Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Is a ‘Team Player’ During My Pregnancy

11/02/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Kendra Wilkinson Pregnancy Second ChildAlberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

Kendra Wilkinson may be over the moon about expecting baby number two, but there’s one thing that’s keeping the reality star grounded: morning sickness.

“It actually hits me more at night than any other time,” the Kendra on Top star tells PEOPLE about her “all day” sickness. “I want my energy back … and not have to be so tied up next to a bathroom.”

But now that it’s her second time around, the reality star has picked up a couple tips to battle the nausea as she finishes her first trimester.

“It’s those little tricks like being in the cold … and I’ve been pushing myself to go outside every day and take a big hike,” shares Wilkinson, 28. “The fresh air has really been helping me.”

The expectant mom is also much more laid-back. “The first time around, I was like, ‘How many months am I? What day am I at?’ This time, I don’t even know [exactly] when this baby is due! I have about two more weeks, maybe three [until I’m in my second trimester].”

The former Playboy model — who gained “a little over 60 pounds” and battled hypothyroidism during and after her pregnancy with her first child, Hank IV — is also trying to stay active and healthy throughout.

“I didn’t realize I had [hypothyroidism] until nine months after giving birth,” she shares. “Here I am working out three times a day and [having] food delivered to me … and I never shed one pound. The second I got on medication for my thyroid, all the weight just shed off.”

Aside from hiking and jogging, the mom-to-be has also been eating tons of fresh foods, blending fruit smoothies and even making her own lemon-based dressing for salads.

But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t indulged. “Hank has been such a team player,” Wilkinson says of husband Hank Baskett, 31.

“He’s the one who has to deal with my symptoms and hear my problems. I already have cravings and they’re very specific. As he’s getting into bed, I’m like, ‘I need food!’ – usually cheese. Every night this happens, and if he brings up yellow cheese and not white cheese … Oh my God, go back downstairs. He’s having to pay the price.”

The biggest price paid so far has come courtesy of the couple’s 3½-year-old son.

“Hank said, ‘Be careful telling Little Hank because he’s going to tell his teachers and friends [and the news will get out],'” says Wilkinson. “Next thing you know, Little Hank goes, ‘Mama has a baby in her belly!'”

The couple will be finding out the sex of the baby soon, but tell PEOPLE they’re just hoping for a healthy bundle of joy.

“There’s nothing on our minds that makes us say, ‘I really want a girl or I really want a boy,'” says Wilkinson. “I always said I will not have another baby until I’m in the happiest place I’ve been since the birth of Little Hank and this is it. It’s the four-year age difference — [our son] understands and he’s asking for [a sibling].”

One thing the pair is sure about? This will be the last addition to their family. “No more,” the reality star insists. “I might tie [my tubes] or take them out or whatever you do with it!”

— Melody Chiu

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Lili on

She seems a little more relaxed this time round as am I, we are pregnant at the same time again, lol I think the second time you are a little wiser and not too concerned with every little thing… Enjoy it kendra and all the best

Anonymous on

Such a ditsy girl. But that’s part of what makes her so likable. Good luck to them:)

Ris on

Terrible mom

twinsmom on

With such a supportive husband and such a beautiful boy, I would consider having more kids, but than again kids are handful….

katrina on

she barely takes care of Hank Jr lol on Wife Swap when she switched with Kate Gosselin and came home her son barely looked happy to see her after she was gone a week. Since Hank and the nanny take care of him mainly.

Sophia on

Sometimes I watch this, because it seems to be the only reality show where something is Positive. Love Hank, he does everything, even when she’s not pregnant – cooks, looks after their gorgeous boy with the gorgeous hair! and seemingly everything else.

Tab on

After seeing her on Wife Swap I wasn’t impressed with her lack of interaction with her son…hopefully she changed her ways after the show. Dad was fantastic with the boy.

aiste on

Well only such a super nice guy like Hank could be with such useless girl like Kendra.Sorry but i cant even call her a woman.And Kate is great and you can see how much respect Hank has for Kate because she is a true woman great mom and Kendra is just beeing pretty and is far away from beeing a woman.

TooCute on

What a coincidence Katrina, because Kate Gosselin doesn’t take care of her kids either!

Monica on

I love Kendra and I all I is positive comments for these blogs!

Sacmar on

Okay. I just watched a few minutes of her Wife Swap episode and all I can say is wow. I just lost some respect for her. I recall reading how she made the decision to have another baby without consulting her husband. I hope she grows up. If she continues going on this path, she will lose her husband. on

“When gold digging goes wrong” should be her life’s anthem! She thought she landed a baller when she really landed an unemployed loser who’s going bald! And cut that little boy’s hair…please! And get a speech therapist. ..Kendra is a stutterer…she can’t speak a simple thought without tripping over her words!

amy on

Watching Kendra on top makes me sad. Her son has no connection to her what so ever:( She’s always having the nanny look after lil Hank when big hank is not around. When Hank went on a guy’s camping trip she was all upset yet it didn’t show her spending any time with her son. So sad. Hank didn’t want her iud out because he is too tired to raise another kid alone.

Sharon on

Hank is always a team player. It’s Kendra that needs to get on board!

Danielle on

Kendra was very lucky to find a husband like Hank, he adores her and the baby and has the patience of a Saint. on

I wonder how much of that is because he had to humble himself after the sucky end to his NFL career?

reveria on

vasectomy. Make the man responsible for preventing conception. Much simpler and much more logical. And how does she get in the “cold” when she lives in L.A.? I just went outside and it was 44 degrees, now THAT rocks!

Why is this person famous? By rights she should be an impoverished cabin dweller, or at most a middle-income pole dancer in a small town, sort of the way Anna Nicole started out.

mferda on

I am not the judging type, but what I have seen does not look like a normal mothers bond when she is with Hank Jr. I have seen the wife swap those below are referring to, and I have seen a few episodes of Kendra on top. I have seen Hank and the nanny take care of him and play with him. I have not seen her do any of it. I am hoping I am wrong as I think a mother’s love is important.

jackie on

So, when she was endorsing Ab cuts, or whatever it was called, as the supplement that helped her regain her prepregnancy form, that was all bs!

Nina K. on

I like Kendra but, she has some abandonment issues she needs to deal with. I think she cannot connect to anyone because she doesn’t believe anything going stick for her.

I love her husband!! He’s the best catch in town and for her. Life is NOT about what the playboy mansion was to her and she needs to get real with herself first and everything will be ok, i hope??

Mommytoane on

Oh wow. This woman shouldn’t have had one child, let alone another. If you aren’t going to love, care for and take full responsibility of your kids, you shouldn’t have them. Kendra spends more time with a drink in her hand than she does with her little boy.

Janet on

Congratulations to Hank and Kendra – beautiful family, but PLEASE cut that little boy’s hair.

typothedustbunny on

I’m betting a girl. With my daughter I was really into cheese. Anything with a crisp cheddar or provolone taste and texture. From cheetos to homemade mac n cheese I was on it. I didn’t know I was pregnant my first trimester (PCOS) I should have known considering I was eating bologna sandwiches and cheetos every day and night for 3 months solid lol. Congrats to her and her family.

Ali on

I don’t know how Hank is going to work and take care of three children. I watch most of her show and Hank does also everything. She didn’t need another child.

Mouse on

Hmmmmm, didn’t she previously claim that she lost all the weight due to using Abcuts?? It would have been to know that the weight really came off because she was taking medication for a medical issue. So many young moms compare themselves to these public figures who claim that they take a diet pill to lose the weight, it’s not cool. All of that being said, I still love this girl and her family. Congratulations!!

DGH on

Ali on November 4th, 2013 : “I don’t know how Hank is going to work and take care of three children. I watch most of her show and Hank does also everything. She didn’t need another child.” Gee Ali, probably the way women do it all the time. Why does Hank get so much praise for doing what women have done for forty years?

Anonymous on

really???? Just reading the comments on here and how Hank does everything, she does nothing, is a terrible Mom and so on… WHO DO YOU THINK BRINGS IN THE MONEY????? the proverbial bacon??? Yes Hank is a good man and a great Dad, but just maybe you all need to rea;ize she might like to be hom e with Little Hank motre, BUT SOMEONE HAS TO PAY THE BILLS!!! try eating and paying rent without cash!! Kendra you go girl and let the HATERS hate, they are going to anyways.. Miserable people…

CathyM on

Unbelievable! Such negativity. I’ve watched Kendra on Top several times and have never even seen a nanny! They seem like a really happy couple – good luck to them. Hank seems like a great guy – didn’t see Wife Swap, but all these shows accentuate the negative if it means ratings. Give them a break, please!