Kelly Clarkson Expecting First Child

11/19/2013 at 06:30 PM ET

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant Expecting First Child Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson, who recently said she really “digs the mom thing,” is a woman of her word: she’s pregnant!

The singer, 31, and her husband Brandon Blackstock are expecting their first child together, Clarkson announced Tuesday on Twitter.

“I’m pregnant!!! Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever,” she Tweeted.

The big news comes four weeks after she and Blackstock ditched their lavish wedding plans and instead tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Tennessee.

Amid rumors of a baby on the way, Clarkson hinted at the possibility during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show.

“We are not announcing anything right now! We’re not, no,” she said with a smile. “Practice makes perfect! We’re trying, trying, trying … like rabbits!”

Although it’s her first pregnancy, Clarkson is no stranger to parenthood, having spent ample time with Seth, 6, and Savannah, 12, Blackstock’s children from a previous relationship.

“My kids love her,” Blackstock’s ex-wife Melissa told PEOPLE in October. “I couldn’t ask for a better stepmother for my children.”

At the time the American Idol winner Tweeted her engagement news, she called her then future husband “the greatest man ever.”

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mrs123 on

love her! congrats


Congrats, hope all goes well.

Kelly on

That makes sense! Every article I’ve read about her lately has been about procreating. Congrats to them!

Theresa on

Wow. That was quick.

Miriam Poulsen on

Whoa, that was fast! I guess that whole trying like rabbits thing worked, lol!

Sacré on

Wow, that was quick! Congrats!

Chad on

Just like Drew talked about wanting kids knowing they were already pregnant……Congrats

jay on

So happy for her

klutzy_girl on

Aw, congratulations to them! She really wanted this, so it’s pretty exciting!

amynick on

Duh, we could tell that well before the wedding. Best of luck to a beautiful couple!!

Lilyflower on

Not surprised, as she seemed to keep dropping hints about it. Congratulations!

Asha on

Well I am not surprised. She has been disgustingly open about her desire to get married and have a kid. We didn’t need to know that she and her husband were trying like rabbits to have a kid. I’m sure she literally just found out that she was pregnant when she announced it to the public. What happen to waiting three months before announcing a pregnancy?

Cheryl on

Or maybe she’s already three months along…

4tmama on

Congrats!! Practice makes perfect!!

Crystal on

That was fast! Lol! Congrats to Kelly and Brandon and step-grandma Reba!!! 🙂

kitsgirl on

What do you mean “step-grandma Reba”? Brandon is Reba’s son.

CG on

Brandon is Reba’s step son.

stuckinsouthcarolina on

No one should be shocked by this announcement. Congrats!

Redhookfox on

You can’t help but being happy for these two.


Julie on

Congratulations Kelly and Brandon!

Jen on

Nice for her. But usually this is not announced until after the first trimester, so maybe, just maybe she was with child when she got married. Which, of course, is just fine and her business.

Kendra on

I am so happy for her. I have liked her since the first American idol show. She is has amazing voice and a wonderful attitude. Just love her , congrats:)!

CG on

So happy for them and she deserves it. How awesome will it be to have Kelly as a mom? 🙂

just wondering on

I’ve seen comments about how she deserves this pregnancy. What about the great couples that have been trying for years do they not deserve to be pregnant?

Lori on

So happy for you and your family!

Congratulations Kelly and Brandon!

Denise Johnson on

Thats awesome

avalyn on

Congratulations to Kelly, Brandon, Savannah and Seth!

Her best friend Ashley, who works for her, tweeted congrats and said something about now she doesn’t have to worry about slipping out the news accidentally anymore. So it seems they knew for little while now. Not an instant take a test and announce the results on twitter.

Alessia on

Congratulations Kelly! Best of luck!

Andrea on

Congrats to them both! They were definitely pregnant BEFORE they got married!

Sarah S. on

Yay, a honeymoon baby–congrats to Kelly and Brandon!! 🙂

Tara on

Yayyyyyy!!! Congrats ♡

Amanda on

Either she announced the pregnancy as soon as she found out, or she was already pregnant when talking about trying for a baby.

kristin on

There is no law saying you have to wait three months to announce your pregnant. I didn’t with any of my children and am totally ok with that decision. To each their own.

But I am very happy for them. Hope that everything goes smoothly and they have the baby they both wanted. And hopefully this baby has many fun times with it’s step-siblings.

Kim on

This is such shocking news! ~ Said no one, ever! 😉

Congrats to them! 😀

guest on


she seems so nice and down-to-earth and deserves all the happiness in the world!

congrats kelly!!

heather on

Why all the talk of trying like rabbits while you were already pregnant?

Guest on

Don’t get me wrong – I love Kelly Clarkson and am super excited for her, but there’s no way she JUST got pregnant. People usually don’t announce until their through their first trimester. That explains the quickie surprise wedding.

Cynthia on

So happy for u both Congratulations !!!

guest on

Something tells me she didn’t just find out she was pregnant… She rushed the wedding… I’m guessing she waited until the 3 month mark to announce. Do the math…

Guest on

Love her! And its so great that her husband’s ex likes her too! Congrats!

D on

Congrats Kelly! Not surprised though considering you’ve been talking about how much you’ve been trying! (;

Ms M on

I wondered if she was already. Every wedding photo they have release she is holding her dress in from of the tummy. Congrats to them!

Zouboy on

Congrats to Melissa for being so classy about her kids’ stepmom. You rarely see that and Melissa should be proud of herself and applauded.

Aussie Girl on

Congrats to her and her hubby. What beautiful words his ex wife uttered about Kelly being a step mum.

Big Fan on

Congrats to them. At least they were married first! Unlike those who shall remain nameless.

Brandi on

Lol amd you know her personally to know that she was married before they got pregnant? Even if she was already pregnant, who cares? Children born out of wedlock are just as much of a blessing as kids that came into the world after their parents got hitched. I was married before my daughter was conceived but I don’t judge anyone that does it differently…we’re all different and therefore have to do what works for us as individuals. Some people that shall remain nameless should try lightening up and getting off their high horses of judgement.

Anonymous on


Toria on

Well after practicing like rabbits, I hope he got enough because his stud service just came to an end!!

JulieB on


Fatima on

Congrats Kelly! may you have a very healthy safe pregnancy and delivery.

ketu78 on

ya for her! congrats~! loveee herrr

lisa haderman on

So nice to hear that Kelly is a great step parent to Brandon’s children with his ex Melissa .Kudos to u Melissa that speaks volumes on you as a parent.for letting the world know how Kelly is with your children
everyone needs to learn from them how to be civil

frecklelily on

Asha, I totally agree. While it is hard to keep the news a secret due to excitement, it’s even harder to break the news if something tragic, like a miscarriage, should happen. Waiting 10-12 weeks would give a little more hope that the pregnancy is developing smoothly. I wish them the best of luck.

Janice Pielert on

Wow, that was fast. She is a wonderful girl and I’m so glad her dream of being a mother is coming true. I wish her a happy, healthy pregnancy and all the best in the future.

Anonymous on

Glad the stepmother likes her. Makes life easier for all when the ex’s get along

Nana on

Great news. Best part about all of this is that the exs seem to like and respect each other. Very nice to see a positive comment from Brandon’s ex wife.

Christina on

So did she know when she had that rush of a wedding or did she just pee on the stick?

Tracy on

Love that the ex loves her!!!

Kelly on

There was no “quicky, surprise wedding”. The date had been set since last winter. And for anyone who has ever been pregnant, we know there is a period of time where you suspect you are pregnant but haven’t had it confirmed by the doctor. Maybe that is where she was last week on Leno. Congrats to them, regardless!

cal on

Boy, that was F-A-S-T!!


Jazz on

It seems she wanted to get married first, and then announce the pregnancy. Do her husband’s children live with them or do they live with their own mother?

Sharon on

Congratulations!! So happy for her!! I loved her since the first American Idol.

Steph on

It warms my heart that Brandon’s ex wife thinks (her) kids couldn’t have a better stepmother.

Andrea on

I knew she was lying on Leno!!! Totally called it!!! Congrats!!!

WhiteLily20 on

You know you’re a good woman and a natural Mom, when your new husband’s ex-wife loves you!

Anonymous on

Guuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaau that was fast !! Congratulations, great person it seems, love it

Anonymous on

I am so happy for Kelly and Brandon. Kelly will by an awesome mom! And how cool to have Reba as a grandmom. I wish I was part of their family!!!!

diane on

yay! im so excited for you n your husband.. congratulations! God bless..

Tams on

It seems with the advent of social media, people announce their pregnancies much earlier. I know quite a few people who announced a pregnancy as soon as they pee on the stick. I guess it’s difficult to contain that news to yourself. Nonetheless, congratulations!

Esmerelda on

How absolutely refreshing for and mature for a mother to say about her children’s stepmom! It sounds like a great family to bring a child into!

DB on

love, love LOVE this news!!

Niki on

Sooooo she was preg before she got married. Gee, how original. Does anyone actually do it the right way anymore?

Pamela on

How lovely! Melissa is one classy lady! Happy for the entire famly!

Emry on

the literally didnt waste anytime, i for one am glad my hubby and i waited 2 years to have our first one, have us time to enjoy being married.

Diane on

I am so happy for them, I just don’t get the “mad” votes…life is too short people, be happy…there is nothing about someone being pregnant that should get the “mad” face vote!!!!!!!

keg on

CRAP — doesn’t anyone get married before they have kids???

GuessWho on

Holy crap that was faster than lighting. Um, didn’t you JUST get married? Why all the desperate impatience to have kids!? Can’t you all just enjoy marital bliss for a while!?!? Good Lord.

jenna on

yay. can’t wait to read about the birth of her “three months premature” baby.

Melissa on

SO happy for her, it’s all she’s talked about for awhile! As a big fan, I’m thrilled to see such a talented and nice person find happiness 🙂

ExclusivelyCats on

Please don’t start with baby bump references. Please.

dancer92136 on

Best news I have heard is so long.

patty on

I’m am so very happy for Kelly. She is one of the nicest and sweetest celebs there is. May she be blessed with a healthy baby. Congrats to her and her husband.

Julesy on

Great news!

Jana on

Congrats! I kind of thought she was already pregnant during the wedding. Seemed like she was hiding her belly.

momoftwoinoneyear on

After trying for a year and a half, I announced my first pregnancy about 5 minutes after I found out.

Tee Tee on

Kitsgirl, Brandon isn’t Reba’s son, it’s her stepson. Reba and Narvel’s son’s name is Shelby. Brandon is Narvel’s son from a previous relationship.

No real surprise that they announced they are expecting, seeing as how she’s been so open about wanting children right away. I am tickled to read Melissa’s comment about loving how good a step Mom Kelly is to her children! What a refreshing change from the normal step parent attitude!

MistyMoo on

To those saying it was a “rushed wedding,” it was the exact same date as the wedding they cancelled! The save-the-date cards leaked onto the internet.

Bebe68 on

Duh. Hence the quick wedding. Congrats!

Andrea on

This is why she eloped. She was already knocked up before she got married. Can’t stand her! An idol that needs to have a baby is Carrie Underwood!

country on

Maybe that is why the quick wedding!!

Ivixen on

In this case, I honestly don’t think the wedding was rushed for the pregnancy. This really looks more like a matter of, we’re getting married in a couple of months and we want kids, so who cares about waiting any more. The wedding and the date had been in the works for a long time.


Dear Asha, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW. She is happy, so I’M HAPPY FOR HER ,and Mr. Rabbit. I love Kelly, Who said we have to wait three months.

Sylvia on


Sun on

Congrats!! Great family!

Cynthia D. on

No wonder they speeded up the actual wedding. She was already pregnant.

Lotte on

Seriously, someone announces she’s expecting her first child, which was very much planned, anticipated and WELCOME, and people click the sad face and angry face button on this? You sad, sad individuals! Who cares if she’s only just pregnant and excited enough to share early, or already started trying earlier this year as they knew the wedding was coming up in any case? Every couple has different ways of doing things, and what works for you doesn’t have to for someone else. What matters is this baby will be showered with love and devotion by its dedicated parents and no doubt VERY excited half- siblings! I wish them joy and a happy and healthy pregnancy! =)

Anonymous on

Ivixen- I couldn’t agree more! Anyway, congrats to them!

guest on

That’s the entire point of your wedding night, if ya want to have kids soon! Congrats to you too! You will be wonderful parents!

Mandy on

So happy for them. Glad they are having a baby.

veronica on

So Surprised…LOL

Jessy on

@ Asha.

I think she was already 8 weeks pregnant when she got married. I don’t know why these stars have to lie.

Nobody will say that they are pregnant when they are only one month pregnant. Duhh.

Kjs3957 on

I can’t believe some of the comments on here?! Lol! Some of y’all are just blind as bats. ” what happened to waiting three months to announce ….” DUH, she was pregnant when she got married. And if this was any other celebrity/singer y’all would be tearing them to shreds right now.

Amanda on

Congratulations!!! So happy for you both!

Linda W on

I’m so happy for her. She seems so genuine, and when people like that want something, you can’t help but hope for the best for them. Congrats.

Terri on

Love her voice. May her dreams continue to come true.

Annie on

she was preggers at her wedding. DUH. love ya Kelly but you didn’t fool us!

bkable on

After the “we’re practising like rabbits” comment… can’t say I’m surprised..

Mary on

I love how everyone is getting bent out of shape because she was likely already pregnant when saying she and her husband were trying. If she didn’t want to announce it yet, that is her choice, and why people are upset by that is baffling.

It’s not a distant cousin asking at a family bbq, she is being asked on national television and not just once. Because she’s fresh off a honeymoon, she gets asked that question dozens of times in every single interview. Her answer is, clearly, splashed across the fronts of magazines.

Forgive her for wanting to take a little time to adjust and make sure everything was normal and healthy in the pregnancy before announcing it.

Apples The Mule on

Congratulations Kelly! I love her music and she seems like such a nice person, I be she’ll be a fabulous Mommy!

Katie on

I hope he knows his working like a rabbit days are over lol. Sorry pal!

TaylorB on

Like we didn’t all already see you were OH SO pregnant at your wedding…duh….

Anonymous on

Best Wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kara S. on

Congrats! Maybe she didn’t wait 3 months to announce it-why should they wait.? She is blessed to be able to get pregnant so quickly.

Annie on

love you Kelly but you fooled nobody….knew you were preggers when you got married. congrats!

Eva on

The whole marriage was because she got knocked up & decided to get married quickly which explains the fast pregnancy annoucement. Kelly, I like you but you ain’t fooling anyone

Essa on

AHHHHH! Yes! I am so excited for you, Kelly! Congratulations!

Anonymous on

Dont be so naive. She was pregnant before her wedding.

Carol Johnson on

She had to have already been pregnant when she got married because she had her daughter less than eight months after her wedding.

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