Evan Rachel Wood: Why I Will Not Release My Son’s Name

11/19/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Evan Rachel Wood Son's Name Kristina Bumphrey/Startraks

Evan Rachel Wood is staying mum on motherhood.

Since welcoming her first child with husband Jamie Bell in July, the actress has yet to release any details on their baby boy — and she doesn’t plan to.

“People obviously know I was pregnant — can’t hide that — so I have no problem talking about the baby and that we’re doing really well,” the Charlie Countryman star, 26, says in an interview with The Daily Beast.

“I haven’t released his name. I’ve done my best to keep his picture from being taken, just because kids don’t really have a choice in the matter.”

Despite both her and Bell’s success in the spotlight, Wood is determined to keep the couple’s now 3-month-old son‘s privacy a priority.

“It’s such a shame when kids get harassed just because of who their parents are before they’re old enough to decide who they are or who they want to be,” she explains.

— Anya Leon

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Emma on

This article and the way she acted while pregnant crack me up. Is she even that relevant that anyone would care what her son’s name is/what he looks like?

Elle on

I understand wanting to maintain your privacy & not wanting paparazzi to take photos of your baby but not saying what his name is is kind of goofy.

Claire on

Okay so what , just to say who gives a shi@

Maria on

… And she is SO right!

myuntidydesk on

That is just going to make people MORE curious.

Proud Momma on

Good God-the name is not really a big deal and you will just draw more attention by refusing to release the name. Ms. Wood my vote for “Dumb Celebrity of the Week.”

nicole on

I really don’t think people care that much about her child.

sillythoughts on

Did anyone ask this self righteous brat?

dan on

I’m not really sure who this woman is, so it’s funny she thinks she super famous.

ourdalyplate on

Omg get over yourself! You really think your kid is gonna be mad that you shared his name and some baby pictures without his “permission”!? Please! And how long will you hide him? Once he gets to be in school, it’s gonna be pretty hard to keep his identity hidden from the public.


Good for her. Everyone deserves some privacy and the press and paparazzi can be ruthless. (Yes I realize the irony of posting on a celebrity magazine page)

Jill P. on

It’s probably a stupid name anyway

Susan on

Fast forward 15 years when she’s trying to get the teen into every movie studio possible for auditions.

Anonymous on

my guess is that this baby is probably really ugly and has a goofy name!!

Anonymous on

Guess I forgot to care.

Jay on

I crack up at people like her and Kerry Washington who REFUSE to acknowledge certain things like weddings or pregnancy.

First of all it will only make people more curious.

Second of all, you don’t have to make a formal announcement or have a photo shoot but if an interviewer says “oh what’s your baby’s name?” what is the big deal.

Finally, when you become a person in the limelight, you have to expect that people will want to know about this stuff. It’s part of the territory.

I wish the media would collectively stop giving these people attention!!!

bkable on

I didn’t even know she hadn’t released it… she probably just shouldn’t have said anything lol

Guzal on

Who is this? I opened the article just because it seemed weird and mean that someone is trying to keep child’s name a secret. Does anyone care what the baby’s name is?

Gemma on

Who is Evan Rachel Wood?

Lauren Kaminski on

I love her and she is a great mom!

haven on

I never liked her and now i dont like her even more. Who gives a flying flip what her kids name is stupid.

nina on

They should abandon this comment section.. people are assholes..

boesluv on

I clicked to see who this was. Still don’t know. She needs to get out of her bubble and realize she isn’t famous and nobody knows who she is. Don’t care what she named her baby.

Two Non-cents on

I think there are only a handful of people where the name of their child would be of relevance. She’s defintely not even on the list. Hell she’s not on any list cuz I can hardly remember HER name. her statement just seemed like a way of saying “hey rememebr me”?

CanadaChris on

Celebrities should not have kids if they don’t want their pictures taken or people to ask about them. They chose to be celebrities, stop your whining and suck it up! No one asked you to become famous – comes with the job.

Anonymous on

Who really gives a crap, she dont mind the publicity when she’s getting paid. Remind me to never pay to see any of her movies. Not everyone cares to see what your kid looks like and what their name is.

Rachel on

I understand, but at the same time, by not saying anything, people will just stalk her more trying to find out. This was the reason Drew Barrymore said that she would be more open about her second pregnancy.

nikki on

Funny how someone like channing tatum just puts the first pic of his daughter on facebook like any normal dad yet someone like evan rachel wood who isnt all that famous has to hide her kid

Anonymous on

Who is she??? Never even heard of her so how many people does she think really care??? So tired of nobody’s wanting to hide their babies from the public yet you have big name stars that are proud enough to say yeah thats my baby!. Hiding your baby does not make you look more famous it makes you look desperate for attention.

Anonymous on

How stuck up can she be! She thinks she is all that. Stop being famous then if you don’t want anyone to be curious about your child’s name. Get over yourself.

Vroxx on

But she doesn’t mind that we all know she dated Marilyn Manson!

Mommytoane on

I think its understandable. Better than these celebs who sell their birth stories and babies names to set press for huge amounts of money within minutes of the child being born. Eventually the little guy’s name will come out. Its not like she’s some huge star anyways. Most of the movies she’s been in have been flops.

Jae on

Good for her. I absolutely agree with her that it’s not fair to a child to force celebrity onto them. I respect her more for respecting her child. So many celebrities (and non-celebrities, for that matter) treat their children like an extension of themselves rather than what they are, individual people who are different from and separate from their parents. If I were in her position, I would do the same. She may have chosen a career that puts her in the limelight, but that doesn’t mean her child has, and he has the right to make that decision for himself when the time comes.

Brielle on

Jay I would say what Kerry Washington did is reasonable. She’s on a hit TV show, is on every magazine, blog and night show…She’s doing interview after interview so she will be asked about her personal life time and time again and it will overshadow her acting career and the things she is promoting for work. Evan Rachel Wood..not so much. I didn’t even know she had a baby until this article (or I knew and didn’t care). I care even less now.

Geraldine on

Evan Rachel Wood was in Green Day’s When September ends video, She was the Queen on True Blood, in several movies and is now on another tv show. She is actually famous, just because some of you don’t know her dosen’t mean she isn’t famous! If she dosen’t want to release personal information about her child that is her business! Why is that a problem? Why does that make her self righteous! She wants him to be left alone good for her! Why are people being so nasty! Also Channing Tatum chose to put out a picture of his daughter that was his own choice!

Emily O'Connor on

Good for her. Unlike the bigger celebrities that auction off their babies pictures for the money. Its just greedy. And completely pathetic. But I like Evan Rachel Wood. Again good for her. Two thumbs up

M on

So sad ppl commenting “who’s she” or saying “is a stupid name anyway”… lame and sad ppl… she has the right to say it or not period, does it matter? obvsly there’s ppl that knows who she is, otherwise PEOPLE wouldn’t be publishing this article… ego ego ego “who’s she” who’re YOU to criticise her…WHO?… nowdays is all abt the big dark ego. yikes.

ps: don’t publish this ps, don’t publish my email or send me spam to it either.

Isabel on

It’s ironic that the people who claim to not care about her or her offspring are the ones who seem to be the most riled up in the comment section. If you really don’t care what she named her child, it shouldn’t bother you that she’s choosing to keep the name private.

Dusty on

Are you kidding me!! Just stupid semi famous celebs acting stupid!! Any other plain jane mother is dying to announce the baby name, weight, etc… so, who really cares.. not me!!

Amy on

If she can keep her son’s name private, hell have a better chance at being able to do things like, I don’t know, attend preschool without being hounded by paps. Having his name gives paps and reporters more ammo to find out things that are none of their business.

LuvLeeRita on

I heard she named him Oscar Piblitz Scmudgie Bell. jk. 😀

Alix on

I’m sorry, but does anyone truly give a darn what Evan Rachel Wood names her baby or if she shows a pic of him?? I don’t care to read about HER let alone her kid.

Kairy on

Michael Jackson felt the same way about hiding his kids and look how they turned out . . .

Ann on

I had to take a minute out of my life just to say…”No one gives a f–k.”

Anonymous on

I really really love her!

Kelly on

If I were her, I wouldn’t be so worried. She is hardly a household name. I personally think she’s behaving as though she thinks she’s Angelina Jolie or something. Hardly think that the paparazzi are trailing her every move. Get over yourself Evan, we’re just not that into you.

Kelly on

Over-inflated sense of self-importance, I’m thinking. I personally can’t think of a single thing she’s every been in. You’re not exactly Jennifer Garner, dear.

Christine on

I don’t think people really care a whole lot. It’s not like she’s half of Brangelina. Not sure it’s worth all the trouble they’re going to to hide the baby’s face and name. Could even have the opposite effect and make the paps try harder. Whatever.

Hopper on

I think she is smart . The public does not need to know the particulars of a private citizen . . She is showing good sense and very protective mothering instincts . Good for her .

joan on

I do remember her from True Blood but didn’t know she had a baby because she is not in the news much. so, why offer up the comment about not sharing the child’s name if no one is paying it any attention anyway…

Rusty on

Good for her. There are some “d-list” celebrities that are only memorable because of the off-the-wall names they gave their kids. Would anyone in the media still be talking about Shannyn Sossamon if she hadn’t stuck her son with the name Audio Science?

liarlairpantsonfire on

“unknown person doesn’t give name of previously unheard of baby.” will people magazine be releasing the statements regarding all previously unheard of babies? or just the ones of unknown parents?

deb on

I had to google to see who she was? I don’t know her husband either. So it seems to me that she thinks her fame is bigger then it actually is?

T on

This page sure has a lot of comments. Weird, since this is someone that “no one has heard of and no one cares about”.

Sophia on

Lol @ everyone being bitter, probably, I’m guessing, just because she’s admitted she’s partaken of a bit of joint-smoking in her time and omg the horror she couldn’t POSSIBLY be a decent mother!!!?????!!!???? I’ll admit, I’d love to see a photo of her little boy and hear his name but let’s be real, just because someone’s chosen to fulfil a dream of theirs that requires them to be in the spotlight, it doesn’t mean they owe the public every detail of their private life or those of their child/ren. I think Evan is doing a fantastic job of protecting her baby. Kudos.

Terri on

It doesn’t seem like her child would be a big paparazzi draw.

RKF on

I’m usually a snarky poster, but I see nothing wrong with her not wanting information released. That’s called being unselfish. As for those pulling the, “who is she??” nonsense, clearly you don’t know how to google or think you’re hilariously original? I cannot think of a person who hasn’t heard of her, unless you live under a rock.

Deja on

The people commenting may just be regular readers of this section. Celebrity Babies is a popular topic. I don’t really have a strong opinion on this but I’ll admit it does seems a bit pretentious. I don’t see anything wrong with the decision but I don’t think she’s well-known enough that everyone is dying to know the name of her kid.

Anonymous on

First, I dont believe people dont know who she is….but anyway. second, if you dont….google is a great option. If I was in her situation, I would do the same thing and all of these comments prove it daily. These comments call children names based on their looks and insult them based on their name. As a parent our job is to protect our children and I would do that from the cyber bullies and the bullies in the world that think its their right to know and their right to be rude. Good for her for being a great and protective mother.

JLee on

The Wrestler
Running with Scissors
Across the Universe
The Life Before Her Eyes
Water Works…
to name a few…
Green Day video..

kk on

All of you people saying “OMG WHO THE HELL IS SHE?!” and “Shes a nobody” … shes actually pretty famous and in a lot of amazing movies. Shes an amazing actress.