Drew Barrymore: Pregnancy Isn’t About Perfection

11/14/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Beauty isn’t just skin deep for Drew Barrymore.

In the December issue of Women’s Health, the mom-to-be admits much of her inspiration for her makeup line comes from 13-month-old daughter Olive.

“I love doing the beauty line because it’s so inherently feminine and so much of a celebration of women,” Barrymore, 38, says. “I think about my daughter and how special that is to be making something that’s so creative and empowering.”

But while her full line of Flower cosmetics can help with confidence, Barrymore — who’s expecting her second child with husband Will Kopelman — encourages expectant women to take pregnancy in stride.

“You’re not supposed to look perfect while you’re making babies. Making babies is the perfection,” she explains.

Drew Barrymore Women's Health
Courtesy Women’s Health

“It’s about feeling good in clothes and knowing you can get dressed up in the evening … but there’s just no such thing as perfection. So if you’re trying to get there, you’re just torturing yourself.”

Barrymore’s growing empire also includes her own line of wine, a project she was happy to take on “because everybody loves to have a glass of wine at the end of the day.” The momentary indulgence, however, does not take away from her parenting duties. “[It’s] very romantic, but being a mom is first — that’s now No. 1,” she says.

“Everything I’m going to do is going to have a real consciousness toward, ‘Is this a job I can do and still get home in time for dinner and have days where I get to do every diaper change?'”

She continues, “Then I’m going to have to go out on certain days and work and not try to feel like the guiltiest person on the planet, which every mother understands.”

Barrymore (wearing American Eagle Jeggings in Dark Destroy) strives to perfect the balance, but admits there has been a sudden change in her schedules. “Work has been my priority my whole life,” she says. “It feels okay to shift that priority, it feels like it’s time.”

Drew Barrymore Women's Health Cover
Courtesy Women’s Health

As she focuses more on her family life, the protective mama is determined to give her daughter a childhood unlike her own: one that includes plenty of play.

“I didn’t grow up around a lot of family. I grew up so fast and exposed to everything, and I think being a kid for as long as possible is just awesome — I would love that for my kid,” she explains.

With plans to expand her family further, Barrymore has been taking a more mental approach to tackling motherhood.

“I’d love to have more kids. I think it’s about being mentally healthier and then you are physically fit,” she explains.

“I’m actually not really working out right now. It’s a lot of fork up the food, shove to mouth, chew, repeat.”

— Anya Leon

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Sara on

Love her! Congrats on Baby #2.

Nancy on

Love Drew!! Congrats to you and your beautiful family.

boohoobytch on

I love Drew

Amy on

She is my favorite actress. She has turned her life around so much. I agree, kids grow up way too fast these days.

teresa on

I love her & the flower beauty line.

Dorie on

Love her! 😉

Sophia_1 on

Finally a celeb I always love reading about. Smart and beautiful – what more could you want.

Congrats on baby #2. I think of you as an “earth mother” who’ll have lots of babies

Faye Nordquist on

I have loved Drew ever since she was a little girl in “ET”, what a great mother she seems to be now.

Sylvia House on

Drew you look amazeing all the time.

Nancy on

So happy Drew has a family and is in love. Now that she knows what it’s like to be a mom, hopefully she will make up with hers, it’s so mean not to be with your Mom!

Andrea on

I like Drew as much as the next person, but makeup = empowering? Uh, no…

Pearl on

Loved her in ET, she has really come a looooong way. Look at her background, the family of actors of the Barrymores. She is very smart. Congraduations on her growing family.

Randy poole on

One of the most beautiful women alive! So Sexy!