Kerry Washington Is Pregnant!

10/30/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Kerry Washington Pregnant Expecting First Child Nnamdi Asomugha
Jason Merritt/Getty

She married quietly with no celebrity fanfare on June 24, but Kerry Washington will have more trouble keeping her latest secret private.

The Scandal actress, 36, and her husband, NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, 32, are expecting their first child, a source close to the actress confirms to PEOPLE.

“Kerry and Nnamdi are ecstatic,” the source says. The baby is due in late spring.

The pal adds that the private star likely wouldn’t have discussed her big news, but with a stint on Saturday Night Live this weekend, “she didn’t want the focus to be on whether or not she has a bump.”

Despite the news, “Kerry will still absolutely be keeping her private life private,” the source says.

A rep for Washington, who was recently named PEOPLE’s best-dressed woman of 2013, would only say, “We do not comment on her personal life.”

Washington, who is known for keeping mum about her personal life, shocked many when she secretly wed San Francisco 49s cornerback Asomugha in Hailey, Idaho, four months ago. The couple had quietly dated outside of the spotlight.

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you,” Washington later joked to reporters when pressed for details on the wedding.

But the actress, who had previously been engaged to actor David Moscow, may have inadvertently given up a few clues about her pregnancy when she showed up on the set of Scandal in early October wearing her husband’s oversize sweatshirt.

Washington, who plays political fixer Olivia Pope on the hit ABC drama, had spoken previously about her need to nurture her relationships out of the spotlight, telling Glamour magazine, “I learned through experience that it doesn’t work for me to talk about my personal life.”

— Andrea Billups

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Carolyn on

How nice for Kerry and her husband. And how refreshing to see a celebrity who likes her privacy and who got married before getting pregnant!

kerrylover on

Yay! I know rumors had swirled for a few weeks, but I’m happy for her.

RMcGr on

That’s so wonderful! I’m so happy for her. I want to get married and have a baby in my thirties.

Sherry on

All of the erroneous reporting drives me CRAZY. She is NOT married to this dude, anyone with a BRAIN could see that – considering she has never ever ever ever been phtographed with him.

Kerry IS married, but it’s NOT to this no-name football player.

The truth WILL be revealed soon. Until then, keep reporting lies People!

Lisa on

Annnddddd….you know this to be a lie how, Sherry? Seriously?!

mrs123 on


Allyss on

I have to say, I really do love Kerry Washington. She’s so classy and one of the few celebs who keeps her private life private. Nobody values privacy anymore, but I’m happy to see she does. And I think it’s great that she announced the pregnancy herself so she wouldn’t take attention away from anyone else. Congrats to her and her new husband.

LisaS on

Congrats to the happy couple! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

I wonder if/how that will be worked into the show. That would definitely be an interesting twist! Whose child would it be (Jake or Fitz)??

Sharon on

Congratulations! My wedding anniversary is june 24 🙂

Neenee on

I think all her fans have suspected for about a month now but still so happy to here. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

Karolina on

Yay! Congrats! Love Scandal … Kerry is a great actress!

Marie on


kat B on

Smart lady. Even though her work is in the spotlight, her private life is no ones business unless/until she makes it so.

Sarah on


Tajma on

Congratulations on this joyous occasion.

somewhere on

If you want a *good* laugh take a look at the “TERRY” people on Tumblr. They’re the lunatics who believe Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are having an affair (even though he’s been married for 20+ years and she JUST got married this past summer) and they’re now saying that the baby is Tony’s! Those people are psychos and will say anything shady about Kerry to fulfilled their messed-up fantasies.

Anyways….congrats to Kerry and her husband Nnamdi, on their first child together!


SCANDALICIOUS 😉 Congrats to the trendiest lady on television….I know I’m nosey but I would love to see Keri and Nnamdi together. No pictures of the two of them yet?!?! after 5 months of marriage and now baby 😦 I bet they are adorable together. Like most Keri fans I knew the announcemnt was coming she looks so cute w/ the added weight in recent pictures. Since Keri is normally rail thin her new curves were a dead giveaway.

Denise on

Congratulations and you’re a classy woman for not sharing every detail of your private life which should be kept private. Way to go Kerry!

Guest on


klutzy_girl on

Yay! Congratulations to them.

But please don’t write it in the show. Fitz is the worst and his and Olivia’s relationship is gross.

Roswi on

What can I say, I just love this lady, and Kerry is definitely a Lady. No splashing her private life across the tabloids, always impeccably turned out and living her life privately. I also have to wonder what will happen in Scandal – that show has me absolutely hooked.

Morning Coffee on

Another blind that has been solved!!! Those of us on Blind Gossip guessed this one right off…

Diana Webb on

Man oh man this could be awesome for the show!!!! Who’s baby is it?? I can just see the story!!!!

SFMama on

That is going to be one beautiful child!!

Sylvia on

I don’t like her, but congratulations! & I like the fact that she doesn’t feel the need to share everything. There are a lot of celebrities who could learn from this respectable desire to protect themselves.

Carrie M on

Wonderful news Kerry! Good luck and continue to live outside the limelight….unlike other “celebs”!!

Elaine Irvin on

Congrats to Kerry and her husband. A little gladiator is coming!!! I know he or she will be beautiful!!!!

Ms. Parton on

I knew it, I called it right after the ‘secret’ wedding! Either way we never really heard of him and her……………….I JUST DON”T LIKE HER !

Angela Warren on

Ya!!! I love Kerry. Congrats to her and hubby.

Jamie Girl on

Congratulations, Kerry!!!!

I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

lilah on


ScandalFan on

Congrats Kerry!!!

Guest on

Congratulations to her. It’s really silly though when people have a quickie marriage, say its just because they are so in love, and then a few months later announce they are pregnant. Just be honest. Say we are in love, found out we are having a baby so we’re getting married before the baby comes.

Eric on

Soooooo she was pregnant when she got married. From June to late spring aka March is 9 months uhmmmmm any who congrats to them

Nic on

Spring starts in March… Ends in June.

Sarah S. on

I had a feeling she was pregnant when I saw her last interview with David Letterman. She had that special glow! Congrats and best wishes to the couple! 🙂

Callie on

The entire article is about how private she is and how she will absolutely keep her private life private, then why are we reading about her AGAIN????? Every day there seems to be another little comment or article. If you want to be private, shut up!

Anonymous on

That is going to be one good looking baby.

Eva on

I guess the rumors were true

Jan on

Love Kerry and Scandal, the best to her and hubby.

Shevin on

Congratulations to Kerry!! I love her. She’s going to be a great mom.

Whitney on

They should DEFINITELY write her pregnancy into the Scandal storyline!

valeskas on

Congrats, to a woman with class.

yahoo on

Ah, the reason for the speedy wedding.

Anonymous on

First of all: congrats to her and her husband.

The real question here is: will Olivia Pope also get pregnant? If so, who’s the baby-daddy?

Emily on

Aw I love her! Such a classy lady. Love that she is known for her talent, not her personal life. I wish them all the best 🙂

Diana on

I hope the baby looks like her because her husband is not attractive at all.

Tyler’s Mom on

YAY!! So happy for her!

Lola on

Are these “sources” friends of theirs? If this is true, I will never understand why these “sources” close to them would rat them out. Let them be the one’s to share their own good news instead of you running out to snitch to the media!

Lady on

Congrats to Kerry & Nnamdi! I love her on Scandal & respect that she wants to keep her private life….private. More celebs should take note

Alicia on

IF this story is true, then congrats to Kerry and her husband! I love the fact that she doesn’t splash her personal life all over the social media. I also love her on Scandal!

BW on

Oh my! Let’s see Ms. Olivia get out of this one…

Just kidding…congratulations to the Kerry and Nnamdi.

Anonymous on

Good for her! Congratulations, Kerry!

fayem1 on

Have met her and volunteered with her and I think she is wonderful and I am happy for her.

Kica on

Awwwww…soooo happy for her!!

nic on

I am so excited! she is such a classy person and carries herself well!

nic on

Love her!

Mimi on

So happy for Kerry and Nnamdi. Forgive me but, she got married 4 months ago. Many people get married to make the pregnancy more respectable. Understandable. But own it.

Brandi on

And what if she got pregnant right after sge got married? My daughter was a “honeymoon baby” so while it definitely does happen, who really cares when the baby was conceived? Good Lord…they are married and thrilled about their first child on the way. That’s all that matters. People need to stop speculating abd focusing on petty little details and say congrats and wish her well or keep it moving.

Brandi on

Let me add too that it wouldn’t be a big deal to me if they weren’t married. The most important factors when bringing a baby into the world are that the parents are in a committed, loving and stable relationship and are able to provide for their child. You can’t add to and expand a relationship without a healthy and solid foundation to start with.

Crystal on

OMG!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful day filled with blessed news!! Sooooo happy for Kerry and Nnamdi!!! I’ve loooooved Kerry since I saw her in “Save the Last Dance.” Congratulations!!!!!

toocool4school on

That’s the way to do it Kerry! Date, Marry, kids! Class at it’s best!

Olivia's biggest fan on

Congrats to Kerry and Nnamdi!!! That being said, please do not let this affect the show in anyway! 😉



momo on

Congratulations to Kerry and husband. I guessed that looking at her wardrobe choices.

TJ on

@Sherry, why do you think she is married to someone else? Although, I do think it’s odd no one has seen them together but maybe they just live where there’s not much paparazzi. Anyway, congrats to her!

Carrow on

Worst kept secret. The instant she started wearing empire waist dresses and hiding her bump.

C-Bear on


Kaitlynn Roeschen on

@Sherry why do you say she isn’t married to Nnamdi Asomugha? She is married to this football player. I am sure the author of this article is telling the truth. Congrats Kerry and Nnamdi.

Seriously on

That will be one beautiful baby. She is stunning!

kerrylover on

Something is wrong with the comments section. I posted hours ago. Anyway, if she is four months pregnant and they got married four months ago, why does everyone assume they were married for the pregnancy? It is quite possible that they had a “honeymoon” baby or that they married without knowing she was pregnant. Regardless, I’m happy for you Kerry! Can’t wait to see if it is written into Scandal.

theyknow on

I love her and I am soooo happy for her!!

Marky on

It is no one’s business what day Kerry Washington got pregnant, period. She is married, she is pregnant, congratulations to them! She is terrific on Scandal, and how anyone can say, “I just don’t like her!” when they don’t even know her is beyond me! She hasn’t blasted the details of the particular position she was in when she got pregnant, and I’m grateful for it, myself. Some of you need to focus on making certain your own life is in order before you try to straighten out the life of a celeb you don’t even know!! She is no MC, blasting her business all over with no filter at all; is that what bothers you? Sheesh, congrats is fine; snottiness is NOT “an opinion”!

GTGal on

They will make a pretty baby. Her hubby is SMOKIN hot!

Anonymous on

to Sherry — how the heck do you know that she and the football player are not married? Me thinks you are a little big crazy!

Guest on

Great News!

Lady on

Sherry, please seek help ASAP. You sound & probably are a lunatic!!

Anonymous on

@Eric: you posted this: “Soooooo she was pregnant when she got married. From June to late spring aka March is 9 months uhmmmmm any who congrats to them”.

Since when does March – late spring? Spring BEGINS in March.

missshy77 on

I’m jealous! How are these people getting pregnant so easily?

KerryWfan on

AWESOME! I’m so happy for Kerry. Congrats to her and her new hubby.

Sonya on

To that Sherry chick-guess what? My husband picks her up and drives her to the set EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. And has seen her HUSBAND on set last year when they were dating…so unless you work on that show or know her personally and know something I don’t then… are WRONG. (and if you DO know her personally, you’re not a very good friend.)

Anonymous on

kerrylover and Brandi- Exactly! I’d also like to point out that the article says she is due in LATE spring. That likely means May or late April (it definitely does NOT mean March, as that is when Spring begins!)…which, if you do the math, equals a conception sometime in July or August- AFTER the wedding!

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple!

Sammi on

Hmmm…did she get married for the sake of having a child in marriage? Congrats but she seems so phony to me.

Halimalundi on

@sherry your sick…

Maribel on

So, will it be written into the script? President’s??????? Just saying……..

traceychatmon on

Congratulations to Kerry!!!! I just love her, and Scandal is my favorite show!!!! May Kerry be blessed with a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I’m sure that she will be a fantastic mom.

Maddie on

Congratulations to Kerry! i LOVE Scandal & she seems lovely

Judy on

Tony is her real baby daddy.

Sherry on

I do work on the set and know some people who are very close to her,and that is Tony Goldwin’s baby.You’ll see when the baby comes out looking just like him.Although,I’m sure she’ll hide the baby for as long as possible.