It’ll Be a Second Son for Owen Wilson

11/05/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Owen Wilson Expecting Second Son Jon Kopaloff/Filmmagic

Owen Wilson is adding another baby boy to his brood!

The Free Birds actor and Caroline Lindqvist will welcome a son in January, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Although Wilson, 44, and his one-time personal trainer are not together, the source adds the two are getting along and plan to celebrate at a baby shower together in December.

After his rep confirmed the pregnancy in October, a source told PEOPLE the parents-to-be were “excited” about the baby on the way.

“They are not living together, but Owen is involved,” the source said. “He comes to doctor appointments and makes sure Caroline is doing well.”

Wilson is already dad to 2½-year-old son Robert Ford with ex-girlfriend Jade Duell.

— Anya Leon

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Marie on

Well this certainly isn’t the way to do it but congrats on the baby on the way. You may want to cut back on having several baby mama’s. You can only spread yourself but so thin!!!

lola on

what a loser. 2 kids…2 different women. classy.

Emily on

(sigh) SO he wasn’t with his first “baby-mama” and now he’s got a second “baby-mama” in the making. Is birth control or self control not a possibility? I’ve lost respect for him.

Kathy on

Dad of the Year….keep planting those seeds.

Amy on

Blind Gossip claims that he has two more kids by two other baby mamas… So four in total.

MN77 on

Blind Gossip is equivalent to the National Enquirer. Seriously, it’s trash, and it’s sad that people believe the gossip and rumors they spread.

Dawn on

Ooops! Keep it under wraps Owen! Those rain coats do come in handy, when used. I am glad to hear that at least he is in the childrens lives. One more thing, can not always blame the guy, it takes 2 to tango!!

Barbra on

She was married and already has a kid. Shame on the two of them. Morals and respect no longer exists it seems. He has a son from a previous relationship. Now, he’s adding another child to the mix. She still ISN’T DIVORCED YET! I am usually prowoman, but in this case, I hope she loses big to her soon to be ex and she also loses custody of her child. This reminds me of SImon Cowell and that whore Lauren. She is never with her son whom she claims to love. She is always with Simon trying so hard to make us believe they love each other. You don’t. You’re a baby factory and that is it.

Lyanna on

Wow, he’s trying to re-populate the earth :facepalm:

Tess on

More like a 4th son when you count in the two he doesn’t recognize!

Watcher on

Standard casual enseminator.

ann on

how sad for the kid to not even have his parents together at his birth! why have a baby with someone you don’t even love?!?

Anonymous on

totally agree with all the comments, especially lola.

allison on

Love it when a ‘source’ states that the two (him and baby mama #2) ‘are getting along’. why is it that Hollywood sets the standard for a moral-free society…??? glad that ‘he is involved…wouldn’t want him not to be ‘involved’…

Elle on

Love em’ and leave em’. Classy.

Amaryllis on

Time to get a vasectomy.

slawson on

Wow…What a sleezy slut. Great example!!!

jmquinnn on

Sounds like reproductive coercion. He wants offspring but not a relationship with their mothers.

guest on

He is a pig

sandy on


Mama on

Judge much people?!?!?! Congrats on bringing a precious life into this JUDGMENTAL world! GEESH!

Angela on

Barbra, you speak of morals and respect and then a sentence later you begin wishing bad things to happen to them both and call her names? Where are YOUR morals? I agree that this isn’t the best situation, but it’s not our right nor is it our place to judge. Also, just because they’re not together doesn’t mean they’ll make bad parents or that they deserve to have their children taken away. My goodness…people like you really need to take a good long look at yourself before you start judging others!

Kat on

I can’t imagine how I’d feel as a kid knowing I’m a business/financial agreement to my parents. Momma’s retirement plan, daddy has issues, probably in the closet, they don’t even live together.
Poor kids, they’re gonna need a lot of therapy.

Nancy on

Don’t these women know how to use birth control properly?

Jenn on

Kinda gross that he has two kids, so close together by two different baby mamas and he’s not even serious with this one nor was he very serious with the last!

Edie on

Never mind the children, as long as the parents are happy…

Callie on

So many baby mama’s involved. I always thought he was much more sophisticated than this. Congratulations, as it is not the baby’s fault that they are not together anymore. All babies are precious 🙂

meghan on

Stop wagging your finger and shut up, Angela. He is a scumbag. A person who has two (or four) kids with separate ex-girlfriends deserves to be judged.

Julie on

The fact that there are more angry faces than hearts tell me that people still have some value for morals.

haven on

He is disgusting seriously 4 kids with 4 dif baby mama and none he is married to wow use protection duh! I feel sorry for those kids. He is a nut case and those women are skanks.

Carole on

I was just watching say yes o the dress. A woman with 4 children was getting married in 5750 white wedding dress.

Larry on

Another celebrity bastard by two different women. A real class act.

Anonymous on

What a loser. SO sick of selfish people like him. Think of the child for once. We’ll see how involved he is when he meets someone else. Loser, oh wait I already said that.

Anonymous on

Owen and Caroline: Congratulations!

matonna on

What really upsets me is the media and Hollywood that celebrates these lifestyles and wants us to believe that this IS a good and moral life. What now defines morality or living a just and respectful life? Why is Owen making babies with a woman he is “no longer involved with”? No self respect.

Barbra on

@Angela. Though I do understand your views. If they are in the public and announcing it then we are all allowed to express our opinions on the subject. Whether negative or positively. Owen Wilson has four children from what I have been reading, well this will be his fourth. I never said he wouldn’t be a good dad, but for goodness sake, wrap it in a condom. This woman is still married. How is this not related to morals? It speaks volumes about how our society will go out of their way for “celebrities”. If you think I’m being judgmental, maybe you shouldn’t be on a comment site. I am sure there will be a lot worse said about this situation.

Lynn on

What a Damn LOSER !!

how many more before you do something about it ?

Both Men and Women need to learn responsibility ! just because you can doesn’t mean you Should !!!!!!

Cynthia on

As long as he keeps paying the bills and is involved. I like the idea of a lot of little Owens around.

Tlc on

This guy needs to keep his pants up!!! On a good note, at least he’ll be able to pay support for the child!

Mary on

While it’s much more common to have children by different people, producing children from flings is another thing. He has several children by different women, none of which he was actually with is pretty bad. He’s a creep.

Raneydayart on

I wonder what is going to be the effect on so many of these kids who are not born in intact families/traditional circumstances==

Seems selfish to do this especially when life is long, people change, circumstances change and the child will always be the one hurt. Let’s hope at least a trust is drawn up so these kids are provided for, if nothing else, an education.

Anonymous on

2 baby mamas and not with either one…hmmm… Just because you have money doesn’t make you smart or classy. This guy needs to seriously check himself.And, these women…WTF, no shame. All about the $$.

raselrony on

So, he is going to be a father. Congratulations!

Katie on

Is this baby no 4 for him? I thought it was 2. Some comments say no. 4? WTH? He is a slut.

momo on

He’ll probably see each of his kids once to three times a month. Poor kids, especially when they get older. Maybe he’ll see them once a month. At least he’s got money for the huge child support, but those kids will be lonely without the father around.