Meet a Real-Life Katniss and Finnick, Inspired by The Hunger Games

11/01/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Catching Fire Katniss Finnick
Catherine Ledner

The Hunger Games fans are counting down the days until Catching Fire opens on Nov. 22, but some parents have taken their love for the characters created by writer Suzanne Collins and named their children after the trilogy’s inspiring teenagers.

Scott and Christel Koedel of Ocean Ridge, Fla., named their first-born daughter Katniss, 2, after the heroine played by Jennifer Lawrence.

“I read The Hunger Games — and loved Katniss — early on when it was an unknown teen-lit series,” Christel, 35, tells PEOPLE. While her husband Scott, 37, didn’t read the books until his baby was six months old, he understood his wife’s choice. “Katniss is very grounded,” he says.

And like her fictional namesake, this little girl is very protective of her little sister, Kaia, 1. Christel, who’s pregnant, isn’t sure about naming her third child after another Hunger Games character but admits, “I do like Gale [who’s played by Liam Hemsworth in the films]. It’s a good strong name.”

Catching Fire Katniss Finnick
Catherine Ledner

Trey Boggs, 26, of Bethlehem, Ga., explains why he and his wife, Kelsey, chose to name their 16-month-old son, Finnick, after the character played by Sam Claflin. “I’m a closet nerd,” he tells PEOPLE. “No one expects a cop to like The Hunger Games!”

But the name fits their “adventurous and independent” toddler perfectly. “He always wants to go explore,” Kelsey, 24, says. “He’s fearless,” adds Trey.

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— K.C. Blumm, reporting by Catherine Kast

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tiffanygh on

Very cool! Better than another Rainbow or North… ugh. My aunt (Sabrina) was named after a character in a book that my grandmother read while pregnant. We just named our newborn (Zachary Elias) after our favorite musician, Zac Brown and Walt Disney. Celebrities and characters move us all in different ways.

Jen on

It just amuses me how people say things like their infant fits their chosen name because they are ‘adventurous’ and ‘independent’ and so on. I mean, first off, you chose the name BEFORE or at the time of this child’s birth. How the heck did you know what their personality would be? And really, just how adventurous can a 16 month old child be? Have they voiced a desire to go climb Everest?

Come on, People? Why are you doing an article on such a thing? I mean, yes, parents are often influenced by pop culture when it comes to naming their children. In fact, my daughter is named after two comic book characters, but it’s not like I’m going around saying she has superhero tendencies at 2 years old.

Caitie on

Katniss is the WORST female character to ever name your child after, aside from Bella Swan. She chose to go to the Games and then all she did was whine like a little infant about EVERYTHING. I would never, ever let my child use Katniss as an example of a strong female character.

Liz on

I am not such a huge fan of the books because frankly there are better books such as battle royale or the runner however i disagree with you on your analysis on the character there is such a thing as a wrong analysis. You can dislike the character but to say that she is whiny is really wrong and you didn’t read the character very well. You base her attitude as being whiny but i fail to see her as that. If you expect anyone to simply smile about being forced to kill others and just go along with it then you have a rather shallow way at looking at the character. She did what she needed to do, she didn’t have to

Be happy about it and she was very clear that she wanted no part in it at first she had a heavy burdened on her shoulders that wasn’t her choice. If anything this makes her more relatable and human for us to connect. Her personality is set. So again dislike her as a whole is fine but to call her whiny doesn’t validate your response especially with no proof. And your proof of her would probably be the whole character because you have a negative outlook on the character already. Again not a fan but i think your wrong, she wasn’t whiny and if she was a couple times i really cant blame her considering the environment she is forced to grow up in. You need to consider the environment as well, personally half of us would be crying or commit suicide the fact she held up pretty good shows she is far from a whiny character. Your confusing bella swan her i would totally agree with you on being whiny hands down.

Anonymous on

Please tell me fully grown adults aren’t naming their children after characters in a YA novel. Sigh.

Michelle on

To the post Caitie made…you obviously didn’t read the book or see the movie. Katniss made the last minute decision to be in the Games because of her little sister. She did it for her sister because her sister was chosen first and she didn’t want her sister going to the Games. It wasn’t really her choice…it was more like she was forced in to it. She didn’t want to be at the Games.

Annie Mouse on

Talk about a fad!

712 on


Tangerine on

My daughters middle name is Elise – a shortened version of Elizabeth. That happens to be my own personal nod to my very own fav Lizzie Bennett. 😉

iheartnames on

I can see the appeal of the name Finnick, because Finn is a cute nickname, but Katniss is just a bad name. As much as I like the character I just can’t jump on the Katniss bandwagon. Maybe Ever after her last name Everdeen though.

Caitie on

Michelle – you are wrong. I did read the books, I refuse to see the movies. I don’t care it was a last minute choice. She made the decision to go in place of her sister and is a whiny, terrible character. I would never use her as a role model.

monix on

It is lovely to have a story behind your name. These names may be unusual to us but in North America we have so many cultures and our freedom allows us to be creative – so, why not Katniss? I am happilly childfree but when I was in my teens I thought my kids would be Brenda and Brendan, wonder why, LOL. Mostly though it was because these names were foreign to my culture and language.

Kudos to thinking outside of the typical Jennifer, Caitie (whatever spelling you pick for Katherine). Chill folks 🙂

carolyn on

As much as i actually like the names. I would never name my children after such popular characters. They will forever be ‘them’ and not themselves, so to speak. I remember when Shania Twain first became famous. I thought she had i pretty name, i’d never heard. However, now when i here 20 somethings with that name, all i can think of is that they were ‘branded’.

north on

both katniss and finnick are pretty cool names. I love Kaia though haha.

Anonymous on

Michelle, totally with you. Not a clue what book Katniss was whiny in because she was not in the one I read!

BadMaevin on

Caitie. You are a silly person and I don’t like you. So there.

Anonymous on

Caitie, what page is Katniss whining on, can you provide an example?

Caitie on

Monix – it’s actually Caitlin (the ORIGINAL spelling of the name going back to the Gaelic roots) and not Katherine.

To the rest of you – I don’t own the books anymore. I gave them away when I finished reading them, so no I cannot give you an exact page and line reference to where she was whining. I just found her to be an incredibly whiny character. I didn’t like her. That is MY opinion. YOU are allowed to have yours. If you don’t agree with me, that’s totally fine. I never once spoke negatively about you personally, so I don’t see why you felt the need to speak negatively about me. I spoke about a character. If you like her, great. I don’t like her. I’m also not “silly”. But thanks for the thought!

shawnee on

OK you people need to chill. And geez if you don’t have any thing to nice to say don’t say it at all. All you people are doing is making drama. In my opinion I think katniss is a pretty name along with Peeta gale Effie finnick and all the other huger games characters. And in my opinion katniss is not whinny.

nike lunar one shot on

Hello! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Appreciate it