Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin Expecting First Child

11/20/2013 at 06:00 AM ET

Ginnifer Goodwin Pregnant Expecting First Child Josh Dallas Getty

Life continues to be a fairytale for Ginnifer Goodwin: she’s pregnant!

The Once Upon a Time actress is expecting her first child with her costar, fiancé Josh Dallas, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

No further details, including the baby’s due date, are available.

The Killing Kennedy star, 35, and Dallas, 31 — who play the parts of Snow White and Prince Charming on the hit show — first met on the series and went public with their romance in April 2012.

In October, the couple confirmed their engagement to PEOPLE, adding they were excited to “celebrate with our friends and family.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

Video Flashback: What Josh Dallas Thinks of His Costar (and Fiancée!) Ginnifer Goodwin?

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Sam on

Congratulations to the happy couple. I love them. If it’s a girl, they should name her Regina 🙂

Anonymous on

Name it Henry if its boy! Emma if it’s a girl! 😉

Jennifer on

Congrats!!! I pegged their chemistry from episode #1 of OUAT. So happy to see that they are starting their own little family 🙂

klutzy_girl on

I knew it once those set pictures of her in those giant-ass coats came out! LOL.

This is so exciting! Congratulations to them. Hope they write it in.

Bebe68 on

These celeb announcements are so funny: We’re engaged! (But better wait a month..) We’re expecting! Anyway congrats!

Anonymous on

Awesome news!! Congrats to the happy couple ❤

Carolyn on

Love the fiancé thing. Just can’t manage to get married before reproducing. Women sell themselves so short.

Shannon on

Love this news! Love them together. So happy she found someone wonderful (and handsome) after her last loser fiance. Congrats to you both! Maybe they will write it into OUAT.

dannii on

Their PR is great. Considering the cheating and shotgun engagement, plus the calling the paparazzi, they’re really putting some good spin.

Mommytoane on

Awe totally awesome! I wonder if the pregnancy will be worked into the show at all. It would be cool, but weird to see Emma with a sibling, but since time froze for Charming and Snow, it would be logical.

AJ on

Congrats to the happy couple! I wonder if they are going to write her pregnancy into the show. Snow did tell Charming a couple of weeks ago that she wanted another baby with him since they missed out on Emma’s childhood.

N on

In the latest season, Snow White mentioned how she wanted to have another child. It would be cool if the writers wrote this real pregnancy into the plot!

Laura on

Aahw this is so romantic!

Martina on

Oh snap – Snow White is pregnant! Congratulations to them, they are beautiful couple.

Annie on

maybe now she’ll grow some hair. does anyone on the planet think she looks good with no hair?? yikes

Anonymous on

It’s a shame that these folks couldn’t have gotten married, and THEN decided to have this baby. I guess that’s the modern way to do things now. Bass-ackwards.

Eli on

Always a good idea to have a baby with a guy who cheated on his wife with you. I’m sure they will be together forever.

Debs626 on


If they have a girl I think they should name her Snow and if it’s a boy Charming!!! lol..

Anonymous on

Such exciting news! I’ve always been a fan of her. Congrats to them both.

Allie on

That’s fantastic. I love them on once upon a time and in the real world. Good luck and happy healthy pregnancy to them both.

kjc on

When I was watching the show this week, it crossed my mind that her clothes seemed extra baggy and that it’d be cool if her and Josh were having a baby. I assume these episodes were taped months ago, so it was just a lucky guess on my part. Congrats to them!

Brandi on

I just love her. Congrats to the happy couple!

Mary on

Congrats to them both!! They make a beautiful couple!! 🙂

Lyanna on

Squeeeee! Snow and Charming are giving Ema a bro/sis! Sweet! Best wishes to them.

Catherine on

Aww, exciting! They are a cute couple.

Jullie on


Carolyn on

Why can’t these fiances make it to the altar before reproducing?

Melisa on

Too bad they aren’t married.

Just kidding. Thought I would beat the 1950’s hatemongers to the punch. Congrats to the happy family.

no name on

Ms. Goody-2-Shoes – I am shocked!

Lilli on

Love this couple…such happy news !!!!!!!

guest on

Congratulations!!! How exciting it is to have your family grow I hope they find their lives overflowing with joy and utter abundance:-) Congratulations Ginnifer and Josh!!!!!!!!!

liarlairpantsonfire on

I heard they’re naming the baby after tom hanks.

Angelmom7511 on

Does it truly hurt you that they aren’t married before they had a child? What does this change in your pathetic little life? Get over it and carry on in your little bubble! Congrats to them, that will be one awesomely beautiful baby, and I really hope they write it into the show! I’m excited for them!

Sun on

Congrats and please grow your hair out you look great with your hair long.

dudley doright on

she’s a doll. Congrats. She was really good in the movie Mona Lisa Smile.

Hea on

Wonderful news!

Jen on

OMG!!! It’s nearly 2014 and people are having sex before marriage? People are having babies out of ‘wedlock’?? Somebody alert the media!!!!

mkbjon on

I was completely unaware that he just got divorced in 2012. Please tell me that they didn’t start this when he was married. I guess they kept it under wraps. No PDA for them—there are a lot of stars who could take note.

Lilah on

She is so odd looking and that awful haircut needs to go.

Anonymous on

Such a cute couple. Who cares if they are married? It is not the 1950’s. Marriage does not equal happiness or better parents.

Claire on

Congrats and please Ginnifer let your hair grow longer, you were much prettier with longer hair

Mira on

It’s shocking how much better she looks with longer hair. Is she really not seeing the difference???

Maddie on

I’m so excited for them!! What amazing news to wake up to! Back when they first started dating, I knew marriage/babies were in their future. They both seem like such lovely nurturing people, they will be amazing parents. It sure has been a fantastic year for these two!

Hopefully Eddy/Adam will write the pregnancy into the show (Snow did say she wanted another baby), I always prefer that to hiding it….I work around alot of pregnant women, so I can spot the signs and it distracts me with the ‘is she? isn’t she?’ .Plus, maybe it explains the mystery of the baggy shirts in the most recent episodes?

Ginny is totally gonna rock some stylish maternity wear over the next few months!

I knew there would be alot of ‘they’re not married’ comments. That does *not* make them better parents or guaranteed to stay together. They love each other deeply and *that* is what matters. This baby will be loved & cherished, not only by it’s parents, but by the whole Once family and all of Ginny/Josh’s friends and family.

LilyofVRose on

Just because Josh’s divorce was finalized doesn’t mean he cheated on his wife. Lara Pulver is a British actress and I followed her from her Sherlock Holmes appearance she and Josh seemed to have been separated before he worked on OUAT.

Ginnifer coincidentally was coming from a broken engagment when she started the show. Romance was the last thing on their minds.

So between what I’ve read about Lara and Josh and a quote of Josh that is the impression that I get – that he had come out of his marriage well b4 this show and to his surprise he fell for Ginny (ditto for her.) But everyone expects and assumes it’s something scandalous because they are so cynical!

Ivy. on

A child is more permanent than any piece of paper or jewelry.

I had a feeling that she was pregnant after the 2nd episode this season. She looked different.

Anonymous on

Jen- LOL!

Congrats to them!

AmandaC on

Today we’re engaged, tomorrow we’re having a baby. Gotta love it! Wonder if they will EVER actually get married.

Nat on

Ginnifer & Josh are my one true pairing, i was a fan of Ginny before OUAT. But i knew from the first episode of the season they belonged together. I cried when it became official they were dating, even though the fans knew it. it was a matter of time until they were engaged and behold! they are! Then speculation of Ginny being pregnant, i knew it for weeks, but when it was finally verified from Ginny and Josh themselves, i couldn’t have been more happy!. They are the only two people who are celebrities who I follow, they are amazing as a couple and they will be amazing as parents. They are finding a life together, which is great i wish them the best. They belong together.. think about the stories they will tell their children, most epic love story how they met as Snow White & Prince Charming thats pretty magical. I adore these two and hope for nothing but happiness..Babies are angels sent from above and they will be amazing parents.

Jae on

So are they just getting married because he knocked her up? I totally felt like their engagement came out of the blue, especially considering that he wasn’t even divorced when their relationship became public. I remember wondering why they were moving so quickly; I guess now I know why. It’s 2013. You don’t have to get married just because you’re pregnant; most of the time it’s a stupid idea that comes from some societal pressure to conform rather than from a strong and loving bond and why it so often ends in divorce. If you want to get married, get married, but do it for the right reason. If you don’t want to get married, you don’t have to–marriage has become a joke and it seems like people are in competition to see who can have the shortest marriage. You don’t have to cave to the society that says there’s something wrong with you if you don’t get married.


Congrats! This is awesome news! Who cares if they are married or not! Love is love!

Dee Allen on

Congratulations! I just watched Killing Kennedy last night and I thought that she did an amazing job portraying Jackie!

Terri on

Makes me wonder how this will be worked into the story line of OUAT.

Chey Mills on

She’s pregnant! Yay. I’m soooooooo happy for Ginnifer Goodwin and her fiancée, Josh Dallas.

Teknosbeka on

Oh I thought she was lesbian, she certainly looks it.

Beverly on

She got engaged because she found out she got knocked up!

carebearbrite on

I’m so late to this party. I had no idea Charming and Snow White were an actual couple.

Anonymous on

When I first heard of their engagement and pregnancy, I thought it was a nicely wrapped PR move so OUAT couple Snow/Charming would trump RumBelle. RumBelle became a fan favorite after Skin Deep (2/2012). In 4/2012, Dallas/Goodwin publicly announced their romance. In July 2013, at a ComicCon panel, Belle was asked about having a “Gold Bun” in the oven. In November 2013, Goodwin is hiding a baby bump.

julie on

Dear Everyone criticizing her hair,
its her hair,if it makes her happy, let her be. don’t tell them they look better with longer hair. she looks gorgeous how she looks like now.

Serah on

I love these 2. I lov their show “once upon a time”. Charming looks lik a prince for real…he should be one…Love you guys and may yu stay happy forever…just like the fairy tails. 😉

Martha Dibenedetto on

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