Fifth Child on the Way for Zac Brown

11/01/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Zac Brown Expecting Fifth Child
Southern Reel

Looks like somebody is going to need a bigger tour bus — Zac Brown and his wife, Shelly, are expecting baby number five.

“We’re excited to share the news that Zac and Shelly are expecting a new baby in early 2014,” the country star’s rep tells PEOPLE.

“This will be the couple’s fifth child and will join big sisters Justice, 6; Lucy, 5; Georgia, 4; and Joni, 2.”

The pair also shared the good news on the Zac Brown Band’s Twitter feed.

“We’re just gonna keep on going until we get a boy,” the musician, 35, joked in 2011, after Joni was born.

Brown, who’s the 11th of 12 kids, added, “If that’s 13, then I doubt I’m gonna be able to pull that off, but we’ll see.”

— KC Blumm

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My2cents on

Congratulations! I don’t understand people who vote down. They can choose any number of kids they want, and to be truthful, it’s already in their destiny how many they will have. If they can afford, why not?

Sharon on

Wow i really hope they get their boy! I think his wife is just gorgeous!!

priestswife on

Paula Dee-from your negative comment- I assume you have one or none- this family is helping stabilize the country’a population!

bkable on

Not for me but they clearly have the money and ability to take care of 5 kids so who am I to judge! Congratulations!

Shirley on

I am the third of 5 girls in my family. We rocked and as my parents always said…the more the merrier.

Guest on

Way to value your daughters with that kind of comment. Would he have said the same thing if they had 4 boys? Probably not.

Rhonda on

Congratulations to them on her pregnancy. I hope that they get the boy that they want, but they could end up with 7 or 8 girls until they finally decide to give up…..LOL

Beth on

Whew ! 5 kids in 6 years. Bless them.

Good for them though I hope they have many happy years together with their kids.

dawn norris on

that picture of her smiling is i’m thinking is before she found out she was yet pregnant again.

Jay on

I don’t have a problem with them having 5 kids, their choice but it does devalue the girls by saying they will try until they get a boy. I don’t understand people who do that.

lifeasahouse on

Kudos for them. Frankly I’d rather see a couple who can afford it have as many kids as the want rather than people who can’t afford their own food have baby after baby.

meghan on

Way to be too stupid to recognize a joke, guest.

ScSuzyQ on


nerdiest on

The world is overpopulated; adopt and stop having babies!

Addison on

Paula Dee are you serious?

The Duggars aren’t country singers and they have what 19 kids?

People can choose however many kids they like. Just because they have 4 kids and another on the way doesn’t mean they don’t care about the environment. They’re entirely allowed to have as many children as they wish! I have 6 kids. Does that make me care any less about the environment? Get off your high horse & let bygones be bygones!

You probably are some cynical childless moron who thinks people who have children are disgusting! Go away! Spread your negativity somewhere it’s actually wanted.

Babies are a blessing.

Congratulations πŸ™‚ I love their kids names πŸ™‚

iluvjimmy on

for her sanity i sure hope he gets his boy!

Taylor on

Oh Guest. If you had read the article you would have seen he was joking about the boy thing. Congrats to them!

diamondgirl on

The more the better. At least they can afford the kids they are having and will not be going on welfare so tax payers can support them. Congratulations and have 5 more.

karlee on

Someone introduce him to Mr condom

Jake on

Why make a statement like, “We’re just gonna keep on going until we get a boy,”?? It is definitely demeaning towards the daughters they already have and the possible new daughter they may be having in the future. All it seems to say is that the girls were just a means to get to the boy. I don’t know. It rubs me the wrong way and I’m a guy. I have three daughters and my wife and I are not planning on anymore kids and I always get irritated when people ask if we are going to “try for a boy” soon. We are in our late 30’s, we have three gorgeous, healthy girls and we are a complete family. I don’t need a son to fulfill my life in any way.

Amber on

Hey Paula Dee! What is you’re problem with people having children? Do you think children cause global warming or holes in the ozone? Obviously you you are some kind of MORON!!

Children do not cause the problems in this world, but people like YOU do! It’s none of your business how many children this couple have. I hope they have 10 more if that’s what they want. They can afford them and will love them. That’s all that matters!!

kel on

Really? …there are people that can’t have kids, or keep their kids and give them up for adoption….why don’t you just be happy you can have then and they are all healthy period.. .

Nichele on

Wow! Do some of you not have a sense of humor? The guy was joking. Geez!

For the record, I was the third girl for my parents, and my dad wanted to try one more time for a boy after I was born. He got his boy, but he would’ve been just as happy with a girl. Do I feel less loved or less valued somehow because he wanted a boy? Of course not! That would be crazy. He didn’t not want me, he just wanted to try for a boy as well. But again, he would’ve loved the kid the same had my little brother been a girl.

It’s not like Zac said he won’t be happy until he gets a boy. He simply made an innocent, throwaway joke.

Anonymous on

Teresa- You honestly think she has no say in the matter?! I’m sure he isn’t forcing her to get pregnant! And, like other posters have said, it clearly says he was joking about the boy thing.

Anonymous on

BTW, congrats to them!

Crystal on

I hope he has his boy!!! I love his daughter’s names!!! Very cute!

Lilli on

shut up Paula Dee !!!!!! Stupid, stupid comment !!!!!!

2and2 on

Lighten up people, I’m sure he was joking about the whole boy thing. When someone has kids of all one sex, they hear it ALL the time about trying until they get the other one and its in good fun. Sheesh…

Anonymous on

What a bitter group

Tanja on

I don’t get how he is devaluing his daughters by wanting a son? I think it is normal for parents with four kids of the same gender to express the wish to raise the son/daughter they don’t have.Where is the problem?It wouldn’t mean that they’d love the kid less if it wouldn’t turn out to be the boy/girl they wanted.I totally understand parents who want to raise both a son and a daughter.

I don’t see what is wrong about that.I really hope those two get the experience of raising a son.It’s such a blessing.And if the fifth child turns out to be a girl again the family will be just as blessed.


north on

I am number 4 of 5 and I love it. Having many siblings is the best, I am so thankful my parents chose to have 5 kids.

C on

I hope this a$$ gets a beautiful HEALTHY baby girl.

Anonymous on

So because people can’t have children, those of us who can, need to stop and adopt? Really? That is the most ridiculous thing…ever.

I could make a loooong list of country stars with no children or few, but I don’t have enough time.

jwinks on

More power to them. I didn’t take his comment to mean anything other than he’d really like a son. Nothing wrong with that. Sounds like they want a big family anyway so why not? Congrats and happy baby making.

jupiter9 on

Boys and girls are both great and fun to have as children. After a couple has several of one gender and if they say that they would enjoy having a child of the other gender, that is not “devaluing” the existing children by any means. It is simply wanting to enjoy all aspects of children, including their differences, interests, life experiences and personalities.

Anonymous on

I know how to have a Chinese dr told me how to and …I had a boy..

Suzie on

I’ve never liked this guy. I hope he is blessed with a healthy baby girl.

Sophia on

Totally their choice if they want to have an army of kids, but I think it’s unfair on his little girls to make comments that insinuate they’re by-products of their dad’s desire for a son. I know he didn’t phrase it that harshly but I’m just not really all that big on devaluing children based on what gender they are or what gender they’re not. That said, I’m sure they love their girls and will love the new baby regardless of sex. Congratulations.

Isabel on

If a woman who had four boys expressed her desire to have a daughter, people would be applauding her and saying she “deserves” one. Apparently it’s only sexist when a man says he wants a son.

Tanja on

Totally agree with Isabel.”I hope they will have a girl this time.” I dunno how often I’ve read that phrase after Victoria and David Beckham announced they’d have a forth child.Wanting a girl seems to be fine and “cute”…wanting a boy is sexist.

Double standards here?

About “devaluing”: Why do women want girls most of the time? Cute clothes,everything pink,taking their daughters to “Toddlers and tiaras”….but yeah…a parent who admits that he wants a boy is horrible.

Again: Someone who prefers a gender over the other or just wants to experience to raise both a son and a daughter doesn’t love the other kids any less.That is just your interpretation.

traxie on

God, that poor woman’s uterus!

SMiaVS on

Just think how many kids they could adopt with all that money that allows them to afford five kids of their own, though….

Sorry, Amber, but you’re not really in a position to be calling names considering the stupidity of your own comments. Nobody suggested that children affect climate change. They do; however, affect an already vastly overpopulated planet with quickly diminishing resources.

When rations do come about due to no more oil (scientists estimate that no more than a 25-30 year supply remains) and potable water sources run out, (something that’s already happening in many places) I hope they start by making people who unnecessarily increased the population (at least, from the 1980s onward) do without before those who reproduce responsibly or not at all….

sandy on

Paula, your a jealous idiot! God knows he can afford to have as many kids as he wants!

Being the 11th of 12 kids- I’m sure he grew up in a big loving family- and maybe, just maybe-he wants the same for his own kids. You obviously have no clue what that means! I feel sorry for you.

M on

Wowsa, that’s a tough woman. I had four kids in five years and wasn’t on time to anything (or back in my old pants!) until my baby was two πŸ™‚ Some days I would like another but it’s still overwhelming a good deal of the time. Sure, she probably has help, but being a non-celeb outside of hollywood makes me think she and her husband do most of the heavy lifting. Anyway, loving and responsible parents having more kids, that’s something to celebrate. Complain about something else!

Catherine in Tulsa on

I guess he hasn’t bothered to read how the earth is completely overpopulated?

lovely123 on

I am one of eight girls. My dad finally said enough!!

Nicole on

He’s joking people… calm the hell down! Even if he wasn’t joking, so what if they want a boy?? I am sure they would say the opposite if they had 4 boys and wanted a girl. Big damn deal!

Tee on

Oh for gosh sakes, there some of you go with reading into something that I am more than sure wasn’t meant to “devalue” their 4 daughters. It is quite natural for men to want a son and usually a woman wants a daughter, but in the end ARE HAPPY WITH WHATEVER GENDER is born! Why don’t you people try using some common sense (and what truly is the thought process) instead of inferring someone is being insensitive, mean or demeaning. If they were so set on having a boy, they are rich enough to use the method that allows the sex of the baby to be chosen!!!! Shakes my head, you’re ridiculous.

4mom on

I have four children, 3 girls and 1 boy. My son is the youngest. I wanted my first child to be a boy more than anything and my husband wanted a girl. He got his wish and then two more after that. I got over wanting a boy and was just thankful to have each of them.

I was absolutely astounded when the ultrasound tech told me I was having a boy and the first thing I said was “Are you sure?” We just knew we were having another girl and had begun to plan accordingly. We were thrilled beyond belief and as many people have mentioned we heard a lot of “Well you finally got your boy! Now you can stop.”

Problem was we were never “trying” for a boy and if a medical scare hadn’t caused the dr. to say we shouldn’t have anymore, I might be typing this pregnant with number 5. How many children people have is their business not yours. Before you reply to that remember, we live in a free country. If you want to be able to dictate how many children people can have I would advise you to move to China.

Amanda on

I love Zac Brown Band! He is an amazing talent! Best wishes for a healthy baby..(Hopefully a boy!)