Rebecca Romijn: Why the Twins Have Never Had a Birthday Party

10/31/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Rebecca Romijn Jerry O'Connell Ass Backwards Event JB Lacroix/WireImage

Having a birthday that falls between Christmas and New Year’s can be tough. But Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell are determined to properly celebrate their twin girls’ birthday on Dec. 28 — now that they’re turning 5.

“I think it’s time they finally get a birthday party for once,” the actress and model, 40, told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the premiere of the movie Ass Backwards in Los Angeles.

Up to now, Dolly and Charlie haven’t really wanted to celebrate their birthday, but that’s changing now that they have more friends.

“We can’t even get them to open presents on their birthday. They’re like, ‘We’re still sick of presents from Christmas,'” says Romijn.

“But their birthday gets lost. So, they’re like, ‘Do we have a birthday?’ Because they go to all these birthday parties for everybody else, so I think we owe them a birthday party.”

The venue? Perhaps a bowling alley — or more likely, says O’Connell, 39, a trampoline house, “where they can jump up and down, lose their minds, get tired and hopefully go to sleep early.”

On the topic of Halloween, the couple said the kids still haven’t decided what they want to be — but O’Connell and Romijn have their own costumes picked out.

“We’re going as their parents,” jokes the actor. “We’re taking them trick or treating. But we’re like slutty parents. We’re dirty parents.”

Another effect of the kids getting older? Mom and Dad get to enjoy more date nights — or rather, date days!

“We do a lot of daytime dates while they’re at school,” says Romijn. “We just discovered one of those luxury movie theaters where you can order meals!”

Adds O’Connell: “School is key. School is the best babysitter of all.”

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Matthew Cole Weiss

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Ashley on

Thank you, People. Love this family. Love their sense of humor!

Jamie on

I can totally relate to this article. My son was born on December 26th and we celebrate his birthday in early November. These two seem like a lovely couple. Good luck to them and their girls!

Cindy on

Life is so rough for a child, who is given so many gifts at Christmas that they don’t want them for their birthday…

Joules on

Sounds like parents who should learn the art of the half-birthday.

Kelly on

So the children are as weird as their parents. Who doesn’t throw their child a birthday party?

lori on

Good for them! Really like this family.

A. M. Canaves on

Celebrate their half birthday, six months after their birthday, which would put it in the nice time of the year.

Jac on

They seem like a great little family. I have a kindergartner and no babysitter, so my husband and I also have dates while our child is at school (work schedules permitting). She’s at school learning and we’re reconnecting.

kimberly on

these two are so hilarious! I bet they’re house is fun!

BBB on

What kid is sick of opening presents from Christmas? Maybe you’re giving them too many gifts. Kids don’t really need that much, give one at Christmas and one on their birthday, no need to go crazy with presents.

Aly on

I really like reading about this family. I have no “they shouldn’t raise their children like that” comments that usually fill this site.

Callie on

I just threw up. What kid gets sick of presents at 5?!?!? What kid doesn’t want a birthday party? They are weird. And to top it off her comment about slutty, dirty parents…really???

Lori on

Does she hear how elitist she is? Or is she just tired and weary and needs the nanny to take over a little bit more – so she can channel her thought processes a tad bit better. Or simply opt out of public speaking – entirely.

Hey Rebecca – your kids are sick and tired of heaps of presents? Gosh darn – the horror of that problem on your pretty pedigreed hands, hon. Really. We all can relate to you and yours, sure we can.

Yikes. Go get a latte and another spa treatment, hon. And shutter it. Okie dokie?

Leslie on

I am sorry… A 3 or 4 year old NOT wanting to celebrate their birthday?? That’s a crock!!! My son’s birthday is December 27 and he has a party EVERY year either 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after Christmas. And what child gets tired of presents??? If your kids are “sicks of presents” then maybe you should STOP buying them so much for Christmas!!

Sounds more like the parents not wanting the hassel!

jessica on

if they are “still sick of presents from christmas,” perhaps that’s a sign your spending waaaay to much time and attention on christmas gifts. take those girls and do something meaningful on christmas, and only do a few gifts. geez.

Valerie on

I agree…could even have the birthday be a chance for them to give to other children who don’t have as much as they do. Would be a perfect opportunity for social justice awareness which can start even now.

Anonymous on

my birthday is NYE… my parent’s always made sure that Christmas and my birthday were two separate occasions.

jaime on

My sons birthday is December 31.

He will be turning 15 this year & I have never had a problem celebrating his birthday.

Kim in Canada on

I love these two, they seem like really down to earth people in that crazy place called Hollywood.

Chelle on

Yes a party for their 5th will be great. Enjoy!

Leigh on

School is a great babysitter – if both of you don’t work during the day.

Terri on

That’s a tough time of year to have a birthday. A lot of people are on vacation or just plain wore out!

Anonymous on

try half birthdays for kids that are born so close to Christmas or a month early or late.

myuntidydesk on

These two seem to complain about their kids a lot.

Guest on

It’s not uncommon for people to celebrate half birthdays when their kids have birthdays that fall on/around Christmas. Maybe they should go that route?

iantoad on

If they get that many presents, donate some to needy kids.

JW on

They are incredibly lucky. One of my children has a birthday 2 weeks after Christmas and he has NEVER gotten tired of presents. LOL! We always celebrate with a small family party.

Party*of*5 on

Maybe they can start celebrating the girls’ half-birthday every summer 🙂

unreliablevampire on

They haven’t *wanted* to celebrated their birthday? What about their first or second birthdays, when they didn’t even understand what was going on and couldn’t possibly have made that statement? The parents usually are so excited that they plan a party for their kid, especially the first birthday. Seems odd to me that they just ignored that

Beth on

If your kids are sick of opening presents then perhaps they nee less presents at Christmas.

Tracy on

My daughter was born on Christmas so we often celebrate her half birthday in June (we do a cake and 1 present on Christmas) so that she has a second time of year to look forward to.

Sarah on

I spat out my drink LOLing at “slutty parents”.

mommea on

“We’re still sick of presents from Christmas” Really? Teach your children about charity and the less fortunate children of the world!!!

Elizabeth on

My son’s birthday is New Years Eve. He has always had his birthday party on his birthday. We have a tradition of a bonfire and many fireworks, lots of family and friends. He will be 17 this year and I love that this year we are throwing in a flag football tournament into the mix.

Sophia on

When I saw headlines, I (stupidly?) thought that finally some celebs were “celebrating” by taking the kids to women’s shelters or S. Army to give out presents, like clothes or food. Of course they can still have small presents from their parents.

anonymous on

My niece’s birthday is Dec. 30 and her two little girls are Dec. 1 and Dec. 21 and not only do they celebrate these special days they also celebrate Christmas. We all get a wish list for all of them and they either get a big Christmas gift or a big gift on their birthday along with other gifts. We always felt a birthday is a celebration of their life and just because it’s near the holidays why should they not be able to celebrate. We don’t go overboard but their special day is acknowledged just like everyone else.

Missy on

How about not giving them so many presents @ Christmas? All kids should celebrate their birthday.

ScSuzyQ on

My 3 children were born 11/17, 12/18 and 12/26 so I get it, but you NEED to celebrate their birthdays, even is it’s just the immediate family, i.e, grandparents, aunts and uncles (they are ALWAYS ready to celebrate the additions to the family). We always had our 2 younger childrens’ ‘friend’ parties on their 1/2 birthdays in June.

Aud on

I could so be friends with them 🙂

Winter Babymama on

Our daughter has a Dec 29th birthday. When she was under 5, we didn’t do birthday parties for her either. We celebrated her birthday by doing something as a family that she picked. We threw her a party with her friends in early January when she turned 5, and it was really confusing for her – she couldn’t understand why her birth DAY got moved.

Little kids don’t care about parties – those are for parents really. And when you get presents from family on Christmas, it really does dull the joy of the birthday present for a young child. It’s just not worth wasting money and energy on when they are young.

I have ZERO guilt over not doing presents and parties for my daughter when she was little. She has turned out just fine so far.

Alice on

My mother ruled out birthday parties with friends invited except every 5 years (when we turned 5 and 10). As she was the Girl Scout leader, Cub Scout leader, home room mother, head of the PTA, she thought full-on parties every year for six kids were just too much. However, we did have a family only birthday parties every year with just Mom, Dad, brothers & sisters with cake/ice cream/presents.

Chicky dee on

I think 5 is the perfect age to finally have a party for them as they now understand what’s happening and they can invite their little friends. Good for the O’Connells for waiting. I so hate to see people throwing parties for 1 & 2 yr olds who know not what’s happening.

lilly on

my daughter’s birthday is on Dec 24 and we started celebrating her birthdays 2 weeks before that so she could enjoy having a birthday party, so I don’t understand why they waited till now.

ella on

well, my son was born 6 days before Christmas and he always had a birthday party on his actual birthday. my brother was born 3 days before Christmas and he always had a birthday party. Just because your childs birthday lands near a major holiday doesn’t mean that they should miss out on the same things as if their birthday was mid summer. Our son received just as many presents as his siblings, I just don’t understand parents who choose not to celebrate, its not the childs fault that you became pregnant when you did!

Tweetygirl on

Wow!!! People on here have a one track mind…blaming the parents for too many presents…hmmmmm I am going to assume that they both have extended families…example grandparents, aunt and uncles. Who knows if Santa also stops at the grandparents house also. Gee whiz lighten up.

Kelli on

As a public school teacher, I have a problem with a parent referring to school as a “babysitter.” Comments like that, even if not the meaning behind the statement, devalue the profession. Teachers of children of all ages work incredibly hard and deserve more public support for their efforts.

Leigh on

Jeez- for everyone jumping down their throats about too many presents- we all have NO idea how many family or extended family and friends also give them presents for Christmas. This isn’t video- you can’t see if he was being sarcastic or goofy when speaking. Lighten up. They both always goof around about their kids. I think they are just candid.

Anonymous on

having a 1/2 birthday party could be a good solution for the o’connell girls. a colleague of mine has 1/2 birthdays for her girls, since their birthdays are 1) very near to Christmas, & 2) over the summer when friends are on holiday. so Christmas child has a party in june, right before school is out, and the summer baby has a party in February.

Maddie Winston on

I have friends who celebrate their twin girls birthday at the end of June every year even though their real birth date is Dec 30th. They get their gifts and celebrate end of school year with their friends. Who doesn’t like a pool party 🙂 .

kim on

first world “problems”

Bree on

My oldest was born exactly two weeks before Christmas and my second child is due one week after Christmas. We still make sure my daughter knows her birthday is special and seperate from Christmas and we will do the same for baby on the way. We had a big party for her first birthday, it was a special day for our family. This year we are moving and I am obviously very pregnant and so we will not be having a big party, just close family but we will still be having a party for her, we have her dress already and a theme picked out.

I’m sorry I just don’t understand not wanting to celebrate the lives of your children, who cares when they were born!!

Sun on

Have a friend that have birthday on Christmas Day and no one remembers! Kind of sad but sucks to have birthday/Christmas presents in the mix.

Paula on

Seriously! Our eldest daughter was born Jan. 3rd. We always made sure to keep something special back, take down the Christmas decorations, and have a celebration/party! It’s their Birthday! It’s not rocket science! I am proud to say we celebrate all of our kids’ Birthdays, on their Birthdays!

thursdaymorning on

1.They’re like, ‘We’re still sick of presents from Christmas,’”
2. So, they’re like, ‘Do we have a birthday?
3. But we’re like slutty parents

….Wanna bet her daughters say “like” a lot? I think Mom should axe that particular vocabulary fixation.

Kieran on

These are obviously happy, goofy parents who laugh at themselves frequently. Most of us have probably known people and families like this at some point. But what would a cute story by loving parents be without the Wonderfully Righteous charging forth!

JocelynsMom on

My husband’s birthday is Dec 2, our daughter is Dec 12 (she’ll be 5), and mine is Dec 29th. We celebrate each independently and Christmas as well. It’s about making the occasion unique and specific. Don’t have a Christmas themed birthday party. Don’t put birthday gifts under the tree. Simple solutions. To each their own. That’s just how we do it in my house. 🙂

joei on

Totally agree, you think the grandparents, etc would want to celebrate their birth, sounds too weird, what kid doesn’t want a party, they go to other birthday parties

thenitenurse on

I listened to Jerry’s recent interview with Howard Stern. Jerry is like many men who marry really hot women, they’ll do anything to make them happy. Like many men he’s not that thrilled about being a dad but puts up with kids because it makes the hot wife happy.

A. Allen on

Every article I read about these two and their twins they are complaining and acting like the kids are a pain and are in the way.

Becca on

I barely remember my third birthday. A hurricane swept through our city on my fourth birthday. I know I had a birthday party every year (very small with loved ones), but I can not actually remember my parties when I was younger! We just have the pictures. I just remember the love.

Jessica on

My birthday is also on Dec. 28, and I’ve always had a party. My parents told me all the time, “Christmas is Christmas and your birthday is your birthday.” As a kid, I loved it, with the exception of never being able to have my party at the park like my sister did. I suppose it’s a parent’s choice what they do, but I could never imagine not having a birthday party for my kids, no matter when they would be born.

poor me on

My kid is 9 and has never had a birthday party. Ain’t that terrible?

Stephanie Poole on

My daughter was born on Dec. 28th as well. If she has a birthday party, we do a half birthday party in June. She loves it!

Jane on

My birthday’s at Christmas. I can relate to being sick of presents and I didn’t grow up wealthy. I don’t think it sounds elitist. I always just asked for 1 nice present to be wrapped in non-holiday wrapping paper. I got that my parents spent $ on Christmas gifts for everyone.

Sometimes I felt cheated but more about not having a party than not getting presents. I never had parties because everyone was out of town for the holidays, but my parents took me to Pizza Hut or Chuck E Cheese for a family one.

I really did learn it’s the thought that counts. Amid all the bustle of Christmas they always took time to wish me a Happy Birthday.

amber on

It is difficult! My birthday is on Christmas and one of my good friends birthday is the 28th. Our birthdays always got lost in the holidays.

Cynthia on

My daughter was born Christmas Day (I planned for Jan. 8, SHE was the one in a hurry!). She wasn’t even two hours into the world when Grandpa came in and gave his ultimatum. She would have her own birthday party, separate from Christmas, or else 🙂 We celebrated her 1/2 birthday (June 25) with her little friends and family closest Saturday to the 25th. It was hectic sometimes and she sometimes was overwhelmed, but worth it.

Cynthia on

To the gripers…kids do get overwhelmed with presents and attention at that age. My daughter was a Christmas gift and I can remember her actually shuddering and saying no more.

Anonymous on

y’all haters are just bitter. Go parent you’re own children and maybe get off a celbrity site. She doesn’t give a damn about your judgments. Hate doesn’t do anything but make you miserable.

Jude on

I like both these people but didn’t like their comments in this article.

1) school should not be considered a “babysitter”.

2) who said you had to give your kids lots of presents on their birthday? Have a family dinner, take the kids to a museum, a good zoo, go to a homeless shelter and let the kids donate $ for the children there.

3) Throw a birthday party for them but ask the guests to donate money to a charity of their choice in honour of the birthday girls instead of bringing presents!!

Darila3658 on

WOW! I can’t believe there are still many negative people here with these “normal celebrity” family. I think even if you live inside a cave, people will still hate you! Why are these people always negative and angry???

2and2 on

Good for them. Giving kids a big party every year equates spoiling them because then they expect it. Its just a cop out for the parents to not to have to get stuff for their kids, because the friends buy it all. As for them not wanting to open gifts right after Christmas, perhaps the parents have taught them moderation, and they feel that they received enough for Christmas already. And yes, I have multiple kids who did just fine with a party every few years instead of EVERY year.

Christine on

“We can’t even get them to open presents on their birthday. They’re like, ‘We’re still sick of presents from Christmas,’” says Romijn.

REALLY! then have your children do volunteer work for their b-day, and donate their gifts to less fortunate children!

Miss Ann on

They truly say EVERYTHING that is on their mind.

Pat on

My mother’s birthday was Dec 24th! I didn’t realize that till I was old enough to know my own birthday was special, since mine was one day after my Uncle (who’s only 8 yrs older) and we always shared a day till he got out of high school!

Anyhoo, I always gave my mom a Birthday present on her day and another on the 25th for Christmas since I was about 10.

She said the best thing about her birthday being on Christmas Eve was I would tell kids when I was little that my mom was one day older than Jesus!

Maria on

As a mom of triplets, I didn’t give my three a birthday until they were 5 as well. Now they each get their own cakes, their own friends are invited to each party, and they all get a fun party at someplace they all agree on. This will change as they get older and become teens; but for now, they are happy with having one huge blow out party. Why waste the money on gifts when they just don’t need anything, don’t get the concept, and have plenty of “things” in life. Once they attended school, they realized what a party was and that’s why it’s important to start having some birthday recognition.

Chelle on

She doesn’t say they’ve never celebrated, just that they haven’t had a party, which she seems to be defining as inviting their friends. Five is a good age to start that type of celebration.