Danielle Jonas: How I Told Kevin I Was Pregnant

11/14/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Kevin Danielle Jonas Fit Pregnancy Courtesy Fit Pregnancy

When Danielle Jonas discovered she was pregnant, she knew she wanted to knock husband Kevin‘s socks off with the reveal.

“First, I took like 12 tests to confirm it. Then I took all the socks out of his drawer and filled it with diapers and a bib that said, ‘I love Daddy,'” the mom-to-be says in Fit Pregnancy‘s December/January issue.

“I also put all the tests in there and a sign that said, ‘I’ll meet you in nine months.’ Then I put his socks downstairs in a basket.”

But while she was hoping to surprise the singer when he arrived home, Danielle — who is expecting a daughter — quickly realized his hunger pains were priority.

“When he got home, I was like, ‘Kevin, can you go put your socks upstairs?’ And he said, ‘Can I just eat first?'” she recalls. “I was like, ‘Really?’ I was pretty pissed about it. And then he saw what was in the drawer.”

Adds Kevin, “I was in shock. I was just like, ‘Oh my God, it’s happening! My life’s about to change completely!'”

Despite all the changes that accompany a pregnancy, Danielle — who has been open about her struggles with anxiety — is learning to cope through exercise and the help of her doctor.

“Honestly, working out has really helped. It makes me feel good,” she explains. “I am still taking antianxiety medication, but at a really low dose. They say if your body is stressed out, that’s not good for the baby, so I figured this was the best thing for me.”

Along with preparing for the February arrival of their baby girl, the Married to Jonas stars are also building their dream home — including a nursery complete with a bird carved crib, all inspired by Snow White — and debating which strollers would best suit their daughter.

As Kevin, 26, dreams of spoiling the couple’s first child, Danielle is hoping to keep their little girl grounded. “I want things to be special to her. I want her to feel like she’s earned things,” she explains.

He will admit to plans for their future backyard to include “a tree house and a whole wonderland play area,” but the doting dad-to-be has his reasons. “It’s not what I had growing up. I grew up on food stamps,” he shares.

Kevin Danielle Jonas Fit Pregnancy
Courtesy Fit Pregnancy

“One of the sweetest moments of our marriage was when my mom and dad took Danielle and me to the apartment I was raised in in Dallas. It was not great.”

He continues, “Dani started to cry and said, ‘I’m so blessed.’ That’s the kind of girl she is and I hope to instill the same values in our children. We’ve worked really hard and we’ve been blessed, but I want our daughter to know about giving back too.”

As their families await the birth of baby girl, Kevin — who grew up surrounded by broods of boys — and Danielle have been determined to let the public in on the pregnancy fun as well.

“She’ll be the first girl on my side! It’s been really cool — even my brothers have wanted to see all the ultrasound pictures,” he says.

“So many celebrities hide that they’re pregnant for a long time and keep everything so quiet. Why? It’s such a joyful time, we’re telling the world and we want to be able to rejoice!”

— Anya Leon

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Sara on

Love this couple!! She is so beautiful, they both seem so down-to-earth and family-oriented and she looks adorable with her belly!

Anonymous on

Anonymous- She’s married to one. 🙂

Mandy on

Well, Anonymous, I would much rather read about her than some of the other women they could post about *cough*any Kardashian*cough*cough*

lifeasahouse on

She’s the wife of a celebrity, not a celebrity herself.

Becky on

I absolutely adore this young couple. And can’t wait to see the first photos of their baby.

Becky on

@Anonymous. She isn’t any of what you mentioned. A beutiful woman that Kevin fell in love with.

Denise on

Sweet couple, I wish them well.

Jen on

I like how she justifies staying on her meds while pregnant. Maybe she wouldn’t be so stressed out in her life if her husband would just come out of the closet.

klutzy_girl on

I wonder if the blind item regarding them is true……..?

mamamia on

Of all of the celebrites having babies she is the ONLY one that I can remember that has referenced having a child earn things, and how that makes them appreicate what they have. BRAVO for that Danielle, I am sure that your common sense will make you a great mom!!

Nic on

Hope they washed those socks after.

JJ on

I like this couple. Now if he would just do something with that goofy hair.

Sonny on

Can someone take anti-anxiety meds while pregnant?

yeahisaidit on

To Anonymous: don’t you know…anyone with a reality show, with or without any talent, is famous. Just look at the Kardashian trash.

Marcia on

Nice pillow.

Angela on

I’m not sure what anti-anxiety meds you’re on (not that you’ll read this anyway) but don’t take Effexor while you’re pregnant! I was on the highest dose before my pregnancy so FOUR different doctors told me to continue taking it (although, I weened down to a smaller dose..but not much) because it would be too much of a shock on my body and my baby to stop. (Effexor is VERY difficult to get off of) My son was born 6 weeks early and would have been released if it weren’t for withdrawals from Effexor.

Now, 4 years later, he is being evaluated for learning disabilities (possibly even a mild form of autism). I would have rather weened myself off of the medication and just dealt with my depression and anxiety than for him to go through all of this. He is a wonderful, sweet, amazing little boy. I hate that he is going to have a harder time in school than necessary.

Angela on

Jen, all your comment did was show your ignorance about mental illness..and yes, anxiety IS a form of mental illness. It also showed your immaturity but that’s another story, I suppose.

Anonymous on

I don’t have strong feelings for this couple one way or another, but I have to say I applaud her openness about taking anti-anxiety meds while pregnant. It’s an incredibly tough decision that a lot of moms-to-be have to make, and it’s helpful that some women are willing to be open about it.

guest on

I think she is stunning and I wish them all the best. Someone has to help me with something, though. And I’m not saying this to be mean at all, but what is Kevin doing with his hair? Is it a new style I’m just not aware of yet?

Julie on

@Jen….what an absurd comment. You’re an idiot!!!!

bkable on

Umm Danielle, a lot of celebrities (and us commoners) keep it quiet for a while because of the sad truth that sometimes bad things happen.

I could hardly imagine having to tell the grandparents-to-be or future aunts and uncles that you lost your baby; could you imagine telling the world?

happy on

Stressed about what? No worries, no bills, no wondering where the next meal comes from, that you have a roof over your head, or that your car broke down and can’t afford to fix it, no losing a job, etc…so really? Get a grip! People have real worries so, what the heck can she be so stressed about?

Dorie on


Sherae on

Am I the only one that thinks she’s hideous?

Sarah on

Sad shark eyes, and you can see the seam of the fake bump in the front…sorry not sorry, but that boy is as gay as any of my friends. (SUPER GAY.)

zab on

@ Jen and Marcia: I hope the 2 of you never get to reproduce because that type of mean needs to stop, starting with you. Congrats and best wishes for a happy & healthy baby!

TooCute on

I definitely owe this girl an apology. I fully expected her to annoy the living daylights out of me the first time I sat down to watch their reality show. But she definitely proved me wrong.

Jen on

@Angela Amusing how you think it’s mature to name call a stranger on the internet and then argue their maturity. Hypocrisy much? But please, go forth and be the oh so mature poster person for mental illness and defend the use of drugs while pregnant.

Anonymous on

Wow @Jen is the reason for wanting her husband to come out of the closet so you’d feel more comfortable coming out the closet too? I guess you’re the kind of person who doesn’t stress out about anything..

Kelly on

He is such a tool. What hairstylist would cut your hair like his?

Ris on

She’s a lovely girl. I watched the show. I applaud her for talking about her anxiety. I’ve studied these drugs for years so for me, I would hire a gestational surrogate so that my child wouldn’t be in danger at all. Even of she wants to experience pregnancy and birth, I think it’s selfish to have that be more important than your child’s health. There are long term side effects on children no matter what any Dr. tells you. I think she’s a sweet person but I think she made an either uneducated (If she did research it for herself) or selfish decision (if she did the research and didn’t care).

Ris on

She’s so sweet and I’m saying this SINCERELY that it breaks my heart she is going to be a future Tina Simpson. Genuinely from by heart, it really saddens me because she is a lovely person. His religion, career & family are keeping him from not being his true self. Very sad 😦

JWU on

He’s going to look back at this hair style someday and get a good laugh. I’m laughing now, it looks like a patch of long carpet on the side of his head! hahahaha

Jen on

@Anon OMG! YES! Thank you for giving me the forum and strength to come out to the world right here right now. It just took my comment about closeted Jonas to admit my own desire to have sex with women! LOL! The amusing thing is I would fully support him being gay and marrying another man and having many many children that way. But living a lie (which I am not alone in believing that is precisely what he’s doing) is not only cruel to his wife and future child, but incredibly cruel to do to himself.

And btw, one can have plenty of stress in their life and still not drug themselves, especially while pregnant. And from their own mouths, they admit to living a life of priveledge, and yet she clings to her drugs because of anxiety. Not a real great way to start off as a parent. Just what would she do if she had real every day stresses like the rest of the average world? Or those who live on the streets?

Tina on

When’s there show coming back on. I have to admit I watched it. I’m not, nor have I ever been, a Jonas Brothers fan. But I like her. She’s sweet.

Connie on

Some really mean people here. I’ve watched their show and she really seems to struggle with self esteem and anxiety and having experienced anxiety myself it can truly be crippling.

As for her decision to take meds while pregnant, that is her decision to make and all consequences, if any, will be her responsibility. I don’t believe she is selfish person for making a decision that may be different for someone else, I believe it makes her human and she isn’t making any excuses.

fiona on

who cares and why the hands on the belly?

whatevs on

Though I love these 2, the part of the article where he says grew up on food stamps really bugs me. Really? His Mom worked at a school, Dad works for church group and churches, Nick was on Broadway making money by 7, and all 3 started doing commercials for cash soon after. If they were on food stamps at any point it would have been because one parent quit their job to work on getting their career in order to make the millions they make now, but they have always had money coming in somehow so it’s not like they were dead broke ever, with entertainment money coming in and one parent working.

I have actually had a time where one parent only family had no money coming in, and we lived in a car for a week until welfare kicked in, so I find it offensive that he acts like they were beyond broke during his childhood, and to make it sound like it was for his whole childhood or something! Ridic!

Beth on

Why can’t people just be happy for this couple! Why so many rude comments!!! I wish them a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby congrats guys you will be great parents!

Beth on

I think she looks beautiful she’s glowing !

Hannah on

@Happy-I get your line of thinking. But having had anxiety issues since childhood, it’s not about practical things. You could have everything and everything going for you, but you’ll worry about the most irrational things. Just thought I’d throw that out there. I get what you’re saying, but I’ve watched the show and get where she’s coming from too.

Anonymous on

It’s really a good thing that she’s taking care of herself, but anti-anxiety medication does more harm than being “stressed” regardless of how low of a dose it is.

Amanda on

Honestly, the style of his hair has to go

Susan on

That’s going to be one ugly baby!

Mirtala on

@Jen, whatever happend to “he who is without sin shal cast the first stone’? and “judge not leat ye be judged’? I’m sorry but we don not know her story or her personal experiences. Yes her and Kevin have a reality show but that does not mean that you know everything there is to know about a celebrity or person. I would never judge someone based upon what is on the tv or in an article and I would hope that others would not judge until they have walked a mile in their shoes.

Yes she lives a very privileged life, but they both also made a point to say that they have worked for hard for what they have, so why should they not enjoy it, and just because they have a surplus of money does not mean that they still don’t worry about bills, car payments, repairs and other expenses and normal worries as us “normal” people as you call us do.

I think they are a lovely couple who have worked very hard for everything they have and want to share the joy of a baby with the world. Medication while pregnant is not for everyone but sometimes is very necessary and is a personal decision that should be made between the parents and the physician to carefully weight our the risk factors and benefits of stopping or continuing. They have obviously done this and the risks seen to far outweigh the benefits per her physician.

Can we not just relish in the joy of a beautiful new life in this world, regardless of what you feel for the parents?

Ally on

I wish them the best. I enjoy their show when I catch it, and admire her courage to talk about anxiety. I’m sure her doctor has chosen the right medicine and dosage for her to take safely while pregnant.

Dawn on

Whether you like this couple or not, the negative comments about the baby being ugly, or whatever, shame on you! And some have commented on her anxieties, and why would she have them, no bills, etc., anxiety does not need to stem from the lack of material things. There are many other things in this world to worry about, not just material things. Some can not control these feelings without the help of meds.

Julesy on

Cute story and I like the way Danielle told Kevin even though I am not fans of Jonas Brothers.

Lauren on

You’re an idiot, Anonymous.

That is all.

Donna on

For those of you bashing because she is taking meds while being pregnant, get a grip. Just because she is married to a celebrity doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own stresses. Uh…..let’s see…..how about the paparazzi being up in your business all the time? Not having a private life because of the fame? Yes…..some people do understand when they signed up to be in the business of entertainment regardless of what form, they will be followed around and their lives are no longer private. However, it is more stressful to try to keep things private unless you stay in your house all the time. They may not have to worry about food and bills, but, there are other stresses and things that can cause anxiety in their lives…..especially her if she has never had to deal with it. So before you judge others, make sure you have nothing you will be judged for yourself.

Suzy on

klutzy_girl I read the blind item as well and, to tell you the truth, I believe it. He is clearly in the closet and the blinds were right about other issues in that family. So there…

Jax C on

What a beautiful couple! I am so happy for them. I had no idea Kevin grew up on food stamps. Their daughter is very lucky to have parents like Dani and Kevin! And don’t worry Danielle– labour is worth it and you’ll be glad you did it!

Isabel on

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy but he gives me the creeps. Also, from what pieces I caught of their television show, he acted like a massive drama queen and his family was nuts.

Anonymous on

i still cant tell if she that pretty or that ugly looks like either a cartoon or a animal not sure

CG on

Reading these comments makes me want to go on anti-anxiety meds. Oh wait, I already take them. AND I took them while pregnant with my two kids, who are both pretty much perfect.

People here need to shut it.

4tmama on

@klutzy I have seen the blind item too..we shall “see” soon enough..a lot of those have become, or are true, & if this is, DISGUSTING :O

Marky on

Jen, I hate how you act as if her meds are not necessary. There are people in my family who will never be able to go off their anxiety meds, and no one should be standing in judgement.

You dips who keep trying to “out” everyone from Brad Pitt to Hugh Jackman need to get a life; you don’t actually know anything about these people they don’t tell you, and your “gaydar” is off 95% of the time!

carol on

people life is massively streessfull .Ihad 2 healthy children while on meds .Stop judging people you dont know.

Gina on

what a cute way to tell kevin she is pregnant

kourtney on

Danielle’s so gorgeous even with that belly,wish them well and i hope they can show us life with their little girl on another season of married to Jonas.what names are available,i have really good ones for such lovely couple.Kevin the previous hair was better but you look good though

Nikki on

I love them, and I hope that even with her anxiety issues (I have some, so I know how it feels.) they have a healthy baby girl. They’re so thoughtful to include fans in on the pregnancy. I know that they’ll be great parents.

Kimberly Groher on

Hey Kevin , daneielle
Congrats having Alena she’s beautiful
And congrats again for your marriage
And I am so proud of joe , nick to be uncles

How much I love you guys when it comes to dani she’s my rodemodle being into woman’s clothes that’s why she is to me but I still love you guys amd for I love you Kevin cause you are the brightest guy in the world for no girl like dani completes you and I do to

Amd dani please tell Angela amd Bucky amd Dina amd Katie and Mikey I said hello