Hillary Scott: Why We Waited to Name Our Daughter

11/12/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

After months spent searching for the perfect name, Hillary Scott decided to wait for the magical moment of meeting her daughter to make the final decision.

“I had felt like the instant I saw her, I would know exactly what her name was — there would be no question,” the Lady Antebellum songstress, 27, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

But when her baby girl was born in July, the new mom found herself at a temporary loss — until her husband Chris Tyrrell stepped in.

“She had probably been out of the womb 20 to 30 minutes before we decided for sure. After she was born, I was looking at Chris going, ‘What’s her name?!'” she says. “Once he said it, then I knew. I had felt that all along, but I needed him to feel it too.”

Now the couple are completely smitten over their choice of Eisele Kaye, which honors Tyrrell’s mother’s maiden name and Scott’s mother’s middle name, respectively. “Once he saw her and said it, it was done,” the  singer explains.

“We love how it sounds kind of musical, it has a sing-song sound to it. It floats in a pretty, musical way,” Scott adds.

Hillary Scott Eisele Kaye PEOPLE photos Joseph Llanes

Baby girl isn’t the only one after Scott’s heart; proud papa Tyrrell has happily stepped up to the plate with his daddy duties. “Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more, I love him more every day!” she shares. “He is such a hands-on dad. He is not afraid to do anything — there is not a thing he won’t do.”

In fact, when it comes to keeping score of diaper changes, it seems as if Tyrrell — who has already penned a “sweet” song for Eisele — easily takes the lead.

“He has changed the majority of poopy diapers in our house,” Scott says. “The more I’ve been walking through being a new mom, I see that it’s pretty rare that the father is so hands-on, so natural and so joyful with it.”

Since her summer arrival, Eisele’s ever-expanding closets continue to grow, as gifts pour in from several famous friends, including a “beautiful” monogrammed blanket from Reba McEntire.

Hillary Scott Eisele Kaye PEOPLE photos Joseph Llanes

“I go through her clothing once a month to rotate out what she has outgrown! Her dresser is bursting full, totally full,” Scott shares.

It seems the surge in baby apparel won’t be ending anytime soon — especially if CMT Crossroads partner Stevie Nicks has something to do with it.

“When Fleetwood Mac was touring in Europe, she would go into these little boutiques and shop for Eisele,” Scott says.

After receiving a box from Nicks “every few weeks,” Eisele’s wardrobe is filled with many of the singer’s favorite finds, among them the white dress adorned with roses pictured here.

“Eisele’s coolest clothes are from Stevie, which is so funny. Eisele has no clue how cool a baby she is!” Scott says with a laugh.

With Lady Antebellum set to start their Take Me Downtown tour in January, the new mom is looking forward to the new dynamic a baby on the tour bus will bring, particularly among her bandmates Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood and their wives.

“It will be interesting to see how having a baby on board affects their relationships. There is something so beautiful about the innocence of a child and the grace and joy a child brings to everyone,” Scott says. “I’m curious to see who’s next! It’s only a matter of time. Cassie [Kelley] and Kelli [Haywood] just love on Eisele so much.”

The beginning of their tour will also mark the second time Scott has performed on stage since giving birth, after a brief appearance at the CMA Awards. Despite her return to the spotlight, she refuses to let any expectations regarding her body after baby bring her down.

“There’s so much pressure on new moms — especially who are in the public eye — to get back into shape as soon as possible, which translates to, ‘As soon as possible, look like you were never pregnant or had a baby,'” she explains. “The women who get there the fastest are celebrated like it’s an accomplishment. I think that is so wrong and sends such a bad message to young women.”

Scott adds, “That pressure really forced me to take a deep breath and accept and embrace me for me, which is always a work in progress, but more important now that I have a daughter.”

Hillary Scott Eisele Kaye PEOPLE photos Joseph Llanes

For more on Scott’s life at home, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Kay West

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Callie on

Gorgeous family, gorgeous baby.

Teknosbeka on

How is that pronounced? I’d guess ‘eye-soul’, which sounds a bit too close to ‘eye-sore.’ Oh well, at least it has meaning to the parents. Best of luck to them!

Ashlinn on

I love Hillary!

Cathleen on

What an adorable baby!

Bella on

You waited a while but you still gave her an ugly name. How is Eisele even pronounced.

CC on

Such a beautiful family. Gorgeous baby girl. Congrats Hillary and Chris on your baby girl Eisele.

Jennifer on

She truly is a breath of fresh air! She’s got a good head on her shoulders and has a beautiful family! I’m glad that she doesn’t feel the pressure to lose the weight quickly! It is really discouraging how celebrities are celebrated for losing their baby weight within a few months. In the real world it just doesn’t happen. I wish them nothing but the best!

Kayla on

I read beautiful articles and sometimes I wonder how people get mad at this?

Sunkiss on

Beautiful baby girl ( Eisele ) congrats to you both!! I myself had a great hands on daddy for both my girls 23 & 12 and still is.

As for losing your weight go at your own pace be happy don’t worry about others just enjoy your family.<3 ❤

Ami on

That is my (almost) 2 year olds name! We spell it Eisley though, its pronounced the same. (Eyes-lee)

Hockeymama on

Love the message she is sending to other new moms regarding body image.

Allow your self time to heal and change since you just grew a human being!

We need to give new moms a break and stop pressuring and encouraging woman to over work out and starve themselves in the name of beauty.

KS on

For anyone who’s wondering, it’s pronounced “Eyes-lee” as in the eyes on your face, and then -lee 🙂

Sarah S. on

I’m thinking it’s pronounced eye-zell or eye-sell. That 2nd photo of her is precious! 🙂

Erin on

It’s pronounced “Eyes-lee.” I love it.

LC on

She is absolutely adorable! What a cutie!

Marjorie on

For all those wondering about pronunciation, a previous story on the couple stated it was like EYES-lee. I keep saying EYE-se-lee because of the single E on the end.

I don’t love the name or the spelling but if it’s after the grandmother’s names, then that’s pretty cool.

For what it’s worth, I would have spelled it Eisley.

momofsdg on

Gorgeous baby. Simply gorgeous.

Melanie on

Eisele pronounced “eyes-lee”

Destiny on

Her name is pronounce “eyes-lee.” When she was first born, People did a story on her and knowledge how the parents pronounce the name.

postathread on

waiting to see the baby before naming her is new? my son is 28 and we had no plans of naming him until we saw him. i think most people do the same. not big news.

postathread on

ISLEY? like the Isley Brothers, much easier way to remember the pronunciation.

Erin on

Cute baby! I am partial to that name as I have my own Isley (eyes-lee)!

Kathy on

It’s pronounced EYES-lee

CC on

Such a precious baby girl. They are a beautiful family. Her name is pronounced Eyes-lee and Eisele is the correct spelling, its a family name. Don’t see why people have to be so rude about things.

Caitlin on

FYI, Eisele is pronounced Eyes-lee.

Jeni on

I actually LOVE the name when it is spelled Eisley but I don’t like the way they chose to spell it. I love the sound of it though. It’s very pretty and unique.

They are such a gorgeous couple too!

mellie on

For those that are wondering, its pronounced Eyes-Lee

dudley doright on

those pictures are beautiful, thanks to family for sharing…the family photo on top is beautiful, what a sweet looking family.

Breck84 on

Go ahead and attack me but she may be the most hypocritical celebrity out there. Everything is for show and to feed you what you want to hear. She’s SUPER disrespectful to her camp – diva in every sense – can’t handle thing unless it’s done her way etc. if she’s a work in progress then it’s time to really figure her own crap out, work on her depression (seen it in her face for years) and not project everything on others.

Shawnalee on

I think its pronounced Isley… like the Isley Brothers… not completely sure though based on the spelling.

tanya on

I read an article from a few months ago and it was explained that Eisele is pronounced like “Eyes-Lee”.

Anonymous on

“among them the white dress adorned with roses pictured here.” What white dress adorned with roses? I don’t see it in any of the pictures. I see what looks like a white dress, but no roses on it.

Stephanie on

Beautiful baby! And I love the name, it has a great meaning for them an the name is beautiful. (Eyes-lee) and look at gorgeous blue eyes!

Aussie Girl on

Sorry I don’t even know where to begin pronouncing it. Poor kid, it may have a beautiful meaning, but I am a teacher and don’t have a clue!

Nancy on

Beautiful baby. Congrats!

Wendy on

Teknosbeka, her name is pronounced “EYES-LEE” where you’d get soul at the end of her name I have no idea.

It’s actually getting to be a popular name albeit with a different spelling.

Its a popular naming practice in the south and elsewhere to name the baby’s after the grandmothers maiden name. Peyton Manning’s middle name comes from his mother’s maiden name.

connie bishop tickle on

I think your baby is absolutely beautiful and she has a wonderful name! I love different names!;)

Stormy on

It’s pronounced ( eyes lee )

Ann on

Awesome family……..pretty little baby also!!!

Alexis on

The name is pronounced eyes-lee.

Morgan on

It is pronounced “eyes-lee”. I love this story.

MEG on

Beautiful baby!!! but Hilary needs to get back into shape!

Angie on

It’s pronounced “eyes-lee”. She’s such a beautiful little baby with a beautiful family!! 🙂

Carolyn on

Adorable baby, but horrible name. She’s going to be spelling and pronouncing it for people for the rest of her life.

Lisa on

Eisele is a beautiful name. When it means something to the parents, it makes it even more perfect. (It is spelled like that because that is Chris’ mother’s maiden name.)

I Love Lady Antebellum. Hillary, Charles, and Dave are amazing artists. They are extremely nice people as well. I think Hill and Chris are going to be amazing parents. See you on the road!

Baby Tyler on

I don’t think it’s completely uncommon to wait until after your baby is born to name him/her. I was nameless for two days after I was born.

Elisama Rodrigues on

So blessed.

Robyn on

It is pronounced Eyes-Lee – which is a beautiful name and fits her well. Unfortunately, it is not such a great spelling…will cause confusion.

CC on

Breck84, I don’t think you have a clue as to who Hillary is. She’s one of the kindest and most down to earth people you’d ever meet, so is She has a beautiful family and a wonderful career, you just sound bitter.

RKF on

That poor child is going to have her name butchered her entire life. Why not name a child something that can actually be pronounced?

DJ on

I would say its pronouced: “E-zelle” or “E-sill” never once thought of Eye-Soul-but i’m from the South.

smh@people on

I guess I’m not normal….had both of my boys named well before we even knew if they were boys or not!

Beautiful name for a beautiful baby!!

Connie MacDonald on

Great family and beautiful baby looks like both parents. Hillary just to heck with what anyone says about getting your body back prior to having your daughter. It will happen in it’s time.Not everyone is the same and spending 23 hours a day with gyms and trainers just does not make it worth being away from your family.Do what and when things feel right for you. God Bless and continued success in all you do just ignore all the unpleasantness that comes your way.

Emily on

It’s pronounced Eyes-lee, like Eislee. His mom’s maiden name was probably Eisley. What a sweet family! Eisele is so adorable, and Hillary looks gorgeous. Good for her for not caving to the pressure of being size zero after having a baby. Best wishes for all of them!

Anonymous on

I thought the story was sweet and positive and spoke to women and mothers about the pressures of body images. I do not understand the huge deal about the her daughters name. There are celebrities and people who name their children after fruit and trees. Albeit may not be the most perfect name for everyone but it is for them. The story was about a wife and new mother who is sharing moments about her baby girl and the life she lives and the message of body image she wants to instil in her daughter. I thought both mother and daughter looked beautiful.