Jackson Rathbone: Nikki Reed Is a Great Godmother

11/08/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jackson Rathbone Planet Hollywood Twilight Forever Fan Experience MediaPunch Inc/Rex USA

Jackson Rathbone really wants a playmate for 16-month-old son Monroe. So, it sounds like the pressure is on his new bride Sheila Hafsadi — or perhaps it’s on his Twilight costar Nikki Reed!

“Nikki will be an amazing mom,” Rathbone, 28, told PEOPLE Monday at the opening of Planet Hollywood’s Twilight Forever Fan Experience exhibit in New York.

“We’re trying to infect her with baby fever so we can have an amazing kid for Monroe to play with. We want him to have a little buddy.”

Hafsadi could provide that too, of course — and in fact, Rathbone wouldn’t mind adding two little buddies.

“I grew up with all girls, so if I had a little daughter that would be amazing,” he says. “But either way, I don’t mind. We kind of hope that we’ll have twins, a little boy and girl. That way we have them both done and that’s it!”

Reed, meanwhile, was a bridesmaid in the Rathbone wedding and is godmother to Monroe — and says she can’t decide whether that makes her more or less likely to have kids of her own soon with her husband of two years, Paul McDonald.

“On the one hand it does, because who doesn’t love a super cute, smart baby?” she says. “But on the other hand, it makes me feel like any cravings I have are satisfied because I get to babysit him and be with him … Sometimes I’m like, ‘But I want this so bad!’ And other times I’m like, ‘But I get to just play with him!'”

What’s her job as a godmother? “To buy him everything he wants and hold him when he’s crying,” jokes Reed, 25.

“He’s the most fabulous, gorgeous little boy on the planet. It’s insane. It’s unreal how beautiful he is. I see him all the time. We’re practically neighbors, and it’s important for us to spend time together so he knows me, so we’re always together.”

Rathbone, of course, is smitten too. “He’s incredible,” the actor says of his baby boy.

“He’s got these big dimples, this big smile. He loves climbing and running around. He’s starting to talk and mimics us. He says ‘Mama’ and ‘Daddy’ and ‘Hello’ whenever we’re talking on the phone.”

He playfully adds, “His first word is a toss up between ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ but I’m going to say ‘Mama’ because I don’t want to get in trouble. Sheila had to carry him for nine months. She deserves it.”

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Haiwen Lu

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Savia on

He’s creepy hot….

Anonymous on

I don’t get this part: “But either way, I don’t mind. We kind of hope that we’ll have twins, a little boy and girl. That way we have them both done and that’s it!” They already have a boy! Why is it so important to them to have another?

And if it’s so Jackson has a sibling of the same gender close in age, why are they okay with their hypothetical daughter not having any same gender siblings?

GammieJo on

Anonymous, it’s just saying the ultimate situation would be twins, boy and girl, covering all bases. It doesn’t say it’s the only acceptable situation. I don’t see what’s confusing about it.

And yeah, he is beyond hot. They’re a gorgeous couple, and Monroe is adorable.

Angela on

I’m confused…How is she a “Great” Godmother? That would imply that her ‘Godchild’ had a baby, but that isn’t the case…right?

Nichele on

@Angela: Pretty sure they just mean “great” as in “awesome.” 🙂 Also, technically, if she were a “great godparent” in that sense, it would mean that her godchild had a grandchild, not just a child.

Kellyduff18 on

OK, I can’t help myself… Angela, you’re kidding, right? Please tell me that was a joke post. Replace the word “great” in the headline with the word “fantastic” and see if it makes sense to you now. Sweet Jesus.

lori on

@angela, seriously? Geez.

Vanessa on

Kellyduff, that was hilarious. LOL

K on

OMG Angela, please tell me that you are either 14 or don’t plan to reproduce.


The world has enough dumb.