James Van Der Beek: My Wife’s Pregnancy Craving ‘Set Me Up for Failure’

11/13/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

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She’s due with her third child this winter, but Kimberly Van Der Beek has had very few pregnancy cravings — and only one odd food request.

“I wanted non-gelatin Gummy Bears. The only place I knew to get those was the U.K.,” she told PEOPLE during GQ magazine’s 18th annual Men of the Year party on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

“That was four in the morning, so I couldn’t exactly get on a plane. So I was set up for failure, basically,” her husband James, 36, notes.

All candy aside, the couple operates like veterans, taking the latest pregnancy in stride as they carve out precious family time with daughter Olivia, 3, and son Joshua, 20 months.

James’ balancing strategy? “You just budget the time,” he says. “You say, ‘This is time for family‘ — you put the phone down. You’re a little bit late responding to the emails and the texts, but it’s well worth it.”

Parenting two young children has left Kimberly little time for workouts during this pregnancy. “My workout is my kids,” she explains, adding she’s done prenatal yoga once along with just one session of Pilates.

“There’s quite a bit of lifting,” her proud husband says of her at-home fitness regime.

As for their current brood, the couple honors the little moments in their lives. “We’re starting to be in full-sentence land,” the actor shares.

“Yes, every morning Olivia comes into our room and says, ‘The sun is up. It’s time to get out of bed.’ I don’t know who taught her that,” Kimberly adds.

“Not me,” jokes James. “I would have taught her, ‘The sun is up. Daddy, you sleep a little longer.’ But she doesn’t like that one.”

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— Andrea Billups with reporting by Mariah Haas

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Angela on

I adore this family. They seem genuinely with love and…normal! She is one of the most naturally beautiful women I’ve ever seen too. Her features blend together perfectly. She looks like what I would think an angel would look like!

Melanie on

I think a lot of women do the “pregnancy craving” thing just to torture their husbands and get attention. You’re pregnant, so you can get away with it, right? I get craving certain things, but seriously, sending your guy on a crazy errand in the middle of the night? That’s just inconsiderate.

Angela on

Maybe some do, Melanie but..when I was pregnant with my first child I was craving a stromboli from a pizza place in the mall. I sent my husband to get it for me (during the day though) and he came back with a piece of pizza, not a stomboli. I was, literally, heartbroken. My hormones were all out of whack! I wanted that stromboli like my life depended on it and I felt like he didn’t care enough or love me enough to simply wait the 10 minutes it would have taken for them to make it. Looking back now I realize that I overreacted, Although, it is kind of symbolic in some ways of our relationship. He never put me above anything. After I had my son he had gone to the house to get me some clothes and was gone something like 6 hours because he was at a friend’s getting high…Sooo..Obviously, we’re divorced now. 🙂

heather on

if you have a craving, go get it yourself. why send the husband out? seems ridiculous.

Dawn on

if you’re growing your husband’s baby for nine months, the very least he can do is get you whatever food you want, whenever you want it. sheesh. i can tell the haters on here have never had babies!

Melanie on

Actually, I’ve had two. I just don’t play the helpless card. If it’s on his way, sure, have him grab it. If you’re inconveniencing him just for the sake of it, that’s just lazy and inconsiderate. Pregnant does not equal helpless, nor does it make you queen of anything.

Sarah MC on

Agree with Melanie …

Anonymous on

Melanie- I agree if the woman is basically ordering her husband to get whatever she’s craving for her. But if it’s more along the lines of, “Honey, I’m really desperate for (insert food being craved here). Could you please get me some?” or she talks about how desperate she is for something and her husband offers to get it for her, I don’t see the problem. 🙂