Drew Barrymore Expecting Second Child

11/04/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Drew Barrymore Pregnant Expecting Second Child Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

There’s another baby on the way forΒ Drew Barrymore!

The actress and husband Will Kopelman are expecting their second child, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Barrymore, pictured at the LACMA Art + Film Gala on Sunday, has spoken of her plan to expand her family, saying that she wants daughter Olive, 13 months, to have a sibling.

“I was an only child, and it was lonely,” she toldΒ InStyleΒ in their September issue.

“Some people love it and thrive on the independence, but I want my kids to have other kids around. Maybe two kids so they can run around life together, roll their eyes at their parents together like Rusty and Audrey Griswold from [National Lampoon’s] Vacation. So however that’s going to come about, it’s gonna happen!”

The cosmetics and wine connoisseur, 38, has also said that she’s happy she waited until she was older to have children.

“I’m glad I lived such a full life before I settled down into a family because I got to enjoy it and get it out of my system,” she explained.

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Sheila Burns on


R on

Congrats to you Drew! Love you dearly!

klutzy_girl on

Yay, congratulations to them! Can’t wait to see what they name the baby this time around.


I’m so happy for you and your family. GOD is with you and blessing you with all that you deserve. CONGRATULATIONS!

Carrie M on

I am thrilled for her!! Best of luck to the entire family!! πŸ™‚

Patti on

Thats the way to do it Drew….live your life first if you know you can’t 100% be invested in growing a family….its OK if you dont want to have kids at a young age…..its all about enjoying life….ask how many mothers who had kids at a young age, how they missed out on things….I know people are going to say kids change everything for the good and bad….but you were smart to wait…..

boesluv on

Awesome. So happy for Drew. Congrats!

Kim on

So happy for her!!

Good Tx Girl on

She just glows….congrats!

Kate on

Aw. So nice. Congratulations to that lovely little family.

Anonymous on

YEAH congratulations Drew & Will. Always have loved you and your characters.

Athina on

I was wondering! What lovely news.

Toni on

How wonderful!!!!

boohoobytch on

I was an only child and was never lonely but I had friends and I wasn’t in that industry…congratulations, I like her

Kathy T on

Yay for Drew!!! I’ve long admired her as an actress and as a person, and I’m delighted to hear of her pregnancy. One of Hollywood’s success stories, far as I’m concerned.

jolyssa on

Yeah! I’m soo happy for her!

Lilyflower on


Nikki on

guess her and her briothers and sisters arent close and stuff

Sharon on

Um shes an only child..its in the article

Jolly on

Yeah, cause my fun and enjoyable life totally ended when I had my children.


Stupid celebrity comment.

Anonymous on

Hey Jolly, where in this article does she bring up you and your situation? Oh right, she doesn’t she’s speaking about HER choices. Quit being so defensive and making things about you when they aren’t.

Lourdes on

Congratulations Drew! Many blessing to you and your family.

@People are you sure that is a picture of Drew Barrymore?

Sylvia on

I adore her, congratulations!

Toni on


LuvLeeRita on

I love that woman.

Ris on

Happy for her

Lilly on

Wonderful news! You are an inspiring woman, Drew. Having risen from the challenge of adversity and preservered. Good for you, Kid!!!

Mary on

I understand what she says about being a only child, I am one too, so happy for her and Will and Olive. Congrats.

deb on

I am so very happy for her and her family!

Ayisha on

Yes!!! My friends and I debate about this all the time. They had there kids in their teens and early 20’s and I refused to throw away my life by rushing into having a family. I believe it’s better to have a baby later in life than earlier. I wanted to travel, see the world and enjoy my youth, not spend it pushing strollers and feeding a crying baby.

Becky on

She’s glowing! Congratulations to Drew, Will and Olive!

evelyn on

Congrats! Drew love all your movies.Long time fan.

Helen on

Congrats, Have as many as you want, they all bring joy and happiness into your life.

Anonymous on

With the trend to have kids at 38-40, their kids will never have grandparents 😦

Anonymous on

Congrats!! Drew seems like a wonderful mom and looks adorable pregnant:)

cindy on

To each his own. Having kids younger in life allows time later in life to enjoy a few things, as well.,,,maybe not partying, but traveling without small children like my parents are doing now. It’s not for everyone, I agree…but either is waiting.

Marge Conn on

I thought she and Justin Long would go the distance but glad to see her happy!

Ginger McClure on

Congratulations, and God bless! (And, WOW, she looks gorgeous!!)

Anonymous on

Another celebrity with a perfect life gets losers like you to live vicariously through her next pregnancy while she sits back and racks in the glory for really nothing but making a bunch of mediocre movies, wearing designer clothes, and a cheap makeup line. No wonder our society is so full of violence and bullying. Kids are being guided by the wrong role models.

AL on

What happy news! Hope all goes well with mama and baby!

Jen on

Hey Anon– I’m 38 and my husband is 41 and my 2 year old daughter has four grandparents, two great-grandparents, and she actually had her great-great grandfather up until 9 months ago. You’re an ignorant fool if you believe that people aren’t living well into their 80’s and 90’s these days. People don’t have to breed while in their teens for their children to know their grandparents.

That said, congratulations to Drew and her husband. πŸ™‚

leni on

It’s not always smart to wait. The female body does have its limits. Not everyone easily conceives at her age. The chances for genetic defects grow with every year. That’s a biological fact and women should keep it in mind.

Anyway, great news. Drew is one of the few last classic Hollywood Stars. And she has my greatest respect for getting her life in order after her difficult childhood. Wish her nothing but the best. πŸ™‚

Joan Ferger on

Such wonderful news. You look beautiful with your lighter hair, dark made you look a little too cold and ashy. We are being blessed with another grandson around Easter. Hope you have a wonderful, easy pregnancy.

Jen on

I love how brave all the Anon posters are, here spouting their hatred and drivel and are too cowardice to sign their name.

And HA! Her ‘perfect’ life? Really? You are sadly deluded, Anon, if you believe anyone (stars included) have a perfect life. It’s sad that you feel the need to come here and say cruel things about a stranger to you like Drew and act as though her life and position are the reason that children today bully eachother and why there is violence in the world. Seriously. The people that come here to post well wishes for a star they admire are hardly the ones fueling the hate in our society. It’s more likely those who are pointing their finger at others and blaming them for your own misfortunes in life.

monique on

I love everything about this woman. Congratulations to her. She deserves all the happiness she can get.

Martina on

I also tell people I ‘waited’ to have kids – in reality, I waited to be in the right relationship before having kids. Sure, it’s not ideal to start having children in your late 30s, but sometimes life doesn’t give you a choice. And with medical advances having kids at 40 years old isn’t what it used to be.

Amy on

Love her and it’s nice to see people happy, in general. I bet she’s a sweet, fun mom.

Mommy on

I hate to be a kill joy, but why do people always talk on forums/posts as if they think that celebrity is actually reading that post?

Cris on

I love hearing stories of women in thier late 30’s having babies. So many people judge women concerning thier “child bearing years” and it creates massive pressure for those considering having children later in life. Everyone has a different life to live, be happy for expectant mothers no matter thier age!

jamal41 on


Sonia on

To each their own and Im so happy for Drew she is such a beautiful person, but waiting is not for everyone…I married my best friend and we had babies young and we have no regrets. We do very well financially, our kids are smart, involved, resepectful and sweet. We are enjoying life WITH our girls 18 (graduated top of her class), 16 and son 12. Its nice knowing [God willing] that we have decades together as a family and as a couple. Im 35 and still look great in a bikini on the beach with my girls, can play a few rounds of basketball with my son, and can still wrestle with the hubby πŸ˜‰

Kim on

@ Martina so agree with your post. I get so sick of people and their negativity and shaming basically a woman having a child or children later in life. Not even meets the right person by the age of 30!!
Drew waited for someone who seems very stable with a good family and her children can be raised into a good family now. I’m all for women who are brave enough to wait for the right person that to just get married and have kids in their 20s because that’s what they feel they’re “supposed” to do.

pixyprincess on

I really like her a lot and I’m very happy for her. Congratulations and I wish you nothing but happiness and joy.

Susan on

Thanks People..thats feel good news!!!!

Jacq on

Hip Hip Hooray! I love Drew and am delighted for her that she has the family she always wanted. She deserves it!

Beverly marie on

Awww…. I am SO Happy for her and I am sure she is a fantastic mom and a cool one… She has been thru so much in her life and had to grow up fast…. she deserves all of the happiness that can come her way.. way to go Drew! πŸ˜‰ Huge congrats!

jovan on

so happy for drew–she deserves a wonderful life for the terrible life she had as a child and growing up

Sandy on

Congratulations to you Drew and your husband and little Olive on your new addition to come!

Rally on

Why is anyone making an issue of her age? She is still in her 30’s!!! You people need a reality check. Alot of women have kids in their late 30’s and 40’s. Do you people expect her to miss out on having a child because she happens to in her late 30’s? Really? I disagree and say congrats to Drew!

Joni on

I had my first at 19, my second at 25, and my third at 34. I am now 37 with a 18,12, and 3 year old. I dont regret anything. I agree, waiting till I was older, I was better prepared and more laid back. Congrats to Drew and family!!

Liz on

So happy for them! Love Drew. She has become such a wonderful woman! Congratulations!!!!!

Kasey on

Wow it’s in the water! Luckily I don’t drink a lot of water! Seriously everybody I know and almost every single celebrity is pregnant!!!! Crazy!

Sun on

Congrats to the Family!

Carrow on

I was one of those people who enjoyed being an only child. I had so many cousins that I was never lonely but I had great birthdays and Christmases.

Congrats Drew and family!

Kassie on

Now this is a celebrity I respect..

And thank you to those of you posting comments about procreating a little later than fresh out of high school. Couldn’t have said it better myself! The most important job in the world, that of raising your children, should wait until one is ready to put everything & all into it. And that is just not possible at 20, 22 etc.

Beth on

Very happy for them. Love Drew and I’m glad that she seems to found peace and happiness in her life now.

Every couple is different for some having children early in life works great For others it’s better to wait.

Anonymous on

i am so happy for her.

this pix look nothing like my girl.

i love her pushing forties,and i love she is so happy with so far a very loyal guy hands-on,and love her acting,since ET.

god bless her.

Brianne on

Congrats Drew, Will and Olive!!!

sky on

Drew is only 38! That is hardly old. All I can say, is she is one fertile girl. Congrats!

Tiffany on

Never would have guessed when Drew Barrymore was jumping on David Letterman’s desk and flashing him all those years ago that she would turn into a well-adjusted yuppie. Lindsay Lohan should take note!

AbbyDogg on

What an adorable family. Congratulations!

taylor on

She didn’t have a perfect life..she was on drugs when she was younger but changed her ways..grew up and now is happy..I applaude her for turning her life around..she is happy healthy and doing good for herself.. nobody has a perfect life…I can’t wait intill she has this one!

AbbyDogg on

Why does this picture of Drew not look like Drew at all??

jane on

Congratulations! I have been rutting for you all of your life! i’m so happy to see you become the woman you have you are today! Your children will grow up in awe of you as America has!

Kim on

That picture with the article sure doesn’t look like Drew Barrymore.

Elisa on

I did not recognize her at all in that picture! Why is that?

Nonetheless, so happy to hear the good news.

ann on

I am thrilled for them, what a sweet family. This picture though doesn’t look a thing like her, or am I crazy

Pamela on

Very happy for her!!!!!
Congrats & wishing her a healthy baby πŸ™‚

Iris on

WTH has she done to her FACE?

Peggy on

Yeah, that’s not Drew Barrymore – but congrats to the REAL one – if she reads this article.

jk on

so very happy for Drew! She just gets more beautiful year after year! Obviously, finding her ‘prince’ and motherhood agree with her! Best wishes to your family!

gb on

I just love Drew Barrymore. Congrats Drew!!!! So happy for you!

micky on


Laura on

Amazing news!!

It’s pleasure to see how she changes – from mad mad youth, till loving wife and mother!

deb on

I love how everyone thinks its great to wait til you are older. Heres the other side at 29 I had to watch my mom die. I should still have a mother. Their are people a lot older than me and still have a mom. Thats the downside to older parents. Its a bit selfish.

TryThinking1956 on

So happy for her. I always felt that Drew – unlike so many other child actors who embraced their excesses and bad behavior, until they crashed and burned and THEN wanted help and public pity & support – learned her lessons early, turned her life around, and became a productive, admirable member of the creative community. She was born to selfish, entitled parents and seems to be determined to build the happy, “normal” home she never had growing up. I like her.

Anonymous on

Aww, congrats to them!

Tlc on

Did you people put up the wrong photo? That one looks NOTHING like Drew!!!!

Anonymous on

Many of the celebs comment on here in response to readers comments. Other times, they have posted a follow up statement,/article, as if they have read the comments here or elsewhere. Even if they didn’t, it’s normal to respond in this manner.

Did they change the picture? Not understanding how people are confused and don’t think it’s her.

Sharon on

Congratulations! She looks great!! I just love her!! Seriously, though, please shut up about her age…shes 38, not 68. Having babies later in life is perfectly fine. As Drew said, at least these parents got to live their life and wil hopefully be able to provide for their children. I would rather have older parents over an 18 yr old mother any day.

Lorae on

I love to read the ignorant comments from the general public. Those people with IQs somewhere between 80 and 100 (btw – 100 is the average). It’s interesting to get their perspective on things once in awhile.

First, for those people who were not paying attention in Biology or Human Development, women are supposed to be fertile until they enter menopause, which might happen between 45 and 55. For some it’s earlier, and for some, it’s later. Check with your mother, sisters, grandmothers to figure out when yours might be…though it could be different. Yes, women lose an egg or more every month, so there will always be less eggs as women age. It is also true that some women have conditions that make their eggs older or not viable or that make them infertile. This can happen at any age, in their 20s, 30s, or 40s.

Second, to say that someone is selfish for having children later in life is not a smart thing to say. A friendly reminder to those who think this way: there is no expiration date on any of us, accidents happen and so do diseases and other issues. Also, would it not be selfish to have to leave your children with sitters while you are off finishing your degree? Or having your children go through divorce because you were married too young and didn’t know what you wanted or failed to understand how relationships work? Divorce is devastating to many children, more so than anyone cares to recognize and now we brush it off like it’s a fact of life.

How about not being able to give your child all of your attention because you have your own life to live? Newsflash–people in their 20s are usually very selfish and there is a reason for this. It should be all about you until you are ready to put 110% attention into another person. I have known too many teens and 20-somethings whose children end up in the care of burdened relatives who have already raised their own kids and want a break.

Who is selfish now?

I’ll end this by saying congratulations to Drew and her expanding family!!

nikki on

only problem is that is not a picture of drew barrymore