointed out, the same date that was on their leaked “save the date” cards that they sent out months ago when they were still intending on having a big wedding)!

As for the comments saying she’s already been told she’s having a girl- talk about jumping to conclusions. Plenty of people say they just “know” they’re having one gender or another without having had an ultrasound prove it to them! Geesh!

Paula on

My sister was 100% sure she was having a girl too, just based on feeling. She ended up with two sons.

Kelly Clarkson is going to be an awfully disappointed woman if her baby comes out with a penis. I love Kelly, but I’m not sure that these comments were necessarily the right ones to make, given that it’s a 50/50 shot. The internet is forever, and if she has a son and he gets old enough to read, seeing this comment from her might hurt him.

Ray on

So people click on a link: People>celebrity babies, and are annoyed about a celebrity talking about having babies? SMH.

Congrats to Mrs. Clarkson. She’s worked very hard and has accomplished much the past 11 years. Take the time and enjoy a family. I don’t see why there is hate.

Susan on

I love Kelly and wish her and her hubby much love and happiness.

lolz on

For some reason I was so sure Duchess Kate was going to have a girl and I was all set for a Princess, it was a good thing I didn’t put money on it, if I knew where to join a betting pool I would have!

Anonymous on

Irena- Some really experienced techinicians and doctors can make a pretty good guess at the baby’s gender based on what is known as “the angle of the dangle” (i.e., the way a certain line in the genital area is “dangling”) as early as 12 weeks (if memory serves, that is). So it’s possible that Kelly could know the gender this early without having had blood work (or tests like CVS or an amnio) done.

That being said, I completely agree with everything else you said, and I think your comment is the most reasonable on here!

Anonymous on

Sorry, I meant to say that it’s possible Kelly has a pretty good IDEA about what her baby’s gender is this early on, not that it’s possible that she knows definitively (or at least as definitively as you can prior to birth!)!

Christina on

Not sure why it’s a bad thing that she is saying she wants a girl. Men say they want a boy all the time but of course that is alright. So many double standards and by the comments on here it seems like it is the women making these terrible comments. Why don’t you google search Zac Brown…He is on his fifth kid…why? Because his first four kids were girls and he is desperate to have a boy and he said so himself. But nobody talks bad about him for saying he wants a boy. Of course not. How about mario lopez telling britney spears he is jealous of her because she has two boys and he has a girl. Of course, nobody talked bad about him. How about that chef Jamie Oliver who openly said he wants a boy. Of course, nobody bashed him. DOUBLE STANDARDS. Congrats Kelly. I hope you get your little girl. 🙂

Anonymous on

Christina- Actually, a lot of people HAVE talked bad about Zac Brown (I almost called the poor guy Chris Brown! Yikes!), particularly on the post announcing his youngest daughter’s birth. I don’t get that, either. The guy never said he was desperate for a boy. He simply made a JOKE about trying until he gets one! People take things WAY too seriously on this site!

Anonymous on

To kourteny love you so much. Hange. Out. With you. Funny person Crazy person dont get drunk or pass out. On the floor every body miss you. So much. From your. Gril. Erin Scott Kim khole. Rob.

Royce on

Fiona or Liliana — wonderful names

Royce on

Fiona or Lilliana – wonderful names for a girl

Royce on

Fiona or Lilliana – great names for a girl