Kendra Wilkinson Debuts Her Baby Belly

11/08/2013 at 03:15 PM ET

Kendra Wilkinson The Lylas Premiere

She’s got the glow!

Mom-to-be Kendra Wilkinson showed off her barely-there bump while walking the red carpet at The Lylas premiere party in Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday.

Keeping it simple with minimal makeup and no accessories, the expectant reality star glowed in a black and white chevron print dress and matching peep-toe pumps.

The Kendra on Top star — who is already mom to 3½-year-old son Hank IV — admitted husband Hank Baskett has been a “team player” during her pregnancy.

“He’s the one who has to deal with my symptoms and hear my problems. I already have cravings and they’re very specific,” Wilkinson, 28, told PEOPLE shortly after announcing her pregnancy.

“As he’s getting into bed, I’m like, ‘I need food!’ – usually cheese. Every night this happens, and if he brings up yellow cheese and not white cheese … Oh my God, go back downstairs. He’s having to pay the price.”

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Sabrina on

That is literally my gut everyday.

Eve on

So, she distinguishes between ‘yellow’ and ‘white’ cheese? Must be some kind of fancy eatin’ going on in that house. *sarcasm alert*

Ris on

I used to like her until I watched her show and wifeswap. Talk about a terrible mother! Her nanny (while she is at HOME doing nothing) and hank are going to have another baby to raise. Look into it people. She out him in school at 2 even though she was home. She doesn’t get up with him in the morning, take him to school or pick him up. When she’s home laying in bed in the evening, the nanny feeds him and bathes him! She’s a bad wife too but it’s the mother thing to really tears me up. 😦

Helen on

Ris, you are such a perfect person but too bad no one knows you….go get a life and quit judging

Shell on

If her episode of Wife Swap was an accurate portrayal of how she is as a mother, I feel sorry for this baby! She is selfish, childish, and her husband waits on her hand and foot!

CamdenAgain on

And why can’t she walk downstairs herself to get some cheese is beyond me.

Helen on

So Hank does it with out complaining. I wonder why you so pained

fanny_pants on

“Time to have another baby before people start to forget about me!!” Just another one to drop on her husband’s lap! She is very immature.

Helen on

Fanny Pant the mature one, please get a job and quit follow an immature girl around.
You think Kendra is immature, yet you come here to read about her? I laugh at you

Jam on

People are so quick to judge, SMH, congrats to her and Hank !!

JM on

I cannot for the life of me figure out why people follow her (facebook, twitter, watch her show, etc.). What is the appeal? I agree with some of the other comments – her husband is a gem and waits on her hand and foot. Why do they need a nanny? Good lord they only have one child.

Kat on

I also saw them on Wife Swap. Her husband spoils her; he does all the cooking and cleaning, childcare is btwn him and the nanny while Missy Kendra goes out having fun with friends, does whatever she wants. She acts like a single woman in her late teens to early 20s. That man needs to require more from his wife, they don’t need to have more kids until she grows up and gets her priorities straight.

anna on

In reference to her wife swap show, I would still choose Kendra over Kate Gosselin for a mother…any day and every day.

Kristin on

I admit I have seen the Wife Swap episode and I am concerned like all others who witnessed her childish, selfish behavior. My only thought is that she is trying to stimulate the economy, two children two nannies? Or maybe she wants to give Hank a sibling. I wish her family the best of luck, and hope she had a wake up call once watching herself on that episode.

sandy on

Why he let’s her order him around and treat him like a chump is beyond me!! Go get our own cheese! My husband would of looked at me and said, “Yah, right-go get it yourself!”

Just because your pregnant does not mean you have a free pass to treat your husband like cr*p!

Tab on

After seeing her on a Wife Swap I’m surprised she’s having another child. She is truly a selfish mother and wife. She acts like she’s entitled to be catered to and have her every whim taken care of…..such as the white cheese thing. The nanny and Hank did EVERYTHING for her son while she lounged….she better thank her lucky stars for that husband of hers and hopefully she appreciates him because she came across as a real BRAT. Go find the episode and see for yourself. I hope she changed her ways after seeing herself on Wife Swap. Why is she famous anyways??

Amy on

Too many women out there take great care of their kids, work outside the home , and keep a nice home for their family. Poor Hank…. And those kids :/

I hope those kids have a good stable nanny they can get attached to.

Hank: All women aren’t like this. Women exist that love and care for their families and don’t flaunt their bodies for everyone to see. They are out there. You just need to believe you deserve better than what you have.

Janet on

congratulations, Kendra and Hank on your news of expecting a second child.

Shazza on

She’s pregnant, not handicapped. Get up and get your own cheese girl! 🙂

Romy on

after seeing wife swap it’s surprising she’d want another. well I guess it’s an easy life for her when Hank and the nanny do everything. I’m surprised she can go nine months without partying though.

Sandirobyn on

Love Kendra, always have. Hope she has a girl.

Kendra A on

She is a selfish and lazy Mother who just cannot adapt to parenting! She just wants another chid so she can get noticed on tv and magazines since her reality show finished. She is so attention seeking. I think Hank will really fed up with her when she will get extremely lazy later on. She is just enjoying this pregnancy and once that baby reaches 1 she will get bored again 😦

zab on

??????? If I look at the little round icon there are 323 hearts VS 44 mean faces yet, there is only ONE nice comment below. Why? Why bother to read and write something nasty if you don’t like her?? It’s pointless and spitefull and I don’t get it. It’s a gossip mag, you read this for fun not to put down or be nasty to somebody you’ll most likely NEVER will meet??? We live in a sad, sad world…..

Amy on

Your right. It is a sad world. It’s sad that people like Kendra become famous for sleeping with an 80 year old man.

loufalce on

Baby bump? God ,I HATE that expression.

Kate on

Hey what’s with all the negativity?? Look at it with the glass half full, she is contributing to the job market….Nanny position needed

Sara on

She looks absolutely adorable. People who make negative comments all day about others are both amusing and unfortunate. I feel sorry for your children, not Kendra’s. At least she seems happy!

I hope she has a girl! Their son is beautiful and I’m sure their daughter would be stunning.

Anonymous on

Considering the fact that reality shows are often more fake than not, I don’t think we can gauge what kind of parent Kendra is from them. She may be very involved when the cameras aren’t working, for all we know. At any rate, little Hank seems to enjoy being with her (which likely wouldn’t be the case if he really were being raised soley by his father with assistance from the nanny), so obviously she’s doing something right. 🙂

Helen on

Yea you are right.
Reality shows are fake and scripted, we shouldn’t judge Kendra from an episode of wife swap…they script all that sh*t you see, just to entertain people.

Mommytoane on

woah. Ok so last week she said she wasn’t even into her second trimester yet…which begins at 3 months, and yet she’s poppin a belly like that already??

Cate on

I agree with what everyone else has been saying. I used to like her okay, but her Wife Swap episode was just disgusting. What a horrible, immature woman. She ignores her own baby. You hope that party girls would change and grow up when they have children, but she is living proof that not all of them do.

dudley doright on

“he’s having to pay the price”…I’m sure he is.

Yellow cheese & white cheese…that says it all.

meghan on

Jam, this woman has made a career out of being an 80 year old man’s concubine and now exploiting her family for a buck. And you are shocked that people judge?

meghan on

Helen, get a fricking life.

Snowflake on

I heard if you eat lots of cheddar cheese you will have a GIRL!

Miss Ann on

@ Anna…. One thing about Kate no one can EVER accuse her of not knowing what her kids wore to school, what they ate, who has the sniffles, and so forth. Yeah, neither is perfect, but Kate is a hands on mom, and she takes pride in parenting. Kendra, not so much.

Jen on

That’s a “baby belly”? Looks like a food belly.

sarah on

I think that both Kendra and Hank prefer the type of life they lead and they are so much fun to watch. Their son is gorgeous and I’m sure this new baby will be also. A lot of you sound so negative — jealousy maybe. They seem happy together and neither one has complaints so don’t be so negative. The only thing I would suggest to Kendra is that she makes up with her mother. Life is way too short not to.