Emile Hirsch Welcomes Son Valor

11/02/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Emile Hirsch Son Valor Born

Emile Hirsch has welcomed his first child, a son, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

The Speed Racer star has yet to publicly comment, but according to E! Online, which first reported the news, the 6 lbs., 2 oz. baby boy was born Sunday, Oct. 27 in Florida and is named Valor.

“He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Everyone is so excited and happy,” E! quotes their source as saying.

“Emile showed up after the baby was born and he is spending time bonding with his new child.”

Hirsch, 28, and his son’s mother, whom he reportedly met at an Oscar party, remain friends and plan to raise the baby together.

Hirsch joked about his impending fatherhood last month, Tweeting on Oct. 2, “I have a baby announcement to make. I am in fact Ronan Farrow’s biological father,” in reference to Mia Farrow‘s claim that Frank Sinatra, and not Woody Allen, might be her son’s real father.

— K.C. Blumm

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tiaalexandria93 on

aww what a cute baby congrats !

heidi on

nice to see a man be -well, a man, and step up to take responsibility whether this was a quick hook up or not.

I actually like the name Valor as well. It’s very different but strong and full of character.

sat on


baby valor on

@Heidi my thoughts exactly, on both counts!

Windy on

Very well said Heidi! I was thinking the same thing!

Lala on

THAT is an adorable baby!

Charli on

That is an adorable baby!!! So nice to hear to people being adult and co-parenting.

Shannon Z on

Love the name! Valor was actually our top boy name when we found out we were expecting.


Carrow on

Aw Valor is so tiny! Congratulations.

Off topic but I love Emile’s features. He is so handsome to me especially with the beard.

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to him! The baby is adorable!

Dottie on

Our values have decayed so badly that we now applaud people who decide to be responsible about bringing a child into this world. It’s like thanking the police for securing a crime scene.

Martina on

Awww, so tiny and so cute. Heidi hit the nail on the head. Good for Emile.

susanne on

The problem here is the is poor child won’t live in a home with both mom and dad. Instead he will have mom’s boyfriend/dad’s girl friend..those resulting siblings,half siblings,step siblings…mostly a few step moms and dads tossed in. Just paying child support and the occasional weekend with dad doesn’t a home make for a child. We are seeing and paying a huge price for these types of situations.

denise on

Shut up Susanne!! Not everyone can live in your world. The baby is innocent and beautiful!!

wassamatta on

Are people really this stupid to get knocked up in casual encounters. It really is a sad commentary on society today!!

wassamatta on

Dottie, did you mean irresponsible??

ava on

Precious, precious baby and HOT daddy!

Beth on

Denise Susanne is saying that this beautiful little baby will most likely have a chaotic upbringing and suffer the consequences because mom & dad wanted to have some fun after a party. Yes sometimes these things happen, but it seems to becoming an epidemic and it’s the kids who get hurt. I’ve had to comfort too many 3 & 4 year olds at my preschool because the bf or gf they got attached to moved out.

Think Of It! on

I can see “Valor” in 16/17 yrs with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, saying, “Welp, Doc, I was a “consequence,” a “residual effect” of a, shall we say, “long-term dalliance” which failed to result in parental matrimony, but hey, all my friends are fashionable Hollywood bastards too. And I tell my boy Silas here [apparently Valor will have a son at 15 & kick off MTV’s trendy new “15 & A Baby Daddy!” series since TV will indeed have become a vast wasteland of teenagers having sex on camera] that just because you’re only two does not mean you can’t charm the ladies, am I right? Gotta start early so you can loathe yer parental units by the time you’re, oh, let’s say, 13 & then they kick you out of the house, giving you free range to start your very own peanut gallery while drowning your depressive tendencies in psychotropia…

Anonymous on

susanne- How do you know Valor will only see his dad on occasional weekends? Perhaps he’ll split his time with his parents 50/50, or maybe he’ll live mostly with his dad. Or perhaps he WILL live mostly with his mom but Emile will visit a lot and the three of them will do things together.

Point being there are many different ways of sharing custody, and we have no idea which one Emile and Valor’s mother will use.

Trina on

First off, Congratulations on the beautiful baby! He is darling!

I do agree with a lot of the posts above though that this is kind of a sketchy situation. I think it’s kind of sad when hook-ups result in a child being brought into the world. It’s conflicting to me as someone who has a sister who has a child she had as a result of a fling. I love her son with all of my heart and I would die for him myself but I feel like my sister was completely irresponsible and her child has grown up with a LOT of emotional turmoil between his barely there father and his mom and the fighting they can get into over the smallest details regarding visitations and everything else that goes along with his upbringing.

I am all for loving, happy couples to have children regardless of marital status but I feel like bringing a child into the world when you don’t even know each other and need to work on your own life first is a bit selfish and harmful to that child. I am just expressing my own view as someone who has experience with it in my family. I think people need to start using protection and become a little more cautious when having sex in a non-committed relationship. It’s just stupid.

Anonymous on

I think the comment about Ronan Farrow was totally out of line. Who is he to make such glib comments about, what I can only imagine, is a fairly sensitive topic. Ronan’s paternity has been widely and publicly questioned for years – why does he feel that he can make such sideways comments about something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with him.

Becky on

Beautiful baby, beautiful name. And yes, I add my pleasure at Emile stepping up and taking responsibility for his one night stand.And if you naive people out there think that this unplanned pregnancy is something running rampant in this day and age, wow, wake up. people have been having unprotected sex for centuries. I could tell you about 2 women, 2 different generations that found themselves in the family way. one was from the early 40’s and the other the mid 50’s. I grew up w/o a father figure and myself and 5 siblings are strong loving individuals. Just b/c a couple find themselves oops, expecting. Doesn’t mean they should marry. JMHO

Anonymous on

Becky- Exactly! Also, sometimes people ARE responsible and use protection…but end up concieving anyway (and for all we know, that was the case with Emile and his child’s mother). Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to! 😉

Sandy on

Valor means value in Portuguese!

Elle on

Love the way he is looking at his son-adorable, you can see the love!