BumpWatch: Kristin Cavallari Debuts Her Baby Belly

11/14/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari Pregnant Second Child
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Bump in the road!

Sporting a blue blazer and ruched shirt, mom-to-be Kristin Cavallari gave us a glimpse of her budding belly while walking her pet pooch around her Chicago neighborhood.

The reality star recently revealed she and her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, are expanding the family den and planning for the arrival of a sibling for son Camden Jack, 15 months.

“Thank you for all the love!! We are so excited for Camden to be a big brother!” Cavallari, 26, posted on her Instagram account.

With football season in full swing, the soon-to-be family of four has been spending time at their home in the Windy City — giving Cavallari plenty of girl time.

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in your career and have that be your only focus, and I want my marriage to work and last — and family comes first,” she has said.

— Anya Leon

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Vintage Kristin

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TooCute on

Just a month ago she announced she was trying to get pregnant but wasn’t yet…she obviously was and lied. How about not saying anything at all until you are comfortable announcing your pregnancy? Then again, we’re talking about a twit who accused Nick Lachey of ‘copying’ the name Camden for his son. As if her son is the only Camden out there.

heather on

They announced the pregnancy a few weeks ago.

Molly on

Career? What career?

JCr on

Her wrist makes her look sickly skinny. I hope she’s eating lots of healthy things and keeping that baby fed!

Htown on

I cant stand this female. She’s “famous” for NO reason. Zero talent! Does nothing! I hope she disappears soon.

Stephanie on

I think she is a huge, fake b*tch but she looks beautiful here. I want that blazer.

WooHoo on

Worst celebrity. Go away Kristen Cavalllari and never come back.

jay on

To everyone bagging her career, you do realize she designs shoes for Chinese Laundry and she designs jewelry, which sell really well. She’s also big into charity. So yeah. Awful person.

Heather on

Wow it looks like she must be somewhere around 4-5 months along. And, OMG that dog is just the cutest!!!!!

Taylor on

Well bless her heart. She’s another pregnant woman.

Callie on

Wow, there are some really nasty, mean bitches on this site.

Diane on

Seriously? It must be a really slow news day if this the ‘top story’.

I really can’t stand the whole ‘baby bump/baby belly’ syndrome. A bump is what happens when someone is pregnant. Sheesh.

Callie on

Boy, talk about being judgmental and mean. You broads make women look bad. There is no need for nasty remarks about this girl. Try to become better people and work on yourselves.

Callie on

Wow, there are some nasty, mean broads on this site. Glad I don’t know any of you as I’d be afraid what you’d say about me

Anonymous on

I think that she’s finally growing up and its good to see shes staying out of the laguna beach click party. None of them were friends in real life. Good for her!

jenna on

too cute & molly you guys need a life slut bags

Anonymous on

Yeah, because lots of paparazzi comb the streets of suburban Winnetka cruising for celebrities…nice setup photo op.

Guest on

I LOVE her dog!!!

Her on

I think she’s going to have a baby every year in order to keep her husband in check.


Still better than any article on Kim K.

jojo on

Wow, she looks big, wonder what her due date is. I thought she had a yorkie?

Tab on

I’d much rather see her than those Kardashians/Jenners that seem to be everywhere these days…Congrats on the new baby.

Brandi on

Lol you can’t even SPELL career. So stop…just stop right there. Smh.

Sarah on

**Sees happy pregnant woman; spits out stream of insults**

So many sad, bitter weirdos on here.

Camden on

She is NOT a celebrity!!! She was on a reality tv show a decade ago and she only had a small part on the show. She is a HAS BEEN and needs to just go away because I don’t want to see her ugly mug on gossip sites anymore!!! What really makes me mad is that she seemed to think she “owned” the name Camden. Why on earth would Nick Lachey NOT name his son Camden? Who does she think she is? Get a life Kristen and stop trying to tell other parents what they can and can’t name their children!

shidley on

LOL @Stephanie. That was pretty funny!

Annie on

LOL – because there are paps in suburban Chicago all the time…

Sara on

She’s come a long way since Laguna Beach and The Hills! She looks beautiful. All the best on Baby #2, Kristin!

P.S. As an aside, it gets really nauseating coming on here and reading all the hateful, ugly comments about EVERY SINGLE CELEBRITY from these readers. Why can’t People post an admonition about saying something positive or nothing at all, or ban certain people from posting?

And to you people: that negativity must be eating you alive. You need help! Seriously!

Marky on

Some of you need some real help…I may not be a big fan, but she does have a real job as a designer, she’s married to the father of her chid(ren), and I never saw any accusation on her part that Nick Lachey copied her baby’s name. Quite the opposite, in the article I read on this site.

TooCute, it was Kendra who said she was trying, then announced she was several months. People are often just too catty on this site; don’t like the celeb for some reason? Move on, read something else, and don’t comment. Ugh! The hatefulness is tiresome……

Ivonne on

Adults are far worse bullies than kid’s. These same adults who bully others are those who complain when their own child gets bullied at school.

Anonymous on

TooCute and Camden- When did she ever claim that she “owns” the name Camden or that it was horrible that Nick named his son that? All I ever saw was her saying that she LIKED the fact Nick chose the same name for his son that she did for hers. 🙂

Sara- Exactly! The way some of these women talk, you’d think Kristin had murdered their children or something!

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that she never said she wasn’t pregnant when she made the comments about going for baby number two. All she said was that she and Jay wanted another baby sooner rather than later.

Anonymous on

Looks like she obviously called the paps for this shot.

valeskas on

I don’t care for her much, but why do people have to post such hateful comments ?

Tom on

She lives off the reputation of her husband, Jay Cutler. A star? Not on this planet. I live in her suburb and she is as phony as the day is long. People who stick up for her, that’s great. But I know what she really is like with her stuffy, snooty attitude. Her jewelry and shoes are OK but they are so much better out there.

Tina on

I’m surprised she is that big already. Congratulations to Kristin and Jay!!!! Going to be hard to produce a baby as cute as Camden.

Luvmylife on

I recall her saying something along the lines of great minds think alike in regards to the name Camden.

But really who cares?

Pregnancy suits her well.

Annie on

Who ever said it was a pap shot? Maybe people did a story and photographed her? People, relax. I am so peeved by all of the “must be a slow news day” comments. Do you realize that celebrity news and gossip is what people magazine is. If you want political crap, go watch CNN. They are writing about what they have always written about. And really, as much as some of you hate it, the Kardashians are famous and they will be written about. Period. Calm yourselves down. No one is twisting your arm to make you click on the links that lead to stories about them. People wouldn’t be doing their job if they DIDN’T write about them.

Kristy on

I have no idea who she is, reality tv maybe, and don’t care, but I am so glad to read baby belly instead of baby bump!

rachel dykes on

hey if she can support them more power to her besides whats wrong with a married couple having kids, lol i think she looks great i like that shade of blond on her.

jaintn on

What does she do for a living? The only place other than gossip mags I’ve seen this girl was on that reality show and she was quite possibly one of the vilest people I’ve ever witnessed. Hopefully she’s changed, but I don’t see how she could change so drastically that she’s suddenly a nice human being.

Anonymous on

Celebritybabylover — You are like an angry old hen the way you are constantly berating and correcting people and getting your feathers ruffled over the slightest bit of perceived negativity. Sure, change your screen name but we all know it’s you.

Deb on

Why such nasty comments? If you don’t want to read about Kristin, go read about the Kartrashins. Plenty to read on that family. Would much rather read about Kristin. Congrats to Kristin and Jay on Baby #2!

mona on


Royalredusa on

That might be the cutest dog ever. Or at least a tie with Blake Lively’s dog.

chanel on

Honestly, most of you sound like a bunch of jealous b*tches. Go get your own baller. Don’t hate because she knows how to use a treadmill.

Jess on

Two little ones! Busy times ahead; babies are such a joy 🙂

Good luck and God bless!

soph on

Nasty, mean, judgmental…yup, exactly what you are, Callie, which you made clear in THREE comments.

Ashley on

I like her but come on, this is how she walks her dog?? I’m from Chicago, paparazzi are no where to be found, they’re definitely not popping up in Winnetka. It would be more believable if she was in yoga pants and no make up but of course she’s fully done up, and in shoes from her own line. She is just trying to stay relevant.

Catca on

Geez Tom. I actually live in that suburb too and all I can say is (1) you’re accusing Kristen of being a snob while posting an incredibly snobby comment like that and (2) you do realize that many of your neighbors are pretty big snobs as well, don’t you? Kristen certainly doesn’t stand out (and I don’t actually think she acts snobby) (there are also a ton of down to earth nice people here as well)

Anonymous on

Camden, get a dictionary and look up the word celebrity. You need to educate yourself.