Kristin Cavallari: We’re Keeping Baby’s Sex a Secret

11/20/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari Just Dance Thanksgiving Dinner
Casey Rodgers/Invision for Ubisoft/AP

Kristin Cavallari has at least a couple of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving — a baby on the way and a relatively easy pregnancy.

“I’ve been really tired, but I’m very lucky because I haven’t had any morning sickness,” the 26-year-old told PEOPLE at Ubisoft‘s Just Dance 2014 Thanksgiving Dinner in Hollywood.

However, the mom to son Camden Jack, 15 months, says her pregnancy has been more difficult in other ways.

“It’s harder because I’m tired, and then I still have to be a mom to Camden and chase him around — he keeps me on my toes a little bit,” she explains.

“But it is easier in the sense that I know what to expect, and I have all of my maternity clothes already. All of that stuff is done, so that’s nice.”

Despite the upcoming holidays, the former reality star is focused on staying healthy through her pregnancy — for the most part.

“I’m a pretty healthy eater, although I went through a really heavy sugar phase for about two weeks, and then I had to back off a little bit,” she says. “First trimester for both of my pregnancies has been a lot of carbs and sugar, and then in the second trimester I snap out of the tiredness and can start eating healthy again and working out a little bit more.”

Her fitness regimen now consists of “Pilates a couple of times a week, and the StairMaster and light weights.”

As for the sex of her baby, Cavallari doesn’t know it yet, but says she would be happy with a boy or a girl.

“Of course I want a little girl, but another boy would be a ton of fun too, so I really don’t care either way. There’s great things about both.”

But don’t expect to find out what she’s having any time soon. “We’re going to find out, but we’re not going to tell anybody, so it will be a surprise for everybody else!”

— Gabrielle Olya

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Dana on

Here we go again. Constant updates on someone nobody cares about. Her publicists deserves a raise.

thejimsnyderway on

Nobody cares.

traycee on

Who gives a crap about this reality show has been and her a-hole husband?

chelsea on

Didn’t they try that last time but someone from the Bears told?

Bob on

It sounds like she is using this “secret” as a way to get additional interviews and is grasping for any chance in the spotlight. Kind of sad.

Leigh on

I have nothing against this girl, but it is so amazing to me that we live in a time when she is somehow considered a “celebrity”. A bit part on a bad “reality” show and she’s covered in People.

bellesunny on

Oh gosh, how will I sleep now??

Lk on

Only because she still mad that Jay’s friend and teammate spilled the beans about Cam before she could.

The only reason she’s still relevant is because she got knocked up by an athlete that’s all.

JJ on

I swear people mag and their d lister top stories. How about you keep your life a secret.

JulieB on

It cracks me up how people think others care more about what they’re having than they themselves do. in other words, to whom is it more important–the parents to be or other people?

smithy on

I’m so glad they’re keeping it a secret because NOBODY CARES!!!!!! Who is she and why is she relevant?

Lina on

awesome because pretty sure no one cares anyway!

lola on

Keeping her baby’s sex a secret from whom? No one gives a shit about this talentless, boring woman.

Gag on

Oh Kristin, you silly thing. You’re not important or famous enough for anyone to care


She’s totally non significant so she’ll do whatever she has to do or say to stay in the limelight. Could careless!

Morning Coffee on

Will be on pins and needles waiting. Har!

June on

I really don’t know much about this woman’s past or why she is famous. That said, I think she is utterly delightful, mature, beautiful and interesting!!! She exudes genuine happiness and that alone is appealing. she does have a hard working publicist, but that only gets one so far. I am interested in her…

DD on

I love that people complain about this girl and the stories written about her…but yet they are READING them!!! If you don’t like her, her husband, etc….then stop reading about her

Eh on

What’s the point of finding out if they’re keeping it a secret?

Mandy on

You know, none of you have to click & read about her. Get a life & stop downing someone you don’t even know.

Sdh on

My question to you Mandy is if you’re giving everyone else advice about clicking and reading and commenting, why aren’t you taking your own advice. Blogs and commentary are meant to form your own opinion about what you feel about the trash and gossip in the media. I can agree with what most people state on here. why do they post articles on here that hold no relevance? I didn’t know who she was until I saw her make a guest appearance on a show on mtv. Why is it so important that we know about her personal life as well as other celebrities? So to conclude, I feel that everyone has a right to form their own opinion just as well as you do too, but we don’t need individuals to get on here and bash other bloggers because we have clearly stated our opinion.

Me on

Ok, I’m getting tired of her now. She isn’t the first mom to get pregnant while raising a toddler and she won’t be the last. In one breath she’s all We want our kids close in age and in the next she’s saying how tired she is being preggo and caring for a young child.

Marcia on

She is the dullest, most boring low level celebrity imaginable–why does People cover this woman?

Zeze on

She sure milks these pregnancies for all their worth.

Shea on

I click on the story just for the comments. They’re priceless. Anyway, this airhead leech needs to keep her damn life a secret.

Erin on

Who cares? And before someone asked why I clicked on the article, I didn’t read it, just the headline. And again, who cares? It’s not as if we are losing sleep wondering if she’s having a boy or a girl. It’s going to be one or the other. SO self important, it’s ridiculous.

KW on


Mary on

Who cares. I didn’t read the article, I just noticed the headline and who the heck cares. Who is she anyway?

Trish on

I think it is soooooooooooooo dumb and selfish to find out the gender but not tell anyone. I know it’s really nobody’s business but I just don’t get it. It’s just weird. If you find out, let everyone else know. What is the point? It’s like torturing everyone else. If you can’t wait to find out, don’t make everyone else around you wait.

Darci on

She looks beautiful! Congratulations to her and her family!

Lily on

Wow, Trish. Really? It’s ‘torture’ for you not knowing the gender of someone else’s baby? Even if it’s a friend or relative, you really can’t just wait 9 months and allow people their privacy? How on earth are you ENTITLED to know something so personal? Good grief. Nosy much? Newsflash: people are allowed to share what they FEEL like sharing. They don’t OWE you any information. Imagine getting angry at being expected to mind your own business. WOW.

jojo on

WOW..all the nasty comments..cant you be happy for her and Jay? I think ppl just make comments to be nasty, if you dont have anything nice to say..then ZIP rude… them both, wishing them a healthy baby..and Jay get better soon!. 🙂

meghan on

You ladies sure do waste a lot of time commenting for people who don’t care.

Torie on

Seriously…if you do not care then please do not bother posting nasty comments…just go about your business…okay? No need to be hateful to someone you do not even know.

Anonymous on

Meghan and Torie- My thoughts exactly!

Yup on

You know can count the hits it gets on an article so therefore they keep posting about people who get the most hits you idiots. You are the reason they keep writing about her.

Anonymous on

Eh, they are finding out, so they know and they can prepare for the baby, but don’t want everyone else to know. I know many people who find out and and keep it to themselves or a select group of people because otherwise everyone bombards them with clothes and names and it becomes annoying. Parents can do what they want.

Sdh, this article has relevance, but because people don’t like her they are struggling to see the relevance. She was asked if she was finding out the gender…she said yes, but they would not be sharing it. She was asked if she wanted a boy or a girl….she said a girl would be nice. She was asked how she stayed healthy….. And answered more. These are the SAME questions asked of every newly pregnant celebrity. These are answers I look for when someone announces a pregnancy.

Hopper on

Why don’t people say Gender . “We are keeping baby’s sex a secret . That sounds , ……….. I don’t know . Gender that’s what they should say .